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  3. wyzazz

    Red Panda Offspring

    Correct, do you have pics you can share?
  4. That's really sucks and I feel for you. Unfortunately I can't really give you any advice on whether the carbon can take out the bug bomb from the soil. I'm sure they is something you could soak it in or use in the filter that would work. Not sure what it would be tho. You could try and then add some cheap shrimps to the tanks to test. Would hate to buy a bunch of TBs and kill them.
  5. I purchased some Red Pandas from a reputable dealer a few months ago. They just dropped their first shrimplets and there are some(~25%) that look like CRS, mosura pattern. This shouldn't happen unless they've been crossed with CRS in the past, correct?
  6. Hi, well I had a problem at my house due to lack of communications.. I have a few tanks that I was breeding taiwan bees in, and I made the mistake of trusting my family to take care of them while I was out of town for a few days... My mom decided to flea bomb the house while I was away without asking how that may effect inverts, and I wasn't home to saran wrap up all of the tanks and move filter media into a safe spot until the air cleared... So needless to say I came home to a bunch of fish happy to great me in my planted tanks, and the red decaying corpses of LITERALLY all of my taiwan bee shrimps in the rest of the tanks...... I'm pretty peeved at the moment, as I have lost in the thousands of dollars worth of shrimps... I didn't have nearly that much invested into this hobby but still lost multiple hundreds of dollars of actual money and hundreds upon hundreds of hours of time spent on breeding projects.. Never the less, I plan to buy some shrimp and start fresh now that I have more experience. But here is where I need help.. What should i do to my tanks to clean out the poison that ruined my shrimp...? Is it a lost cause to think that I could maybe use a bunch of carbon to absorb out the pollution? I'm assuming whatever insecticide that bug bombs use is very unfriendly to shrimp, though all of my snails in these tanks are still alive..Should I scrap out my tanks completely...? I'd rather not throw away the 200 dollars of ada soil I have in these tanks if i can safely remove toxins without a full Mulligan... Any help appreciated, though I know I'm probably coming across as an incoherent nutter... Sorry still a bit in shock...
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  8. madcrafted

    GH too high

    They are in hard water and need to be kept in water with a GH of 6-8 and a KH of 2-4. Diluting the water with pure water is the only way to do so but you will likely see more deaths, as this dilution will cause them to molt, or at least attempt to. As mentioned above, a 10% water change would be a good starting point but you'll need to do a lot more to get that GH down. Might have to do that everyday for a week or more. You shouldn't do too much at one time or you risk a massive die off from shifting parameters too quickly. So 10% is usually a safe amount. You could even do the 10% for a few days, then follow up with a larger 20% wc. Just be sure to match temperature of fresh water going in with the temp of your tank water. Going by your water parameters, you'd need to cut that tap water with about 60% R/O, distilled or rainwater to get in an acceptable range for regular maintenance water changes. For all that, you might as well start using 100% R/O water and re-mineralizing it using a shrimp specific conditioner for your GH/KH. This way you'll know exactly what is in your water. Then a TDS pen becomes very useful. Also remember to always top off evaporated water with pure water, as minerals are always left behind that could build up if topping off with re-mineralized r/o or tap water.
  9. don't forget fresh Amozonia with hugely increase your Amonia and NoS until its been rince. If you do partial soil change then, put the soil in a bucket of prepared water and do 100 % water changes until the soil stabilizes. Once that's done, you can syphone some soil out with a 1" filter hose the smaller the more precise but not to small to get clogged up....and use your glass shrimp feeder or pvc tube to replace the soil you removed with out touching you scape to much.... but don't forget to clean that soil first. (btw i guess it come that way to help bacteria growth in the new tank, for replacing I would suggest Amozonia light.)
  10. Itan

    GH too high

    Hi Zailyn, I've been in the hobby for a bit over a year now, so by no means an expert. What water do you use? R/O, Tab, treated Tab, Well etc When not sure of your drops tests, use a stick test to double check. Problems with molting can also come from a lack of mineral in your water, best way to find out is to check your snails, if they have problems with their shell your tank need Calcium etc. What's your TDS? if you don't have a TDS meter I suggest you get one on your next shopping trip, it helps you figure out when to do water changes and how much stuff is in your water. For example I start with R/o from my pet store (TDS 14) and and shrimp king GH+ until I have TDS 150, that give me a KH of 0 and a GH of 6, with a PH 7.4. In tank with my Active soil I get TDS 180, KH 0, GH 6 and PH 6. I use 1/2 daily recommended fertilizer and when TDS hits 220 I do another 30% 150 TDS waters change. I also started with my first shrimp tank with Co2, I had to go trough at least 40 shrimp until i decided to stop the Co2 and with my next order of 10 shrimp, I managed to establish the colony that is 100+ shrimp in a 35l tank atm. To answer your question, the easiest way to reduce your KH and GH is a 10% pure R/o water change, this will also reduce your PH but that could be temporary if you don't have inert rocks and soil. If it doesn't work for the PH you can add dead leaves etc to lower the PH naturally. Hope that helps.
  11. Shrimp Life

    Growth rate of CRS vs Blue Bolts

    Yes I also experience that as well. CRS/CBS are fast growing in comparison to Taiwan Bees
  12. Maurice

    Post Your Shrimp Pics

    😂😂😂 are you at the right place bmhater? we definitely dont eat our shrimp you tosser
  13. So my yellow neos have stopped breeding for a month now and I just don't get it. I have 4 neo tanks with exactly the same parameters, feeding schedule, temp, and water change schedules and my yellows just stopped breeding for no apparent reason. The breeder that I got my shrimp from also said his stopped breeding and his parameters are similar to mine. My blue neos , cherries, and oranges are being berried left and right but it just seems really odd my yellows are the only ones not breeding. Any experience this? Ph 7. 5 0/0/5 tds 220 temp 70-73
  14. 40B Knasty

    Air pump for sponge filter

    Changed the air pump to an AQUATOP AP-100. Rated for 50-100gph. 3.19psi x 2. 4 Watts. Tell me what you all think? Is there anything I should do different? VID_20181112_034148.mp4
  15. Maurice

    Growth rate of CRS vs Blue Bolts

    Yes, taiwan bee or any other fancier shrimp like pintos, steels esc grow slower than your normal caridina like crs/cbs
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  17. TheGardenofEder

    Black Friday Sales

    Red steels sold
  18. shouu

    Amano Shrimp Larva

    Last test on F2 larvae in freshwater lasted a week. The test on F3 larvae now in a week and swimming beautifully. I think they can live on in freash water for another week. They are certainly adapting and inching toward freshwater rearing larvae.
  19. Wall_o_fish

    shrimp Tanks

    Love this!
  20. Hi, so last night I saw on of my Sakura shrimp struggling to molt. I didn't know how I could help so I let it be. Now I woke up this morning to 3 dead shrimp all looking like they were trying to molt. I tested my waters and these were the results. I used API's Freshwater Master Test Kit. Ph: 7.6 - 7.8 Ammonia: 0ppm Nitrite: 0ppm Nitrate: 0ppm KH : It took 6 drops for the color to change so if I understood it right it's around 100ppm GH : It took 17 drops for the color to change so I'm guessing it's around 320ppm I'm guessing GH is too high. I used tap water with a water conditioner. I always use the recommended dose after water changes etc. How can I decrease the GH and maybe even the PH? Extra information : I dose daily the recommended ammount of liquid CO2 and I just started feeding the shrimp Shrimp King Complete. Any ideas why 3 shrimp died in 1 night. I got these shrimp in a batch of 15 around 1-2 weeks ago and there were only like 2 other deaths that I know of.. Thanks for your assistance.
  21. I am located in the USA. Pm Robi Chan Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  22. I recently have had three berried females release their shrimplets and I am noticing that the crs mischlings are growing faster then the blue bolts. I wasn’t sure if this was maybe because the mischlings got released earlier or the blue bolts just grow slower. Has anyone ever noticed a difference before? Thanks Chris
  23. Robertshrimpguy

    Unidentified algae/fungi?

    Thank you so much for your reply to me. My tank is almost three months old now and I have just come to live with the little things all over my glass and rocks. Out of the 20 shrimp I've gotten of all different varieties of neo shrimp, only 2 have passed away so I have come to believe that whatever this is, is harmless. Nothing seems to be bothered by it, and I believe my Oto catfish are even eating it. My water levels are near perfect and I couldn't be happier with how everything turned out. This is my first time getting into this hobby and I'm absolutely loving it. Thanks again for the reply. Maybe one day I'll stumble across an answer. Although seemingly harmless, I'm always craving more knowledge on things. Cheers!
  24. Shrimporama

    Name that pleco.

    Thanks for trying. Very pretty
  25. Lkleung

    WTB: malawa shrimp and/or babaulti shrimp

    Hi... you may also try www.aquaticarts.com... they also have them in stock. Best regards, Lester
  26. nicpapa

    shrimp Tanks

    And here some of my tanks, i redone some of them to try glasgarten shrimp soil.
  27. Sera peat also will buffer the ph down. I used one cup in my 20 gallon tank and it lowered ph down to 6.2 so I took some out lol. So it doesn't take much to work pretty good. Though I'm not sure how long the buffering lasts. It's cheaper, about the same price for 500g instead of 60g
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