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    As some might now, I do love my planted tanks also and haven't had one in over a year so decided to set one up again.Its a 60*45*45 starfire I had some time this afternoon so decided to start with the scape I had in mind.I will still tweek here and there till im happy before I start plantingJust some pictures of how everything started [/URL] I will update as I go along
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    I'm planning on breeding these guys back with their mother. I really want to see the blue color pop with these guys.This is a pic of the mother I used.
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    When they are trashed on the outside and your ready to clean it put a ziplock or sandwich bag over it before removing. The trash stays in the bag and doesn't scatter back into the tank.
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    I really like the little red guy with the 5 point star pattern "Rockstar". This little guy is one month old. Not a bad size for one month. I have been feeding this tank Double Speed sparingly since Oct. along with other foods. These shrimp are definitely growing faster than my other pintos.
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    This must be the most interesting journal ever written. I am just amazed with all your projects.
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    Hey guys! It's been quite a while since I've posted, but I would like to share this article that I wrote tonight (and Eric was kind enough to let me deliver my information on his nice blog ) about the parasite many refer to as the "green fungus". It has my research and analysis along with a DIY cure and process. https://www.discobee.com/blogs/news/the-dreaded-green-fungus-ellobiopsidae-neocaridina-shrimp-parasite-and-how-to-cure-it
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    I have a project I've been thinking about since I got into aquariums and no one I know cares, so I thought I would share my ideas and plans for this with other shrimp enthusiasts. I've been granted access, wife said so, to a corner near the entry way of my house to build this thing and I'm doing it! Wish me luck... My wife and kid are visiting family in China for a month this summer and to occupy myself in their absence I plan on building a big bad ass automated aquarium cabinet to replace the cheap tacky 2x4 rack I use currently. I am a cabinetmaker by trade, an electrical engineer by education and computer programmer by hobby so this shouldn't be too difficult for me (hahahahahaha), but it will take a lot of time planning/building and probably won't be cheap. I will be using cabinet grade materials for this and finishing it just like I would for a client. It will look nice, per requirements of my wife. So far I've come up with a rough layout of my design for the cabinet (pic attached) and haven't starting designing the electronic control circuits yet. I've been wanting to build an "automated" aquarium for quite a long time and have slowly acquired more than enough components to make this work. I would like to eventually plumb it into my water system and make it fully automated, but for now water changes will still be a thing. It will have two reservoirs for RODI water and waste water until I decide to tear open walls and run supply and drain lines into it. My plan is to have a touch screen LCD display water parameters, control lighting, display messages, and basically control any other function I think of building into the system. It will be connected to my wireless network, send text messages in the event of catastrophic failures (electrical, leakage, structural, etc.) and reminders to empty or fill reservoirs. The feeding of shrimp and cleaning of the front glass will be automated as will the maintenance of user set water parameters. PH will be controlled automatically by a Co2 system with a custom PH feedback controller, GH and TDS will be controlled automatically by adding calculated amounts of RODI water or a concentrated solution of mineralizer, temp is controlled by inline water heaters and a DIY chiller, the doors will have electronic locks so my two year old doesn't get into my shit, and the whole thing will be connected to my wireless network and have a custom blue tooth app so I can have mood lighting with the RGB LED strips I'm not really concerned with monitoring KH, Ammonia, Nitrates, or Nitrites as those have never been an issue with a fully cycled filter, but could add it in the future when a cheap hackable sensor hits the market. The whole system will consist of three 20 gallon longs as display tanks and two "breeder drawers" I designed to maximize space in breeding projects. Tanks will be drilled and plumbed together for a single 70-80 gallon volume of water. WTF is a breeder drawer? I'm not quite sure yet, but I was staring at my wall of little storage bins I keep my electronic components in and thought, "what if I could build a similar setup to breed shrimp and separate traits, lines, and generations without having to maintain a billion tanks, that would be cool?." So, I designed a thing to house many tiny tanks in one unit all connected together with lots of tubes and valves and the breeder drawer was alive, patent pending. Each unit would house around 40 partitions in a cubic foot of space, only question is how much space does a shrimp need to chill out and breed? I'm building a smaller prototype to test this idea, if it doesn't work or is a pain I will find another use for the two spaces in my cabinet. That is all for now, I know I forgot some stuff but it's late and I've written enough to include a TLDR... TLDR Guy wants to build an over complicated aquarium setup so he can merge all his passions into one and have a glorious shrimp rack that is controlled by artificial intelligence, bought and paid for by the Chinese government. Rough cabinet design. It will look real nice, I promise. Very rough breeder drawer design. It's much cooler in my head, I swear.
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    2+ years Bloody Mary project. Steel project pics of 2 of my females
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    It seems they are mostly looking at maturation and breeding. It's true that the higher the temperature the faster they grow, and berries hatch. The reason we choose to keep the shrimp at lower temperatures is they don't die as quickly and bacterial infections are kept to a minimum.
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    Hey Shrimpspot Friends! I made my first youtube video where I commentate and give advice. Please go easy on me, this was challenging lol!
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    Item: You are bidding on (10) Orange/Red Bolt Taiwan Bee Shrimp ● Closing Date/Time: April 01, 2017 at 12:00pm EST ● Gender: Mixed ● Size: Sub-Adult- *Pattern May Vary ● Parameters: PH 6.2, TDS 135-140, GH 5, KH 0, Temp 72-74F ● Starting Bid: $30.00 ● Minimum Bid Increment: $1.00 ● Shipping: $12.00 USPS Priority or $40.00 USPS Express ● DOA Policy: DOA Claim will only be valid if the following conditions are met- Must physically receive shrimp within two hours of delivery confirmation. Within the two hours of delivery confirmation send a clear digital picture of dead shrimp inside the untampered LongLife bag next to my shipping label. Must receive package on first delivery attempt. *Shipping price is non-refundable **I only ship within the Continental US ***I am not responsible for USPS delays and/or mishandling Younger Older
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    Dinner in an interesting tank.
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    Hi, maybe the wrong place but I want to give praise to Plamski the seller on hear ! I ordered about 20 PRL shrimp and he sent me 5 extra all beautiful, food, the packaging was one smaller USPS box styro in another larger box with styro, great shipping just a great experience thank you again plamski great seller !
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    If the otto has food, good water and feels safe then it should be happy even though it isnt very active. When I'm being a couch potato eating pizza and watching TV, Im pretty happy.
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    I tried some of those cheap tube extensions from evilbay and they were crap. They barely stay on the camera. Here's a few more shots of some of my critters
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    I have entered the world o shrimping! Got some RCS yesterday and wanted to post some pics. Acclimated 'em for 7 hours due to them being in PH 6.6 vs my 7.6 and TDS of 407 vs my 227. Thanks to you all on this forum I knew what the heck osmotic shock was. Some of the pics are lighter and some darker due to me playing around with exposure. As you can tell, they have never seen a camera before. I caught one of them scratching its head in wonderment.
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    Super redz Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    LOL OMG took me a second to understand that! heheheh Sam packed the box properly. Maybe ask Sam to mark as Hold for PICKUP at po next time.. That may help Good to document all these things. People can see its not always perfection. Sometimes Fecal Matter happens (in the words of theglassbox)
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    I have one male shrimp like this. How would I go about trying to make more? Breed it with a black tiger orange eye or a red tiger?
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    So, I discussed this in a previous post. I am also not an "expert", but I do think I can explain relatively easily. There are two ways that you can get different looking animals. 1) Point mutation 2) Selective breeding The simplest example of a point mutation is bee shrimp. Most bee shrimp have black coloration. Wild shrimp seem to have all kinds of variation, but it is typically a black color. A single gene "flipped" in a domestic breeding program and produced red instead of black. This gene might have existed already or it might have been a wholly new gene. It doesn't really matter. The important thing is that this is a single gene. It follows the traditional dominant/recessive trait Punnett squares you learned in grade school. Selective breeding is different. Cherry shrimp really have all of the colors already present in their shells. We are breeding them for stronger coloration and for that coloration to be more dominant in a particular area of the spectrum. Red/Brown is easiest and therefore first because that is the natural coloration. However, you can selectively breed out blue/yellow/green/etc by putting selective pressure on them for a long enough period of time. This is very similar to breeding a small dog breed or a large dog breed. What is really happening is that you may have a dozen different genes all selecting for the same thing. 10 genes might be working together to make that shell red. Some of the shrimp have 8 of the genes. Some have 4. Some have all 10. That is also why they tend to drift back to "not as red" if given a chance. Now, as far as mixing them in a tank. When people mix bee shrimp in a tank, there is a bit of a concern about inherited genetics. However, generally "what you see is what you get" can be applied. At least after a few generations. In fact, several breeders will breed back in other strains to make their stock more hardy and then just cull out the ones that dont inherit the traits they want. Cherry shrimp are different. Imagine having a puppy farm. You have a dozen great danes and a dozen sheep dogs. You let them all mix for a generation. Some of those puppies are going to look pretty neat. Some are going to look more like sheep dogs and some more like great danes. However, after the 2nd generation, you are going to have one hell of a time getting a "great dane" that breeds true out of your farm. All of the puppies are going to be mutts. They are all going to breed in different sizes, coats, etc. After about 3 generations? They are going to look like mutts. They are going to have so many different genes competing that offset each other. 2 genes for big body and 2 genes for small body. They will offset and you will just get a medium sized dog. Even if the dog does wind up being bigger or smaller, it will have a lot of extra genes floating around that push it hard away from breeding "true".
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    New shrimper grab-bag!! Most of this stuff has been used but there is plenty left, except for food and the GH+ which is new API test kits: Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate, pH, GH, KH Shirakura food + some samples Tantora Amaranth leaves Mini Oxydator (no Hydrogen peroxide included) Salty Shrimp Bee Shrimp GH+ Danner air pump & airline Corner sponge filter Petri dishes $25 shipped! Taken!!
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    What's the chance anyone keeps these guys, eh? I mean they apparently are easy to feed...[/img] And they don't really require much water.? What could possibly go wrong?
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    Hey guys I'm doing a little spring cleaning and I need to make room for some other projects. I will update this post as I go thru my things and start tackling this shrimp room cleaning. Shipping $6 Fist package package: 20+ leaves roughly 50/50 mix of Oak & Catappa , handful of Catappa Bark, & Alder Cones. $20
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    So this is kind of "ratchet", but https://www.amazon.com/ZeroWater-ZD-013-8-Cup-Pitcher/dp/B001CUMLOK This works like a Brita, and I've been using it as my RO machine since my old one broke. It actually works, and brings TDS to 0; only problem is the wait. I bought the filter only for like 25 dollars and been using it for my shrimps. If you're looking for the real deal, I'd go recommend the same as dazalea (purewaterclub)
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    I have grown to trust MK 's products... Im gonna stick with him
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    I have a few of these packages available. I have alot of healthy Mischlings ready to go. They are BKK Mischlings, with BKK genes that range from Blue Bolt, Extreme Blue Bolt, Panda, Extreme BKK, Shadow Panda... 10 Mischlings + 2 Taiwan bees for $50 shipped! If you want to add more Mischlings, you can add them for $3 each. Add extra taiwan bees for $6.50 each. The two taiwan bees will be your choice - choose from - Blue Bolts, Pandas, BKK Stripe All shrimp are Juvie size, best for shipping and your long term success! Thanks!
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    No pizza delivery?! I would contact the mayor or get a petition started lol.
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    Up here in Mn they use minivans. Temp controlled but only when driving. Those things are all windows with no tint. (I drive a passenger van for work with no tint on the windows and it gets hot inside after a bit on a less than 60 degree day.) Usps guy/gal parks every block, driving up to the corner and grabbing the stuff they need at each block so they barely get temp regulated. If they do the same down there, that could have been what happened. Glad to see your situation is being resolved though. Thanks for the vids as well, very enjoyable! Especially as a new shrimper.
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    2 week old f3 batch. Looks like I'm getting closer or I got it right this time.
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    Like I told Aaron, it breaks my heart to see all of them arrive DOA after months of breeding them and growing them out, but like @TheGlassBox said once we hand it off to USPS, nothing we can do. I stand by my Live Arrival Guarantee, no matter WHAT happens, and I will do everything so my customers receive live and healthy shrimp, so I will be re-shipping as soon as I get my cold packs! Sam -Katz Aquatics-
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    I'm sorry. I know it's disappointing to get an order DOA. But once it leaves the sellers hands, it's up to the "USPS Gods" to get it there okay... Somehow the package got stressed in transit, obviously, or the water wouldn't be warm... These things do happen. But don't worry, Sam is a great guy (!!!!!) and he'll make it right for you!
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    10+2 BLOODY MARYS (HOMEBRED, JUVIES) These are healthy homebred Bloody Mary Shrimp. 10+2 for $50 USPS Shipping $10
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    Pics of this gal Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using Tapatalk
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    Hi everyone! I'm here to offer you guys some high quality shrimp food for great prices! This food is amazing quality by the brand Ebi No Seicho. It is a French brand and has shown great improvement in health, color, and breeding to all tanks it is fed to! There are a variety of different food that will fit all your needs. You can find all of these foods at their official US distributor, Elevateshrimp.com however we are offering a special forum only deal The current deal: (New deals every month!) Spend $20 and get one 2oz container of Staple Gold free! spend 35 and get a 4oz! Also, all food is going to be 15% off the website price until the end of April![/B] SPECIAL OFFER! I have been given TWO sponge filter bio-film reactors from elevateshrimp.com! They are great for shrimp tanks, just stick em on top of your sponge filter and the bio media inside tumbles and releases biofilm into the tank! These are first come first serve! We are giving them away to people who spend atleast $70! Shipping to Continental US only for the time being! Shipping will priority mail and will be calculated based on distance. Orders over $50 will receive free shipping! Food and prices:(Description and pictures down below) ----------------------------Regular Price---------Forum only Price-------------------------------------------------------- Ebi No Seicho Ebi Crispz:-----------------------$12-------------------$10.20 Ebi One: **Best Seller!!**------$12-------------------$10.20 Shrimp Bead:--------------------$10-------------------$8.50 Shrimp Boost:-------------------$12-------------------$10.20 Shrimp Color (powder):---------$10-------------------$8.50 Soft Mix:------------------------$11-------------------$9.35 Meat Pad:-----------------------$12-------------------$10.20 Limited Edition:-----------------$12-------------------$10.20 Regular Mix:--------------------$11-------------------$9.35 Fulvique Tonique:---------------$10-------------------$8.50 Water Flake: 80g-----------------------------$18-------------------$15 150g----------------------------$29-------------------$25 Elevate Shrimp Brand Food (extra 15% off on these!) ----------------------------Regular Price---------Forum only Price------------------------------------------------------- Staple Gold: Sample: ------------------------$2-------------------Free with Any purchase over $20 (just ask) 1 oz.----------------------------$3.50-----------------$2.10 2 oz.----------------------------$6---------------------$4.20 4 oz.----------------------------$11-------------------$7.70 6 oz.----------------------------$19-------------------$13.30 Super Flakes 12g:----------------------------$7--------------------$4.90 25g:----------------------------$12-------------------$8.40 Pictures and Description! Ebi Crispz Good protein content with a mix of green vegetables Increases growth and colors The ideal mix for your shrimps for balanced nutrition Feed approximately 2-3 Ebi Crispz granules for every 15 shrimp, or ideally a similar size portion of various sized Crispz. Ingredients: Salmon meal, wheat gluten, krill, spinach, green cabbages, krill meal, amino acids (lysine and threonine), seaweeds, minerals, salmon oil, vitamin, rosemary extract. Protein 44.0%, fat 5.5%, fiber 6.6%, ash 5.8%, humidity 6.0% My shrimp go CRAZY over Ebi Crispz. One of my favorite foods to feed Ebi One Growth boosting protein formation prepared into small light chips. feed one chip every 2 days for approximately 15 shrimps Ingredients: fish meal, cornstarch, yeast, spirulina, shrimp meal Protein 60.6%, fat 9.8%, fiber 2.0%, ash 10.4%, humidity 8.0% Probably second favorite to my shrimp, theres a high amount of protein in it Shrimp Bead a Powdered food designed for young and developing adults. Rich in vitamins, minerals, and protein. Increases growth and colors. The high iodine content has a positive effect on metabolism, promotes digestion. A pinch every 2 days for 10 shrimp Ingredients: Fresh algae (ascophyllum nodosum), 100% natural without additives Amazing for large and small shrimp alike. powdered but a bit larger grain Shrimp Boost Increases the survival rate of juvenile and very young shrimp due to the protein rich composition. Shrimp Boost sticks slowly break down into a coarse powder once submerged and will feed many young shrimp without the stress of competing with larger mature shrimp as they all search for morsels of food. 2 mini sticks for 10 shrimp every 2 days. (best used as a supplement with shrimp basic). Ingredients: Fish meal, corn starch, yeast, sprirulina, shrimp meal. Protein 58.8%, fat 9.1%, fiber 2.0%, ash 14.6%, humidity 6% Feeding dish is suggested, dont want the powder breaking up and sinking into your substrate! Soft Mix 100% natural vegetarian pellet formation for daily feeding. Every ingredient in Soft Mix has a beneficial effect to your shrimps and will help their digestion, molting process, along with improving their immunity against parasitic diseases. Feed 1 stick for every 15 shrimp, break into pieces first Ingredients: Nettles, dandelion, spinach, echinacea, plantain A good soft food, more easily accepted by shrimp Meat Pad Food designed for young and developing adults. Possibility of reducing to powder. Good amount of protein for healthy growth. Feed 1/2 pad per 15 shrimps Ingredients: Fish, cereals, yeasts, plants, seaweed. Turns very powder! feeding dish highly suggested. shrimp go MAD for it no matter what, theyll grab on while its still sinking! Limited Edition Ebi No Seicho's Limited edition food contains a mix of proteins and amino acids to provide your shrimp with a powerhouse of nutrition. Supplementing this into your shrimp's diet will make your juvenile shrimp grow quick and healthy. 1 stick for 15 shrimp, break into pieces before feeding. Ingredients: Animal protein, amino acids, minerals, vitamins Protein 59.3%, fat 10.9%, fiber 2.4%, ash 9.2%, humidity 6% Havent used this food as much as the others, but my shrimp seem to like it! Regular Mix 100% natural vegetarian pellet formation for daily feeding. Every ingredient in Regular Mix has a beneficial effect to your shrimps and will help their digestion, molting process, along with improving their immunity against parasitic diseases. 1 stick for 15 shrimp, break into pieces before feeding. Ingredients: Nettles, walnut leaves, spinach, seaweed, lucerne, red paprika, and echinacea Part of my weekly feeding routine, another of my tank favorites Fulvique Tonique great if you want to add more tannins to the water. helps the shrimp's immune system as well and acts as an antibacterial against bacterial infections. 1/2 a spoon (provided) for every 30 liters of water. great to add around water change time I usually add in a bit during water changes **No pictures of this one at the moment! each bag is 30g** Water Flake High in amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Smaller sized vs snowflakes, Designed specifically for shrimp not repackaged cattle feed! 1/2 a flake for every 10 shrimp, uneaten food is ok to leave in tank for up to 5 days! Ingredients: soybean husks Protein 13.0%, fat 6.6%, fiber 28.0%, ash 5.0%, humidity 8.5% I love this food, instead of snowflakes i usually toss a bunch of this in my tanks every few days Staple Gold This food is the ideal food for feeding large colonies, especially juvenile sized shrimp. caridina, neocaridina and sulawesi shrimp go crazy to get a piece of this food. Staple Gold provides a quickly consumed source of protein that is essential for fast and healthy growth. The size and lightweight composition allow for mature and juvenile shrimp alike to pick up a piece and carry it away to be eaten safely in a low stress environment. Feed 1 pellet for every 2-3 shrimp. It is recommend that you do not overfeed your shrimp. Feeding more than 3x per day is unnecessary for the regular shrimp hobbyist. crude protein: 40%, crude fats 2.8%, crude fiber: 3%, ash 9% AMAZING FOOD. i toss a bit in with every meal, my shrimp go crazy and its the perfect serving size for shrimp to pick one up and run with it SAMPLE SIZE Super Flakes Super Flakes are 100% natural and GMO free dehydrated vegetable, similar but more nutritious than the common "snowflake" soy bean hull based pellets. Unlike snowflake pellets, Super Flakes contain unprocessed fibers which are important for a shrimps digestive tract and in addition Super Flakes are extremely rich in vitamin A, C, B2, B1, folate and vegetable protein. This food is also full of anti-oxidants and flavonoids which are extremely beneficial to shrimp immunity and fertility. Remove uneaten/discarded shells after a few days and try and limit the feeding to 1 large Flake per ~10 shrimp to gauge your shrimp colonies hunger. Another one of the reasons why i no longer use snowflakes! shrimp go crazy for this, just dont forget to remove the uneaten husks!
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    http://www.ebay.com/itm/252047550812?_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT Don’t buy those ceramic shelters for your shrimp tank. They are not safe! I tested 3 of them in 5gal bucked with RO water. In 48h TDS went from 2 to 165ppm.
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    @TheGlassBox Thanks for sharing your experiences! Hey, no need to call it a shameless plug. I asked! Do you sell PRL's? They've been in the list as well just because of their relationship with CRS.
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    Bloody Mary's are Neos, so they're not so picky as Caridinias. I've kept them in 2 different situations. 1) In a high-tech heavily planted aquarium with lowly pool sand, but CO2 injection with a ph controler; both liquid nutes, and home made root tabs made with gel caps and the powdered version of the nutes for root feeders. It's a community aquarium with 1 male betta named Boo, who's too lazy to chase and bother anybody, cardinal tetras, threadfin rainbows, Spotted Blue Eyes (Pseudomugil Gertrudae ARU II), Panda Cories and Ottos. It's my 'Small Schooler" Tank. And despite all the fish, they still bred like rabbits because it's so heavily planted with so many hiding places for the babies... 2) In a low tech shrimp tank. Shrimp only, lowly pool sand, sponge filter with various mosses, java fern and some water sprite. No special lighting or anything fancy, although it is situated next to (but not in front of) a north facing window. So it gets a little, but low light. Enough to keep the water sprite alive.... Both tanks have my well water KH = 5.5, GH = 6. Ph = 7.4 out of the tap and ~8.0 after off gassing. The high tech tank stays at a constant pH 6.9 because of the pH controller and the CO2. TDS ~150. They breed like rabbits in both situations.... And although they're more prolific than Caridinas, you may have to do more culling than with Caridinias. But if you you cull heavily in the beginning, you'll have to cull less later on... In short, Neos are hardy! There's no need for fancy and $$ shrimp sand and additives. But, if you have a tank with all the fancy and $$ stuff, they'll also do just fine in that! You can't get more adaptable than Neos... Now my PRLs are an entirely different story.... They are picky indeed! ADA Amazonia soil and the whole shebang.... But I love them. And (shameless plug, I do sell Bloody Marys)....
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    It's best to feed a variety of food. If you feed the same food every time, there's a chance they'll start ignoring the food.
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    That would go well with where we are both located: Peach State Shrimp
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    Probably overkill, but I've boiled lava stones before, with no explosions/fatalities.
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    Done cycle! Thanks everyone for the great advice![emoji6] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Your cat is an awesome co-host what kind is it?
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    to be exact, it's a BKK with pinto genes. at the end of experiment, no life got hurt and it was put back in the tank and it's swimming happily now. I can't help, cuz i'm a scientist, I need to do experiment to support myself. . hahaha...
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    WIP Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I don't think rust harms shrimp. It's just unsightly.
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    Right now keep breeding them. Soon you'll have around 100. From those 100 in tank A, select the best 10 for your trait and move those that don't match your criteria over to tank B. Your "cull" tank. Breed those in tank A some more, and then select again. It can literally be that simple. It can get lots more complicated, but especially in the beginning- keep the fun in it! Welcome to my side of the world!