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OblongShrimp OblongShrimp 04/22/2017 Great seller, good communication and super fast shipping. Shrimp and snails love the snowflake food! Thank you Will! Undershrimp Undershrimp
LesterBee LesterBee 04/21/2017 Smooth transaction OblongShrimp OblongShrimp
jessaweeshrimp jessaweeshrimp 04/21/2017 Smooth transaction OblongShrimp OblongShrimp
Undershrimp Undershrimp 04/21/2017 Smooth transaction OblongShrimp OblongShrimp
joeaquacrs joeaquacrs 04/20/2017 Happy with my order. Very helpful with my questions. JDT360 JDT360
ibebian ibebian 04/17/2017 Awesome seller! Couldn't be happier with the transaction and communication. Thanks! JDT360 JDT360
DETAquarium DETAquarium 04/17/2017 Great TPT member!Pleasant transaction! Pleasure to deal with! plamski plamski
plamski plamski 04/17/2017 Great Seller! Perfect Communication, Beautiful Shrimp! DETAquarium DETAquarium
MrShrimpo MrShrimpo 04/17/2017 Great Buyer! Perfect Communication!! DETAquarium DETAquarium
dazalea dazalea 04/14/2017 Very healthy and active shrimp, no losses. Fast shipping and a pleasure to do business with. trilei2 trilei2
TropicalAquarist TropicalAquarist 04/13/2017 Healthy looking, active shrimp and as a bonus, some quite nice bits of plants. Glad to have found a local source - thanks again, Sam! Critter Doc Critter Doc
Critter Doc Critter Doc 04/11/2017 Enjoy the moss, thanks again!!!! :) dazalea dazalea
skalia skalia 04/11/2017 Thanks again, hope you enjoy! :) dazalea dazalea
paulvh paulvh 04/11/2017 Excellent communication, packing was very secure. Thanks a lot :) skalia skalia
dazalea dazalea 04/11/2017 Nice healthy looking bits of Fissidens and weeping moss. Thanks, Dani! Critter Doc Critter Doc
paulvh paulvh 04/11/2017 Extraordinarily generous "grab bag," including some nice moss and a plant that wasn't even listed in the original post. Thanks, Paul! Critter Doc Critter Doc
dazalea dazalea 04/11/2017 Beautiful variety of buce! Super happy with purcbase :) skalia skalia
TheGardenofEder TheGardenofEder 04/10/2017 Bought some crystal red shrimp. They all arrived alive and also had extras too! Great communication. Thanks again! JLui83 JLui83
DETAquarium DETAquarium 04/10/2017 WooHoo! Red Bolts. MrShrimpo MrShrimpo
Dluxeshrimps Dluxeshrimps 04/06/2017 Very nice shrimp very happy thank you,Fast shipping well packed cyris krow cyris krow
plamski plamski 04/04/2017 Amazing shrimp, great packaging, communication, and freebies. Plamski has so many repeat customers for a reason. One of the best sellers on the website! newportjon newportjon
newportjon newportjon 03/31/2017 Thanks for being such a great hobbyist. I hope your shrimp enjoy their newCholla logs and Mulberry Leaves dazalea dazalea
9thdragon 9thdragon 03/31/2017 the tiawan moss is excellent snail free and quite alot very Nice cyris krow cyris krow
dazalea dazalea 03/30/2017 I ordered 3 cholla logs with mini Christmas moss attached and Organic Mulberry leaves. The moss on the cholla arrived and my first impression was that is was extremely healthy! Very vibrant green, no algae or snails. They look great and I am very happy with the purchase! The Organic Mulberry leaves look great as well. Very large leaves and fresh looking. I just added the leaves to the tanks today and, the moment they hit the bottom, shrimp were on them grazing. A+ experience! newportjon newportjon
ohmiko ohmiko 03/30/2017 A+++ buyer! Great communication, fast payment, and smooth transaction! Thank you!! Fishprinceofca Fishprinceofca