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    Just a update photo, need to sort out the path and make it nicer again as there are plants all over
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    Hello guys, Its been a while and the tank has just been ticking along, been very busy with work and had lots of brown diatoms algae as maintenance was very little. I have added 4 ottos on Tuesday and bloody hell they awesome little cleaners. Growth is slow as its only mosses and the lights are on for only 5 hours a day. The fissidens and mini pellia has anchored nicely and growing good. It should take a couple of months to fill in nicely, the way I would like it. The tank on Monday night before adding the ottos This evening.....ottos are amazing little creatures Will update again after its filled in a little more
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    Update of shrimp tanks. Some changes from dutch to new aquascapes. Sullawesi tanks, change salty to 7.5 ph .
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    Hey guys! Going to be doing a tank at work for some type of caridina i think. Gonna bring my tds pen in to check on the water quality I'm working with. I'm thinking a 10g on top of the file cabinet... but may need to reinforce that a bit since the edges are strong but top alone i don't trust.
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    Just wanted to share my story since I have been having problems with keeping my cherry shrimp alive! So, awhile ago I posted: here This post basically stating that my parameters are perfect for these guys yet they are dying slowly after I purchased them. Well.... I've been becoming a shrimp keeper pro since then! (I bolded everything, if your too lazy to read!) I just wanted to let everyone know (for people trying to get into the hobby) this important information: 1. A while ago I told myself that my acclimation was basically just for temp really... If my LFS has cherry shrimp, they obviously have good water parameters that will basically match my at-home water parameters for cherrys... WRONG! SOOOO WRONG! I got some cherryies today from the LFS, guess what the TDS was?!?? 856ppm!!!!! HOLY $*#^! I'm don't even know how these guys are alive right now..... -.- So learn from my mistake! ACCLIMATE YOUR SHRIMP FOR AT-LEAST 1-3 hours! This is not just for temperature matching! This is for literally everything... TDS, KH, GH, PH, etc. 2. Before I was even remotely experienced in shrimp keeping, I heard that these cherry shrimp are extremely hearty. So I just said "ehhh, they can simply use my tap and be okay." Which in some cases are the truth.. However, shrimp are still shrimp (pretty touchy & sensitive) I would absolutely recommend you buy a GH, KH test kit! With this test I bought, I realized my KH and GH were both extremely low for perfect cherry shrimp parameters and therefore was why some cherrys would die from molting issues. 3. Feeding is a good argument starter for shrimp keeping. There are TONS of types of food with TONS of different categories and brands. Mainly the important thing is to keep a well balanced diet with a good amount of calcium for molting! The main food source should be biofilm. I would recommend getting some leaves or driftwood for biofilm buildup! Also, do not overfeed them! I know, I know... Feeding them is the best thing every to watch since they all run to the food and basically interact with you. However, overfeeding will EASILY cause bad elements and/or pests like planaria! This is because if are only shrimp in the tank (which should be in a shrimp-breeding tank) There are no fish to eat the worms(planaria) therefore in a shrimp tank, its waayyy more easier to get planaria and other bad stuff! 4. Buy a TDS meter, you need it. You should always check your TDS in your tanks frequently. In most cases, it will increase slowly indicating eventually you should do a small water change. 5. I would recommend you buy shrimp from breeders who breed properly rather than any LFS. This is because any LFS usually keeps their shrimp in poor water qualities, and we all know shrimp are sensitive and NEED great water parameters. My LFS's TDS was 856ppm on their cherry shrimp!! That is insanely high!! Hopefully anyone will find this helpful
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    Some of the taitibee are now beginning to show nice head patterns as well as a more opaque color.
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    An update... a very interesing rcs i found in my 180lt tank, with sakuras. I find 5 likes this and moved them to a new tank, selective breeding. I want to see what shrimplets i can get . A new tank for sullawesi, its not ready yet.
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    There are quite a number of experienced shrimpers on this forum including Award winning people. In the last year and a half I have learned much from these folks both from questions asked on the forum and by personal PMs. Summer here in the USA seems to have less activity as people are on vacation,weddings, family gatherings, ect.. I'll PM people as they will get notifications and generally get back to me in a couple of days. I also look to see whose online and PM them immediately. Archives are a wealth of knowledge but you have to work at it vs. instant gratification with no effort involved. WWW is also your go to source with options immediately available.
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    A shot of my nanacy. Was planning on a strict wine red tank but decided to buy a few red zebra pinto and a nanacy pair. This tank gonna be all things red and white. Will see what the off springs will be like, from there will start culling and decide what direction i wanna head towards Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
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    Saw this posted from Facebook. Wonder what kind of strain of shrimp is this.. Looks so cool and sinister! I want it!!
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    Beautiful! And the details in the sculpt and painting are so well done. I like the little sandy pedestals too.
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    Found my first shrimplets today!!! So small!
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    I have to agree with AcSeann..........as a breeder of endlers many years ago,you have to separate.....I have been in the hobby for over 40 years.
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    And now the MK Breed set up Add half the soil, then spread out 15g of MK Silver Breed Add the remaining soil (1.5" in this case total), then sprinkle 15g of MK Gold Powder and 5 MK Breed Life Balls
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    After confirming with a few European breeders. They said this one is an actual Red Steel. So now the next goal is to reproduce them and make sure the genes are stable. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using Tapatalk
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    I still this up in October and am having great luck with CRS and RCS. Started with 20 cherries and 20 crystal reds. I'd never done shrimp before and lost 1/2 of the crystals. Since then I've added none and have probably over 2 hundred cherries and 100 crystals
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    This is going to be a little long, journal style, post. I'll go into as much detail as I can. Feel free to share your experience with these as well! So about a month ago I set up a new shrimp tank and used these $1 seeds from ebay just to see how they would work. They seem like an amazing find.. for only $1 its advertised to get a completely carpeted aquarium, I wanted to test it myself. So the instructions said to use it on new substrate with a tank that isn't completely full of water yet.. so I did followed the instructions and waited to see what miracles would happen. The first couple days the seeds didn't really look like they were doing anything and I thought they were molding because they were creating these jello like substances that would hold the pieces of substrate together. When I moved the substrate around with my hand a whole clump would follow because of this gelatinous substance... I thought I made a big mistake and just wasted a $30 bag of substrate. I gave it the benefit of the doubt and let it keep growing... And after 3 days, they sprouted! The first two weeks they grew tremendously and carpeted so quickly I was so surprised. After this I finally decided to do some research on them and what other people were saying was that they were a terrestrial plant that the sellers like to advertise as an aquarium plant just for marketing, and that it will have a crazy growth burst and then disintegrate after a couple weeks since it isn't fully aquatic. This made me angry because I wanted it to stay so bad! The results were beautiful. (I also learned its illegal to import undocumented seeds from China into the USA, oops) They continued to grow and carpet and even start to add levels of depth within themselves. Some taller plants, some real short plants. I noticed their leaf shape started to change. The old leafs kept their circular leaf shape but the newer leaves that were growing in had a long, linear appearance. After I posted this picture onto a shrimp facebook group a member told me that they had too used the ebay seeds and after the first couple weeks the plants showed that they were dwarf hygro and they kept them in their aquarium for a year before removing them only because of appearance. It has now been a little over a month and while they haven't disintegrated into the water, they do seem to be changing leaf pattern. They do appear to be dwarf hygro. I did prefer the round leaf shape they had at first, but I do also like the long narrow leaves. There are still some seeds that are behind their buddies and are just now sprouting. The seeds don't float, so I'm not sure if starting them off with an aquarium that isn't completely full has any benefit or necessity.. and this makes me wonder if you could use them in an already established aquarium. They look beautiful and the shrimps love to hide within them. They sometimes knock them out of the substrate and they float to the top. I have two floating chunks of the plants at the surface and the shrimps love to eat the underside of the plants and sometimes go plant surfing when the floating plants can't hold up the shrimps weight and they start to sink. It is very entertaining! I assume they would be good for baby shrimps to hide in, as well as providing ample surface area for biofilm, although I have not had shrimp breed in this tank to know for sure! I have no idea what these seeds are and I have no idea if what seeds you actually get differ based on the package, but the batch I got seem to be working well! I'll keep this thread updated if any major changes happen... Some of the seeds that are behind their buddies have found their way onto the drift wood. The shrimps love to graze on the floating plants that they knock up.
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    Welcome, awesome to have you join our community. Here you will get the do's and don'ts. Very nice video and pictures of your RCS. Any questions please don't hesitate to ask, use the search bar up top to search for any questions you may have, it may have been answered before. United We Shrimp!
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    Hi Everyone at TSS! So early this year I had the opportunity to travel to Hong Kong, the one thing I was super excited about? It's where Caridina Cantonensis comes from, or at least one of the few places that they are native to! Through some deep online research I found a place that is quite accessible to pedestrians if you guys ever happen to be in Hong Kong! The area is called Tai Tam, It is essentially a large water reservoir encompassed by a nature park with nice hiking trails. The hiking trails are paved so it is an easy walk. If hiking isn't your thing you gotta stop by Tung Choi Street or "Goldfish Street" there are a few specialty shrimp shops that have the most insane selections you've ever seen! The reservoir branches off into little estuaries and shallow streams, THE HABITAT OF THE SHRIMPS! I wasn't able to catch any photos of the shrimps in the shallow streams however, there is definitely an abundance of them! The ones that I could see had differing patterns of white/black striped, white/orange, clear/orange, clear/striped
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    Pick from my collection of 60+ foods. $2 each, 10 minimum. each food will be 2-4 grams depending on type. Free shipping (US Only)! Feel free to ask any questions! Payment - Paypal friends and family. or goods and service if you cover fees. !
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    Blue Bolt Shrimp - Low Grade are shipped around 0.7 - 1.0 cm. They have a blue head and white body. Water Parameters: pH : 5.5 - 6.5 Temperature : 66F - 74F KH : 0 GH : 3 - 6 5+1 for $42 10+1 for $70 USPS Priority Mail $7 - $20 USPS Express Mail $25 - $45 Insulation $2 Live Arrival Guarantee 100% Live Arrival Guarantee on EVERY order if the following conditions are met : Package must be delivered on first delivery attempt. A clear photo of unopened breather bag next to my shipping label within 2 hours of delivery confirmation must be sent to sales@omgaquatics.com If the temperature in your area is above 80F or below 30F, you will only have 1 hour to provide photo and claim Live Arrival Guarantee. We will send replacement or offer store credit/refund for the deceased shrimps/fishs/plants. Failure to do so voids Live Arrival Guarantee. PM me if interested.
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    You can take them off the dead mother and put them in a net close to where there is adequate water movement like a hob filter. Make sure the strength of water movement is just right to slightly move them with the current Sent from my SM-N920T using Tapatalk
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    I have been away from shrimp keeping for 2 years and I'm saddened at how much has changed. Im from Singapore and the shrimp keeping scene here used to crazy back when i first started in 2013. There were tons of shrimp fanatics and many local fish shops that were specialized in shrimps. Any product you see on the internet be it japanese or Taiwanese or German were sold at these shops. We even had many pintos back in 2013 when pintos werent the craze. However getting back into this hobby after a 2 year hiatus was quite depressing because I realised that many hobbyists either gave up or moved on and shops have closed due to the lack of demand. I decided to come to this forum as its very much alive and active unlike the forums in Singapore that is now mostly used as a market place to sell second hand equipment. Anyways, back to my tank set-up. I purchased powerhouse soil as it was recommend to me and i must say i was very impressed with how clean it is. The tank was clear in about 5mins after filling it to the brim. For equipment wise, im running 2 eheim 2213 which have been lying ard my hse and theyre connected to an undergravel filter. Im also running a chiller has it is hot and sunny in singapore and the ambient temperature is about 30°C. Tank was set up on the 6th of may 2017 and is currently cycling. Ammonia levels are sky high. Products im using now are borneowild bio-film, benibachi super bio bee max and totto photosynthetic bacteria. In between the soil i have used RAC humic acid and old sea mud powder. Hoping for the tank to cycle quickly so i can begin adding shrimps! Haven't decided what shrimps to keep but so far im leaning towards wine reds as they've always been a favourite of mine!! Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
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    Exclusive Fully Subemerged Bucephalandra Starter Package!! They were in tank for more than 3months. The leaves are colored up already.$60 Shipped PM if needed.4 ClumpsApple Craze X2Sp. Asara Sp. Pakang SSM is not included.
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    Best Shrimp Filter? I reviewed the AquaEl pat mini filter
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    You might have to dose again once every week for about 4 weeks because pretty sure it won't kill eggs.
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    so far things are running smoothly - midway through the cycle... patience is tough LOL But the wait will be worth it
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    some of aquatic arts shrimp are imported. This by itself could be your problem. It is not impossible, but imported shrimp tend to be more stressed due to the constant moving from one place to another with different water parameters. It is best to find some that are U.S. bred. post your #'s when you get your test kit & TDS meter.
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    I do! They are a fun shrimp [emoji4]. I need to reduce my "blondes" Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    $20 here through ShrimpSpot to have it shipped!!
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    Thanks! TheGlassBox for this awesome picture you took
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    @ LesterBee and everyone else. Sorry that things have been delayed and of your frustration. I've seen similar circumstances in the past both on here and other forums and people get pissed off and post on the forum site. Please remember most sellers are small Mom or Pop business's and life (health issues,family deaths, ect) gets in the way. Believe me when I say that these people want to give you the service you expect of them.,,,, Mike
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    Update.. May 29th. Performed a 50% water change this morning. You can clearly see how the bacteria has cleared up a lot. Added a plant any guesses? PH holding steady at 5.8.
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    Looking good! Funny how you ended up with red, white and blue in your tank over memorial weekend.
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    Day 74 Update (24 May 2017) After flip-flopping back and forth trying to decide if I wanted to fill the tank with shrimp or cories+tetras, fate decided that I would win a local RAOK and receive some PRL. Here are some of the changes since the initial update: added several varieties of buce from buceplant added java fern from LFS had to treat the tank with fenben very early on due to hydra added a mesh bag of soil to the filter to drop the pH to 6.5 -- I still want it to go lower, closer to 6. Admittedly, I haven't been paying much attention to this tank in terms of upkeep. If you didn't notice, a lot of detritus has accumulated on the surface of the white sand, and there's various algae growth on the buces, especially on the ones in the middle of the tank where the light is more intense. At any rate, here are a few shots of the tank, and shots of the PRL I received from a generous local hobbyist.
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    If you're using SS GH/KH+ as your remineralizer, you will likely keep experiencing deaths if your substrate isn't fully exhausted or your KH is dropped to 0. Every time you do a water change with your SS GH/KH+, your pH is likely spiking from 6.8 to 7.0+ then it lowers back down again as substrate removes KH. This may be the cause of death.
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    Awesome videos! Great production quality as well as information
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    Lol that's awesome! I haven't seen that before.
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    I get some of each. Most start with a lighter color and then females get darker with age. I do have some females who are lighter than others. Very intense lighting seems to make it more evident, i believe this is the case with most cases in pictures where whole colony is electric blue. I have included pics taken with crumby phone and some dslr with macro and led run at 100%.
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    Light Blue usually are orange eye blue tiger but Royal Blue Tigers on the other hand are solid dark blue which is the characteristic that makes them such high quality Tiger shrimps.
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    I added 5 tibee to the TB tank this evening. Here's a couple of the tibee hanging out with their new tank mates during feeding time. Tonight I fed them a small piece of Omnia Pro which they swarmed on.
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    My go to for culls/wild types(brown, black, blue, red) is from tampaaquaculture. Less than a dollar each. I just purchased 100 for $35 + shipping:) u can get smaller sets as well Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hi, I'm a newby all the way from SOuth Africa and love all kinds of shrimps. I have been keeping CRS and RCS for two years now. Had an unfortunate mishap when my niece opened the co2 and toxified most of my shrimp [emoji850]. So I started with some RCS as the nicer shrimp are hard to find here. So here is a pic of my current shrimp aquarium with specs, Size: 10litres Filtration: Sponge Filter Heater: none Lighting: Aquael Leddy 6W Plants: Bucephelandra Cherish & Melawi, Frogbit, HM, Fissidens Fontanus, Subwassertang, Livestock: Bloody Mary RCS x 15 Substrate: Blackearth Soil Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    There are not a lot of American forums dedicated exclusively to shrimp. There are active global forums, particularly focused in Germany. There is another popular Australian forum and a popular Singapore forum. There are more active forums that aren't shrimp-focused. Plantedtank has a lot of shrimpers Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
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    Yes those are the cloning crays
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    In my experience RBT do not breed true so you will see some other variations from your babies.
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    I'm going to venture that using a strong odorant/repellent, especially if you power your filters with an airpump, is not a good idea with shrimp. The reason because the chemical that is released into the air will be drawn into the tank with the air bubbles, and dissolved into the water, possibly sickening or even killing the shrimp. I'd get it out of there ASAP. The fish you want to use as the gnat larvae eater crew is called Nannostumus Eques, the Diptail or Brown Pencilfish. See if you can get a small school of them (5~7) as they actually do better with few members to school with. The problem being with these guys is that once they've eaten all the gnat larvae they may start going after the smallest of your shrimp, they also will load down you bio-filtration and cause a rise in Ammonia/Nitrites/Nitrates. They also require a bit higher temperatures above 75 degrees at the least, they're happier at 78 to 80 degrees, as they are fish the from Equatorial Amazon basin. Best if you can borrow a few, for a month or so. I'm not sure what friendly arrangements you can make with your LFS to solve this though.