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  1. done!
  2. I found 1 scud in my tank today, netted the bugger out. Basically anything that doesn't look like it should be in a shrimp tank, GET IT OUT! haha
  3. eww how did it even get in your tank?
  4. I think different things work for different people, I started with a 2.5 nano planted for my shrimp, started with about 15, Only 1 female ever got berried and gave birth.so i had about 15 adults and 20 ish babies...Slowly over a 2 month period I lost them all. Got a 12 gallon long...and they're breeding non-stop...3 months since i started I'm counting over 60 babies and 6 more berried! This is one of the reasons I love this hobby, the "new" experiences are never ending you'll always encounter something different from another shrimp keeper! I guess it really just is whatever works for you!.
  5. That happened with me when I first started my colony too, saw one shrimp berried, super excited, next day only saw a couple of berries left. Then none. However the same shrimp, in a week or two showed up berried again! and carried it all the way through to the end and got my first batch of CRS babies! just hang in there! The fact that she got berried means you're doing something right! I see a lot of users on here who try to add "breeding stimulants", water additives, etc whenever "something unexpected" happens. Keep your parameters stable and to their liking and they will breed!
  6. You're very welcome shrimporama! They're ALL pretty IMO...hahaha probably not going to be setting up any tanks soon as i'm scheduled to move in 6 months..so in the future hopefully
  7. 4 Week Update Shrimplet survival rate is oustanding! Officially have 3rd batch of PRL CRS babies. Super good mix of patterns, with each batch of offspring I can notice a good mix of various S-SSS patterns. I found one from the newest batch of babies that I'm super excited to see what it looks like once it's larger. This little guy on the right. I haven't really seen a crs like this one, think it'll look super cool once bigger.
  8. Lol, yeah I used what I had, and i kind of like having the hardline in there so I can adjust the length of the tube when i use it to vacuum my other tanks which are on much lower racks..
  9. Yeah it's pretty crazy, just noticed another berried one not berried now, and a new shrimp is berried..seeing lots of potential in this new batch!
  10. Hi Bella, No video but I do have photos. Here is the DIY Vacuum, not pretty but works great! 1. I hold the soft airline tubing with tweezers to guide them around the tank. 2. I use my other hand to pinch a bend in the airline tubing so I can stop the flow whenever I want. 3. I basically spot clean my substrate by stopping/starting the flow after inserting the tubing into the substrate about 0.5 inches - 0.75 inches deep and starting the flow sucking out all the "muck" and detritus. I purposely used clear tubing at the end so i could see all the "muck" being sucked out, and simply move onto another spot once the water is coming out clear. As you can see I am vacuuming right next to a baby but it is undisturbed because I slowly put the airline tubing into the substrate and started the flow again after the tube was not going to suck up the babies! Hope this helps!
  11. Started with 13, counted over 60 babies today...
  12. Yeah that makes sense, I would keep them all if I could, but my colony is growing a lot faster than I anticipated...hahaha
  13. Thanks OMG, I think I'm more referring to time, as in is the juvie stage usually between say, 2-3 months, 3-4 months, etc. So far I have 3 batches of CRS babies, each group is distinctive as they're all growing relatively at the same rate so I can distinguish which babies are from which batch. Unless what you're trying to tell me is that sexual maturity in caridina is more dependent on the size of the shrimp rather than the age of the shrimp. I guess this information for me is so A. I don't sell or trade shrimp with people that are way too young/small and B. So I know when I should cull the shrimp with characteristics I don't want.
  14. Hi everyone, I tried looking for answers, and I'm sure this has been asked many times, but I couldn't find the answer so if anyone could tell me the following: Shrimp life cycle (i.e. From Shrimplet (age?) Juvie (age?) Adult (age?) When do Caridina become sexually mature? What is the youngest age before I should start selling my shrimp? (i.e. how old are most of the juvie shrimps for sale?) Thanks in advance for any replies!
  15. I found that it usually takes 3-4 weeks, I've had this 1 shrimp who was berried for 5 weeks, had me worried but still popped out babies!