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    Post Your Shrimp Pics

    I received these guys a few months ago as "cheetahs". They were home bred but, appear to be some wild type of shrimp. They look similar to a type of breviata which is pictured on page 82 in "Wildshrimp China Special" magazine. However, this one has a longer rostrum than the one pictured in the book.
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    Water changes???

    No, but doing water changes improperly will. Shrimp don't like quick changes in water parameters, especially most Caridina, so as hardy as shrimp are there some things that can upset them rather quickly. When you're changing water it's best to do 10-15% water changes, match the parameters as closely as you can (Temp, pH, GH, KH, TDS) & drip the water in. It's also been explained to me by a very successful breeder here in the U.S. another way. I'm paraphrasing here... ...Shrimp NEED water changes to stay strong and healthy. When you first get your shrimp start out slowly changing out 5-8% of your water every week or two. Your shrimp are weak and not at their best at this point, you need to be careful with them and not change your parameters too quickly because they are so weak during this time. Gradually up the frequency and the volume of your water changes. As you do this your shrimp will become stronger & healthier, you can then continue to up the frequency and volume of your water changes (still trying to match the parameters as closely as you can). Over time your shrimp will become healthier, stronger & more adaptable to changes in water parameters. More like Viking Shrimp!
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    Shrimp for Sale

    Stardust Sold Out Pinto x Aura hybrid culls 10 for $65. Red Steel (Nico Reisch line) $35. each Taitibee 10 for $70. (These contain steel/galaxy genes and can produce a small percentage of them) Please see my journal about them. Shipping is $12.00 USPS priority Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Blue Ramshorn Snail

    Depends. They breed based on how much food they consume. If you have a lot of food and waste in the tank, they can breed like crazy. Most people say, as long as you're able to control how much food you fed your shrimps, their breeding should be ok
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    7.5G Bee Tank

    -Gotta grab some DI water tmr, gonna fill the tank a little above substrate to start the cycle atleast. -Hopefully by the time the tank is cycled the cube has exploded with juvies already. Not sure what variation I'll get but im looking forward to it. -Has anyone also seen ellen wang ...uhh is it a zebra bb? Looks so beautifully amazing. Not sure how he crossed it but its definitely unique.Will post a pic at the end. Also, please remove his picture if its not allowed to be shown. Thank You. -some of them came out for feeding. they really like @Jamisondaniel33 home made food. Really recommend ya try his product, its no joke.
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    Snail/worm HELP

    Gotcha. It appears that both dog dewormers and No Planaria will work fairly well. No Planaria gives you an exact dosage and the assurance that it was made specifically for eliminating pests in the aquarium. It also seems to come in larger quantities compared to dog dewormers you can get online, so I assume it'd work well if you have a lot of infected tanks or if you'd like to have the treatment on hand in the future. Dog dewormers tend to come in smaller quantities (mine came in 2 10mg packets), but you'd have to do a little research into the dosage. This is all from the research I had done so I can't say for sure as I've only dosed dog dewormer once in those 4 tanks. It'd be interesting to do an experiment in the future comparing dog dewormers and No Planaria to see their effectiveness and how they affect the shrimp. Maybe when I have enough tanks I'll look into that! Thanks for your input!
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    Snail/worm HELP

    @NickAus I'm curious to know why you advise not to use dog dewormer. I'm not trying to judge or anything like that, but I like to do as much research as possible in shrimp keeping and if I can get more opinions and hear more experiences, I believe I can be a better breeder and provide better information to those who ask for help. I especially like to learn as much as I can about diseases, parasites, treatments, etc. because when you notice something like that happening in your tank you have to act fast and knowing as much as possible beforehand will help me to act quickly and hopefully save more shrimp (or maybe it's the vet in me wanting to treat my shrimp lol).
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    Snail/worm HELP

    I've used Fenbendazole to treat a hydra outbreak I had in several of my tanks. I used it on 4 different tanks with tangerine tigers, taiwan bees (BKK, RKK, blue bolts), red fancy tigers and aura blue tigers and noticed no negative side effects, at least with the shrimp. Like No Planaria, the Fenbendazole may kill snails if the dose is high enough, but I only noticed snail deaths in 1 of the treated tanks. I talked to Rob from Flip Aquatics about dosage as he said he uses it whenever he imports shrimp, and his imports include tens of thousands of shrimp each import. He also said in his experience it's almost impossible to overdose to the point where it'll kill the shrimp, but he recommended 0.1g/10 gallons. The hydra went away in less than a week. I'm studying to be a veterinarian and I've seen lots of people use dog medication for aquarium use with high success. I believe it's because the worms and parasites in our tanks are biologically and physiologically similar to those found in dogs. But as Gotcha said, there's no 1 method to keeping and breeding shrimp successfully. My motto for shrimp keeping is "if it ain't broke, don't fix it".
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    7.5G Bee Tank

    Way cheaper to build them!!! I'll post some links when I get to a pc.
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    Happy Easter Everyone!
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    Theres a shrimp pimp party here. Notice the two smart ones on the right who took a chunk and ran away in the distance while chaos erupts.
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    DETAquarium Shrimp for Sale!

    Hey im interested in some of your shrimp?
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    Joe's AQUA April Pre-sale: Deadline for Pre-sale deal is Apr. 20th midnight. Free Fedex Overnight shipping for orders over $120 Now, we can ship to CANADA via overnight shipping and shipping cost is only $45 or package deal plus extra$10 Advance Shrimp from 泰誠 1. Red Galaxy Pinto cull (unsexed juvi) $10 ea 3. Red Galactic Tiger juvi from $500 4. Red Galactic Tiger Gene Female (carried galaxy tiger gene) $120 5. Red galactic tiger Gene unsexed juvi $80 ea (carried galaxy tiger gene) 6. Red Galaxy Pinto unsexed juvi $60 ea Specials 1. Golden Dragon (calceo bee) $15 ea (regular customer only) / 8 pcs $150 overnight shipped (limited Qty, regular customer $120 shipped) 2. Red Fancy Tiger contest Grade Pair $280 (regular customer $250) 3. Red Galaxy Pinto / Low Grade $25 / Mid $40 ea 4. Black Galaxy Pinto / Low $15 ea/ Mid $25 ea / High $35 ea / culls $ 8 ea 5. Black Fishbone Galaxy Pinto / Low $25 ea/ Mid $35 ea / High $50 ea / culls $15 ea 6. OE BKK extreme $35 ea 7. OE Wine Red Extreme $50 ea / culls $20 ea 8. OE Red Tiger $20 ea 9. Red Fancy Tiger A Grade $15 ea / S grade $40 ea / SS 10. OEBT $15 ea (limited Qty) Packages Deal for Caridina (free Fedex Overnight Shipping) - 20 pcs BKK Panda: $110 (to CANADA $130) - 20 pcs Wine Red RKK Mixed $110 (to CANADA $120) - 35 pcs S-SS Grade CRS $110 (to CANADA $120) - 11 pcs Wine Red Mosura $130 (to CANADA $140) - 20 pcs Black Belly Pinto $110 (to CANADA $120) - 9 pcs Black Zebra Pinto $110 (to CANADA $120) - 10 pcs Red Belly Pinto $120 (to CANADA $130) - 10 pcs Red Zebra Pinto $190 (to CANADA $200) - 13 pcs E3 PRL $110 (to CANADA $120) - 10 pcs Nemo Bee $120 (to CANADA $130) - 40 pcs Tangerine Tiger $100 (to CANADA $110) Package Deal for Neos (free Fedex Overnight Shipping) - 35 pcs Bloody Mary $110 (to CANADA $120) - 35 pcs Yellow Golden Backline $110 (to CANADA $120) - 30 pcs Fire Red $75 (to CANADA $85) - 30 pcs C-SKY Blue Dream $110 (to CANADA $120) - 35 pcs Blue Velvet $100 (to CANADA $110) - 40 pcs Orange $80 (to CANADA $110) - 35 pcs Black Rose $110 (to CANADA $120) - 30 pcs Painted Fire Red $90 (to CANADA $100) Food - Joe's Aqua Shrimp Food 80g $12.5 shipped - 100g SnowFlake $10 shipped Shipping Cost: 1. Fedex Overnight for CA $25 (CA only ) 2..Fedex Overnight $35 4. USPS Prioity (only for Hawaii and Guam) $25
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    Genetics Question

    Question for the forum. I've got this absolutely gorgeous BKK with a green backstripe. Bought her as a BKK extreme and the stripe slowly appeared as she got older. Is this indicative of some mixed genes? A simple mutation? She also just had her first batch of babies with what looks like some interesting patterns so I'm guessing she's not just pure BKK. Let me know what you guys and gals think.
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    Hello from new york

    Welcome to the forums!
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    Easter Sales!

    Happy Easter everyone to celebrate here's a couple package sales! 10 Red Cherry culls $28 shipped 20 Wild Neos $35 shipped 10 Red Cherrys $35 shipped 20 Opae Ula $50 shipped 10 CRS/Michilings $50 shipped 10 Yellow King Kongs $45 shipped 20 Yellow King Kongs $75 shipped 10 Tangerine Tigers $50 shipped 10 Tangtai $60 shipped 10 Auaratai $90 shipped 10 Tibee red and blk $80 shipped 10 Tibee Oebt x CBS x Ghost Bee $70 shipped 10 Rkk x Tangtai $100 shipped 10 Rkk with backline genes $120 shipped 10 safari x dancing men x nanshi red/blk mixed low grade $250 shipped 10 safari x dancing men x nanshi red/blk medium grade $350 shipped
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    This is how I decorate mine using bonsai driftwood, share yours
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    Advice on tibee taiwans.

    Hi Nicapa, To answer a couple of your questions if you breed a TB to crs/cbs you will get mischlings. Now if you take the female mischlings and breed them back to a TB you will get upto 50% TB and the say 50% more michlings F2. say you breed the F2 mischling females back again to TB males you will get a higher. % of TBs, yet again you will get mischlings F3. If you keep on doing this for the next couple of generations....female mischlings with TB males you will get a even higer % TBs in say F6. now the mischlings will look either like crs/cbs, but you will get more cbs as black is the dominent gene. if you breed pintos to TBs, the same will happen as breeding TBs to crs/cbs as in you will get normal rkk, bkk, blue bolts, but they carry the pinto gene. If you cross them back to pinto, you will start seeing some pinto babies in the next generations maybe try and get diffirent grades and pattern of TBs, like, red panda, rkk, extreme and with black as you will get more varried patterns from TBs I have 2 only pinto tanks, red and black pintos and the black pintos throw around 30% blue bolt babies and the red pintos throw around 30% rkk babies. i dont think they will ever breed 100% true. Maybe I am wrong, but this is what I have found in my tanks i seperate the pinto mischlings aka TBs with pinto genes with cull pinto males.....I still need to see what comes of this for them to breed, but the female TBs should throw out more pintos and then also TB mischlings hope I have answered some of your questions
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    Which PRL Lineage??

    You can find her on Facebook. She is a proven PRL breeder and are extremely nice. She has some that ranges from $20 a piece up to $100+ I think. She has the Hafferman lineage, and had at least 3-4 generations.
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    What is wrong with my crystal red?

    @Shrimpsnoob GH at 6 is fine.... they range from 4-6. At the end of the day, it's whatever works best for you. I normally try to keep the GH the same as the place I purchased it from, so it's less stress. So, if the person I bought the shrimp from has a GH of 5, i try to keep it at 5 as well. It's also possible the shrimp died due to stress, the older they are, the harder it is for them to adapt to new environments. Are you using RODI water and remineralizing it? Whats your TDS?
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    WTB Blue Bee (Caridina sp.)

    I have to be honest I am a little skeptical these stunning shrimp exist as I feel they would be far more popular. To clarify I am talking about http://www.planetinverts.com/Blue_Bee_Shrimp.html. A shrimp I have never seen on a video or in a store so this is a long shot lol. If anyone is lucky enough to breed these little guys I am only looking for 5 shrimp. Blue shrimp are my go to and these would be a perfect addition to my collection. Even if you do not have them for sale but have experience with them I would love to hear about it. Thanks.
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    FIRST berried golden girl

    Thankyou so much!! This was such a helpful response:)
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    Snail/worm HELP

    Why wont I use dog dewormer? Because I wouldn’t know how much to use, No Planaria has a measuring spoon and its so many spoons per gallon of water, Dog dewormer is made for dogs, while No Planaria was made to kill Planaria and hydra in an aquarium. Like I said I have used it twice in my shrimp tank then used activated carbon and normal water changes before returning the snails to my tank without problems. Just my opinion.
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    Crackhead Johny

    Reliable pH Meter

    I have had terrible luck with yellow meters. So you are telling me the neutral test water has a PH of 17.. right.. I asked my father "the garbage dragon" if he had any PH meters laying around and he gave me this. Not sure how good it is. The cable connects with a real BNC connector so I'm guessing at one point it was quality. I think I will need to replace the screen.
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    CLEAR water prob ???

    How can i get pristine crystal clear water in my freshwater aquarium the shrimp safe way?? Community tank
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    Snail/worm HELP

    Just to let you know, the chemicals stay inside the tank for 6+ months and it's not consider safe to add back in the snails...if you can't wait that long, gradually do a 100% w.c so the shrimps can adapt.
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    Snail/worm HELP

    I've used dog dewormers in past and never had any casualties. I know others who use it as well without problems. To each their own I suppose.
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    7.5G Bee Tank

    DIY is the way to go for sure in this case!
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    The Chicago Ornamental Shrimp Society will be having its next event on Sunday, April 8th. We will also be having a HUGE Giveaway Raffle and a presentation on Other Inverts including Opae Ula (Hawaiian Shrimp), Crayfish, Snails, and Saltwater Inverts. If you live near Chicago then come check out COSS on facebook or our website. https://www.facebook.com/groups/ChicagoOrnamentalShrimpSociety/ http://www.chicagoornamentalshrimpsociety.com/
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    Bloody Mary Shrimp for Sale

    These are beautiful shrimp guys!!
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    Blue Ramshorn Snail

    do these breed quick? dont want a million in my tank
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    This is purely my opinion and nothing more, but to me, 20Ls seem to be the perfect size for shrimp. I really don't love 10 gallon tanks for, well, anything. Not great visibility. More susceptible to water chemistry issues. The 30 breeders though are too big for shrimp, which is why I'm adding acrylic dividers to each. The 15 gallons per side seems to work, but 20Ls just are the right mix of volume and dimension for shrimp. Again, my opinion. Many shrimpers seem to use 10 gallon tanks with great success.
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    Best food for Red Cherry Shrimp

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    Tank temperature changes in winter

    No fluctuations even at 3 am in the middle of winter when its minus 2 deg c. Place your heater near the inlet or outlet to your filter. In my 2 foot tank I have 2 Aquael Easy heaters ( 75 watt ) My 6 foot tank has 2 JAGER heaters ( 300W ) My 20l Cube has 1 Aquael Easy heater ( 25 w )
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    Tank temperature changes in winter

    Hey all, first post here, thanks for having me. I have 3 tanks set up in the garage, 1 x 180L (300w heater), 1 x 80L (200W heater) and 1 x 60L (200W heater). All are kept at about 22'C normally. I am in Canberra though, and it gets cold overnight in Winter. Last night the temp dropped to -2'C outside. The garage is not well insulated and obviously gets cold inside. It seems that all 3 tank's temperatures dropped to about 19'C overnight and are slowly coming back up to temp now. I would expect they will reach 22 by about midday. All the shrimp, guppies and plecos seem fine this morning. What I have read and watched online says that temperature changes for shrimp is no big deal, as long as the change is gradual. I would guess the temp fluctuates less than 1 degree an hour, maximum swing of about 4 - 5 degrees. Can I get peoples thoughts and experiences on this topic, please? **Edited to Add - Currently have Red Cherry Shrimp, Blue Rili NeoCaridina and Cycling a tank for 'Blue Tiger' Caridina ***** Cheers Raf in Canberra
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    Tank temperature changes in winter

    Yeh, I think the two heater option is probably the way to go. Also considered getting an old oil heater in the garage just to take the edge off. Depends on what the people here agree is a problem. Nick, do you still get fluctuations and have you noticed a consequence? FlipAquatics on youtube seems has a fairly strong position that temp fluctuations of a few degrees are not an issue, he seems more concerned with heaters changing the temperature too rapidly than he does with temp swings overnight.
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    Best food for Red Cherry Shrimp

    same reaction if you disturb a small section of substrate. Shrimps love picking though the disturbed substrate.
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    Malaysian trumpet snails?

    they are beneficial, however as @NickAus pointed out they can get out of control and are unsightly when they do.
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    Had a little get together yesterday.
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    CLEAR water prob ???

    Seachem Purigen
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    Getting the house ready for the first Florida shrimp bbq preday tour at my place
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    Post Your Shrimp Pics

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    CLEAR water prob ???

    Mechanical filtration with no dead spots, that and a nicely cycled/seasoned tank will find it's own balance given time.
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    Sulawesi cardina dennerli babies!

    Lots more babies now. Sent from my SM-G930W8 using Tapatalk
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    Shrimp Pimp Daily Feeder

    Hi Jamison, I tried your food today, I have a small 6 gallon with too much moss and algae ! The first time I checked I didn't see much movement on the Shrimp Pimp food, but an hour later WOW my fire red shrimp were all over it I think it was gone with a lot of RCS all around it.. Thank so much, are you going to make other supplemental foods in the future ? My shrimp have just gotten PIMPED !
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    Nowadays import permits are required if you are or will be planning to buy a bucephalandra plants from west borneo. issued by the west borneo plants inspection office. Really sorry guys, our gov makes rules that may not exist in your country
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    Sulawesi cardina dennerli babies!

    Congratulations! What an awesome feeling of accomplishment.
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    Help! Two deas shrimp in two days!

    Hmmm. I might have to make that happen. I have a 10 gallon of only crystal black and red. They might be getting some new pals soon.