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  1. @dazalea - do you still have the last pack?
  2. @Minereaper LOL - I think I've read that before. I remember the larvae images. There isn't much info on them, that is true:
  3. indian whisker shrimp
  4. amano shrimp and eggs
  5. No, the Indian whisker shrimp eggs are bright green on mine. They have not had any eggs since receiving them. Two clutches were released, but the adults ate them all. If I get any more clutches, and larvae, I will probably sieve out the larvae and try rearing them on golden pearls and brine shrimp in a separate container. I have been feeding the whisker shrimp hikari crab cuisine, algae tablets and they really enjoyed the brine shrimp along with their own babies.
  6. Interesting. I have some Indian whisker shrimp that look similar, to this last set of photos. The first set of photos definitely look like different shrimps to me - the amanos, because of that stripe down the back, curved tail instead of humped and short rostrum. Anyways, maybe someone else can help you with this. Best of luck to you!
  7. I have amanos and my ph is over 7... like 7.4 or more. They do well in that water. Some of my amanos get reddish tones, some do not. I'm working with someone on plantedtank forums for working out how to raise up the babies. I've had 3 failed clutches so far. Join us and we can all learn more together.
  8. That looks like an amano shrimp... and the eggs look normal to me...
  9. Amano under cover
  10. I really like the sexy shrimp... I like shrimp, in general...
  11. Nom nom nom nom....
  12. I'm interested in getting some of these in fall - do you sell them or know someone that does?
  13. Okay, I'll look you up come fall for the green or blue rili. Every time I see your user name, that "Mister F" from Arrested Development pops in my head.
  14. I guess the Nessies are tolerant to my water parameters and the coloring varies? This could look nice... Do you also have the the neon yellows as well? I thought I saw something to that effect when the neon greens popped up. That could probably sew up the last of my selections of shrimp.
  15. How are the neon greens doing? I could be interested in these over the blue rili. Also would find the neon yellows a good option for the yellow shrimp I'm looking for.