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  2. Hello! What kind of crayfish is she? How big is the tank? Crayfish are usually nocturnal, so that might be why you don't see her out during the day. Does she have a lot of places to hide in the tank? Giving her more hiding spots may help her feel more safe roaming around the tank.
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  4. My crayfish always stays in her house during the day, “sleeping”. We got her when she was very young, and she never comes out of her house except at night. I’m considering getting another one the same size as her so she will be more active. Please help!
  5. The green house is doing great will have neos available soon
  6. Hey everyone Hope its all going well! I'm new to the hobby, and I would like to have the same help here. I have had my Shrimpies for about a month now, and I have been searching to try and identify if they are male or female, but I'm not 100% sure 😐 I'm hoping that someone here can help a man out here. I'll post a pic and what I think they are, but please correct me if I'm wrong! Male Female (Yellow one) Female Male Clueless, maybe Male?
  7. Your nitrates at 20, you should do a water change. I would not change your parameters, your fine there for Neos. Plus it would just stress out already stressed shrimp.
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  10. The super tigers are super awesome! Thank you Tom!
  11. Good to know, thanks. I checked the website I got them from and their water parameters are a lot different than mine. Would it be worth trying to (gradually) adjust my parameters to be more like that to help the shrimp I currently have (they have been in my water for about over two months) or would that just add more trauma?
  12. @OblongShrimp I wondered if you can share with us what shimp you kept outside?
  13. For Neocaridina, There is a big difference in terms of health, quality and mortality between import shrimp(bred overseas) or those bred by hobbyists locally. I wasted so much time and money on import shrimp when I started out years ago. One of the common issues aside from diseases (and rarely discussed) is DIE OFF which is them dying 1 by 1. (they don't acclimate well, stress etc) Ofcourse, parameters are major factor too, so if your parameters are what they should be, then I would look at source next. Try homebred next time, see if that makes a difference
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  15. Update: He's okay now, he must've been starved poor thing. He ate a little and now he can walk again! I'm so happy that he's healthy again!
  16. I have 2 ghost shrimp for my 1.5 gallon tank, one of them is healthy but the bigger one went into hiding. I just found him barely moving and moved him into a small container. He can eat, but he has trouble moving/righting himself. I don't have a test kit, so what could be wrong! Help would be appreciated.
  17. Seems like every one of my regular places to order plants is out of stock so I thought Id ask here. Does anyone have any stems of Ludwigia Repens Broadleaf or Red to sell? Please let me know if you do!!
  18. Thanks for the advice. I got my shrimp from an online store called The Shrimp Farm that seems to have decent reviews. I have also gotten some from a local aquarium store but they didn’t seem to do any better. The setup is about a year and a half old. I had a lot more issues at first, but things have been better for the last couple months other than the mystery deaths.
  19. I started my shrimp tank last week and am currently almost complete with the cycle, the tank was started with dechlorinated tap water. I am looking to change the water to either RO or RODI water as I have a unit to do this as I have a saltwater system as well. What do y'all use to remineralize water for the shrimp tank, also what are y'all feeding as well. any help would be greatly appreciated
  20. I have orange Rili adults. would be open to trade or buy your extras. let me know. I have about 20-25
  21. For me the best choice has been buying through fellow hobbyist. At least you know the history. I do have a tank of imported fishbones. Doing great but are very low grade. I did know this when buying them but I was fine with it. I just wanted to experiment with these and see how they turn out. All juvies to start.
  22. Where did you get your shrimp from? I see you're in California as well. There's quite a few hobbyist down here in Orange & LA county that breed and sell locally which is the best route when it's comes to buying in my opinion. If it's store bought you never know the history. I've always had the brackish water shimp Opae Ula. One hobbyist got me into the FW hobby. Started with orange neos, then blue, and now cherries. On top of that I've got a tank of CRS, & Super Tigers from Tom Quinn off this site.All my tanks are shrimp only tanks other then the ramshorn & pond snails. My tap water is fine for neos. I use RO and then remineralize for the CRS. How old is your set up?
  23. That's what figured, I don't think they are that old either (although I'm not great at guessing their age). pH is about 7, NO2 is 0, NO3 looks about 20, TDS is somewhere within the rage I mentioned earlier. GH is 11 and KH is about 4.
  24. No the rili pattern is not dominant over the solid colored shrimp, so it won't take over. If you want to breed for Rili Pattern - You would want to take out the rili patterned shrimp and selectively breed those to solidify a rili pattern, but you will need to cull regularly (remove non rili shrimp) to improve the line.
  25. That seems like too many unless they are all really old, especially for a small colony of 10 shrimp. What are all of your Parameters
  26. thank ypu for the kind words.
  27. amazing tigers! I bought some from Tom myself.
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