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    Aura Pinto

    Here's a brief update on this aura x pinto project. These guys are about 6 months old now and are from the 5th/6th generation. I have about 4 of these from the last batch and have moved them to their own tank. To be continued.....
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    Oh I'll be adding more tanks that garage can hold another 200 and I might knock down another wall in the shrimp room for another rack or two...
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    Shrimp Rack

    Almost finished, is already cycling to soon add gambitas and Cambarellus. There is still a lack of side insulators, more biological filtering (although I can add a little as the population increases), finish installing co2 and temperature control. At the moment the only population are some planorbis and physas. I only plant Sagitaria Subulata and a couple of Java Windelov ferns in Cholla Wood. The "last floor" was left unused while waiting for occupants. Greetings! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mYKlN5zhPi0
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    Random photos
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    Using a specific type of tiger will yield different offsprings later on in the project. For instance using TT/AB, which are both Caridina Serrata, will give you fishbones and steelheads in later generations if crossed correctly. It really all depends on your goal in what you are trying to achieve. Now with tiger x tiger hybrids. That something a few ppl has done but you never hear what they crossed them with afterwards. I myself have crossed TTxRBT and offsprings came out looking like wild tigers but a bit greenish orange probably due to the TT color.
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    Yes control the air around the tanks and you won't need heaters in the tanks or chiller or fans.
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    Looking to sell 12 black juvie zebras pintos for $110 shipped. These are homebreed by me.
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    New Shrimps Dropping Dead HELP

    I do weekly WC's of 20% on all my tanks for the past 5 years with the best results. I tested monthly & bi-weekly WC's for several years and still found the highest survival rate of baby shrimp from weekly WC's. I do it with everything from low grade CRS to high grade Fishbone Galaxies. The Golden Calceo's in the pictures I've had for 2 months and the females produced 2 batches and berried with the 3rd in a row. My parameters stay rock solid & have high baby survival rates.
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    Aim for 220 tds 7 gh and 3 kh if your tap water is already above 200 tds with out doing anything then you may want to try ro water and remineralizer. If your tds is below 200 you can easily add minerals on top of it like brightwell kh+ or ss gh kh to raise your gh and kh to your desired levels.
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    Micmol Aqua Mini LED

    The piece looks pretty simple is there a machine shop or marine fabricator near you? Many marine shops workin plexiglass so may be able to quickly cheaply make one.
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    Large shrimp rack

    Breeding rack ideally setup for freshwater shrimp but can also be used for small fish or as growout tanks for fry. I will not separate anything. I also have a TON more supplies, extra filters, tubing, and even shipping supplies if you want to ship shrimp or fry to customers, all included in the price that is not listed below. The rack is a beefy, one inch square steel MARS unit gutted and designed for my setup. It includes the following: Eight 10 gallon aquariums One 50 gallon frag tank (48×18×13.5 tall) One 20 gallon long All tanks include HMF filtration run by a Jehmco LPH45 Linear Piston Air Compressor. The compressor can handle another 8-10 ten gallon tanks or 4-5 more twenty gallon tanks. Three of the four shelves have LED lighting and the fourth, dual T5 bulbs. Also included is a Milwaukee MC120 PH controller. $400. Located East of Birmingham, AL approximately 20 miles. Pickup only. Again... I will overwhelm you with various shrimp supplies, shipping supplies, and even my remaining shrimp livestock (blue rili, yellow neo, orange sunkist), all included in the selling price.
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    WTB Aura Blue

    I'd like to purchase some decent Aura Blue. Mid to higher grade/ the ones that look like the German bred ones. Been looking for months now with no luck. Tryed to go import from the Germans themselves with no luck. Any pointers towards people who have some would also be greatly appreciated. I know a handful of people who have them but they are not going to have any for awhile. Like 2 months...
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    Aura Pinto

    I'm super excited to share with you guys some info about my latest project. I have managed to cross some of my nicest female aura bee with my German red pintos (from Germany) a few months back. I now have two batches of babies from two different females. The female aura carries the fishbone pattern. However, I don't see it in any of the offspring yet. I do see zebra and spotheads which are showing up in f1. It also appears that one set of babies shows blue as dominent and the other set of babies shows red. I can't wait to see where this project goes. So far there have been 3 batches of babies born since 8/21/15
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    Take a look let me know what you think and if I should do more videos like this comment below.
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    Peltier Water Cooling

    You could make a closed loop system with some stainless steel pipes in the tank. that way no worries of any issues with corrosion from the radiators or etc getting into your water.
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    Micmol Aqua Mini LED

    Hi. i have used this. Weld-On 4 Acrylic Adhesive. Bonds plexiglass pretty good. Inexpensive. Weld-On 4 Acrylic Adhesive
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    Shrimple minded

    About my controsoil PH

    Hey Santos, I've cycled Controsoil in 22 days (using primarily Dr. Tim's Ammonia and Seachem Stability). With a established sponge filters, I and many others have successfully transferred shrimp (in reasonable quantities) into newly setup Controsoil tanks in as little as 24-48 hours. I first attempted this during an emergency, but have done other times as well with success. I certainly would recommend completing a full cycle, but it is good to know in case an emergency arises.
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    Hi All` I am offering a BROWNIE SERIES Bucephalandra Variety Package! You will get 5 types/ 5 assorted from the following- (Iris, Brown, Red, Purple, Helena, Metalica, Firebird) ALL will be individually packaged/labelled. They are 10-15 leaves on xsmall lava rock. If you would like loose, let me know $25 includes shipping USPS First Class Mail!
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    Where to place the temperature probe?

    I was thinking use another stc.1000 for the penthouse whit independent heater and cooler. Always have the same temperature in all the tanks can be posible, but if i have a minimun of temperature diference its just fine. Now the superior tanks and the sump have almost the same temp, but in night, the penthouse hits 25° 26° and the sump stays on 23°. Greetings
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    Aura Pinto

    Looking solid my friend!
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    Aura Pinto

    a little more striping on this one
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    There really is no one best type of food to be honest. Although I would suggest you take a look at this article. This guy did a test to show which foods had the best and longest interest of shrimp. I feel the best diet is a varied one. http://www.practicalfishkeeping.co.uk/gear/buyers-guides/articles/2016/7/21/the-big-shrimp-food-test
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    Aaron's Aquatics - Video Journal

    Oh My gosh! I just spent the last 2 hours reading this journal and watching almost every single video. I got up to sept 15th . Ill finish tomorrow. I just want to say I loved the whole thing. I loved the videos and you got better and better at doing them as time went on. It did not go unnoticed that as time went on you started adding humor, clips, sound effects that made me laugh. I hope you will keep going with this journal! Also, I love your kitty.
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    Great questions. A Tibee as you said is a TB x Tiger or CBS/CRS x Tiger, however the main focus is the tiger genes, not TB. Once you capture those tiger genes you don't have to look back. You then cross this Tibee x TB for your Taitibee. Then breed out Taitibees for patterns, most of the time Pinto patterns. People normally use tigers that breed "easier" per say, or specific patterns such as Pseudo Tigers. For example, most people don't use Super Tigers or Galaxy Tigers because they are normally "Wild", which is extremely difficult to breed out. Hope this helps a bit. DETAquarium
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    Blue Bolts and Red Wines are good choices. Always popular and not too expensive for most hobbysists.
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    Next Dollar per gallon sale?

    Sale should be on now. I just got an e-mail about it. I'm annoyed because I just bought some tanks last week. Not that I have room, but I did just buy some extra versa-tops since I found some on sale, so I may pick up some 10s.
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    carbon rili crossing

    From what I understand, you can put Blue Dream neos in with your carbons. They're bred from the same lineage so you should be ok. Other blues may create WT offspring (Blue Velvets for sure, I did something similar).
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    Where to place the temperature probe?

    Can u explain how your water flow through rack? How many degrees the difference in sump and low rack tanks (if it's going from sump to rack top tanks)?
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    Ten gallon tb tank journal

    My first and favorite shrimp baby is finally big enough for a good pic although still a shotty camera. In person the colored areas are wine red with black/darker red streaks throughout. It's absolutely stunning
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    Beautiful Shrimp. I would get that GH down to between 4-6 especially more important for PRL. 8 is a bit high. My favorite food to feed mine is GlasGarten Bacter AE and Shrimp King BioTase active. As soon as I mix in some water and put in the tank it puts them all in a feeding frenzy and the great thing about it is it spreads throughout the entire tank and all get a chance at some food. They prefer this stuff over any other kind of food. I do Bacter AE and Biotase each 2 times per week. On the off days I ensure they get some food like Kens Veggie sticks with calcium, EBI suple, Shrimp King Complete, and a few others. Here is a feeding schedule. I do not feed more than one kind of food each day but will choose one of the couple that are for that day. This has worked out great and I went from 20 to now over 100 CRS.
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    Shrimp and Water Troubleshooting and Prep

    If I were in your shoes I would not purchase a shrimp until I atleast had a gh/kh test kit and a tds meter. You're going to find you'll need them in the beginning
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    WTB Blue Dream/Diamond

    Thanks for the mention aotf! I will have more blue dreams ready to go in late October. Currenly I am replenishing my colony.
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    Rack Air Pump

    on my local forum, there was a thread like this and the Alita was the most recommended air pump by far.
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    Hey all. I have not been around in ages!! I have been a very bad girl and not paid much attention to my tanks over the summer. It has been such a busy time for me and summer is so difficult to regulate the tanks I guess I kind of tuned out. Now its fall and time for maintenance. 2 of my tanks are so chock full of Moss/ naga grass and frogbit that you cant even see shrimp Both tanks are bad algae free. Anyone need any moss frogbit or naga grass? If not it is all going into the garden compost later today.
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    My personal experience with nerites was "never". I waited several months with my nerites in a quarantine bucket and did multiple 90% water changes (I drained the tank to the gravel). Even after that, my nerites slowly died after being reintroduced to the tank. It could have been from other causes too, so I'm curious to see if others have had success with fenben and nerites.
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    Water PH... Need some help

    Lol, atleast you have acidic water It's very easy to make it alkaline... Just add sodium bicarbonate. (In a seperate container to test if it stays stable first) Water chemistry is.... fascinating but often frustrating and weird...
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    So if they have a head kind of like a tadpole and are flat like tape, then they are planaria and need to be treated for asap. If they stay the same size throughout and kinda just look like little noodles, then they're detritus worms. Detritus worms are completely harmless and just mean you're feeding too much. vs.
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    New Shrimps Dropping Dead HELP

    Weekly 20% water change is a little overkill. That's recommended for most types of fishkeeping, but shrimp have a very low bioload and do not need that big of a water change that often. I do a 10% once a month in my shrimp tanks, although I have a lot of plants that soak up the nitrates so that helps a lot. Do you drip the new water into your tank? Shrimp like constant, stable water. Also would buy a gh/kh test kit. Definitely isn't a problem with aquatic arts, they're the only people I've ever bought shrimp from. I've never had a bad experience with them.
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    RCS etc. selective breeding question

    you have the right idea. but it is alot easier to leave everything in 1 tank and pull(cull) the undesirable shrimp into a seperate tank. as for inbreeding, every once in a while you can add more high quality shrimp to your existing colony from a different source.
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    Greetings from Mexico

    welcome psyklon!
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    40 Gallon breeder tank divided

    Just finished cycling my new 40 gallon breeder. DIY partitions cut from plexi glass. HMF back wall is common to all 4 partitions. Hope this will be the new home to some healthy and happy shrimps.
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    I just had this problem about 3 weeks ago I went to a chain pet store and got Fenbendazole for the dog section Panacur c I think it was it comes in 3 1g packs. in a clean water bottle put 200 mL of water and add a drop or two of prime. I then poured a full 1 gram packet into the water and shake it till your arm falls off. then use 0.1 grams per 10 gallons, this is the minimum dose, the only dose safe for shrimp I read. Since the recommended dose was 0.1 gram per 10 gallons. I measured out approximately 20 mL of the white water with a syringe. Squirt the solution directly on all the visible Hydra and Planaria. Then stick the syringe into the gravel (Which is where the planaria live and breed) and squirted a few mL per about say 6 square inches the next day I did a water change and redid all the steps on the 3rd day they all died off and I did one more water change and gravel vac and that was it. So its 20 ml per 10 us gallons of the solution. the Hydra can sting the shrimp and kill them. I hope this was helpful for you. http://www.aquariumadvice.com/forums/f12/step-by-step-how-to-kill-planaria-and-hydra-231872.html this is where I got my info from plz read it over a lot of info Neal
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    Aura Pinto

    I'm planning on breeding these guys back with their mother. I really want to see the blue color pop with these guys.This is a pic of the mother I used.
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    Well, established water is not good water. heh Most bacteria live on surfaces. However I have mulm bombed tanks or just inside a bucket and run filters to get them established. I also have switched one side out for an established one, while the other is starting.
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    USA Importing/Exporting Regulations

    Wow! Very intimidating. So I would like to say a huge Thank You to those of you who do or have done this. Without you, the importers, I couldn't enjoy this hobby.
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    dont mistake biofilm for algae growing on the glass. 2 different things.
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    Great Breeders

    I figured I share some breeders that contribute to our hobby. Everyone knows the big names MK, Beni, Crimson, Ebiten, etc.. This are the guys some might not know but still note worthy. so here's some of their work: From Novina a breeder out of Poland Caridina cf cantonensis "Prima apilis" (red and black) Photo was edited and the red is actually white.
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    Making my own PRL. Or am I?

    Let's look at it this way. Golden is actually just mutation of CRS. it shares the same ancestor as pure CRS. so you cross these two, it's no longer considered as pure red CRS. All agree on this, right? Now you intruduce new ancestor (CBS, Wild Bee) into your PRL blood line. you still want to call it Pure?