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  1. Erik is a great great dude!! I bought buce from him (tons of it). blue dwarf crays too.
  2. I had crabs once but i used medicine that killed them
  3. Look out for those crabs
  4. Agreed! It seems my yellow Neos don't care for shrimp food but rather pick detritus off the substrate. However , my Red and black crystal shrimp love certain shrimp food, others not so much.
  5. shrimp net

    I can see its a tough net and high quality . If only they were all under the $20 price point.
  6. shrimp net

    Nice net slightly pricey though,
  7. Wow thats old. Im shocked they sold food that old.
  8. Maybe change your name before changing your shrimp tank to Discus. Being called a crackhead is not very desirable ...
  9. Yup know her well. She is extremely knowlegable when it comes to plants, shrimp ,invertebrates and all nano aqua species. Very passionate and always willing to help answer questions one may have. Great video . Good post emma
  10. They look nice . Nice job ! Nice colors
  11. I like to hear the answers we get here. Nice tank you got going on there! Shrimp look good too
  12. OK .... lets get to work than enough of the chatting! Lets see the photos
  13. lets see a photo my good buddy. Show us how pretty they are!!