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  1. i've heard people say put vinegar on the rock,if it bubbles it will affect the water. it may raise TDS,but you don't want a change in ph,gh,kh. normally rocks like lava rock for aquarium are treated before packaged. i think they do a acid dip. soaking in a solution of regular bleach and water may do the same thing. i don't use rocks,so maybe someone that does will chime in. if you use vinegar,wash very well. if you use bleach,soak with a solution of water and dechlorinator until the smell of bleach is gone.
  2. you need to open the valve to release the pressure.
  3. no,they breed in freshwater. in the wild they go to brackish water just to release the larvae. if you want to try to raise them that's what you have to reproduce. you put her in a small tank before she releases and take her out right after....do some googleing on breeding ghost shrimp. don't expect many of them to become babies. if some do survive,you have to wait until they're big enough so the fish don't eat them before adding them to the main tank.
  4. you get two bottles,gh and kh test. i just file 13 my kh bottles. kh of 3 or more makes ph stable. higher kh can make a higher ph. even if your ph is over 8.0,being stable is more important. gh is what matters on molting issues. they can have problems if gh is 10 and above or 6 and below. 7-9 is what is perfect for cherry shrimp. i wouldn't bother with mineral balls,cuttlebone,or anything like that. cuttlebone adds calcium in the water...there is already calcium in water. they also need it in their diet,lots of foods made for shrimp have calcium in it.
  5. what shrimp do you want to keep? what you need depends on what shrimp it is. that sand drops the ph below 7.0,so it's for a shrimp that likes a lower ph. for cherry shrimp of different colors,you want an invert substrate. first start with water. to be successful,best chances is with using pure water (reverse osmosis or distilled) and add the minerals.
  6. i have heat packs ordered,but i don't like offering something i don't have on hand. at most it's delayed for those in need of one. right now--sold. not necessary true they stop breeding in winter.
  7. 2 available. i know,not the best time of year to be low on heat packs.
  8. 3 packages up for grabs. no heat packs. 20 something shrimp. $6 shipped. first three replies in this thread saying they want them...get them. ships Saturday or Monday.
  9. ● Item: 15 Snowball shrimp ● Closing Date/Time: Friday 1/06/2017 7PM ET/4PM PT ● Gender: mixed ● Size: mixed ● Parameters: GH 8 KH 4 ● Starting Bid: $10.00 ● Minimum Bid Increment: $1.00 ● Shipping: Free (includes heat pack if needed) ● DOA Policy: contact me if they arrive dead. Ships Saturday or Monday after end of auction.
  10. they're in another tank. being shipped tuesday.
  11. they don't need to be shaken. age might affect the result. if the bottle is near empty,it can show a higher result because air goes in the drops.
  12. sold. parties pm'd.
  13. $6 shipped. $14 shipped if heat pack is needed. ships tuesday. i counted at least 30 in the tank,so i'm doing 2 packages of 15. a bunch of them are breading age or near it. there are also some small babies. i'm moving so i'm just charging what it costs me too ship,so they go to another home and not down the drain.
  14. well,if you don't do top offs with pure water and just do water changes,the gh will go up. mark where the water level should be if you have a rimless or lower level under the rim. i wouldn't worry about TDS in the tank unless it's super low or high,but the number is around 175-225. i only use my TDS pen when mixing. remove a little water and slowly add ro. do a little bit each day till the gh is between 7-9.i shoot for 8.