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  2. Anybody have some nice red Tibees? looking for 10 - 20.
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  4. haha that video I made wasn't so great, but It is a thing that people may notice once their colony gets large You must be doing a great job with your shrimp!
  5. Hi Shrimp Life, Thanks for the reply. This is the first time I've grown my shrimps where I can say it's a colony, so I'm new with the large numbers. I will separate some of the males or like you said, sell them. BTW, I love your channel. I must have missed that video. Shame on me 🤣
  6. Yes this is common for tanks with large colonies and/or lots of males. 10 gallon is not very big and can't possibly provide enough room or hiding space for female to get away from males. I talk about male to female ratio in a youtube video. Your really don't need many males in your tank to keep the population going, so I would suggest remove most of the males and sell or give them away. It will likely continue to happen. Just keep your males population lower if you can.
  7. Hello everyone, I have a 10g CRS tank with about 100 shrimps. Tank is thriving and healthy. Yesterday I witnessed something rather unusual or is it? There was a female that had just molted, and the usual dancing ensued. There were a lot of males that were chasing her. Probably around 20. Anyway, long story short they finally did the dance, however they ended up killing her and, you guessed it. She became a meal. Have you all seen this before? Is there a way to prevent this?
  8. If anybody knows anything please let me know where to get Orange Eye Black Tigers please! I feel only personal breeders might have them! Im USA NY
  9. Listing updated, Selling smaller quantities of Blue Bolts and Red Bolt mosura/flowerhead/hino if anyone is interested.
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  11. BigJake


    I have 2 (maybe 3) packages of first generation juvies from Vin SS PRL. Price is $75 per 10 + $15 shipping. Payment by PayPal or Zelle. PM if interested.
  12. Nice! Thanks so much Shrimp Life for your response! I'm going to ship regular priority mail. Double bag the guys with the breather bags to reduce leakage. Make sure the Styrofoam is lined all the way around and put a little loose newspaper inside with the bag to stop any rolling around. There's some gaps in the styro (due to my bad measuring and cutting) so they shrimp should hopefully get some air if they need it. Haven't sold any yet but I'll keep you all posted if I'm able to sell these guys before it starts to get cold here. The #4 box is a wee bit tight if I put in a heat pack. Not sure if it would fit at all.
  13. I would love to buy quality red rilis rebuild up my colony Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  14. Don't use tap water. You don't know what type of heavy metals come out of your tap. Use RO or filtered water and reminiralize My filtered water at home comes out with a TDS of 7 and 7 pH, 0 KH, 0 GH I reminiralize to 200 TDS and every single time the parameters will be a constant 7 pH, 4 KH and, 12 GH. Shrimp need high GH to build their exoskeletons. And they also need consistency in their parameters. All that said, IMO keeping shrimp is not as easy as people say. They're delicate and finicky pets.
  15. How often do you change your water? And what type of water are you using?
  16. Your KH is too low. Low KH is going to lead to pH fluctuations. Also your nitrites should be 0. Here are my parameters: PH 7.4 GH 12 KH 4 Nitrite 0 Nitrate 0 Ammonia 0.25 TDS 230 To keep a stable PH, GH, KH I use RO water and reminiralize using SaltyShrimp GH/KH+. JUst add SaltyShrimp until you get your TDS to 200. Do water changes at least once a week.
  17. I've noticed the last few times I've used Mineral Junkie Pearls my water gets cloudy. It clears up after a few hours, but this is new and I'm wondering if this is normal? Thanks
  18. Hand sorted is more likely to be delayed. If you package properly and double bag there will be no issue going through regular mail. I've shipped 1000's of shrimp without any special handling or warnings on the box. Never any issue.
  19. krtyr26

    Red rilis

    Looking to add some red rilis to my colony, any ideas where to go that is reasonable I'm interested in us. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  20. Got some more questions for you folks. I went into the post office today and told the clerk I was going to be mailing some live shrimp. She told me that it would be best to have the box shipped with special handling so that the shrimp are hand sorted. She said it would be rough on them if they are machine sorted. She said it's a "little bit more" to ship them that way. I found out it's $10.95 for special handling / fragile. https://sellercentral.amazon.com/forums/t/new-usps-charge-for-fragile-items/134182/3 The problem is that if I ship them that way I'm going to make so little on the shipment, I'd be better off just donating them to Petco. Do you ship your shrimp with special handling? I could double bag the shrimp and fill it so that they probably wouldn't take damage if they were bounced around a bit in the sorting facility. What are your experiences? Thanks for your help!
  21. I saw him put up a new auction for the OERBT’s, so I figured maybe he might’ve sold the Aura Blues or my email might’ve been lost. I love the OERBT’s I got from him, so I was hoping to maybe get a few of the Aura Blues to start with, but I don’t want to double email him and bother him if he prefers not to sell them in sets of less than 10 shrimp. I don’t hold anything against him as these kind of things happen, but it was just disappointing to me. Thanks for your input! Maybe if I see the Aura Blue auction come up again I’ll shoot him another email.
  22. ONLY 1 of each package available, my colonies are too large and I need to thin these ones out. Mixed sexes, ratio is not guaranteed. All of the following Caridina are being sold at adult size - SOLD! BLUE BOLTS (low grade. White with some light blue on head) 10 for $40 or 20 for $75SOLD SOLDSOLD SOLD! RED BOLTS (lower grade, Light Peach or very light pink) 20 for $75 SOLD SOLD SOLD! SOLD RED BOLT MOSURA/FLOWERHEAD, or Red Markings on head. Body is a light peach or white color and head has red marking. Coming out of my Red Bolt tank 10 for $40 SOLDSOLDSOLD SOLD! RED TAIWAN BEES (mix of Mosura, Flowerhead, Panda, RKK 1 or 2 stripe, Red Bolt) 20 for $80 SOLD SOLD SOLD! Caridina are all PH 6/ GH 4/ KH 0 / TDS 120-140 Orange Neocaridina (these are juveniles) 20 for $45 (Pic is of adults, juvies are not as dark , will improve with age) SHIPPING is $15 no matter how many packages you buy. USPS Priority Mail.
  23. I'd give him more time to reply, its the weekend and if he has no active auctions he may not really be checking his email as often. I personally don't know who else to recommend, he has a good reputation and homebred shrimp. Maybe a hobby breeder can chime in on this thread if they have some to sell you.
  24. I tried reaching out to HTN inverts to see if he’d be willing to sell a set of 5 instead of 10, and he hasn’t gotten back to me yet. I’m not sure if he’s typically difficult to get in touch with from your experience. The auction’t not on Aquabid anymore so maybe someone bought it and that’s why he decided not to email me back. Maybe I’ll buy the set of 10 if he puts it up again in the future, but I was a little disappointed that he didn’t even respond saying that he’d prefer not to sell them except in sets of 10. Any other sellers you might recommend that I could look into while I decide and/or wait?
  25. If you look under Marketplace and scroll down look for Shrimp Life’s post about Homebred Green Jades for sale. It includes prices and several pictures of the shrimp. I purchased them and even though they’re young and small (which is better for acclimating and adjusting to a new tank) they still had pretty vibrant colors.
  26. all package are free overnight shipping and include free shrimp net Packages Deal for Caridina - 20 pcs BKK Panda: $110 - 20 pcs Wine Red RKK Mixed $110 - 35 pcs S-SS Grade CRS $110 - 35 pcs S-SS Grade CBS $110 - 20 pcs Black Belly Pinto $110 - 11 pcs Black Zebra Pinto $110 - 20 pcs Red Belly Pinto $110 - 8 pcs Red Zebra Pinto $110 - 20 pcs Aura Blue A grade $130 - 40 pcs Tangerine Tiger $110 Package Deal for Neos - 35 pcs Bloody Mary $110 - 35 pcs Yellow Golden Backline $110 - 50 pcs Fire Red $110 - 35 pcs Blue Dream $110 - 40 pcs Blue Velvet $110 - 50 pcs Orange $110 - 35 pcs Black Rose $110 - 40 pcs Blue Jelly (Blue Velvet) $110
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