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    Hi everybody! I have been quiet lately as we moved house and life, but wanted to share my new rack. The tanks are 120*45*30cm, divided in 4. The middle tanks will be replaced with the same as on the top and bottom shelve. Top tank is still cycling and I will transfer all the CRS to this one, according to grade, S grade left, SS grade second left, SSS grade second right and TB in right tank Same will happen with the middle tank, as with grading and then golden bees in the right side tank Bottom is Neos, left are culls, second left are dreamy blues, second right are Taiwan Fire reds and normal tigers and then left are blue jelly. I will update as I go along
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    Here's a few more pics of some of the f2 babies.
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    Here's a quick update on these guys. Some more cool looking shrimp are coming from this tank
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    The f2 generation was just born recently. I had quite a few females from the f1's become berried. New f2 baby F1 mother
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    Today I found my aurabee mother berried by one of the f1's. This is some exciting stuff! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    So to understand where the blue came from, one has to hear the story about how BB were developed. *This is the story I've heard from breeders awhile back. Gather 'round the campfire, kids. When the original mutation of TB panda occurred from CBS, there was not too many of them as you could have guessed. The solid coloration made them an instant interest though. To increase odds of more TB, they were bred to CBS, then back bred. Low and behold- more popped up. Remember, this was back in the day when people were breeding CBS to snows to increase grade. So, the idea came to try breeding a TB to a snow to see what would happen. A male snow was bred to a black female TB, then a F1 male was back bred to the black female TB. One of the results that was thrown was a Blue Bolt. Now, given that a regular snow sometimes shows expression of some blue or red in the cheek area, the unanswered questions are: Is the blue from snow allowed to spread across the body because of the TB mutation? Or does the blue come from TB, and the snow allow the expression? *Now there is a theory that TB may really a TiB.
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    I have to share something that happened yesterday/this morning. My son asked me yesterday after school if he could have a special hot lunch at school this Thursday. I took a look at the price on his lunch form and it was waaay too expensive. $10 for a bowl of mac and cheese with ham? For a school lunch? I told him no. "Okay," he said. He's a good kid. I dropped my wife off at her open house and took my daughter to gymnastics. Later we came home to hear a strange buzzing in the living room where I sleep with my son. (My wife snores.) Buzzzzzzz... That buzzing- Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz... What was that? Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz... Where was that sound coming from??? Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz... That sound was driving me !@!@%#$ crazy!!! The kids went to play in their room while my wife and I tried to track down the source of the annoying noise. It sounded like it was coming from the ceiling?!? Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz... More than a little concerned, my wife and I after some discussion became convinced it must be a crossed circuit in the electricity. I went to the breaker box and flipped every switch off while my wife stood in the center of the living room and told me whether the buzzing stopped or not. That did not help. When I came back into the living room, my wife and I proceeded to have a quick argument about the expense of an electrician to come track it down and fix it. The argument did not help. I did not tell my son about the buzzing. I did not want to call attention to it and hoped he would not notice it too much. He's autistic and sounds can set him off into a melt down. That night, I read my son a couple chapters from our book and we went to sleep with the buzzing louder than ever. He didn't mention it and I was relieved. This morning, the missus and I had another quick argument about an electrician. This, again, did not help. She left for work. I finished getting my son ready for school. As he and I waited for his transportation van to arrive, he asked what that buzzing was. He said he had been hearing it all night. I calmly said that neither his mom nor I knew. He then walked to the center of the room and moved a drawing my daughter had made and carelessly left on the floor. He then proceeded to pick up something from under it and hand it to me. It was plastic and the size of a dollar store calculator...It was a cheap electronic "Connect Four" game...It was making a noise... Son: "Can you take out the battery? This sound is driving me crazy." Me: "Um...yeah....sure!" I took out the triple A battery...and the buzzing stopped. It stopped! Quiet... Silence!!! I made a quick phone call to my wife to tell her what had happened and we both had a good laugh about it. ...One more thing... .............remember that hot lunch he wanted at school? ....................................................I'm giving him the money for it tomorrow! He's a good kid.
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    Here's some more First pic is a boy he had nice color for a male.
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    Everyone all together, "AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW"
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    I went ahead and cleaned up this thread. Please remember that personal attacks towards one another is not acceptable on the forum. I know you guys are passionate about the hobby. If you have an issue with one another please feel free to use the pm feature. Thanks!
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    Great stuff Soothing. I'm still pissed off at $10 mac & cheese. Someone better be hand-carrying hams back from Spain for that price.
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    Here is my set up in my living room on one wall anyways. All running off of one air pump.
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    Just finished cycling my new 40 gallon breeder. DIY partitions cut from plexi glass. HMF back wall is common to all 4 partitions. Hope this will be the new home to some healthy and happy shrimps.
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    Hi everyone! I started a CRS tank 2 months ago and last week I got my first batch of CRS shrimplets with more berried females! I started with 14 adult CRS S-SSS with a few that are PRL. Tank Details: Mr. Aqua 12g Long Fluval Shrimp Substrate Salty Shrimp GH+ Zoomed Nano 10 Canister Filter Nano corner sponge filter Finnex Stingray Light Here's some pics! Heres a picture of the tank if anyone is interested!
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    Wine red mosura on Fissidens cressipe Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using Tapatalk
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    KK PRL Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Wild tiger Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Ain't she gorgeous Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using Tapatalk
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    I have 2 package each available. Wine reds 10+1 for $105 Blue Bolts /regular grade/ 10+1 for $65 Royal Blue Tigers 10+1 for $105 Priority shipping $15 DOA is covered: 1. The shrimps are accepted on first delivery attempt. 2. Problem is reported no later than 2 hours after delivery. Clear picture of UNOPENED bag is required.
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    Hey Shrimpspot Friends! I made my first youtube video where I commentate and give advice. Please go easy on me, this was challenging lol!
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    Super redz Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Lately i was asked to send out the entire colection. and this brought me to the point of starting to see how many species i do have. As lately i got also some new mosses from friends from several regions and also managed to find some new species for the hobby, counting them all brought me to about 80 species. From these only about 15 are the classical ones (live mini taiwan, peacock, pilo, cameroon, duriae and so on) and all the other ones i got from different other sources. si they are really many (only to count a few i would say now there are more than 30 fissidens, 10 fontinalis, 5 pellias and so on). i will work also on scientifical ID of these, but this will sure take very long time. the last images are new fissidens which i am not 100 % sure about species. And the nice news is several other Fissidens are on the way here (some more new species). Contact me if you have any questions.
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    I'm out of room till my fish room is built which is currently the home of an empty 40g and two empty 55g so I'm useing these to hold my containers for my axolotls. I put guppy grass in some of the containers, the other containers I'm going to put nothing with the axolotls. Also I had a small batch of eggs today maybe she's Gona lay more later today.
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    Pretty excited! Share pics of your cute shrimp babies? IMG_0180.MOV
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    Pics of this gal Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using Tapatalk
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    Happily, it turned out I was wrong on the price. The paper read mac and cheese $3, add ham $4, and water add $1. So naturally, being the amazing brainiac I am I thought $3 +$4 +$1 = $8 My wife corrected me and said the mac and cheese with ham was $4.
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    They are scattered all across my house I have a room that's in the works right now I'll post pictures once some progress can be seen. I will post some pictures of my racks if you haven't seen them somewhere else already in the diy section.
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    This is what I'm talking about! This is the type of information that will make people try the hobby and have success. This is what will build shrimping in America. GREAT POST!
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    Hey guys! Going to be doing a tank at work for some type of caridina i think. Gonna bring my tds pen in to check on the water quality I'm working with. I'm thinking a 10g on top of the file cabinet... but may need to reinforce that a bit since the edges are strong but top alone i don't trust.
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    Hello guys, Its been a while and the tank has just been ticking along, been very busy with work and had lots of brown diatoms algae as maintenance was very little. I have added 4 ottos on Tuesday and bloody hell they awesome little cleaners. Growth is slow as its only mosses and the lights are on for only 5 hours a day. The fissidens and mini pellia has anchored nicely and growing good. It should take a couple of months to fill in nicely, the way I would like it. The tank on Monday night before adding the ottos This evening.....ottos are amazing little creatures Will update again after its filled in a little more
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    Attention all!! If you are not in the Aquarium Shrimp Keeping page on facebook you have to get on it. Currently I have a poll on there to giveaway a free shrimp3D model, just not sure which of the 6 patterns available ill be giving away. that's when all of you come in and decide which shrimp pattern to giveaway. I'm currently a moderator on that page so ill be accepting all new people. https://www.facebook.com/groups/2269678819924237?tsid=0.889225702582062&source=result
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    Some shrimps in my collection
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    Some of the taitibee are now beginning to show nice head patterns as well as a more opaque color.
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    I think I might get me my own T-Shirt. Would anyone really buy this from me if I made them into production. Im a small shop in Chicago, IL and slowly growing.
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    Hi everyone! I'm here to offer you guys some high quality shrimp food for great prices! This food is amazing quality by the brand Ebi No Seicho. It is a French brand and has shown great improvement in health, color, and breeding to all tanks it is fed to! There are a variety of different food that will fit all your needs. You can find all of these foods at their official US distributor, Elevateshrimp.com however we are offering a special forum only deal The current deal: (New deals every month!) Spend $20 and get one 2oz container of Staple Gold free! spend 35 and get a 4oz! Also, all food is going to be 20% off the website price until the end of May![/B] SPECIAL OFFER! We have TWO sponge filter bio-film reactors from elevateshrimp.com! They are great for shrimp tanks, just stick em on top of your sponge filter and the bio media inside tumbles and releases biofilm into the tank! These are first come first serve! We are giving them away to people who spend atleast $60! Shipping to Continental US only for the time being! Shipping will priority mail and will be calculated based on distance. Orders over $50 will receive free shipping! Food and prices:(Description and pictures down below) ----------------------------Regular Price---------Forum only Price-------------------------------------------------------- Ebi No Seicho Ebi Crispz:-----------------------$12-------------------$9.6 Ebi One: **Best Seller!!**------$12-------------------$9.6 Shrimp Bead:--------------------$10-------------------$8 Shrimp Boost:-------------------$12-------------------$9.6 Shrimp Color (powder):---------$10-------------------$8 Soft Mix:------------------------$11-------------------$8.8 Meat Pad:-----------------------$12-------------------$9.6 Limited Edition:-----------------$12-------------------$9.6 Regular Mix:--------------------$11-------------------$8.8 Fulvique Tonique:---------------$10-------------------$8 Water Flake: 80g-----------------------------$18-------------------$14.40 150g----------------------------$29-------------------$23.20 Elevate Shrimp Brand Food (extra 10% off on these!) ----------------------------Regular Price---------Forum only Price------------------------------------------------------- Staple Gold: Sample: ------------------------$2-------------------Free with Any purchase over $20 (just ask) 1 oz.----------------------------$3.50-----------------$2.45 2 oz.----------------------------$6---------------------$4.20 4 oz.----------------------------$11-------------------$7.70 6 oz.----------------------------$19-------------------$13.30 Super Flakes 12g:----------------------------$7--------------------$4.90 25g:----------------------------$12-------------------$8.40 Pictures and Description! Ebi Crispz Good protein content with a mix of green vegetables Increases growth and colors The ideal mix for your shrimps for balanced nutrition Feed approximately 2-3 Ebi Crispz granules for every 15 shrimp, or ideally a similar size portion of various sized Crispz. Ingredients: Salmon meal, wheat gluten, krill, spinach, green cabbages, krill meal, amino acids (lysine and threonine), seaweeds, minerals, salmon oil, vitamin, rosemary extract. Protein 44.0%, fat 5.5%, fiber 6.6%, ash 5.8%, humidity 6.0% My shrimp go CRAZY over Ebi Crispz. One of my favorite foods to feed Ebi One Growth boosting protein formation prepared into small light chips. feed one chip every 2 days for approximately 15 shrimps Ingredients: fish meal, cornstarch, yeast, spirulina, shrimp meal Protein 60.6%, fat 9.8%, fiber 2.0%, ash 10.4%, humidity 8.0% Probably second favorite to my shrimp, theres a high amount of protein in it Shrimp Bead a Powdered food designed for young and developing adults. Rich in vitamins, minerals, and protein. Increases growth and colors. The high iodine content has a positive effect on metabolism, promotes digestion. A pinch every 2 days for 10 shrimp Ingredients: Fresh algae (ascophyllum nodosum), 100% natural without additives Amazing for large and small shrimp alike. powdered but a bit larger grain Shrimp Boost Increases the survival rate of juvenile and very young shrimp due to the protein rich composition. Shrimp Boost sticks slowly break down into a coarse powder once submerged and will feed many young shrimp without the stress of competing with larger mature shrimp as they all search for morsels of food. 2 mini sticks for 10 shrimp every 2 days. (best used as a supplement with shrimp basic). Ingredients: Fish meal, corn starch, yeast, sprirulina, shrimp meal. Protein 58.8%, fat 9.1%, fiber 2.0%, ash 14.6%, humidity 6% Feeding dish is suggested, dont want the powder breaking up and sinking into your substrate! Soft Mix 100% natural vegetarian pellet formation for daily feeding. Every ingredient in Soft Mix has a beneficial effect to your shrimps and will help their digestion, molting process, along with improving their immunity against parasitic diseases. Feed 1 stick for every 15 shrimp, break into pieces first Ingredients: Nettles, dandelion, spinach, echinacea, plantain A good soft food, more easily accepted by shrimp Meat Pad Food designed for young and developing adults. Possibility of reducing to powder. Good amount of protein for healthy growth. Feed 1/2 pad per 15 shrimps Ingredients: Fish, cereals, yeasts, plants, seaweed. Turns very powder! feeding dish highly suggested. shrimp go MAD for it no matter what, theyll grab on while its still sinking! Limited Edition Ebi No Seicho's Limited edition food contains a mix of proteins and amino acids to provide your shrimp with a powerhouse of nutrition. Supplementing this into your shrimp's diet will make your juvenile shrimp grow quick and healthy. 1 stick for 15 shrimp, break into pieces before feeding. Ingredients: Animal protein, amino acids, minerals, vitamins Protein 59.3%, fat 10.9%, fiber 2.4%, ash 9.2%, humidity 6% Havent used this food as much as the others, but my shrimp seem to like it! Regular Mix 100% natural vegetarian pellet formation for daily feeding. Every ingredient in Regular Mix has a beneficial effect to your shrimps and will help their digestion, molting process, along with improving their immunity against parasitic diseases. 1 stick for 15 shrimp, break into pieces before feeding. Ingredients: Nettles, walnut leaves, spinach, seaweed, lucerne, red paprika, and echinacea Part of my weekly feeding routine, another of my tank favorites Fulvique Tonique great if you want to add more tannins to the water. helps the shrimp's immune system as well and acts as an antibacterial against bacterial infections. 1/2 a spoon (provided) for every 30 liters of water. great to add around water change time I usually add in a bit during water changes **No pictures of this one at the moment! each bag is 30g** Water Flake High in amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Smaller sized vs snowflakes, Designed specifically for shrimp not repackaged cattle feed! 1/2 a flake for every 10 shrimp, uneaten food is ok to leave in tank for up to 5 days! Ingredients: soybean husks Protein 13.0%, fat 6.6%, fiber 28.0%, ash 5.0%, humidity 8.5% I love this food, instead of snowflakes i usually toss a bunch of this in my tanks every few days Staple Gold This food is the ideal food for feeding large colonies, especially juvenile sized shrimp. caridina, neocaridina and sulawesi shrimp go crazy to get a piece of this food. Staple Gold provides a quickly consumed source of protein that is essential for fast and healthy growth. The size and lightweight composition allow for mature and juvenile shrimp alike to pick up a piece and carry it away to be eaten safely in a low stress environment. Feed 1 pellet for every 2-3 shrimp. It is recommend that you do not overfeed your shrimp. Feeding more than 3x per day is unnecessary for the regular shrimp hobbyist. crude protein: 40%, crude fats 2.8%, crude fiber: 3%, ash 9% AMAZING FOOD. i toss a bit in with every meal, my shrimp go crazy and its the perfect serving size for shrimp to pick one up and run with it SAMPLE SIZE Super Flakes Super Flakes are 100% natural and GMO free dehydrated vegetable, similar but more nutritious than the common "snowflake" soy bean hull based pellets. Unlike snowflake pellets, Super Flakes contain unprocessed fibers which are important for a shrimps digestive tract and in addition Super Flakes are extremely rich in vitamin A, C, B2, B1, folate and vegetable protein. This food is also full of anti-oxidants and flavonoids which are extremely beneficial to shrimp immunity and fertility. Remove uneaten/discarded shells after a few days and try and limit the feeding to 1 large Flake per ~10 shrimp to gauge your shrimp colonies hunger. Another one of the reasons why i no longer use snowflakes! shrimp go crazy for this, just dont forget to remove the uneaten husks!
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    Caught this guy sitting on top of a one of the floaters grazing...haha
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    When shrimps are stressed or improperly handled, they don't die overnight. They usually die randomly. This is why a lot of people who purchases shrimp from "pre-sales" gets their whole order arrive with barely any DOA but by the end of the month 50-100% of the shrimps are dead in your tank.
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    I was thinking that since I will already be taking a big loss on this, and I don't really need to recoup costs at all.. If you buy this I will donate 100% of the funds after shipping to UNICEF. I will provide you with proof that it was donated too
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    Got another rack, did a trim on the 190 gallon, got some new aquatop tanks, and got some ghost bee looking shrimp from my star dust pinto cross.
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    Got shrimp this Monday and wanted to post some pics Thanks to Dani at Shrimp Life for the yellow and red Neos. Packed well and she was so nice she included some brownie buce! First buce in the tank! Also got some supplies from Will at The Shrimp Tank on Monday, pictured below as well. Thanks for the fast shipping Will! Can't forget Louis at Green Pepper Shrimps with the aquarium oxygen accelerant I received Friday. This is all glass and well made, also pictured below. Not to mention I couldn't find one anywhere else when I first spotted one of these. Last pic and my favorite, one of the ladies is berried up with green eggs!
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    I think it was the ammonia. The ammonia should always be at zero. Did you cycle the tank before you put the shrimp in? If so, how long did you cycle it and was the pH at zero when you put the shrimp in? Don't bother with any commercial product that claims to raise or lower the pH. It won't work. I don't know what the KH (carbonate hardness) of your water is, but KH acts as a natural buffer for water. If you use a product like pH down or similar, it will lower your pH to your desired goal, and you'll be really happy... Until you test the pH the next day. Then you'll find that it has rebounded right back up to 8. It's the natural buffers (KH) in the water doing that. You can add the pH down every day and the pH will simply rebound the next. It would be a pain to have to add it every day, and it's bad for any livestock in the tank to have the pH constantly yoyoing up and down. Those kinds of things don't work. You can try natural products like indian almond leaves and peat pillows, but they don't work overnight. They work gradually to lower the pH and their ability to do so will still depend on the KH of your water. If your KH is high, they won't work. Once again, the KH of your water will resist any change in pH. API makes a simple test to determine the KH of your water. The higher it is, the more it will resist pH changes to your water. That's why a lot of shrimp keepers use RO/DI. It has a zero KH. They can then reconstitute it to the desired GH/KH that they want with products like Salty Shrimp and others. (GH = Genreal hardness). ...Like bienengarnele12 said. Also, a substrate made for shrimp will help keep the pH low. A combination of the 2 is the best. I'd do a 50% water change and put some Prime in the water to neutralize the ammonia. And maybe pick up a small bottle of Tetra Safe Start. With only shrimp in the tank, it should cycle it within a day or two and create a healthier environment for them. If you want them to breed faster, shrimp substrate and reconstituted RO/DI is the way to go. Neos can live and breed at a pH of 8. I've done it with my BMs. But they didn't breed as prolifically as they did in my other tank with a lower pH. It's healthier for them. I eventually swapped out the substrate in that tank. You can always cycle some shrimp substrate in a separate bucket, and swap out the tank substrate when it's ready. Blue Velvets are so pretty against a dark substrate! It really makes their color pop! Hope this helps...
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    An oxydator is a device that converts hydrogen peroxide via a catalytic reaction into concentrated oxygen. It's used primarily to increase oxygen in the water column. This probably would do a better job of explaining it than I would: http://www.aquariumoxygenator.com/
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    Update: after waiting a few weeks for some of the shrimplets to mature. I decided to take a few pics of them. Here's a few pics of them as of now. My guess is they are Red Bolt phenotype since they are Tangtais.
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    AGREED! He is this months shrimp pimp.....The shrimp and setup are unreal!
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    I discovered this baby lizard caught in a cobweb in the front of our house. After I took the video, I removed the maple seed capsule. And the lizard seemed relieved and went hiding.