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    Aura Pinto

    Here's a quick update. Today I've gone ahead and set up another tank for these guys. I'll be keeping selected red ones in here. I like the name Shrimporama coined "aura red dragon". I just refer to them as aura or pinto hybrids. There's already too many names out there that'll just make things more confusing. lol!. I selected ten red ones similar to these guys. I'll try and get more pics of them later.
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    Looking for tigers

    My Red Tiger
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    DETAquarium is finally done moving!!

    Hey ShrimpSpot! It has been sometime, and I hate that I had to step back in my process of moving. From breaking down aquariums, to combining shrimp, and ultimately the moving process. I am finally done though as of this past weekend, and for the most part settled in. I will slowly be getting back to this forum, posting videos on YouTube, selling shrimp, and overall being active on social media Thank you for all the messages and support thus far. I am so very happy to get back in the swing of things and I now have a shrimp room to dedicate more aquariums and time to. I felt like I needed to update you all and I once again appreciate all of your support. Daryl/DETAquarium
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    crs in south florida

    Is there anyone in the south Florida area (west palm beach) that would like to local pick up some CRS. I have a nice colony started but I am moving out of state and cant take with me. Would like to give them to someone who maybe is just starting out or who couldn't afford to buy them yet. Prob close to 150 shrimp of all sizes. Let me know. Thanks Josh
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    DETAquarium Shrimp For Sale!!

    Hey ShrimpSpot!! I am planning on selling limited packages of the following shrimp, if you have any questions please PM me. All shrimp I sell have been bred by me. Taiwan Bees Blue Bolt - Low - Juvenile/Pattern Varies - $7.00 Blue Bolt - Cull - Juvenile/Pattern Varies - $5.00 Orange/Red Bolt - Juvenile/Pattern Varies - $8.00 Wine Red - Juvenile/Pattern Varies - $11.00 Pintos (All German Lineage) Red Spotted Head - Juvenile/Pattern Varies - $20.00 Red Zebra - Juvenile/Pattern Varies - $22.00 Black Spotted Head - Juvenile/Pattern Varies - $16.00 Black Zebra - Juvenile/Pattern Varies - $18.00 Black/Red Random Patterns - Juvenile/Pattern Varies - $12.00 Pinto Mischlings (Look like Orange/Red/Blue Bolts) - Juvenile/Pattern Varies - SOLD OUT Shipping - USPS Priority - $12.00 | USPS Express - $40.00 (Heatpacks/Coldpacks additional $2.00) DOA Claim will only be valid if the following conditions are met- Must physically receive shrimp within two hours of delivery confirmation. Within the two hours of delivery confirmation send a clear digital picture of dead shrimp inside the untampered LongLife bag next to my shipping label. Must receive package on first delivery attempt. *Shipping price is non-refundable **I only ship within the Continental US ***I am not responsible for USPS delays and/or mishandling Reorder Incentive - If you have purchased shrimp from me before you are eligible for my reorder incentive. 1) The incentive is up to 10% off 2) The number of times you have reordered shrimp from me the more you save! 3) When ordering shrimp from me you must tell me you are a "repeat customer", otherwise incentive is void Ex. If you have purchased shrimp from me four times, you receive a 4% discount on your shrimp *Note- This discount applies to the total shrimp price, not including shipping or heat/cold packs
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    Wild Neo $1.50 each Opae Ula $2 each Red Cherrys $2 each Fire Red Cherrys $3 each Yellow King Kongs $4 each Super Red Crystals $15 each Tangtai $5 each Tibee $6 each PRL SS $14 each PRL S $12 each Red Pandas $12 each Two Stripe Red Wine $15 each One Stripe Red Wine $18 each Orange Rabbit Snails $8 each Green Taitibees $25 each Yellow Rabbit Snails $10 each 2 inch pink flamingo crypts $10 each Micro Sword 2 x 2 $4 each Shipping is $13 I cover all doa with a picture within 2 hours of delivery.
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    Looking for tigers

    Jeff Lidberg has blonde oebt mix grades. I just picked up 10 from him. Not sure if he's on here but he's on Facebook.
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    Shrimp For Sale (tibee, prl, pinto)

    Hey everyone, I have some healthy home bred shrimp for sale. My tibee genes consist (tt x crs) and (super tiger x bumblebee) Although I keep theses ones in a low ph, they will acclimate to a higher ph value just fine. The prl are from Benibachi line The pintos originally came from Michael Nadal Shrimp Tibee- $5. (min 6) PRL (SS+) $10. Red Pinto (multistripe) $18. Parameters Ph 5.5 TDS 130-140 GH 4-5 KH 0 $15.00 shipped USPS Priority Mail (DOA Guarantee) CON USA $40.00 shipped USPS Express (DOA Guarantee) CON USA Cold Pack $2.00 If your temps are over 80 deg I recommend a cold pack. DOA guarantee will only be valid if you send me a clear picture of the dead shrimp inside the bag next to my shipping label within an hour of their arrival. However, shipping will not be refunded. Video https://goo.gl/photos/YGJfLDxBu95hJsXR6 https://goo.gl/photos/tixwuttWjG97uBzx5
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    Aura Pinto

    I like the way this red one turned out
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    Hey Guys and Gals, Notice the new forum upgrade? All the free exchange of information and help isn't really free. Monetary support is needed to make these upgrades. Notice the supporting member or sponsor logo? These individuals help keep the free exchange of ideas for our hobby available to everyone around our great planet where our little shrimp buddies live. There has never been a membership drive or the administrators asking for monetary help, so from time to time I'll mention this needed help. I was afraid to keep shrimp after reading what was involved until asking questions and searching the archives. Everyone answered my PMs when I had a concern. So now I consider myself "one of the family" and was taught by my parents to take care of family. For the price of a few shrimp ($10) these upgrades can continue and the FREE exchange of information can continue for everyone. (Jumping off my Soapbox now) Thank you sponsors and Oblong Shrimp for your time and support for our hobby ! ,,,,,Mike
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    WTB Blue Bee (Caridina sp.)

    I'm pretty sure they do exist although they're really not all that popular. That article also lists them as Caridina, which seems to be incorrect. They're most likely referring to Paracaridina. The glamour shots are really nice but if you see what they look like with a potato, you'll probably be less impressed. I think the blue coloration is a sign of stress and they might be more brown normally. There were more people selling them 2012-2013, although there are some sales on Aquabid from ~2014-2015. (btw, I'm probably wrong about all of this. All the information above is from 15 minutes of searching inspired by your post) rostick555, who is a user on this forum, sold some a couple years back. Maybe he can point you to someone else who has some? Good luck!
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    Hi Everyone at TSS! So early this year I had the opportunity to travel to Hong Kong, the one thing I was super excited about? It's where Caridina Cantonensis comes from, or at least one of the few places that they are native to! Through some deep online research I found a place that is quite accessible to pedestrians if you guys ever happen to be in Hong Kong! The area is called Tai Tam, It is essentially a large water reservoir encompassed by a nature park with nice hiking trails. The hiking trails are paved so it is an easy walk. If hiking isn't your thing you gotta stop by Tung Choi Street or "Goldfish Street" there are a few specialty shrimp shops that have the most insane selections you've ever seen! The reservoir branches off into little estuaries and shallow streams, THE HABITAT OF THE SHRIMPS! I wasn't able to catch any photos of the shrimps in the shallow streams however, there is definitely an abundance of them! The ones that I could see had differing patterns of white/black striped, white/orange, clear/orange, clear/striped
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    The tank sat in the current state for 2 weeks, with the HOB noise driving my girlfriend crazy. So I started shopping for a stand, not and easy or cheap exposition since its a strange shaped tank Turns out 36 inch long by 8 inch wide isn't very popular, ha! Caught a break, someone put a like new glass top computer desk out by the dumpster at my apartment, so it will work for now. Anyone know a good stand? Ideas for the layout came from a book I got about 3 years ago, called WildShrimp by Chris Lukhaup. Its about a trip to china to see the habitats of wild shrimp. He talks about the streams where the shrimp live, and how the enviroments consist of completely leaves, branches and large river stones, little to no plants or mosses. This book completely changed my entire outlook on tanks, scapes, and shrimp altogether, it was like an epiphany to a reborn shrimper. Chris Lukhaup in my opinion one of the godfathers. His writings, photos and products have pushed the hobby to where it is. So if you don't know, now you know. No driftwood, no Seiryu Stones, no moss trees. Im so tired of seeing these exact same scapes in aquariums. These layouts are so unoriginal that I want to pull my hair out. I could tell that creating a good scape that gave the illusion of depth would become difficult since the width is so small. The flora / fauna were going to be tough because not many members sell plants. Plus the for sale section on the site has slowed down dramatically with the auctions completely stopping. Dazalea came through with some foreground plants and some leaves. She actually labeled what each plant was, and that is Amazing. The plants sit in the tank like 4 little pieces of sushi.
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    Which Snail?

    How's it going? Personally if you are worried about decaying leaves Rabbit Snails are the best, however I have never really had that issue as my shrimp tend to pick at the leaves until they are gone. I prefer Horned Nerite Snails as they move more and faster than traditional Nerite Snails (tiger, zebra) also the color pattern pops out in my tank. I also use Trumpet Snails to pick up excess food and churn the substrate, they are also a good indicator of the minerals in your tank if you watch the shell color as it grows.
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    I got some from mo at last year's AE. I have a limited amount. There are other's that also have her shrimp in the states.
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    Most of us have had success with remineralized RO.
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    Hi Everyone!!! I am offering for $20 including shipping, the "HAPPY SHRIMP PILE" A pile of things, to make your shrimp Happy! For $20, you will get- 15 Mulberry Leaves 1 Glass Feeding Dish (55 or 65mm/ your choice) 1 Moss Ledge (choose from 1.25" or 2") (Black, 3D Printed) 1 4" Cholla Wood 2 Plantain Stems 10 Alder Cones 2 Indian Almond Leaves (small) Snowflake food (2x2" bag) 2 Food Samples ( 2- 2x2" bags/will be brand name food but chosen at random) *some things are not pictured, - cholla, moss ledge, indian almond leaves* Shipping is via USPS First Class Mail
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    Alpha Pro Breeders and Elite Inverts

    Yeah, after rereading, it's my fault. I just assumed paying $12 a piece and the post having a pic of a blue oebt that they wouldn't all be blonde but one.
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    Help with saving my shrimp's eggs?

    Stress not! Hatching eggs is surprisingly easy. An egg tumbler makes your job easier but isn't strictly necessary in case you don't want to shell out right now. First off, how close were they to hatching? The closer to the end date, the higher your rate of success will be. As long as the room they are in isn't abnormally cold, don't worry about the heater. If you have an air pump laying around, having some bubbles in the glass (not too many, tie a knot in the tubing) will help keep the eggs aerated. If not, do a small water change (with tank water, not tap) twice a day with a syringe. This is good practice with the aeration as well but can be done less frequently. Remove as much of the mom's material as possible. Any organic stuff that isn't a live egg can grow mold, which is bad for the water and the eggs. It also helps to decluster the eggs so that if one goes bad, it isn't directly next to another --still healthy-- egg. For the first couple days, check every day for dead eggs and remove them from the water. Otherwise, they will get moldy and the mold will consume the live eggs. Consistency and patience are key, but you'll be well on your way to some shrimplets! If it you makes you feel any better, the first time I ordered shrimp, I got a berried shrimp in the bag. I was so excited! She died a week or two later, so I had to artificially hatch my first berried female's eggs in a jar on my counter. Most made it! If I did it then, so can you.
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    They are completely fine with low ph, don't worry about it. Adding anything will cause fluctuations which is much more dangerous
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    USA Importing/Exporting Regulations

    There is a way to file for an exemption from the inspection point of this process so that you can have them shipped directly to you. I know nothing about it, except that qualifying has to do with making a case that shows the delay would cause hardship for the animal being imported. I think if it applied to any animal, it would apply to shrimp.
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    Of you start by hetting some Golden Bees and or Mischlings you will get some valuable hands on with the trickier varieties AND you will get CRS and CBS and sometimes the occasional BB and other rarities 😁 You just don't know and then its like winning a prize. By then you have a system developed and in place for shrimp care and will know what kind of tank tou want to set up for the more awesomer shrimps (your preference) and you pick the inhabitants from your colony and put the offspring that are less awesome back in your original tank. Use leaves IA and oak takes much longer to break down 👍 And have some natural anti-fungal and antibacterial on hand for any developments. I started with Painted Reds and watched a juvenile struggle with a white ball of fuzz that seemed stuck to his feet 😢 Treated the tank with a natural anti fungal liquid and saved the rest of the colony. It is nice to have some reset buttons or medications at your disposal just in case as long as they don't hurt your shrimp. I have been at it for about 9 months or so and have 6 tanks now 😜 but have had outbreaks 😷 of sudden death, slow death, bad molts, pH spikes etc... Once you have the tools and experience you will be ready to create your own Frankenstein shrimps 😈👹💩 Just remember its the journey not the destination, Gods speed 😇
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    Very excited to see what your new shrimp room is like !
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    DETAquarium is finally done moving!!

    I enjoy your wisdom , daryl
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    it will be nice to have you back in the regular mix. congrats on the shrimp room!
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    DETAquarium is finally done moving!!

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    Buy from sellers here on shrimpspot. DOA will be a thing of the past
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    Post Your Shrimp Pics

    Pinto, Fishbones
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    Hi, does anyone know the different patterns and the grading and how to look for the quality of Ghost variants? I have a source carrying orange ghost and the darker marked ghosts and I'd like to invest in a breeding pair but I'd like to make sure I know how to pick and choose the best before I invest. Here are some pictures.
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    Heater for Shrimp Tank

    Seconded. I got myself a fancy in-line heater to keep my tank at exactly the temperature I thought I needed for my shrimp. After losing my colony slowly over several months, I turned it off in order to reduce the number of unknowns in the tank. I can't say whether or not my heater was killing my shrimp but my tank now fluctuates between 69-74F throughout the year (maybe 3F range in a given day) and the shrimp seem totally fine with it. Unless you live in a really cold area, you don't really need a heater. At worst, the heater can take a little too long to turn off (or the thermostat gets stuck) and cook your entire tank without you noticing.
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    The Journals of ThegardenofEder

    Some random photos setting up many tanks on my way to 180.
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    welcome dreaminginblue!
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    WTB Blue Bee (Caridina sp.)

    I have to be honest I am a little skeptical these stunning shrimp exist as I feel they would be far more popular. To clarify I am talking about http://www.planetinverts.com/Blue_Bee_Shrimp.html. A shrimp I have never seen on a video or in a store so this is a long shot lol. If anyone is lucky enough to breed these little guys I am only looking for 5 shrimp. Blue shrimp are my go to and these would be a perfect addition to my collection. Even if you do not have them for sale but have experience with them I would love to hear about it. Thanks.
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    Welcome Rehab to the Shrimp Spot family. Plenty to learn as well as differing opinions on what works (and doesn't).,,,,Mike
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    WTB: Pink Ramshorns

    AcSeann has them I will tell him to pm you Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Welcome! Sent from my SM-A310F using Tapatalk
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    Hatched from an egg

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    For a limited time , I have 5 bags available. Each bag contains 200 leaves, for $40 includes shipping cost. After this my prices will go back up as they are only in season for so long. Thanks!
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    Neocardina Aquarium Adventures

    I haven't done an update in almost a month and a half! Some pics of my gorgeous yellows and I purchased 7 Crystal Reds locally from @ddd_sss. Thank you to him! They currently live with my yellow neo's. Everyone is doing well. I'll post pics of the 7G red's soon! Plants are growing like crazy. I've removed SO much Frog bit! I may throw it all out. Too annoying. And my tank is COVERED with baby snails. Which is also annoying but I will deal with it eventually...
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    The work desk tank

    so far things are running smoothly - midway through the cycle... patience is tough LOL But the wait will be worth it
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    I very much enjoyed it as well and it is very helpful, thank you. Because of this explanation using sheep dogs, I now desire a sheep shrimp. However odd that may be. I doubt this is possible ...or is it?!
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    So, I discussed this in a previous post. I am also not an "expert", but I do think I can explain relatively easily. There are two ways that you can get different looking animals. 1) Point mutation 2) Selective breeding The simplest example of a point mutation is bee shrimp. Most bee shrimp have black coloration. Wild shrimp seem to have all kinds of variation, but it is typically a black color. A single gene "flipped" in a domestic breeding program and produced red instead of black. This gene might have existed already or it might have been a wholly new gene. It doesn't really matter. The important thing is that this is a single gene. It follows the traditional dominant/recessive trait Punnett squares you learned in grade school. Selective breeding is different. Cherry shrimp really have all of the colors already present in their shells. We are breeding them for stronger coloration and for that coloration to be more dominant in a particular area of the spectrum. Red/Brown is easiest and therefore first because that is the natural coloration. However, you can selectively breed out blue/yellow/green/etc by putting selective pressure on them for a long enough period of time. This is very similar to breeding a small dog breed or a large dog breed. What is really happening is that you may have a dozen different genes all selecting for the same thing. 10 genes might be working together to make that shell red. Some of the shrimp have 8 of the genes. Some have 4. Some have all 10. That is also why they tend to drift back to "not as red" if given a chance. Now, as far as mixing them in a tank. When people mix bee shrimp in a tank, there is a bit of a concern about inherited genetics. However, generally "what you see is what you get" can be applied. At least after a few generations. In fact, several breeders will breed back in other strains to make their stock more hardy and then just cull out the ones that dont inherit the traits they want. Cherry shrimp are different. Imagine having a puppy farm. You have a dozen great danes and a dozen sheep dogs. You let them all mix for a generation. Some of those puppies are going to look pretty neat. Some are going to look more like sheep dogs and some more like great danes. However, after the 2nd generation, you are going to have one hell of a time getting a "great dane" that breeds true out of your farm. All of the puppies are going to be mutts. They are all going to breed in different sizes, coats, etc. After about 3 generations? They are going to look like mutts. They are going to have so many different genes competing that offset each other. 2 genes for big body and 2 genes for small body. They will offset and you will just get a medium sized dog. Even if the dog does wind up being bigger or smaller, it will have a lot of extra genes floating around that push it hard away from breeding "true".
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    Any artists here? Thought it'd be fun to post the art I complete throughout the semester/ via commission. Critiques are welcome Just finished this at 3AM today Analogous colors (BG, YG, G) acrylic dots, aboriginal style Will be working on shrimp pieces very soon!
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    In class grid collage Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    In class project stippling a long tailed finch Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Collage portrait Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Midterm project Human anatomy project. I decided to do the anatomy of human vestigial wings Aged the paper with coffee, and dropping ink blots and wax and burning a little to give it character Totally not done yet :((((
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    one point perspective. Line isnt my thing but color and watercolor is what i'm best at
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    Soothing Shrimp

    Nadia's Notes

    Nadia wanted to write and say: "I love gymnastics because I love doing everything! "
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    Soothing Shrimp

    Nadia's Notes

    Nadia made Level 2 last year and we are sooooooo proud of her! She was thrilled! Think of gymnastics levels like belts in the martial arts. When you achieve certain skills and get tested, you go up to the next level. The challenge with gymnastics is you have to display the required new skills on all 4 apparatus to move up to the next level after a season of competing. The apparatus are uneven bars, floor, balance beam, and vault. More about that later... See how long her hair is? We had to learn a special bun for her hair for the meets this year. If we were to use a traditional bun, it would be HUGE! Instead, this is the bun we had to learn: