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  1. blue velvet don't breed true,but a blue coming from a red.... do you have a tank of blue shrimp? you order plants or something that is shipped wet? if kept moist,it's possible a hitchhiker shrimp could survive.
  2. 40 breeder included in sale? i'll be looking to buy one myself for a fish tank. for loaches,you'll need caves,tubes,ect...where it blocks out the light.they also like tight places. sand comes in black, 2-3 inches
  3. yeah, you could add a medium-top swimmers. this will help http://www.aqadvisor.com just use as a guide for stocking options. if you go with tetras,go with at least 8.. 8 would make it 77% stocked. don't go much higher unless experienced.
  4. ...to Singapore?
  5. i would't worry about the water until you get the ro unit. rule out what you can first. people have killed shrimp from Baxter ae. you use very little. when i used it,i took a fork...half a prong was the amount i used. though on 10g's,it was for a few dozen to few hundred shrimp. once a week.
  6. you numbers are not too high that would cause mass death. did you do a water change before the deaths started? you have a small colony,right? it could be your over feeding. stop using Baxter ae. you may be using too much for the amount of shrimp and too often.
  7. yes it's 0.1 gram per 10g,but dog dewormer is 22.2%. for pure, you divide it by 4.5 which is .02* gram per 10g...or 0.017* for 8g. pretty much,a very small amount.
  8. that's fine for a TDS,but gh a lot more important. did a search,people like the pure water club. you can get a 50 GPD for $64 on ebay. http://www.ebay.com/itm/0PPM-Portable-50-GPD-Reverse-Osmosis-RO-DI-Filtration-water-system-POQ-4B-50-/110691608751?hash=item19c5bbe8af:g:c9gAAOSwKtVWyhzi mmm,who is the OP?
  9. i've heard people keeping cherry shrimp in over 8 with no problem. as long as it's stable. the concern should be gh and TDS. i would still go with ro water,you are in control of what's in the water.
  10. i would still use ro water,but i have liquid rock coming out of my tap. even if you have perfect water and stays the same,hardness in the tank will go up over time. for minerals,saltyshrimp gh/kh+ for neos. get a TDS pen,makes mixing easier,no need to test gh each time. been using a DI maker,so i can't help on a ro unit. i'll be looking to buy one next month myself.
  11. i've heard people say put vinegar on the rock,if it bubbles it will affect the water. it may raise TDS,but you don't want a change in ph,gh,kh. normally rocks like lava rock for aquarium are treated before packaged. i think they do a acid dip. soaking in a solution of regular bleach and water may do the same thing. i don't use rocks,so maybe someone that does will chime in. if you use vinegar,wash very well. if you use bleach,soak with a solution of water and dechlorinator until the smell of bleach is gone.
  12. you need to open the valve to release the pressure.
  13. no,they breed in freshwater. in the wild they go to brackish water just to release the larvae. if you want to try to raise them that's what you have to reproduce. you put her in a small tank before she releases and take her out right after....do some googleing on breeding ghost shrimp. don't expect many of them to become babies. if some do survive,you have to wait until they're big enough so the fish don't eat them before adding them to the main tank.
  14. you get two bottles,gh and kh test. i just file 13 my kh bottles. kh of 3 or more makes ph stable. higher kh can make a higher ph. even if your ph is over 8.0,being stable is more important. gh is what matters on molting issues. they can have problems if gh is 10 and above or 6 and below. 7-9 is what is perfect for cherry shrimp. i wouldn't bother with mineral balls,cuttlebone,or anything like that. cuttlebone adds calcium in the water...there is already calcium in water. they also need it in their diet,lots of foods made for shrimp have calcium in it.