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  2. Welcome aboard! I've long wished I could print a 3D splash guard for Aqua Clear filter outputs. I keep shrimp tanks with a low water level and that's a bad mix with floating plants.
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  4. I used to keep ten gallon tanks outside in Southern California. I kept a fan on the water surface on warm days. I never had mosquito issues, but I had air filters in the tanks which caused surface agitation. It worked for me, it just wasn’t preferable because of the heating issues. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Hi, what a nice forum to find. My name is Ryan, I started keeping shrimp in 2010. I don’t currently have any stocked tanks due to some recent moves, but I’ve kept a decent variety in the past - various neos, CRS, CBS, Taiwan Bees, different snails and such. I love the hobby and while I’m not ready to get back into it this second I still like to read posts and talk about it. I also have a newish 3D printer I’ve started fooling around with, and am going to start seeing what I can make that goes in an aquarium or can be used for filters/etc. I’m always losing little pieces so maybe I can just make them myself! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. All orders over $50 get free shipping! Red Cherrys $2 each Orange Neos $3 each Green Jades $5 each Blue Dreams $5 each Green Emerald $7 each Snow Ball $2 each Golden Bee $2 each Ghost bee $3 each Pure Red Line a-s grade $4 each Super Tigers $4 each Aura Blue Tiger $10 each Yellow King Kong Rilli $12 each Green Tiger cull $3 each Black King Kong mix $6 each Shadow Panda $10 each Super Crystal Red $7 each mixed grade Black Tibee $3 each Red Tibee $5 each Blue Steel $15 each Mixed Taitibee $9 each rkk bkk phenotype Tangtai $3 each Fancy Black/Red Tiger medium grade $18 each Fancy Red Tiger High grade $35 each Orange Rabbit Snails $9 each
  7. I'll try to post some pictures you haven't seen yet here soon!
  8. Good to see you over here, Amy. And by the way, I don't consider your collection modest at all!
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  10. Hello, my name is Amy. Very happy to have stumbled onto this forum. Appears to have a wealth of information for the newbie- to the more experienced shrimp-keeper in the hobby. Ive been keeping shrimp about 6-ish months and as Im sure many can attest-- it's a bit addicting . Set up 4 shrimp tanks ranging from 5 gallons to 30 gallons in quick succession. The shrimp I keep are pretty modest- neo's and caradina sp. I didnt want to jump in the deep end without learning the basics. I am happy where I am at the moment. I also have a 180 gallon, a 60 gallon, and a 30 gallon with some pretty sensitive fish, so the shrimp hobby ( for me) needs to be taken in baby-steps as I learn. Of the shrimp that I have atm, my c. babaulti 'zebra' are my absolute favorite. Here is a picture of one of my females: And the tank she is in:
  11. Amy

    Hi folks!

    Excellent group you have there, Charles!
  12. I've lurked for years and this site pops up on my Google searches from time to time, but never decided to register and post until today. My name is Charles and I usually go by Chip or Chuck. I got my first cherry shrimp in 2006 and never looked back. Still have some of that original colony, but as I wanted other colors I always set up new tanks for them. Lately I've gotten into more Caridina and tigers. I currently have 11 planted shrimp tanks ranging from 5.5 to 125 gallons. Guess I'll show off some shrimp now. Fishbone pintos: blue pinto: CRS: CBS: OEBlackT: OEBlueT: Tangerine tiger: Super Tiger: Blue dream: dark cull Neo: yellow Neo, saddled and berried:
  13. HOMEBRED SHRIMP! A few packages available of each... Green Jades High Grade 10 for $75 (Medium-Dark Green at Maturity) Blue Velvet 10 for $40 (These are light-medium blue, lighter then blue dreams, a few of them have very minor rili markings, most will not) Fire Red 10 for $30 (color improves dramatically with age, beautiful red shrimp) Bloody Mary 10 for $50 (color improves dramatically with age, beautiful red shrimp) Pink Ramshorn Snails 10 for $15 (These are small pea size) All shrimp are juvenile size, sometimes I send a few young adults too. Shipping is $12 USPS Priority mail , insulated box and heat pack when needed.
  14. Hi Everyone and thank you for all the suggestions and info. I went on youtube and found the video Shrimp Life made (thank you so much for letting me know!!! ) which I believe is the most helpful video along with 2 more when it comes to shrimp. I am attaching them here in case in case anyone else needs similar info in the future. I got to go find myself some snow flakes now.. I think I read somewhere in the forum that we can make them ourselves (?).. I can not remember where though.. As for the leaves, basically all leaves will do assuming that they have not been treated with pesticides, correct? Leaves from flowers or just trees?
  15. Try to add mineral salt in the tank to help the shrimp molt properly. I had the same issue.
  16. What kind of shrimp one has to cross breed to obtain a blue jelly?
  17. Update. She’s still alive but looks like she has a lot of internal damage. I think she just ate the molt that came off. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. I did a video where I recommended Leaves + snowflake. Add the leaves 1-2 weeks before, add the snowflake the day you leave.
  19. I agree with pastu. Snowflakes won't pollute the water so that would be the best food source to provide your shrimps while you're gone. I also tend to load up on leaves to give them another extra food source that won't pollute the water. Since I have my aquarium lights set on a timer I plan to add an extra hour or 2 of light to increase the amount of algae and microorganism growth as a natural source of food. You can also try to turn down the room temperature slightly while you're gone. That will reduce the shrimp's metabolic rate, which will decrease the amount of food they'll need to eat and will also decrease the amount of waste the produce. Having plants in your shrimp tank will also help to provide them natural sources of food while you're gone. Hope this helps!
  20. Will that be sufficient for 11 days? Snow flakes do not pollute the water as much as other types of food, correct?
  21. Hello Team, Quick question for you all! Best tips for going on holidays without worrying about the shrimp. I will be going away for 11 days for X-mas and New Year's, what do you guys do? I have 1 tank with red cherries.
  22. I would be interested in a group of 10-15 royal Blue Tigers.
  23. I want some! That’s super cool. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  24. So I’ve been watching this female for a while. I knew she was going to molt soon in order to breed. Her color was spotty and I could see each egg individually in her saddle. All the boys molted yesterday just fine. I moved her to a make-shift breeder box because the boys won’t leave her alone and have attempted to eat her. It looks like she was able to get her abdomen out but now her tail is stuck. Can I assist her somehow? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  25. Brown, Extra-fine-particle (~1mm) Fired Volcanic Ash Base Substrate Overview Natural volcanic ash with beneficial properties for aquatic plant growth and long-term care of fishes and motile invertebrates requiring slightly-acidic, low-GH water conditions. Ideal for use as a substrate in shrimp biotope aquaria. Binds elements that contribute to hardness, lowering GH and resulting in a slight acidification of alkaline water to a pH of less than 7. Used as a primary substrate, forms the basis of a stable growth medium for rooted aquatic plants by: 1. Permitting development of strong root systems. 2. Encouraging nutrient-uptake through roots via increased interstitial water circulation (relative to higher-density substrata) and acidic pH environment. 3. Allowing roots to remain sufficiently oxygenated to maintain plant health Sizes 5 lbs. | 15 lbs. | 25 lbs.
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