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  3. ILikeAsianBooty

    The Tank of Death

    drop the substrate and rocks. nuke the take with 5-10% bleach and start over. weekly 10% w/c i honestly dont think your feeding them enough. also shrimps imo doesnt seem to like mulberry leaf(neos and bees).feed organic blanch spinach, and a protein 3-4 times a week rotating. what shrimps are you trying to keep? looks like neo parameters
  4. BigJake

    The Tank of Death

    I'm about at my whit's end with a tank that I can't get anything to live in. Setup is as follows: 20 Gallons 2 ATI #2 sponge filters Eco Complete black substrate Mopani wood Cholla wood Peacock moss Riccia Fluitans Anubias Dragon stone TDS 257 GH 9-10 KH 4-5 Temp 69-72F Ammonia 0 Nitrite 0 Nitrate 5-10 RO water remineralized with Salty Shrimp GH/KH The story: I originally started this tank late last year. I can blame my failed start on insufficient knowledge and some questionable shrimp. Original setup was the same with an AquaClear 30, spider wood instead of Mopani and Cholla. I cycled the tank in about 3 weeks and started with 20 orange rili shrimp. The were beautiful and active. However, I didn't know about necrosis at the time or I would have taken it up with the seller. They clear rili part of the shrimp was very white. They were all dead within a couple of days. Not knowing what was left in the tank (and a bit of frustration) I reset it with bleach. Got rid of anything that could carry anything in the tank. The only thing remaining from the original tank was the Eco Complete, a piece of dragon stone and the tank. I let the tank cycle for about 3 months after all the bleach was cleared. Lots of bio-film and everything seemed to be doing well. Ordered 20 yellow neos. Looked great for a couple weeks. Had a berried female. Then everything started slowing down. The shrimp started acting lethargic. Started looking milky. Started dying. All gone a couple weeks later. I drained the tank again, refilled. Let it go through a mini-cycle. Watched all parameters and ordered more shrimp a month later. 10 more yellow neos. Again, looked great for a couple weeks. Berried females. Now here we are a couple weeks later and they are dying. Maintenance: I usually let my parameters guide my water changes (Nitrate or TDS). Usually about 3 weeks between. 15% change. Lights are on from 9am to 4pm. Weekly dripped RO water for top-offs. Feeding: The shrimp in this tank have never shown interest in food. Seem to prefer bio-film before they get sick. I do provide a mulberry leaf. Not sure what else I missed. I'm looking for any kind of guidance. And to brighten things up... my PFRs munching on a squash bloom (who don't live in the tank of death):
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  6. Shrimpfoot

    Low pH

    Appreciate everyone’s help I will leave it alone and just give it time. Chris
  7. Shrimpfoot

    Odd shrimp!

    I was just looking at my neo tank and found a dead shrimp, first one in months weird thing is that it’s head was blue body orange and tail blue. I had never seen it before, but I have a lot of babies in that tank and it is planted heavily. Has anyone ever seen this before or maybe did the shell just change color after it died? chris
  8. TheGardenofEder

    Available shrimp stock

    Prl stock came from several different breeders selected the best from each to make my own. Basically s grade will have more red and then ss grade will have more white with less red markings need to take pics tonight I guess
  9. chan011

    Available shrimp stock

    possibly interested in your CRS PRL. do you know what stock they originated from and any more detailed pictures of both the S and SS lines? thanks
  10. chan011

    Shrimp For Sale

    any PRL CRS?
  11. wyzazz

    Thinning out some plants!

    Quite a few, I've got a large mat 12" around or so.
  12. Whitemage09

    Thinning out some plants!

    How many anubias do you have? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Boy , do I need more coffee this morning! You're welcome!
  14. Sounds good. That's what I also thought but wanted to get opinions from those who have more experience with these shrimps. Thanks for your response!
  15. wyzazz

    The solution to unwanded shrimps

    Send me the ones without the backline, I prefer them! I'm serious...
  16. There isn't really aren't any Con's unless you want to keep the two separate. You will get a mix of both in the tank (and even some blonde's) as time goes on.
  17. wyzazz

    Thinning out some plants!

    Just sent you a PM.
  18. SeñorShrimpster


    Interested in some mini pelia
  19. SeñorShrimpster

    Thinning out some plants!

    Hey id like some Java moss
  20. Last week
  21. Just an update: There were no survivors. I haven't had a need since to use the tumbler, thank goodness. When the time comes again, I'll have to consider the alternate options.
  22. shouu

    Amano Shrimp Larva

    I do not have any available now and that may change later. Keeping them to breed a third generation tank raised Amano shrimp. Will be interesting to see if the third generation can go even lower salinity requirement to morph than the second generation. Here the new batch F2 larvae at 10 to 14 days old. And another video clips on five mouth old shrimp. I used Nannochloropsis ( Japanese chlorella) micro algae to raise them. Can culture in salt and fresh water, feed the salt water culture algae to the larvae and fresh water culture to the newly morph shrimp.
  23. thenamespo

    Sulawesi Shrimps

    So when it’s 120 tds you know the water is ~8 pH?
  24. rwong2k

    Sulawesi Shrimps

    thanks. I scoop until tds is about 120 ppm and then add a powerhead to let it stir for a week. I try not to microwave or boil the water. bit that's just me. if you have any q feel free to ask and I'll try my best to help have a great day Sent from my SM-G930W8 using Tapatalk
  25. Hi all! I'm thinking about getting OEBTs or Royal OEBTs and can't decide between the two. There's things I like about both of them and I keep going back and forth between the two. Has anyone kept the two together? I know that the Royal OEBTs are derived from the OEBTs so there wouldn't be any risk of crossbreeding or anything like that, but does anyone know if the population might shift one way or the other? For example, would the offspring be more likely to look like OEBTs over time until I lose all of my Royal OEBTs? I could get a tank divider and divide the two types, but I'm thinking of buying some OEBTs and some Royal OEBTs to start the colony and separating them as the population gets larger to save money rather than separating them and having to buy more of each to ensure I get a good ratio of males and females. Also, it'd save more room in the tank because I'd get a matten filter divider if I were to divide the two shrimps and those dividers look to be at least 2 inch thick. Hope this all makes sense, but any input would be much appreciated. Also, I've kept and successfully bred Royal OEBTs in the past, but I lost my whole colony when I moved back home 😔 Thanks!
  26. Crackhead Johny

    The solution to unwanded shrimps

    I don't want to cull my poor shrimp but the yellows need to have those without stripes go away. The Hoplos insist their tank will be totally safe for the shrimp. The plecos say the same thing The Discus would happily accept culls into their new tank as friends. The puffers say they need friends. My DIY ecosphere can only support 3-4 neos. So that is out. Maybe with a light I could run 4-6? Just keep adding them? None have bred so it is not a permanent ecosphere. Just figure out which fish is most adorable? Corys? Hoplos? Buying another tank is not a solution as that way lies only madness. I can't believe I feel bad bout culling ugly shrimp.
  27. Crackhead Johny

    Cory breeding?

    I have never heard of violent corys. They are all supposed to gentle. Happy little aquarium clowns. My fowleri seem to be. Lots of aggressive chasing to the point of killing other fowleri (I have gone from ~13 to ~6. the population now seems to be stable with each having its own area in the 55. so the attacks seem to have stopped). One was even chewed to bits. 2 were killed by a nitrate spike. They seem to care less about other corys in the tank any pursuit is short. With their own they seem to have issues. Are there aggressive corys or are mine just being abnormal?
  28. I have two separate tanks for them. I was wondering if I could use the Salty Shrimp Sulawesi would work in the future so I could save money, but I ordered both Salty Shrimp Sulawesi and Salty Shrimp gH+/kH+ just in case. I'll be sure to use the two remineralizers separately for the two species of shrimp. Also, I know that the hardness of water seems to be most important for neos and cards and the pH doesn't seem to be as much of a concern. However, when researching sulawesi cardinal shrimp care it seems like pH matters quite a lot for them. Is this true or is the hardness of the water important as well? Thanks!
  29. madcrafted

    What shrimp is this?

    Cool. Always liked the looks of cardinal/sulawesi shrimp. Looking forward to pics when you add them.
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