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dazalea dazalea 03/23/2017 Thanks again Dani for another awesome order! The CRS and blue bolts arrived alive and well. Great job packing, as always! Very beautiful shrimp, healthy looking and very active! Will be ordering from you again for Sure! 😊 Thank you! Sparrow Sparrow
Sparrow Sparrow 03/22/2017 Thanks Sparrow! I hope you enjoy your Blue Bolts & CRS! dazalea dazalea
MrShrimpo MrShrimpo 03/17/2017 Healthy looking, very vigorous little shrimp. Thanks, Chad! Critter Doc Critter Doc
plamski plamski 03/16/2017 Great guy with amazing shrimp, the packaging was outstanding, very happy with the transaction, and hope to buy from him again. glenn49 glenn49
dazalea dazalea 03/15/2017 Great plants and great person to deal with! Will order again so keep me updated! =) dslk820 dslk820
dazalea dazalea 03/14/2017 Awesome stuff that she got! healthy plants and very generous seller! ^_^ Mike16T Mike16T
Jynn Jynn 03/13/2017 Thanks Jynn! I hope you enjoy your Buce! dazalea dazalea
seaj seaj 03/13/2017 THANK YOU SO MUCH. Enjoy your Buce!!! dazalea dazalea
newportjon newportjon 03/13/2017 Thanks so much! Enjoy your Cholla Logs & Mulberry! dazalea dazalea
dslk820 dslk820 03/13/2017 Great Buyer, Thanks again and Enjoy your BUCE dazalea dazalea
Mike16T Mike16T 03/13/2017 Enjoy your Miroshaki! dazalea dazalea
evabug1 evabug1 03/13/2017 Enjoy your Fissidens Miroshaki! dazalea dazalea
Parahnoyd Parahnoyd 03/13/2017 Thank you for a pleasant deal! Enjoy your Shrimp dazalea dazalea
dazalea dazalea 03/11/2017 Thx again for another great order moss looks amazing cyris krow cyris krow
dazalea dazalea 03/09/2017 Thanks for the moss, they arrived healthy and green. I also appreciated your quick responses, very helpful :) skalia skalia
TropicalAquarist TropicalAquarist 03/08/2017 Thanks again for your order of Tangerine Tigers!!!!!!! dazalea dazalea
mayphly mayphly 03/08/2017 Cute shrimp! 2 extras, lots of insulation. seaj seaj
Whitemage09 Whitemage09 03/08/2017 Thanks for a great transaction! Enjoy your Moss :) dazalea dazalea
skalia skalia 03/08/2017 Thanks for trying out my Moss Skalia! :) dazalea dazalea
cyris krow cyris krow 03/08/2017 Enjoy your Moss Variety Pack, thanks Cyris!!! dazalea dazalea
Critter Doc Critter Doc 03/08/2017 Enjoy the leaves! Thanks Critter Doc! dazalea dazalea
Midnight64 Midnight64 03/07/2017 THANKS SO MUCH! Enjoy your Mini Christmas Moss :) dazalea dazalea
MrShrimpo MrShrimpo 03/04/2017 Excellent transaction!!! AAAA++++ mayphly mayphly
TropicalAquarist TropicalAquarist 03/03/2017 good transaction everything came well packed and shipped. jpham929 jpham929
OMG Aquatics OMG Aquatics 03/03/2017 The pink ramshorn snails arrived fine and are doing really well. Revaria Revaria