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    My TB project has also began.....finally, and I am over the moon1 Had a King kong male and bred to variuos CBS and CRS females and have probably around 200 f1 mischlings. I have bred him back to two cbs females and got 6 TB's from one batch and 9 from the other Most are King Kongs and pandas and the 2 Blue bolts some pics of the new gems My King Kong male.....the stud
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    I recently received a 3L bag of the new Prodibio Aqua Shrimp Powder along with the Bacter Kit for the soil and a vial each of Stop Ammo and Biodigest from Erik Lucas at “buypetshrimp.com” to try out. How cool is that? The set up was fast and easy. I decided to use a 10g tank. I ended up with close to 2 inches of substrate. You could easily do 2 10g tanks with 1 3L bag if you chose to. I followed the easy steps in their video for set up. The vials come with a piece of silicone tubing which is used to break them open. Not shown is the "Stop Ammo Start" and "Biodigest Start". I placed the spent vials into a feeding basket and placed that under the outflow of my filter. I figure this is a good way to rinse out any remaining bacteria that's left inside of them. I used RO water and a shrimp re-mineralizer to achieve proper GH levels. I also seeded my tank using a sponge from another established tank. Once my parameters and temps were stable I went ahead and added some shrimp. As I’m typing this my PH levels are still going down slowly. I'll be adding observations as this tank matures. Here are my current parameters PH 5.29 and dropping KH 0 GH 5 TDS 120 Temp 72 Here you can find out more about the soil and the bacter kits http://buypetshrimp.com/shrimp-substrate/
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    Here are some shrimp I have available... Shrimp are juvie size, around 1cm. They will acclimate better then older shrimp! Homebred & Hardy (6.2 PH, 140 TDS) BKK Panda $8 each (ON SALE FOR $6 each right now!) BKK Hino $10 each BKK Mischlings $3.50 each Blue Bolt (sold out) $10 each Shipping is $12 , Includes Stryofoam Liner and Heat Pack when needed, Paypal Only. Thanks!!!
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    Maybe theres hope in my red steel project. Lol
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    So far there hasnt been anything yet but I believe i did create blue steels instead from this project lol.
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    FISSIDENS MIROSHAKI Portion Size- Tied to black rock, 40+ strands Xsmall rock, suited to a shrimp or nano tank - perfect for those collecting moss and keen on rare mosses Healthy, easy to grow. Does not require any special treatment for success, low tech tanks are perfectly fine! However it does grow slow! $22 ea. Price includes USPS FIRST CLASS MAIL Live arrival is Guaranteed!
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    My Bloody Mary colony is taking off... Tonnes of babies, berries & saddles
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    Awesome blues. I did the same 2 years ago. TT with RB coming from WR. No any luck even in F3 .I crossed F1 tangtais female with male RB the same with F2 tangtais. End of last year i did some changes. i crossed F2 and F3 female tangtais with RB BUT coming from German red pintos instead of WR. Got F4 2 months ago. Color variation of the of springs is enormous . Red fancy,black fancy all kind of ghosts, blue bolts with very nice smooth deep color, red and black like a zebra pinto but only 2-3 very tiny white stripes next to the tail. Shrimplets are around 1/4" . Will try to take some pictures this weekend. Hopefully will find time to do it.
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    Han Aquatics is selling various ShrimpLab food. I got a sample of biofilm that had nice granule size and dispersed fairly well into the tank when dropped into filter outflow, compared to other powder foods that tend to stick at the surface. It seems to be working well since in a relatively new tank, I'm seeing pretty much all babies accounted for. My main foods are BorneoWild Bebi and Shield, and various samples from others. It's always difficult to quantify any positive benefit, but curious to hear any experiences with ShrimpLab products (particularly bee pollen, baby, and biofilm). Thanks!
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    Thanks! Sorry I've been lagging on the updates. I got to post some updated pics. lol!! Although this started out as a pinto project It really should have been named taitibee project. I get so many different cool patterns from these guys. More steels than pintos really. I have moved my entire taitibee colony in to a 40 gallon breeder, There has to be about a dozen berried females in there at the moment. I have taken some of my best red steel and best pintos and have them currently have them in separate breeder boxes. Hopefully they'll berry soon.
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    Only $100 for 20 Benibachi Line PRL Grade S-SS - Mix of a few adults and juvies... These are nice healthy shrimp, I need the room I dismantled the tank so would like to find these guys a good home today, ship tomorrow (SATURDAY) Shipping via USPS Priority Mail (included in Price!)
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    34 shrimps tanks only. That is my absolute maximum for the space I have. But 100 that is more than full time job
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    DANG it!!! You just have to say that about her moss "EvaBug1" I'll take one too!!!! I always one those moss anyway! Now I have to squeeze the moss somewhere!
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    I'll take one! Your moss is the best especially the fissidens. Sent from my SM-G935T using Tapatalk
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    Hi everybody! I have been quiet lately as we moved house and life, but wanted to share my new rack. The tanks are 120*45*30cm, divided in 4. The middle tanks will be replaced with the same as on the top and bottom shelve. Top tank is still cycling and I will transfer all the CRS to this one, according to grade, S grade left, SS grade second left, SSS grade second right and TB in right tank Same will happen with the middle tank, as with grading and then golden bees in the right side tank Bottom is Neos, left are culls, second left are dreamy blues, second right are Taiwan Fire reds and normal tigers and then left are blue jelly. I will update as I go along
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    We actually quit carrying them. They were wild caught, and the losses were not acceptable to me from an ethical standpoint even though they were profitable. As a general rule, I'll stop carrying an animal that we don't breed ourselves if the loss rate is more than 3% over the course of a few months or it is threatened in any way in the wild. Several of my employees worked at big-box aquarium stores, and the loss of life in this industry can be pretty astounding. It might sound funny coming from someone that owns an aquatics outlet, but that's a great reason to buy from your fellow forum members/etc when you can, and ask questions about wild caught specimens when you want them.
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    AGREED! He is this months shrimp pimp.....The shrimp and setup are unreal!
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    Sorry for algae covered glass & poor lighting. This is some of the other "accidents" I stumbled on while trying to make the steels. Wanted to try making the Blue Dragons and got this so far (2nd picture) last picture is just reference to what real Dragons look like.
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    I'm what's known by my fellow humankind as being 'older than dirt'. I have also been keeping aquariums since electricity was invented. Well, that's slight exaggeration, but I am from the classical period before regular water changes were found to be beneficial, before Java Fern and Moss were imported. I still have my dog-eared copy of William T. Innes's Exotic Aquarium Fishes and J.J. Hoedeman's A Naturalist's Guide to Freshwater Aquarium Fishes. There's a lot of folklore and good basic aquarium keeping knowledge in those old tomes, also a lot of downright anecdotal goofiness and obsolete knowledge. What strikes me is that there are some old tech items from the past I would think, especially now with the popularity of small and nano aquariums, that would be useful today. My 10 gallon tanks from the 1960's~70's all had Metaframe SlimJim outside box filters that were airpump powered. These little filters were sort of lame in some aspects, fed by a J-tube siphon into glass wool, activated charcoal filter media and were extremely narrow in depth, so not much internal volume. The siphon J-tube would often times get clogged or if the tank water level dropped, lose it's siphon and attempt to empty themselves. The beauty of this is with the air-powered J-tube return, nothing burned up and since the media was exposed to air while the filter did it's job of pumping water out, you didn't kill your denitrifying bacteria colony. Refill tank, clean the J-tube strainer, restart the siphon, boom, nothing bad happened. These new dual sponge filters are pretty great, I'm not knocking these in light of the past tech. But they do take some space in the tank, and if you're wanting a less cluttered interior and (or) aquascaping your tank, the sponge filter just doesn't cut it for visual appeal. The new tiny HOB's like the Azoo Palm 50 are nice, but all require their own 110 volt outlet and they don't always oxygenate as well as an air-powered filter. Some things lost, some things gained.
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    American bred Bloody Marys. Not imported. I bought the original stock from Glass and was super impressed with the quality. These were placed with Joe's stock a while back for new blood. These are one of my favorite red strains of neo. *** I believe I may have 2 or 3 packages and that's all! *** Almost all are juvie to adult. Selling each package (10 shrimp) for 29.50, so they sell fast! (I'm exiting shrimping and need these moved out.) 12.00 insulated priority box and heat pack in the continental US. First pm'ed, first served.
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    Thanks. Looks like you are only one generation away from a lot of red steels babies. I think we have to stay away of introducing more pinto genes to the project. They have dominant genes and we might step back of what we are trying to achieve.
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    I was thinking about using one of the red bolt taitibee that i breed from your red pintos to cross back to see what can come out of the mix. I'm assuming the out come will be similar. BTW nice shrimps
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    a while back I mixed some red pintos with my most red taitibee and I got a lot of different patterns including some f1 red steel. The first pic is f1 red steel. The second pic is the best looking one I have at the moment. I recently got some babies that look like they have potential. The last 2 pics shows what all came from the crossing
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    Ok thanks Mike . I just ordered some from Daz the other day.
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    I love the grow granules, the shrimp go absolutely nuts for them and I just drop some in, no crushing, and they do sink. Usually not fed alone since they tend to get hogged. The algae pads are a huge hit as well, i split them up into little pieces. The putty is my favorite. I like to roll up several teeny balls of it and stick a few in the feeding dish and smash some smaller ones against the glass of the tank sometimes. It kinda melts and disperses through the water and makes a bit of a mess, but not too bad and it helps ensure my shrimplets are getting fed - although that's not a huge concern as I feed powders every day.
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    I use putty grow pad and algae granule with high success and an active response towards the foods Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    CThomas, grats on the new additions. I would signal caution with riccia fluitans. The stuff is a nuisance that will spread with a vengeance. Been down that road, never again.
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    Thanks Chappy! These are high quality and will hold up for a very long time... There is a need for smaller ledges for buce collectors, rare mosses or simply those who want to decorate smaller tanks like shrimp or betta, or nano sized tanks.
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    very nice! I have been working on my own version of a moss ledge and the suction cup attachment part is the key to the whole thing. I bought some ledges from another source and they did not hold up well and thought I can do these myself...now just to find the right suction cups that dont cost a lot(for a suction cup that is)
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    There's 2 Blue Velvets. The light blue one and a darker one. I believe someone made up the name Dream Blue Velvet for the darker blue velvet. Not much people actually have Blue Dream neos. There's a lot of people selling Blue Dreams when really they are just a darker blue velvet. Light Blue Velvet Darker Blue Velvet Blue Dream
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    I only have 11 SCR aka Santa Shrimp left if I counted correctly. Hard to find var. and nice quality. Juvie/young adult. Unsexed. I originally was going to cross with CBS to make a line of Super Blacks, but exiting shrimping. Parameters are just regular CRS params. A said, if I counted correctly, I have: Fulls are $25 ea (Means just white on head/tail).......... I have 5. 1-Stripes are $20 ea (Means in addition to white on head/tail, 1 white stripe on back).......... I have 3. 2-Stripes are $15 ea (Means in addition to white on head/tail, 2 white stripes on back).......... I have 3. Gone! Priority insulated shipping + heat pack in continental US is $12
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    Whatever you do, stay away from duckweed! You will never be able to get rid of it.
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    naw I just love watching them after work. I work for the us gov 12-16 hrs a shift and its 50/50 days and night + they can make you come in on your days off for 8 hrs so what time I do get off its spent with the kids wife and shrimp or hiking the smoky mountains
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    Never Heard of anyone losing shrimp to Bacter AE, SHAMEDIC was using way way too much for a 40 gallon and using that amount every other day can for sure kill shrimp due to bad water quality, I feed different powders but always use a very tiny amount, Some powders are high in protein and can cause bad water quality if not properly fed.
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    i got a few cherry shrimp and guppies over here in my office tank. Tried my first planted tank ever and faillleddddd....... there is wayyy too much green going on in there and it is an infestation. Whoever is local to City of Industry, CA come on by and give these guys a nice home!. heres a picture of what im working with.. such a headache. I know there are solutions to fixing this while keeping the shrimp and fish in there, but i honestly just prefer to empty it and start all over. let me know guys! -T
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    Hey guys you can call me T ive been keeping fish for a lil over a decade or so now, Started on the forum Monster Fish Keepers if you guys are familiar with that website. Anyways, basically i am a complete NOOB when it comes to shrimp. From what i know is what i see on Youtube "LupDiesal" is very informative along with Mark haha. Soo im here to learn a bit from you guys and check out all the cool stuff this community has. I currently just got 10 CBS about 3 days ago and been staring heavily!!!! and any members around the socal area?
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    SUPER CRYSTAL RED SHRIMP - SCRS - Home Bred! COMING SOON- These Spectacular SCRS are the first Hobbyist/Home Bred SCRS to be offered for sale in the USA (to my current knowledge)! I am offering Low Grade & Mid Grade Shrimp. They are juvie size. Picture shows low and mid grades. Parameters- 130TDS, 6.2 PH. Same care as your Taiwan Bees. These do not breed true for pattern or grade so you can definitely produce high grade shrimp lower grades, and also produce low grade shrimp using high grades...
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    Funny phenomenon A halfsider from my black/blue Taiwan tank.
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    I will post a pic soon , they are standard black panda...
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    Already shared this pic but thought the new text was worth reposting Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Selling a few fancy tigers from one of my breeding tanks. Sizes will range from 1/4" and up. Mostly peewees and juvies. This tank is pretty consistent breeding wise with 95% showing up with white on the back. $4 each, limited quantities available. Shipping Priority is $12 for styro lined box and breather bag. I only ship on Saturdays so please keep that in mind when ordering. Please message me here or email me at kalnight@aol.com
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    Chillin... Green on Green....
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    Pinto x TB works depending on the TB you use. Wine Reds, BKK, or Shadow King Kongs make for lowest possible outcome of pintos. For max number of Pintos use Black Pinto x BB or Red Pinto x Red Bolt. Tested this with 5 Wine Red females with 1 male Red Pinto and 5 Shadow females with 1 Black Pinto. Results were 5% Pintos at best, but using the other combination I mentioned I got 60-70% Pintos.