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  2. ILikeAsianBooty

    7.5G Bee Tank

    -Finally got the rack and set it up to 4 shelves(cant see the top). -I'm starting to think I got all males for these mosura :[ Ordered juvies but they came full grown. They were so nice so I took the chance and kept them but meh... -Waiting on DPG sale. Will pick up another 20L or 3/4 10's. The top will most likely be used for storage as I dont even know what to put in the other tanks I'll be getting. Suggestion? Thinking a pinto/zebra only tank or getting some CRS PRL..
  3. vinniemabuna

    Cholla wood from E-bay

    Hi, I have a bloody mary and TT shrimp tank with a good amount of moss that with my dragon stones is covering my substate almost completely... I want thinking of buying a Y cholla wood from e-bay they are in New Mexico and I guess gather it from there. they only wash it , what do I have to do before I put it in my tank , is soaking it for a week enough to make sure there is no nasties on it ? tks
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  5. chan011

    Seltzer Water to Kill SCUDS?

    thanks i actually ended up breaking down the tank completely and rescaping it because i didn't realize my water perimeters were so wrong for caridina's. so far so good.
  6. BlakeWiles

    Questions about one of my ghost shrimp

    Good News I think she was only molting and now I see her carrying her first eggs. I’m so excited I noticed one other shrimp had a bit of white near his tail to but it wasn’t parasites I really think it was only molting. But I’m happy to say that my first batch off baby shrimps is on their way. I’m going to setup a small tank of brackish water for her so she can hatch them in their. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. aotf

    Seltzer Water to Kill SCUDS?

    Keep your eyes peeled for any new scuds for the next 4-6 weeks. It's easy for a couple to survive the seltzer and then you have to start over (especially with 2L in a 29gal). Fingers crossed that you got them all!
  8. aqua_che_scapes

    Ph 4.7 and fresh cut driftwood

    Ok I wasn’t sure how long the baking soda would last in the Amazonia filled tank. I’ve been monitoring it closely to make sure it doesn’t drop again. So far it’s a consistent 6.5 since I added the soda a day ago. I’d rather not have the soda in there cause I don’t want to exhaust my substrate faster but I really didn’t know what else to do. I have some struggling plants and mosses in there and it killed my one Amano shrimp I had in there. I got him out fast but he didn’t last long after that in my other tank. I use a calibrated digital ph probe meter that can read as far high or low as the ph can go so it is handy for monitoring soft water. I check the ph on my more neutral ph tanks to make sure the probe matches as close to the API test kit results as I can get. It might be .2-.5 off but it is pretty accurate enough.
  9. chan011

    Seltzer Water to Kill SCUDS?

    this was the first time i had SCUDS and from I have read, they bury themselves in the substrate and lay their eggs in the substrate so it could be quite tedious to remove them manually over time depending on how long they have been there/if there are any eggs
  10. chan011

    Seltzer Water to Kill SCUDS?

    thanks. i ended up doing it. didn't use that much seltzer water 2L for 29 gallons. took care of all of killing everything. didn't have many scuds that I found in the tank in the first place. seems to work fine.
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  12. DiscoBee

    Ph 4.7 and fresh cut driftwood

    baking soda will only be a short-term fix, the soil will absorb the KH and it will drop again. Are you sure your PH test kit tests that low?
  13. DiscoBee

    Fluval Shrimp Stratum Substrate Review

    whats really funny is the con about making the water soft. lol
  14. do you have a problem with my reply?
  15. this would be interesting. I know i've talked with breeders in the past about SCRS and we've agreed that at some point in the "creation" tigers may have been used.
  16. aqua_che_scapes

    Ph 4.7 and fresh cut driftwood

    To experiment I will be taking one of the branches of spiderwood I trimmed off and placing it in an isolated plastic container of the same water values and checking the ph on it to see if I can replicate the crash.
  17. I have been trying to stabilize a 5 gallon shrimp tank that has plants, moss, Ada Amazonia, and spiderwood for over two months. the issue that is happening that I wanted to atleast inform people about or get feedback on is this: four days ago my ph had been a consistent 6.2 for a few weeks and the water was finally clearing up from a long term bacteria bloom but I decided that all the branches sticking out of the water weren’t something I wanted in my shrimp tank. It made maintenance and scraping the glass very difficult and my plants didn’t have much room to grow and I knew suicidal shrimp would crawl out. I took the spiderwood out of the tank and used yard clippers to cut off all the vertical sticks and pieces creating many small exposed stumps which I then attached buce and mosses to. After filling the tank back up with bee shrimp gh + RODI water (with tds 150 and ph 6.4) within a day the ph dropped to 5.8 and stayed a few days which was fine with me. I did another 50% water change several days later to remove a lot of debris in the water from spiderwood fungus that was floating around the tank (using the same TDS 150 ph 6.4 RODI water) and the ph started to rapidly drop over the next few hours all the way down to 4.7 and counting! The KH is near 0 and GH is around 5-7. I grabbed baking soda ASAP and raised the tank back to ph 6.5 and it has stayed that way for 24 hours now. But my main thought was the fresh cut spiderwood was the only thing I have changed to this tank besides water changes. Before I cut the wood I realized the possibility of more white fungus which I was prepared to deal with but a total ph crash I had not predicted since spiderwood is pretty neutral and doesn’t leach much tannins. The Ada Amazonia I am using shouldn’t buffer the ph that low. I aged it in a bucket for a few months before using it in this scape. And my other shrimp tank has the same Amazonia but stays in the ph 6 range and doesn’t crash. Both tanks are treated the same, only difference was the spiderwood. I mostly just wanted to warn anybody thinking about trimming their spiderwood in their tank and maybe get some thoughts or experiences shared. I had done lots of forum searches on cutting/trimming driftwood before attempting the trim and didn’t see anything about this. I wanted to put it out there.
  18. aotf

    Seltzer Water to Kill SCUDS?

    You CAN use seltzer water although only if your scud population is very small. I’ve done it twice, once successfully treating a tank with only a couple scuds, and once unsuccessfully in a tank with thousands. If you decide to go with it, replace almost all your water with seltzer and leave the filters on. Be aware that hard seltzer might mess up buffering substrate. Treat everying else you can with direct peroxide. If you don’t feel like you’re going completely overboard, you aren’t being thorough enough. Scuds are the cockroaches of any tank and warrant paranoia. Also, anytime you see a scud, kill it with tweezers. If you start to see them frequently, you lost. Best of luck! EDIT: I think this goes without saying but yes, you have to remove anything to want to keep alive from the tank before seltzer (plants are ok). You are trying to make the tank and everything associated with it a temporary maelström of death.
  19. Dang!! That's some resurrection, 2014!!! Good read anyways!! Interested in hearing from more successful breeders nowadays to see if they're doing something similar as back then...
  20. bringing this back up in case anyone has any other information to add
  21. shrimp.plug


    Changed pricing!
  22. Shrimporama

    Questions about one of my ghost shrimp

    Actually this whitish milky tail could be a bacterial infection. Anyone else like to chime in?...@Chappy
  23. TheGardenofEder

    Packages up for grabs

    Reduced prices will combine packages for even cheaper deals
  24. so culling out the males worked to build the population. this is good to know and makes sense. thanks for the update
  25. turok

    Looking For Benibachi CRS CBS shrimp

    I have CRS CBS, I want to expand my gene pool. I had them for 4 years?
  26. BlakeWiles

    Questions about one of my ghost shrimp

    Just realized I put the wrong picture in [emoji23] this is the actual shrimp but I guess the same things apply as what we talked about earlier. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  27. shouu

    Amano Shrimp Larva

    The methods that I used to find out the good salinity on the larvae batch I working with is by flicking a spotlight in front of the tank and and see how first they swims to the light and the way they dance and act then ajust the salinity level accordingly start form 34ppt to lower it slowly. First generation tank raised on 30 to 34 ppt. second generation tank raised on 22 to 24 ppt. For third generation, my guess I will like to lower the salinity to 13 to 15 ppt, whether it will get to that remain to be seem. At least I thought it can get to that salinity level. The second generation tank raised now maturing in a few months, so Hopefully I have success in raising a third generation tank raised Amano Shrimp. Well, working on a project to induced a rapid evolutionary change to the Amano Shrimp. Something like HIREC ( Human-Induced Rapid Evolutionary Change). Whether the subsequent generation can keeps lower salinity to survive and morph into shrimplets remains to be seem.
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