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BeetleNerd BeetleNerd 04/25/2019 Thanks BeetleNerd! Hope you enjoy your homebred Pintos! Thanks again you were a pleasure to deal with Shrimp Life Shrimp Life
sparky4056 sparky4056 04/25/2019 Thanks Sparky! hope you enjoy your shrimp!! :D Shrimp Life Shrimp Life
Geoge Geoge 04/25/2019 Thanks Geoge for the great feedback, hope you enjoy your homebred pintos and moss, thanks again Shrimp Life Shrimp Life
Shrimp Life Shrimp Life 04/25/2019 Ordered the black mixed pinto package,shrimp arrived healthy and active beautiful assortment of shrimp just as listed the 2 different moss came in separate labeled bags very nice portions and vibrant green,the food sample was snowflake and all my shrimp love it and still have some left great stuff, the seller Shrimp Life kept in touch through the whole process even making sure everything arrived perfect ,love her YouTube channel and would definitely purchase again. Thankyou Geoge Geoge
BeetleNerd BeetleNerd 04/24/2019 Awesome Buyer! Easy to work with and I wish you much success with your shrimp! Shrimp Life Shrimp Life
Shrimp Life Shrimp Life 04/23/2019 Quick response and great communication. Shrimp arrived safely, were well packaged and included an extra in case of DOA which was not an issue. Shrimp were small but perfect for acclimatization and are all doing well in their new home. I recieved a mix of patterns and I look forward to watching these pintos grow and hopefully breed. Moss was healthy and robust size portion and snowflake food went down a treat in the tank. Thanks for the great shrimp package, I would definitely recommend. BeetleNerd BeetleNerd
Shrimp Life Shrimp Life 04/23/2019 Great looking shrimp from an excellent seller. sparky4056 sparky4056
DressedToKrill DressedToKrill 04/23/2019 Fantastic Buyer, easy to work with. Thank you! Enjoy your shrimp :D Shrimp Life Shrimp Life
Shrimp Life Shrimp Life 04/23/2019 Great looking red pintos, very healthy DressedToKrill DressedToKrill
Snailer Snailer 03/04/2019 Awesome person to deal with, I hope you enjoy your pintos! Shrimp Life Shrimp Life
kwokwok kwokwok 03/04/2019 Awesome buyer, thanks so much. I hope you enjoy your pintos! Shrimp Life Shrimp Life
DETAquarium DETAquarium 02/28/2019 I ordered red bolts, blue bolts, and Red King Kongs. Had a mishap with the postal service and the shrimp came in dead, don't know what happened. There was a cut and no water, temps got into freezing. DETAquarium was very understanding and shipped out the order again. This time they arrived all alive and well. Even got one extra of the Red King Kongs which is what I wanted the most. They all had Great color and where very active. Even got a good sized portion of Java moss. Will order again Wolf92s Wolf92s
KeyeNewen KeyeNewen 02/21/2019 Great buyer, I hope you enjoy your moss! Shrimp Life Shrimp Life
TheGardenofEder TheGardenofEder 02/17/2019 Excellent customer service! healthy and extras.thank you! kary kary
TheGardenofEder TheGardenofEder 02/15/2019 Thank you for the beautiful shrimp! They all arrived alive and healthy and faster than what the tracking said. Really good blue coloration on all of them. Wolf92s Wolf92s
TheGardenofEder TheGardenofEder 02/13/2019 Excellent shipping and shrimp! Thanks for the extras! Sumo82 Sumo82
Sbarbee54 Sbarbee54 02/06/2019 Amazing PFR stock, fast, active and just gorgeous. JoshuaJ JoshuaJ
Shrimp Life Shrimp Life 01/10/2019 Fast shipping. Great communication throughout process. Nice clean moss and clearly labeled. KeyeNewen KeyeNewen
TheGardenofEder TheGardenofEder 12/22/2018 Made two different orders , both standard shipping. No doa's , super hardy shrimp , Don't want to leave too good of a review , he won't have any shrimp left for me . andthis1time andthis1time
Critter Doc Critter Doc 12/07/2018 Enjoy your black pintos, thanks again :D Shrimp Life Shrimp Life
Shrimp Life Shrimp Life 12/05/2018 Thank you very much for the lovely shrimp! The arrived in excellent condition and are happily acclimated to there tank. I look forward to getting more shrimp from you in the future! 🦐😁🦐 Purplelizard9 Purplelizard9
Purplelizard9 Purplelizard9 12/04/2018 thanks again! Hope you enjoy your new Shrimp :) Shrimp Life Shrimp Life
cypho23 cypho23 12/03/2018 Thanks again! I hope you enjoy your buce and mosses! Shrimp Life Shrimp Life
Shrimp Life Shrimp Life 11/29/2018 Received my shrimp earlier today all arrived alive & healthy and started eating right away some of the snow flake food I also purchased which they all seem to love! Will definitely be getting more shrimp from Shrimp Life again in the future! Asilva93 Asilva93
Asilva93 Asilva93 11/29/2018 ENJOY YOUR HOMEBRED RED PINTOS! Shrimp Life Shrimp Life
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