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  2. Hey I live in California and can ship some to you if you were interested. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
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    Here more recent pics 3/28/20-4/3/20 Some just don't grow as fast as others... this guy is still pretty small. Here some Tiger love... Thx Grant.
  4. Anyone on here have blue Neos for sale in southeastern michigan? Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  5. So, polygenic traits are more common. Neocaridinia are almost definitely polygenic CBS/CRS color doesnt seem to be polygenic. When you mix black/red shrimp, some will be black and some will be red. It seems to follow a single gene. I'm a little confused on tiger shrimp vs bee shrimp. Bee and tiger shrimp are the same species. Tiger shrimp are traditionally black, but they seem to use a different gene for black coloration. Because if you breed a black tiger with a red bee shrimp, you get crazy patterns. None of the offspring are red tigers. Sent from my PH-1 using Tapatalk
  6. Never been in this particular situation but if you have any time to prep, I'd think you'd be able to at least make any potential issues not quite as bad. Is the tank cycled and how's it set up? What type of filter, how's the water parameters, etc? I see you have almond leaves in, that will help with the food situation. I've heard snowflake food (soy hulls) doesn't go bad or spoil the water so that's another potential long term food. From all the reading I've seen, it's better to underfeed than overfeed anyways, so you've got a chance there. If you have the time, I'd do a water change on the last day possible to give it as long as it can. I've seen diy instructions on Google for auto top off systems to cancel out evaporation. Depending on your set up, perhaps you could set up a 5gal bucket as a sump to expand your water volume to keep the parameters stable longer. Alternate option, might not be the most popular but would guarantee survival- could you move the tank to your home?
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  8. Hi Zack, If your tank is established, feeding should not be an issue, however water parameters due to no water changes/evaporation will be what kills them. In general I like to do 10-15% water changes weekly topping up with remineralized water, making sure parameters maintain stable and that there are no spikes is quite important. I've left tanks alone for 2 weeks and haven't had any issues, wish you the best of luck with 4 weeks though Take care and STAY SAFE!
  9. I am facing a massive dilemma with my shrimp tank. I have a low tech planted tank in my office with my neos and caridinas in them. 10 gallon. We will be working from home for the next 4 weeks here I Singapore. Any advice on feeding and tank maintenance in general? Will the shrimps die from no feeding? Water evaporating and no water change will be an issue also I presume which will mess the TDS up.
  10. Not in my experience, but this should be the same disconnected segments of the exoskeleton, with the same consequence. But white line becomes line of death only if shrimp doesn't molt successfully. I have seen several cased of difficult molting, kind of agonized, laboring movements, then, quite soon, molted old shell and alive shrimp separately. They were new groups of neos, within three weeks after arrival, few of them in observable quarantine. If your shrimp are not new arrivals, see if GH is not too low or not too high, if they have enough protein and minerals in food and if tank water TDS is close to TDS of the water for water changes.
  11. That's a great and innovative suggestion Vorteil. Curious, what caridinas and neos are you keeping and the other parameters?
  12. Why not do the opposite. Lower your TDS to around 125. I keep Neos in my caridina tanks.
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  14. Here’s some Orange for yah! Some Tangerines that aren’t doing so well, and some Sakura in the White Tub. I was doing A water change, well dumping out some water back into the tank so I could restart the drip process. When I see little bright translucent specs zipping through the water lol, I almost dumped A whole bunch of baby fry out without even knowing!
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    Originally I thought it was a little over 20, but that was because I was only able to see the bluebolts but after counting the black ones I would say about 35+.... It's still hard to count them all and all of them grow at different rates. Some are amost 3/4 the size of an adult, some are 1/2 the size and some are still tiny. I think if you have stable water and adequate biofilm they will all survive. I was feeding shrimplets diy powder food first 2 weeks (bacter, spirulina, moringa). After that I notice that they would come out to feed on adult food, pellets, minerals, spinach, frozen blood worms, and canned green beans so I cut back on powder food. I've also stop cleaning 2 sides of the tank glass so the shrimplets can graze on, tank also has plenty of almond leaves.
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    Beautiful bro, I’m glad you replied!! Wait those pictures are of all different baby shrimp right? For A second I thought their colors completely changed some how haha! Do you know about how many fry in total there was, and how many made it to this point?
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    not normal

    it's been 9 days since that molt and he is now lying on the substrate with a crack in the exoskeleton Why is he molting again? Tank has been running for 1yr+ he is the only inhabitant I feed very infrequently tap water is low GH, maybe 3-4. But I rarely do water changes. I just checked tank and tap GH but unsure of the results. One drop makes the test vial look green, but my reagent is 5+yrs old. But if correct, my GH is 0-4 ish. I thought some people run their tanks at 0 GH? The only shrimp stuff I have on hand is Salty Shrimp, and RO water
  18. Some of my shrimps have a double white line of death, at least one has died with this. The clear rings will be in the middle and then one of two more lower on the tail in addition to the classic WLOD i have read about. Has anyone else experienced this?
  19. I think the most suitable would be tiger shrimp, if you wanted to do it.
  20. I currently am keeping blue neocaridina in a 10 gallon tank. TDS is around 180. I am thinking of adding caridina shrimps to my tank also. I have read extensively that the rule of thumb is not to mix both species together due to different parameters. My question is, if I would like to add caridina to the tank, which would be the most suitable type to pair with my current neocaridinas? I am drawn to the attractive patterns which caridina shrimps have as compared to neos.
  21. Didn't get a chance to do the water change Saturday. Again, assuming I'm not colorblind, water test Sunday showed 7 pH, .25ppm ammonia, 2ppm nitrite, and 5ppm nitrate. Did a 2qt water change (approx 25%) and added a splash of the liquid bacteria back. Did another water change today, 5.5qts (approx 70%) as the test this morning showed .25ppm ammonia, ~3.5ppm nitrite and 5ppm nitrate. Added a fresh splash of bacteria and ferts. Tossed three pea size chunks of wonder shell in and added a thermometer (just in case since I don't have a heater). Found a hitchhiker, have no idea what it came in on. Hope it's the only one...
  22. +1 to what JSak said. I started off with regular tap water as well and slowly watched my shrimp die despite my best efforts. It's truly worth it to invest in a small RO/DI filter set up with re-mineralizer.
  23. Your water looks extremely hard. Are you using tap or re-mineralized RO/DI water? GH is pretty important for proper molting/breeding so if that is off, you can be in trouble colony-wise.
  24. The only way to know definitively is to create some offspring yourself to be honest.. The different color combinations are endless, you would just have to keep creating offspring and adding new genes into the lines and then back cross to the colors you want if the lines start bottle necking
  25. So I’m not new to acclimating things to A new environment like cuttings of plants, A couple reptiles and animals, and of course fish,crayfish, and some others.. But I’m having A little trouble with some of the Neos that I have. Besides the PH for this specific tank being A little to high, which I will correct before placing shrimp in here. I can’t see anything wrong with the numbers
  26. You could’ve taken the babies out and put them into A salt/brackish water mixture in order for them to survive, then when they get older you acclimate them to fresh water
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  28. Looks like Monday is early! Surprisingly (at least to me) the tank is showing nitrates! If I'm reading these correctly, ammonia is at 1ppm, nitrite is 1ppm and nitrate is around 5ppm or so. (Side note: anybody else find it easier to read the colors from a photo than real life? Doing these tests makes me swear I'm colorblind!) It's a little late in the evening so I'll be doing a water change in the AM. Plan to leave the algae wafer debris just to keep the bacteria happy and make sure we're good and it wasn't a fluke reading. Now, to finally choose which color neos I want... really thinking pumpkins or snowballs... neither of which is common around here - everybody has reds or blues!
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