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  2. No molt issues for the grown ups, only for the babies. I see some of them having trouble molting.
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  4. After this video, I removed half-dozen of brackish water dwelling Amano shrimps from my third tries on third gens Amano shrimp larvae. They seem dining on larvae protein.
  5. hmm I think my test kit was faulty. I saw a shrimp dead in the bowl, and so I moved them into my tank after doing a 50% water change just in case. The kit literally read 10+ ammonia and the shrimp seem fine and are moving very actively.
  6. So happy to see a hint of blue and a few white stripes on these little tiny peewees.
  7. Great that'll work. You should put an airstone in there on low for O2 and movement.
  8. Not sure what tss is. It's a 2 part system. Bacteria and an ammonia stop chemical. Works amazing I'd suggest every shrimper keep a dozen of each on hand for those unexpected shrimp.buying opportunities or just wanting to set up a tank. U can still let ot grow.bio film by ur taking away any cycling questions is golden. Buypetshrimp.com sells them Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  9. How bad would this be for around 3 weeks?
  10. I get a 5 gh with salty shrimp at 130ppm with ro water with tds 15-20ppm, but tanks slowly raise to 150ppm from food and low water changes. test your gh ... did you saw a molt problem?
  11. Any place around you sell prodibio start up kits. Your tank.could be ready in a couple hours with that. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  12. Sure thing. Just remember youre trying to keep that temp water clean as poss, so use baster and suck out any pellet not eaten after an hour or so. Sitting food will toxify water fast but the powder is ok if very light.
  13. Thanks for the advice! I’ll look for one as soon as I get home.
  14. You might have to keep them in remineralized R/O water in a smaller one gallon container or whatever for a week or two with some moss and change water every 2-3 days. Just know theres no algea film to feed on so light pellets and mabye very light amount of powder food.
  15. My estimated shipping for my shrimp was three weeks away from now. With the speed my fishless cycle was going, it would've been done by that date. However, since the shipping date has changed to being delivered today, my tank is uncycled. The current ammonia of the tank is at 8 ppm. Any idea what I should do? The tank size is 10 gallons.
  16. o Oh ok , yeap i keep also taibee - taiwans, and i do the mistake to make hybrids between crs -tangerine tigers and pinto taiwans. I have them in one tank, and i am waiting to get the population big to seperate them. Also that you says, from adding lines from another colony i dont thinks its change something. I start my crs from 20 shrimps 3-4 years ago, also cbs from 3 shrimps never mix with diferent blood.
  17. False alarm! She isn't berried, I think it may just have been lighting or something else like that, but thank you for the assistance nonetheless!
  18. Ya, I kinda want to get a good strong blue colony going then make better selectives from there.
  19. Haha, ok. I understand. Hopefully you can find more buyers or keep doing water changes, feeding forage foods or maybe using a product like Purigen to help keep nitrates and DOCs in check. I won't be separating by patterns but by actual phenotypes. I could have explained that better, my apologies. I keep mostly hybrids.. tibees, frt, taitibees, galaxies, etc. so it's a grab bag of surprises with offspring with TB genes until you can stabilize them (somewhat). I have several different lines mixed in there, so a long road indeed. I wouldn't select like this with my PRLs for example... only culling out washed out colors, bleeding of reds into whites, yellowing, clear legs, etc. Maybe tossing a few pairs from another line every few generations to keep colony healthy and vigorous.
  20. Hmm. Might be something else. I let both my tanks get to 150-170 in about a months time usually and water change I usually bring it down to 135. I also removed all my foreground and some stringy grass moss that was growing very slowly pulling a draging along bottom to take excess debre off each plant which I know shouldnt do with fry but all my fry and shrimp came out after eating and swimming around and the 3 females berried again for 4th time. What do you feed? I use bacter ae and some dif veg or food pellets. I am do for a water change though now at 165.
  21. Some of them have clear legs. I know their young, but if you could pick up that trait along with others, it will might it worth while
  22. I would be interested in some of those once you get a colony going too. Beautiful!
  23. Update. I have had the shrimp in the tank for a little over a week. Water: ended up going with RO water and Seachem Equilibrium, but am changing it to Sera Shrimp Mineral. Too much potassium in the Seachem product. Can't run a reasonable Gh-Kh balance below the 230s TDS. Food: right now, I am just feeding a few granules of Sera Shrimps Natural each day, but have Bacter AE (from what I've read, an essential food) and the sampler of Shrimp King foods from Dennerle Solution to the filter chamber problem in the Fluval Flex 9 is pictured here. I put plastic knitting mesh behind the intake, with coarse foam holding it tightly against the wall of the chamber. Hopefully, it'll be enough to keep the babies out. Other than one odd shrimp death, all seems well. We shall see how week two goes. More pictures to come. The floaters have covered the entire top of the tank and I have to prune regularly. Hopefully, I manage to shake loose all of the shrimp that hang out there when I move plants.
  24. Interested in C Sky Blue Where are you shipping from?
  25. I'll be changing from 160 tds to 100 over the next couple of months. Babies survival rate is 0% :[
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