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  1. Get another tank ...What wrong with you Mike ? you know you want another one
  2. you and 10 million others
  3. AGREED! He is this months shrimp pimp.....The shrimp and setup are unreal!
  4. come on...who would be so lucky?
  5. can't ask for a better photo than that
  6. who you buy them from?
  7. Lets see a photo of them
  8. ok being shipped out tomorrow 2-18
  9. When are you shipping out these items?
  10. I did it once . Never again, they sucked the blood out left the outer body to decay
  11. Ok thanks, Mike . The photo and explanation is great help. They look like they are doing well for you.
  12. Mike can you send photo of Downoi red?
  13. Ok thanks Mike . I just ordered some from Daz the other day.
  14. ok no CO2 what about ferts ? how often and what kind? Plants look unreal! Light how many hours?
  15. thats because he's the man! Grant do you use CO2 in your planted tank ?