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  1. Dani, I'll take two 20-packs of mulberry leaves. PM sent with PayPal info. Thanks!
  2. Paul, do you know if there is a top available that will fit this little tank?
  3. Paul, I'll take it if it's still available! PM inbound...
  4. Thanks, sparky, that sounds like exactly what I'm looking for!
  5. Dani, I'll take a package! PM sent.
  6. I would really like to set up a 20-gallon long for Sulawesi shrimp, but a recent power outage had me wondering how to maintain the temperature and filtration if it's out for more than a few hours. Is there such a thing as a battery backup for heaters and filters, and can it be set to kick in automatically when needed?
  7. LOL, Mike! Gotta keep the puffer happy! Give me a few weeks to let the babies get bigger. I paid $15 shipped for my original bunch of 6+1 juveniles; will sell them to you (along with all the babies I can trap) for the same price.
  8. Caught them shoving the shrimp out of the way in the food dish tonight, so I'm removing them. Dropped the bigger ones into my micro crab tank. How effective is the lettuce trick with the babies? And what do I do with all of them once they've been relocated? Anybody in the Atlanta area want a ton of blue ramshorns? 😄
  9. Cool, thank you! Currently feeding mainly mulberry and moringa leaves, supplementing once or twice a week with a rotation of different foods. If the snail population goes nuts, I'll do the lettuce thing.
  10. PM sent.
  11. My ramshorns recently started breeding like crazy - haven't been able to count all the babies but there are dozens all over the tank. They're in a 20-gallon hex. Do they self-limit their population, or will I eventually have to remove some?
  12. Awesome! PM sent...
  13. Any specials on just mulberry leaves? My shrimp have become little mulberry pigs - they're going through my supply of leaves like crazy!