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  1. That was actually what taught me they are from Hong Kong! Hahaha then I did a little more research and found them! I should change my username to theShrimpstalker hahahha
  2. A trip to Hong Kong would definitely be worth it just to see the shrimp! Just don't forget all the good food and sightseeing! Hahaha
  3. Me too! I wish I had my GoPro, the shallow streams they were in were filled with leaf litter, in the shade etc and as you can imagine I just got pictures of dark puddles....hahaha
  4. Hi Everyone at TSS! So early this year I had the opportunity to travel to Hong Kong, the one thing I was super excited about? It's where Caridina Cantonensis comes from, or at least one of the few places that they are native to! Through some deep online research I found a place that is quite accessible to pedestrians if you guys ever happen to be in Hong Kong! The area is called Tai Tam, It is essentially a large water reservoir encompassed by a nature park with nice hiking trails. The hiking trails are paved so it is an easy walk. If hiking isn't your thing you gotta stop by Tung Choi Street or "Goldfish Street" there are a few specialty shrimp shops that have the most insane selections you've ever seen! The reservoir branches off into little estuaries and shallow streams, THE HABITAT OF THE SHRIMPS! I wasn't able to catch any photos of the shrimps in the shallow streams however, there is definitely an abundance of them! The ones that I could see had differing patterns of white/black striped, white/orange, clear/orange, clear/striped
  5. Still have some available! They've gotten bigger!
  6. HI GreenPepper! How big are the holes in the breeder box? will juvies ~1 cm fit through them? Thanks!
  7. Hi everyone! I have some CRS juvies available for pick up in the LA/OC/SD (Socal) area! These are all bred and born in my personal home tank! Shrimp are unsexed juvies, you get to watch them grow! Parents consisted of 4 PRL's and 10 high grade CRS. They are extremely active, feeding, and healthy! P.S. They're feeding dish trained Size: ~0.8-1.2 cm (app. 2.5 months old) Tank Details: Fluval Shrimp Stratum SS GH+ Remineralized RO/DI water IAL/Driftwood Parameters: Temp: ~72 ± 3 TDS: ~120 ± 5 Ammonia: 0 Nitrites: 0 Nitrates: >5 KH: 0 GH: 6 Package Prices: $40 / 10 or $45 / 15 (random scoop) $50 / 10 or $55 / 15 (SS no-entry only or SS hinomaru only) $70 / 10 or $75 / 15 (SSS only) (If more or less than 10 PM for inquiries) (5 minimum please ) Heres a video I made today! (Iphone 6s excuse the quality!)
  8. A bunch of babies came out today during a water change, probably because I was turning the substrate over throwing a bunch of munchies in the water. I counted over 100 babies the other day
  9. Hi Afeather! Thanks for the response! The juvies are almost ready, I'd like to say about one more week or so! Once they are ready I'll have to make a rough count of how many of each package I actually have available....
  10. Homebred CRS enjoying some MK-Breed Cheezeburger! Look at all the juvies! Just curious anyone local (Socal) interested? I think my tank is going to be overstocked soon!!
  11. Thanks undershrimp!
  12. I was bored today so I made a little video of my 12 G long while the shrimps were eating. It's a little long but I loved watching them!