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    My Blue Dreams Tank

    Just want to share... It's about 6-7 months old...
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    I think it's more like Marified makes soil for UNS, as well as Brightwell.
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    Shrimp Life


    Notocyphus Lutescens & Cameroon Combo $20 (portion sizes pictured) These mosses are all grown by me, in low tech shrimp tanks (no co2, no ferts) maybe snails, no other types of pests. Price includes USPS First Class Mail, Live Arrival Guaranteed!
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    winter breeding

    Hello there. How is your breeding routines going? it have been years now , that shirmps dont breed in winter, i keep aroud 20 tanks. Shrimps stop breeding from novemer to march. Temp no plays role, i keep tanks without heat and tanks with heat , also some tanks with more light and some wiht less. I saw crs breeding in 15c,,,, and in another tank with 22 c from 200-300 srhimps no one breeding with same light. After a lot of research the only think that it play roles in winter is barometric presure. The crazy is that a friend living here , he saw some breeding in winter. The only think its in my mind is that my shrimp room dont have a good insulation so barometric presure is the same as outside... In house with a good insulation aircodition can change the barometric presure, and keep it stable . What is your opinion about breeding in winter ?
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    Nice catch Shrimp Life! The fish would probably appreciate it a little warmer, but 23 ought to be fine for everybody.
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    winter breeding

    @nicpapa Interesting observation. However, to state something like this, there has to be some connection/speculation (e.g. why does barometric pressure affect shrimp breeding?). But an observation is an observation. You are not making up something. So this might be something indeed. Theoretically speaking, oxygen solubility is better in cold water compare to warm water. However, shrimps activity are lower in cold water than warm water. Taking temperature out of the screen (assuming that temperature is indeed CONSTANT = does not change EVER), there might be some outside factor that affects shrimps' breeding in winter. That factor, I do not know. However, I have not seen any papers that explains this phenomena. @TheGlassBox I have seen papers that supports the effect of photoperiod. I would be very interested in learning form the results of your experiment. BTW, please perform a control sample so that you can compare your results. There are other parameters that affects shrimp breeding. And I believe that everyone is doing what they can to achieve optimum breeding. Constant temperature is difficult to achieve but not complicated. If you have a temperature controlled room, this is very easy (e.g. basement, etc). But for most of us, air conditioning is the closest thing that we got. But year around, house temperature varies depending on the temperature outside. One can get a chiller, but this does not mean that your temperature will be constant due to temperature fluctuations. However, you can minimize the fluctuation by insulation. That said, there will be less temperature fluctuation in winter compare to summer. There are other factors that also affects temperature such as lighting and filtration.
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    winter breeding

    Yeah, I've noticed the same thing. My Neos breed year round, but all my caridinias seem to slow down or stop during the winter. I always wondered if day length had something to do with it like it does for many plants. I have lights on some of my tanks, but they're within view of a window. Perhaps the lights don't fool them if they can see the light in the rest of the room getting brighter and dimmer with the time of year? The only way to test that theory would be to set up a tank in a room with no windows, or to cover up the windows and then put lights on a timer. Start out with shorter light intervals and then slowly increase and see if they start breeding. I've actually thought of trying it LOL!
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    Is it a shrimp only tank? If it is, I'd just cover up the filter intake and put her in the main tank. There will be more places for the babies to hide once born among all the plants. And more food and biofilm. Also, more places for the Mom to hide until giving birth. Pregnant Moms like to hide a lot. They'll come out to eat, but hiding makes them feel more secure.
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    Sometime this week I am going to buy some Thai Micro Crabs for my 5.5 gallon aquarium from my LFS. I am going to attempt to breed these crabs. Despite such task never being accomplished successfully (or at least documented.) Wish me luck! I will keep you guys informed on my progress.
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    Yeah thanks I think Im going to stick with controsoil since it seems cheaper, what size do you use extra fine or fine? EDIT: Also decided to consider SL aqua soil and controsoil. Anyone prefer one over another?
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    Control soil from Ultum Nature and Marified are basically the same exact substrate. Marified is the original company and was bought by Ultum Nature. Nothing is changed besides packaging. It really depends on what you are trying to do. If it is mainly for plants, ADA ammazonia is better but not by far. I have used both substrate and I am currently using the Marified Controil mixed with Ultum Controsoil. If you are doing a high tech setup that is mainly for plant growth, both are very good but you can't put any live stock right away with ammazonia as it leeches a lot of ammonia. With Controsoil, you can put livestock right away. Looks wise, Controsoil have much better look because all grains are uniformed compared to Ammazonia with all random size and shape grains.
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    shrimp Tanks

    Α small video with shrimp tanks
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    Stardust Shrimp breeding project

    Looking good Man! Here is where I am at with my Stardust project, I'm getting some nice blue tints out of the juvies now after culling for a few generations!
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    Merry Christmas everyone!
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    Hydra outbreak

    For me reducing feedings will reduce the amount of hydra within the tank over a few weeks as they starve out, after which most of the remainders will be left on the first few inches on the top of the glass where they can be removed manually with a scouring pad after you drain the water a bit. For the ones on my sponge filters I swapped them out with some spare filters which are floating in other tanks and boiled the infested sponges.
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    Hydra outbreak

    I had hydra in my first shrimp tank about a year and a half ago and switching from tap water to RO water got rid of them within the first week or so of switching.
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    WTB Extreme blue bolts.

    Bluecrown has top quality for sure. Hit them up.
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    Human Shrimp

    Filter for baby shrimp

    I thought that but thought it'd be rude to ask if your name meant wise-ass.
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    Filter for baby shrimp

    Pronounced like Wise-Ass! It's a nickname that I got in the USMC that plays off of my last name.
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    shrimp Tanks

    Hi there. For crs akadama substrate its very good. I have very good results. for taiwan pintos, iam trying glascarten enviroment soil , and shrimp king soil for better result. Akadama works for them but they grow slowly. Its fisrt time i change from akadama to another soil so i dont have a good comparison yet.
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    Random photos
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    Crackhead Johny

    Coconut Crabs?

    In the wild they naturally feed on garbage men so that one is probably hunting.
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    Post Your Shrimp Pics

    My berried blue dream shrimp originallu from Shrimp Life. Sent from my SM-G930W8 using Tapatalk
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    Metallic King Kong?

    Those look very similar to what I am talking about, here is one of the videos from the facebook group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/usashrimps/permalink/1339246132823822/ When they get the camera in there on the right shrimp you can see the colors I was talking about. I am sure you have seen it before. Also here is another "metallic" gene someone has. I do not know if they are the same kind of metallic or anything all I know is I am seeing some interesting shrimp.
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    Metallic King Kong?

    Last time we were in Taiwan (3yrs ago) we were shown a tank for of purple bkk and purple nanacy pintos. just like any other color shrimp we have its all about selective breeding over years to develop the color/pattern. I also believe there are a few German breeders who have tanks of purple bkk.