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  2. Several months back, I bought a bag of shrimp at an auction, and they were labeled as carbon (not carbon rili). They were small, but showed a more solid pattern. Fast forward a few months, and I have a 30 breeder full of these. I've been selling them as carbons, but I'm wondering if that's really what I should be calling them. Most of them are just about black, but from a dark, dark blue. My understanding is that black rose are black, but from a dark, dark red. Some show a more typical grey-blue-speckled color, similar to a carbon rili (but without the rili pattern). And some a very dark blue. But, the vast majority are nearly black. They are damn cool, and I think I have about 200, but I want to sell them with the proper name. They are too dark for blue dream. They seem too dark for blue diamond. But black rose doesn't seem right either. Deep blue? Thoughts? This is what they mostly look like when adults. The color starts more clear/blue/speckled, but fills in to nearly black as they age. But here's a good example of how the blue is sometimes visible on certain ones (left) and how some have more of the carbon coloring (right).
  3. Journal: The Quest to Not Kill All of My Shrimp

    Been a long 10 months since I've last updated. I've cleared out most of my cichlid tanks, and have added shrimp tanks. Now keeping --NEOCARIDINA-- Fire Red Cherry Shrimp Red Rili Blue Velvet Yellows/Goldenbacks Green Jade Carbon Orange Rili --CARIDINA-- Crystal Red Shrimp BKK Mischlings Blue Bolts Golden Bees Black King Kongs
  4. FREE Stuff for Shrimpers!

    This makes me so sad. This hobby needs you
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  6. I didn't notice at first as they were too small to keep track of but I actually have at least 4 of these shrimp! One of them the flipper part of the tail (I really should know what the technical term is lol) is clear with a white dot on each side so isn't going to look like a bkk fully.
  7. Beautiful yellow coloration on oebt

    Nice! It's always interesting to see what pops up in some tanks!
  8. FREE Stuff for Shrimpers!

    Thank you, Wyzazz. Thanks, Wygglz. Situations change, and life goes on, but friendships in all walks of life are valued.
  9. ADA 60p PRL Shrimp Tank

  10. ADA 60p PRL Shrimp Tank

    Good stuff, congrats on the berry!
  11. Beautiful yellow coloration on oebt

    If I get more, definitely. He's the only one in the tank like that. He's also the biggest
  12. OEYT New breeding project? Could be a very nice looking line.
  13. FREE Stuff for Shrimpers!

    Miss you, Soothing. The forum just isn't the same.
  14. ADA 60p PRL Shrimp Tank

    Not the two best pictures... but one of my PRL females is berried! Had them since early January, so I am pretty excited
  15. FREE Stuff for Shrimpers!

    I can send prayers & shrimp as well when you get to a place in your life where you want to keep them again.
  16. FREE Stuff for Shrimpers!

    I work graveyard shift now, so have to get a nap in before work. I'll list more tomorrow. Please be patient if I don't get back to you immediately. Working nights, sleeping in the day and still trying to be there for family is exhausting. I have a gym meet for my daughter's gymnastics on Sat, so I won't be around that day most likely. By the time I get back, I'll be lucky to get much sleep at all before work. This is taking a bit longer than expected to list everything in my very little free time each day. So, your patience while updating my list for free things (as it *may* stretch into next week) is appreciated.
  17. FREE Stuff for Shrimpers!

    Thanks, guys. It's been a struggle financially lately, but despite circumstances, I still wanted to give back to the shrimping community. I accept prayers and good Karma wishes as payment. ;-)
  18. Last week
  19. Looking like a real tiger 😁
  20. Shelving unit

    Thanks, got it on sale for $68
  21. Shelving unit

    Nice choice! These are still fairly new from Gladiator (less than a year) and haven't made their way up to Canada yet. I would have been all over these if they were available but got the ULINE ones instead.
  22. Shrimp 4 sale?

    Bloody marys? Tangerines Yellows neos Goldens Looking to purchase pairs
  23. ShrimpFarm Project

    It's TaiTiBee pinto zebra
  24. Shelving unit

    I went with this one, I'm only putting one tank per shelf so it should be fine.
  25. FREE Stuff for Shrimpers!

    +1 to that. Soothing, I hope you and yours are doing well. Cheers, mate.
  26. shrimp keep dying help!

    Correct, it's not needed.
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