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  1. New tank project. I have an empty 30 breeder from my rack of six that I'm turning into four smaller tanks. I cut acrylic, and have adhered them using aquarium silicone. the sides are completely sealed, but the bottom has a half inch gap to let water/bacteria/whatever move across all four sections. I'll cover those gaps with black substrate to keep the shrimp from jumping from one section to the next. I just need to let the acrylic harden for a few days. Then I'll add substrate, fill the tanks, populate with leaves and cones, add a small, pre-established sponge filter to each section, and dump a few fish in for a week or two. Then it's off to add a few new shrimp groups to the mix.
  2. The babies from the berried female above are doing well. Growing incredibly fast. Check out dinner time below. The second photo shows 5 more berried females. Jeesh. The fifth is facing the camera, so you can't see the eggs. But, it's the same female from the earlier images above.
  3. I have seen the necrosis presentation before, and I'm not seeing that here. The yellows are really nice quality, and honestly, not very translucent, so it might be hard to really diagnose that. Every time I've tested the water, it's been quite stable. I'm not seeing any shifts. I read one review of Bacter AE killing shrimp, and about 25 touting how great it is as a regular food source. I'm afraid to use it now, although I put a little in each of my 4 shrimp tanks, and this one is the only one with any issues. Now, it's possible there is some sort of fertilizer leaching out. The substrate I'm using came along with a tank I purchased a while back. Again, I have the same substrate in a different tank with red rili, and they are flourishing. But the substrate is an unknown. I'm going to try to continue with frequent, small water changes. Hell, maybe something got in there.
  4. I purchased 20 yellow neos about 1 month ago. They were healthy, active and eating well for about two weeks. Then I lost one. Then another. Then another. Never more than 1 per day, but over the past two weeks plus, I've lost half of the group. I can't quite figure out what the problem is. Water parameters: Ammonia: 0 ppm Nitrite: 0 ppm Nitrate: 10 ppm KH: 3 GH: 7 TDS: 191 pH: 7.2 Temp: 74F There are plenty of molts laying around the substrate. Now, I have 3-4 berried females, so the potential for this group to rebound exists, but I have little confidence that they'll make it long enough. I had purchased some Bacter AE, and I put a tiny amount in to promote bio film growth. The day after I added it, the first death happened. I haven't added anymore, and it's very possible that it was coincidental. I also did a 25% water change this past weekend. Any ideas? The tank has some leaves, cholla wood, a little java moss. The exact same stuff exists in my other 3 shrimp tanks, and they are thriving.
  5. 4 - loverland I like this forum because it helps me accidentally murder fewer shrimp.
  6. UPDATE: 12/5/16 The first female to hold (pictured above) finally had her eggs hatch over the weekend. I've spotted a few tiny, TINY shrimplets on the glass here and there. By my math, the eggs took about 25-26 days to hatch at 74 degrees. My guess is if I had the temp up to 77-78, that might have trimmed a day or two off of that. I still have four more berried females, and the one above already has a pretty massive saddle. I also spotted a berried goldenback this weekend. And, I added 10 really nice cherries and 10 blue velvets to my groups, so now all four groups are in double digits and ready to roll. I'll try to get a few pics this week.
  7. Hey all. I've posted a few times on this forum, but I just realized that I should probably drop a quick post here. I live in a burb of St. Paul/Minneapolis in Minnesota. I've been in the fish biz for 20 years, and just recently caught the shrimp bug. I've been an African cichlids guy forever, but the general interest level in cichlids in MN has wained a bit in recently years, whereas shrimp keeping seems to be on the rise here. I run, if you are bored and want to check out another fish forum. I have four shrimp tanks running at the moment, and I'll probably see if I can keep the inhabitants alive for a few months before I add more tanks. I have about 11 tanks dedicated to cichlids. There's no way in hell I'm adding more tanks, so if I want more shrimp tanks, I need to kill of some cichlid tanks. I have all neos right now (cherry, red rili, blue pearl, and yellows from @dazalea. They yellows are doing well. I did lose a couple the day after I added a TINY bit of bacter AE to the tank. Coincidence?). The red rili are the oldest/largest, and currently 5 females are berried. I have a journal post going, so if you spot an obvious error in shrimp keeping, yell at me, will ya?
  8. My red rili group is, well, eager. I now have 5 berried females. It was November 7 when the first became berried, so it's up to 22 days. I'm expecting a wave of wee ones in the next few days.
  9. As I feared, these eggs were covered in fungus within 48 hours. Boo.
  10. I'm using a Cobalt. I've had good luck with these with cichlid eggs, but these are decidedly NOT cichlid eggs. Tiny buggers.
  11. Well, here goes. I had read that article before, so I figured I'd give it a try. Instead of putting the eggs in a separate container, I'm going to try tumbling them. I don't know how long the female has been dead of if the eggs were properly fertilized at all, but I guess it's worth a shot. You can see there were quite a few little eggs. They definitely were not easy to remove from the female, so it's also possible they were damaged in the process. From my past egg tumbling experience with cichlids, I have my doubts about these surviving. Guessing they'll be covered in fungus by tomorrow.
  12. I have a small group of 5 neo blue pearls. The very saddled female molted yesterday, and was hiding last night. Came home to find her berried, and dead. Any guesses as to why that would happen? How can a shrimp be healthy enough to go through that process and die within 24 hours?
  13. All four shrimp tanks are now up and running. This has me up to 15 tanks. This is not good. Time to tear down a few cichlid tanks. Updated shrimp tank list: 20 gallon high Current occupants: - 16 red rili 20 gallon long - 21 yellows/yellow goldenbacks (have lost two) 10 gallon A - 5 blue pearl (need to add a group to this) 10 gallon B - 4 cherry reds (need to add a group to this)
  14. It seems to have, at the very least, slowed way down. I did a 20% water change to get the TDS down a bit, and it seems to be hovering around 180. I'm going to try to continue with small water changes to get the KH/GH back down closer to 3/6. The rocks that I use in my cichlid tanks just don't work in my shrimp tanks. Within one week of putting two of these rocks in a bucket with pure RO water, the TDS went from 8 to 46. So whether or not these rocks are THE problem, I'm not yet sure. But, they absolutely contributed.
  15. I found a lethargic neo in my tank a couple days ago. The translucent part of its body was, well, less translucent. I moved it to a quarantine tank, and it was dead within 24 hours. Research points to muscular necrosis, which cites poor water conditions. Ph seems fine and stable at around 7.0. Temp and aeration have been stable. Nitrates/nitrites/ammonia aren't the problem. But, I have had steadily rising TDS/KH/GH. I did a slow water change with RO water yesterday which lowered the TDS back under 200. But, could that be the culprit? If not, what could it be? And, lastly, since this is apparently contagious, how do I avoid this wiping out my tank? Do I keep up small, remineralized water changes? I know this is a stressor for shrimp, so I don't want to add to the problem. But, my KH/GH are both still higher than I'd prefer. I was aiming for 3/6, which is where the water started. But, over the past two weeks, it crept up to 5/8. I THINK I've slowed the hardness creep by removing a few rocks that clearly added to the TDS. Medications?