Receiver Date Comment Sender  
Sparrow Sparrow 02/24/2017 Thanks Sparrow! Enjoy your Mischlings dazalea dazalea
TropicalAquarist TropicalAquarist 02/23/2017 GORGEOUS Dream Blue Velvets Sam!! Thank you for all the freebies you included in my order! Great communication, fast shipping, well packed. Couldn't be happier!! Awesome seller!!! raesunrae raesunrae
royal_magic royal_magic 02/20/2017 Very happy with my CRS ! Great transaction and communication. ptarnyc ptarnyc
ptarnyc ptarnyc 02/20/2017 Very smooth transaction and replies fast! royal_magic royal_magic
Soothing Shrimp Soothing Shrimp 02/19/2017 Great looking shrimp! Thank you! treefisher treefisher
plamski plamski 02/15/2017 Bought a package of BB and Other TBs and they all came healthy and are doing great! Uriel RT Uriel RT
plamski plamski 02/13/2017 Beautiful royal blue tigers (including an extra), well packaged and healthy. Thanks again, Plamen! 😄 Critter Doc Critter Doc
h4n h4n 02/11/2017 Thx for the great speedy order. The buce is amazing i'm very pleased we'll do business again cyris krow cyris krow
TheGardenofEder TheGardenofEder 02/11/2017 Packaging: 5/5 Customer Service/Feedback: 5/5 After my tank was finished cycling, I considered buying from TGOE. I had a few concerns about the weather and he said weather was no problem. I was glad to hear that and placed my order. The shrimp came in 2 days and the packaging was very professional. Lastly, the shrimps, they are gorgeous, every single one looks healthy and there were also extras! Will definitely order some more in the near future. Keep up the good work! cthomaslee92 cthomaslee92
dazalea dazalea 02/10/2017 Very happy with the java fern shipping was fast all around great experience great communication cyris krow cyris krow
dazalea dazalea 02/10/2017 Ordered some buce on rocks as well as some other items and they arrived in excellent condition. Great seller and would buy from again. Uchidome Uchidome
TropicalAquarist TropicalAquarist 02/09/2017 Good communication. Everything promised and more arrived safely and acclimated well to my tank. I would do business again. Speg Speg
plamski plamski 02/09/2017 Amazing shrimp (including extras), amazing packaging, and excellent communication. Overall, a great experience. I plan on buying from again! newportjon newportjon
dazalea dazalea 02/09/2017 Remarkable shipping. Dani makes sure your shrimp come in alive! And comes with EXTRA 👍 88888888 88888888
dazalea dazalea 02/08/2017 Ordered some of her mischlings and everything went well. She threw in an extra BKK. Love that shrimp! All shrimps came alive and well packed! Will be doing business again with her.. ^_^ Mike16T Mike16T
dazalea dazalea 02/07/2017 Moss arrived in great condition! Packaged well. Thank you for the extra freebies!! raesunrae raesunrae
Sparrow Sparrow 02/06/2017 Diane aka Sparrow is a wonderful hobbyist to deal with. I hope you enjoy your new shrimp :) dazalea dazalea
dazalea dazalea 02/06/2017 Received my pandas and mischlings today. All arrived alive and well! Great packaging Dani! They're beautiful and I love Them! Would definitely recommend Dani! 😊 Sparrow Sparrow
Mike16T Mike16T 02/06/2017 Mike thanks so much for trying my shrimp. Enjoy your Mischlings! :) dazalea dazalea
tygr1203 tygr1203 02/06/2017 Thanks!!! I wish you much success with your Pandas! dazalea dazalea
cyris krow cyris krow 02/06/2017 Thanks Cyris for being a pleasure to deal with, enjoy your plants!! :) dazalea dazalea
Uchidome Uchidome 02/06/2017 Thank you so much, please enjoy your Java Fern :) dazalea dazalea
88888888 88888888 02/06/2017 Thanks so much, Enjoy your BKK Hinos! :) dazalea dazalea
plamski plamski 02/03/2017 Great shrimper! Excellent packaging, and beautiful shrimp! Thank you, Plamski! Fishprinceofca Fishprinceofca
TheGardenofEder TheGardenofEder 02/01/2017 Great shrimps and very good person to work with. Will order more in the future. bkkebi bkkebi