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  1. I third Plamski! Beautiful, healthy shrimp at a very reasonable price. This guy was from a small batch I got from Plamski earlier this month - as you can see, he went straight to work after getting dripped in. IMG_1276.MP4
  2. PM sent
  3. Preferably in/near the Atlanta area, please. Thanks!
  4. Buy with confidence - Grant has awesome shrimp.
  5. Thanks, ohmiko! The second one looks like the Lorax!
  6. Recently set up a 2.5-gallon micro tank for a handful of these little guys. One thing I learned very quickly is that they do NOT like the cold - ever since I moved them into my bathroom with a space heater, they've been very active and even fairly adventurous. The other thing is that they fit very easily through the slots covering the filter intake (this is a TopFin "Retreat"), so there's probably a whole party going on back there. Eventually going to fasten a piece of mesh behind the cover to keep them out. In the meantime, I'm enjoying them - I don't find them as cute or charming as my shrimp, but they are pretty entertaining. IMG_9339.MOV IMG_9483.MOV
  7. PM sent
  8. I'll take a package if it's still available!
  9. PM sent.
  10. Good to know, Julian. They do seem to be much hardier and easier to take care of than freshwater shrimp!
  11. That's "ma'am." Wound up ordering some from Mustafa, but thanks!
  12. My brackish-water tank has finally finished cycling, so I'm ready for some Opae'ula to take up residence. Anybody have 20 or so for sale?
  13. coryjames, beautiful shrimp and pics! Still looking into camera options but have been playing around with a cheap macro clip on for my iPad. Lots of limitations, but it's caught a few decent pics. This is a short vid of my berried mischling: IMG_8860.MOV
  14. *Really* shouldn't be buying more shrimp right now, but... Could I get a smaller quantity? Say five of the yellow KK? The last little guys I got from you continue to kick the asses of my commercially-bred shrimp.
  15. Grant, any pics of the yellow King Kongs?