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dazalea dazalea 01/16/2017 Awesome Seller HIGHLY RECOMMEND!! I decided to try out her foods and shrimp after seeing everyone rave about her, and know i see why!! Fast response, very helpful and answered all my questions!!! Will DEFINETLY buy again! TropicalAquarist TropicalAquarist
Shrimpscales Shrimpscales 01/16/2017 Truly, a great individual to deal with! Without a doubt, no one can match the offers here from fellow forum members. Once again, thank you Shrimpscales. Tibee Inc Tibee Inc
dazalea dazalea 01/15/2017 These blue dreams are beautiful! packaged shipped fast. Product was well packed with NO leaks. Blue dreams all arrived alive and settled in quickly. No deaths after acclimation. I am just now trying the mulberry leaves for the first time. Dazalea had great communication and is a great seller to do business with. Would highly recommend. chappy6107 chappy6107
1lildave 1lildave 01/15/2017 Shrimp arrived very vigorous and healthy (despite a delay in delivery thanks to the Post Office) and packed in plenty of water with an absurd amount of padding/insulation. Thanks, Dave! Critter Doc Critter Doc
TropicalAquarist TropicalAquarist 01/14/2017 ENJOY YOUR BLUE DREAMS! Thanks for being so nice and easy to work with dazalea dazalea
Damien Damien 01/13/2017 Thank you so much for your purchase, please enjoy your Blue Dreams! dazalea dazalea
chappy6107 chappy6107 01/12/2017 THANKS CHAPPY for trying my BLUE DREAM SHRIMP, wishing you much success! dazalea dazalea
ibebian ibebian 01/12/2017 THANKS SO MUCH for being a great hobbyist to deal with ! dazalea dazalea
plamski plamski 01/12/2017 Beautiful BBs - I am nowhere near to being an expert, but these seem to be much nicer than the "regular" grade I purchased. Active and unbelievably fast and strong. Thank you, Plamen! Critter Doc Critter Doc
Sparrow Sparrow 01/12/2017 Thanks again for being such a great lady to deal with! Enjoy your Shrimp & Mosses! dazalea dazalea
zodiac zodiac 01/10/2017 Great packaging and nice shrimp. Thank You Rivergardennursery Rivergardennursery
pantungw pantungw 01/09/2017 Thanks for trying out my organic Leaves, enjoy! dazalea dazalea
zodiac zodiac 01/07/2017 Thanks for the lovely snowball shrimp! Great person to deal with dazalea dazalea
TheGardenofEder TheGardenofEder 01/07/2017 Very nice and robust packaging. No DOA. Thank you for the free HC. I wasn't expecting that much HC. It was a nice surprise. Will definitely buy again. lordeon lordeon
dazalea dazalea 01/07/2017 Great seller. Some issues with shipping however the seller took the time to figure it out and make it right. I will buy from again. Thank you. jeepn4x4 jeepn4x4
coryjames coryjames 01/05/2017 Thanks Cory for the awesome Super CRS, they are very nice and you were great to deal with! dazalea dazalea
OblongShrimp OblongShrimp 01/05/2017 Quick shipping and very well packed. No DOA and still thriving! Nice selection of adults and juvies. Beautiful tigers! Thank you! Sparrow Sparrow
TheGlassBox TheGlassBox 01/04/2017 Wow! Thank you for such gorgeous bloody Marys!! They all arrived alive and well and very energetic despite the cold weather. Great job packing and Shipping! Still no casualties and even have a berried female!! Can't wait to be a grandma! It was a pleasure doing business with you and I would definitely buy from you again in the future and would highly recommend you to Anyone! Thanks Again! 😊 Sparrow Sparrow
TheGardenofEder TheGardenofEder 01/04/2017 Thank you so much for such a nice selection of fire reds! No DOA and very fast Shipping! They were well packaged and arrived in great shape. No casualties so far. They all look healthy and energetic. Thank you for great shrimp at a great price. I would definitely buy from you again in the future! Thanks! 😊 Sparrow Sparrow
featherblue featherblue 12/31/2016 Thanks so much for your purchase. I hope you enjoy your Yellow Neos! Happy New Year dazalea dazalea
dazalea dazalea 12/31/2016 Good communication. Immediately addressed post office screwup. My shrimp love the mulberry cubes, and the extras were a nice touch. Thanks! Critter Doc Critter Doc
Critter Doc Critter Doc 12/31/2016 Thanks so much for everything, Hope you enjoy! dazalea dazalea
TropicalAquarist TropicalAquarist 12/31/2016 Thank you for being so great! And I hope you enjoy your cubes, snowflake and alder cones! dazalea dazalea
GreenPepper GreenPepper 12/27/2016 The red tigers are beautiful. They were packaged well, but unfortunately first shipment was DOA (probably due to weather). Second shlpment (covered by live arrival guarantee except for shipping) arrived alive and well. obeisa obeisa
zodiac zodiac 12/23/2016 Bought some snowballs and 2 came berried and plenty of extras! Fantastic quality!! ohmiko ohmiko