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  3. Hi Roborep, Your parameters seem to be in check. I'm not sure what kind of substrate you're using, but how long has it been since you changed it last? I've had some instances where I would lose shrimps, and all my param were in check. I simply did a tank reset, and that cured the issue. I know it doesn't answer your question, but that's what worked for me.
  4. How often do you do water changes? What remineralizer do you use?
  5. Hi Roborep! I'll try to throw out some ideas, but it sounds like you're doing everything right and that you're knowledgeable about shrimp keeping. Is there anything you can think of that you changed in the tank from when you had success with breeding when you first started keeping shrimp until you noticed that they weren't breeding and slowly starting to die off? Also, I'm not familiar or experienced with using that kind of substrate for my shrimp, but is it an active substrate that buffers the water? If the water isn't being buffered that may be the cause of the lack of breeding as there may be fluctuations throughout the day in pH. The fact that your shrimp are surviving and living for quite a while without breeding makes me think that there's something in your tank that's slightly off that's causing stress to the shrimp. Not enough stress that it's causing significant die off, but enough stress to be preventing your shrimp from breeding. The parameters look good to me so I'm not sure if there's anything there that might be causing the problems.
  6. Random Neo culls $1 each Red Cherry $2 each Fire Red Cherry $3 each Orange Neo $3 each Green Jade $5 each Blue Dream $5 each Green Emerald $8 each Snow Ball $2 each Bloody Marry x Fire Red $3 each Crystal Black Shrimp $3 each Golden Bee $2 each Michilings $4 each Tangerine Tigers $4 each Super Tigers $5 each Aura Blue Tiger $10 each Star Dust $6 each Wild Tiger hummel $10 each Green Tiger cull $3 each Red Bolt $7 each Black King Kong mix $7 each Shadow Panda $12 each Super Crystal Red $8 each mixed grade Black Tibee $3 each Red Tibee $6 each Mixed Taitibee $10 each rkk bkk phenotype Tangtai $3 each Yellow King Kong $3 each Fancy Black/Red Tiger medium grade $25 each Fancy Red Tiger High grade $45 each Shipping is $10
  7. Whats a good 350watt or higher to heat my 55g? adjustable preferred . anyone selling as well?
  8. Anyone have any ideas what Might be causing my shrimp decline?
  9. I doubt you'll find many here keeping their caridinas in tap water. I'd probably look for low grade CRS if I were to experiment here. Just have to acclimate them to these parameters yourself. Get more than you think you'll need. lol
  10. The shrimp might have an easier time molting at a slightly lower mineral level. I've had fewer problems at 3.5 - 4 GH. I would get the occasional stuck molt when when I was keeping minerals closer to 5 GH. With SS GH+ that puts me right around the 100 TDS range. YMMV a little.
  11. His post is from 2014, he probably doesn't have these
  12. Would you be willing to sell 20 ? As much of a color variety as you can? I'm trying to start breeding and I really need some solid colored offspring to get started.
  13. I agree with the others, no fish with shrimp for best results
  14. 4. For me blue bolts were of the same hardness as all others, BKKM, SRC, bees, in pH around 6.0 setup (Amazonia and RO with Salty Shrimp Bee Mineral GH+) in moss tank with mopani wood. One baby hitchhiked on driftwood to rilis tank and survived at pH 7.6 tap water without acclimation. Was returned back when he grew up and was noticed. 1. Not an expert, was a newbie not so long ago, but according to what I have read Taiwan bee is a recessive mutation from the cross-breeding crystals with bees. Taiwan bees x crystals result mischlings, that look like crystals being heterozygote. Not keeping them too. 2. Could only guess, pH 6.5 substrate, both have to adapt. Here is a post of a breeder who did that, with his water parameters. 3. Can't say for sure, but had pinto looking shrimp in mixed BKKM and BB colony after several generations.
  15. Yep, shrimp tankmates are pretty much snails, thai micro crabs... ...yeah, that's about it. 😐
  16. I agree with JT_Redmist, it ultimately depends on what your goal is for your shrimp and aquarium. If your goal is to breed as many shrimp as possible I wouldn’t recommend putting any kind of fish in the tank. The rule of thumb is that if a baby shrimp could fit into the fish’s mouth there’s a risk that they’ll eat babies, and shrimplets are very tiny so I’m not sure that there’s any type of fish that won’t go for them except maybe the micro rasboras. You can definitely keep and even breed shrimp with fish, but you most likely will have less babies as the fish will most likely pick off a few with each batch. Having hiding spaces is definitely important for the shrimp to feel safe and secure, especially when they’re most vulnerable after molting. If you’re concerned about your fish attacking your shrimp I’d recommend sitting and watching your tank for 5-10 min to see how they interact once they become used to your presence, or you can watch from a distance to see if the fish show any kind of aggressive behavior towards the shrimp. If you haven’t noticed the fish attacking the shrimp in the past I’d say it most likely isn’t happening too often. The fact your shrimp haven’t been breeding and slowly dying off could also mean that there is something that might be off with your water parameters or tank conditions. Have you tested the water recently for things like ammonia, nitrate, and nitrite?
  17. On Amazon today: API Freshwater Master Test Kits sold by PETCO for $9.99 with free shipping. Need to go to bottom of description to: New (20) from $9.99 https://smile.amazon.com/API-FRESHWATER-800-Test-Freshwater-Aquarium/dp/B000255NCI/ref=sr_1_4?keywords=api+master+test+kit&qid=1573120403&s=pet-supplies&sr=1-4
  18. Hi Kamiface, Welcome! It is really hard to tell from your pictures. They are kinda blurry. You don't need to take them so close. Perhaps it will produce a clearer picture. But, my first hunch when looking at those two I'd say they are female. Those look like cherry shrimps if I'm not mistaken. If you can I would suggest you buy from a local hobbyist. They will be healthier and cheaper. Cherries are pretty cheap, so buy about 10. Chances are you'll get a few males in the mix. I usually buy my shrimps in batches of 10, and I have always gotten a mix of males and females. Keep on shrimping.
  19. I've got Royal Blues that throw the occasional BTOE if you are still looking.
  20. I have two shrimp that don't have saddles, might be immature females but might be males. I haven't been keeping shrimp long enough to tell. I feel like I watched a ton of shrimp sexing videos but I can't tell if their tails are round enough, it seems too vague to me, I guess I don't have enough experience in that area yet 😅 Can someone assist? Thank you! (PS - I'm starting to think my LFS has no male shrimp... I suspect these are females, and indeed I think all my shrimp are girls... The rest all have saddles. I've been over there multiple times to buy any shrimp I think might be boys (more clear/less color, no saddle), but each time they either don't have any in, or they develop saddles after I take them home )
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  22. Hi Lillian, Others might feel differently, however if you want your shrimps to feel safe and breed I wouldn't keep them with any fish. The bristlenose might be ok, but the glofish and guppy I'd say no. People have successfully kept fish and shrimps together, and have them breed, but with lots of hiding spaces. Personally if you like shrimps to breed and thrive I would keep the shrimps by themselves. Remember. Fish eat shrimps.
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