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TheGardenofEder TheGardenofEder 01/20/2018 Bought 10 Stardust shrimp. Grant was very honest and sincere throughout the whole transaction, even going so far as to pay express shipping to get breather bags after he found out his had holes in them. The package was delayed an extra day (not seller's fault) and left out on the front porch for almost 2 hours in low 40 degree weather, and through all of that there was only 1 DOA. Very high quality shrimp for a very reasonable price with good communication and friendly customer service. JSak JSak
aotf aotf 01/13/2018 aotf sent me a nice selection of plants and some Blue Ramshorn snails to get some new tanks started up. I appreciate the help my friend! wyzazz wyzazz
Stacy1 Stacy1 01/13/2018 Traded with Stacy1 for some Dwarf Water Lettuce, Frogbit & Red Root Floaters. Everything arrived in tip top shape. Thanks so much for the trade! wyzazz wyzazz
GreenPepper GreenPepper 01/08/2018 I purchased 2 of GPs shrimp nets. Very nice product, and packaged to ensure nets kept shape. Much appreciated. Shrimple minded Shrimple minded
wyzazz wyzazz 01/08/2018 Great deal Sipaboy Sipaboy
WalterJay WalterJay 12/30/2017 Very nice buyer and breeder. ShrimpVenture ShrimpVenture
ShrimpVenture ShrimpVenture 12/29/2017 Beautiful shrimp and wonderful service. WalterJay WalterJay
digitaldookiez digitaldookiez 12/23/2017 Thank you so very much, enjoy the shrimp and plants! dazalea dazalea
dazalea dazalea 12/22/2017 Great variety of plants. Quickly rectified issues and good communication/customer service. Would buy again! digitaldookiez digitaldookiez
wyzazz wyzazz 12/22/2017 Very smooth transaction. Looking forward to making treats with the dust. Thanks, Danny! Critter Doc Critter Doc
Critter Doc Critter Doc 12/15/2017 Wonderful to Deal with, thanks again :) dazalea dazalea
Asyano Asyano 12/07/2017 Awesome seller who gave me a generous amount of Subwassertang! Would def. buy again! thedaikon thedaikon
wyzazz wyzazz 12/06/2017 Love the mulberry dust. Thanks Shrimporama Shrimporama
Critter Doc Critter Doc 12/04/2017 Fantastic communication and very smooth transaction. Hope the shrimp do well for you! Ebichua Ebichua
Ebichua Ebichua 12/04/2017 Excellent communication. Shrimp arrived on time, well packaged, healthy and hungry! Thanks, Jeremiah! Critter Doc Critter Doc
thedaikon thedaikon 11/29/2017 Friendly and fast paying buyer. Asyano Asyano
wyzazz wyzazz 11/28/2017 Great seller..... easy transaction! Snailer Snailer
jessaweeshrimp jessaweeshrimp 11/23/2017 Great seller! Shrimp arrived on time, all alive, and look great! Uchidome Uchidome
jessaweeshrimp jessaweeshrimp 11/14/2017 Great looking PRL's and a wonderful transaction! wyzazz wyzazz
Jeff W Jeff W 11/13/2017 Shipped quickly and at a great price. Product looks good as well. Fiishman Fiishman
jessaweeshrimp jessaweeshrimp 10/26/2017 Well packaged and arrived on schedule. All the shrimp appear to be healthy and active. Thanks! Critter Doc Critter Doc
neogeo20041 neogeo20041 10/09/2017 Fantastic Buyer, Great Communication, Thank you for your purchase! DETAquarium DETAquarium
dazalea dazalea 10/04/2017 The shrimp are absolutely beautiful and very healthy. A pleasure do do business with! :) DreaminginBlue DreaminginBlue
neogeo20041 neogeo20041 10/01/2017 Orange rilis came in great healthy and look absolutely beautiful. I would definitely recommend this seller to anyone looking for these shrimp as the order was handled quickly and the shrimp were packaged right! Zorya Zorya
neogeo20041 neogeo20041 09/29/2017 Ordered orange rili from seller. Communication was quick, the order was seamless and quick, and all arrived on time with no DOAs. Thanks! loverland loverland