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TheGardenofEder TheGardenofEder 07/15/2018 Well packaged, healthy and active Tangtai. As always, I appreciate the extras. Thanks again, Grant! Critter Doc Critter Doc
wyzazz wyzazz 06/20/2018 Thanks for the wonderful OEBT's. I also appreciate all the advices and comments. AquaticShrimpNoob AquaticShrimpNoob
wyzazz wyzazz 06/14/2018 Cute and very active little CRS. Thanks, Danny! Critter Doc Critter Doc
Dluxeshrimps Dluxeshrimps 06/07/2018 Thanks for the great snails! Snailer Snailer
Zoe13 Zoe13 05/30/2018 Great shrimp. Nice red shrimp. Very understanding seller. Nothing but positive Stussy28 Stussy28
TheGardenofEder TheGardenofEder 05/16/2018 Timely arrival, expert packaging, healthy, and extras. Always a pleasure doing business with you, Grant! Ku5a101 Ku5a101
wyzazz wyzazz 05/13/2018 The CRS were packed well and arrived safely. Were active and hungry right out of the box. Transaction was a pleasure. Thanks so much! BigJake BigJake
Critter Doc Critter Doc 05/06/2018 Great Buyer! Great Communication, Smooth Transaction. Thanks again. DETAquarium DETAquarium
DETAquarium DETAquarium 05/05/2018 Shrimp arrived well packaged and healthy. Thanks! Critter Doc Critter Doc
jessaweeshrimp jessaweeshrimp 04/12/2018 Got some awesome shrimp that I've been wanting to get for a while at a very good price. Seller was very accommodating to my schedule and the packaging was excellent. There were no DOAs as far as I can tell and all of them look healthy. Highly recommend this seller. JSak JSak
wyzazz wyzazz 04/12/2018 very nice shrimp, very nice person Bribri21 Bribri21
mayphly mayphly 04/09/2018 Excellent packaging and very good prices. Very considerate and helpful. All shrimp + 2 extras came in alive and very active. JSak JSak
wyzazz wyzazz 04/05/2018 Shrimp arrived safely - very well packaged, and everyone looked healthy and very active. Thanks, Danny! Critter Doc Critter Doc
shrimp4days shrimp4days 03/28/2018 Very cute and active pea puffers - thanks, Joey! Critter Doc Critter Doc
Srs_Blk Srs_Blk 03/27/2018 Truly, I recommend Sirius to all advanced members of the hobby. It breaks up easily & is quite potent so a little goes a very long way. Pricewise, you can't beat the amount or quality... Tibee Inc Tibee Inc
h4n h4n 03/18/2018 Dealt w/Han for years; As always, he meets my expectations. Likewise, I recommend him to any member or visitor of SSpot. Tibee Inc Tibee Inc
mayphly mayphly 03/10/2018 Very well packaged. Shrimp arrived healthy and all alive despite a delay by the Post Office. Appreciate the extras. Thanks, Andy! Critter Doc Critter Doc
9thdragon 9thdragon 03/08/2018 Came back to Joe Aqua for a very special order & they exceeded expectations. Without a doubt, the communication & follow ups were extremely professional! Likewise, the Owner truly has infinite patience & a great employee.. <ThanX guys> Tibee Inc Tibee Inc
wyzazz wyzazz 03/01/2018 Some phenomenal looking OERBT! Totally would buy again. Thanks for the smooth transaction and super duper great customer service and shipping! Gotcha00 Gotcha00
LiveLee Aquatics LiveLee Aquatics 02/28/2018 Smooth transaction and great buyer, thanks so much! wyzazz wyzazz
Gotcha00 Gotcha00 02/28/2018 Great transaction, I hope to do business with you again in the future! wyzazz wyzazz
Shrimp Life Shrimp Life 02/27/2018 Awesome doing business with you again, wonderful looking Blue Dreams! wyzazz wyzazz
Shrimp Life Shrimp Life 02/27/2018 Best quality blue dreams on the market. Awesome person to deal with. I will continue to do business with dazalea. chappy6107 chappy6107
chappy6107 chappy6107 02/27/2018 Thank you for another pleasant experience! Enjoy the shrimp :) Shrimp Life Shrimp Life
wyzazz wyzazz 02/27/2018 Thanks again and I hope you enjoy your Blue Dreams! :) Shrimp Life Shrimp Life