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    received my order of wine reds from b-rock. amazing colors.
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    substrate granular size difference

    Last time I used powder it turned into one solid chunk of soil. You have to change powder more often. If you want to use powder, put the powder into little pots, clear plastic, and try the powder out.
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    Shrimp Life


    Homebred Shrimp & Moss! All Shrimp are bred by me and are unsexed 0.8-1.2cm (perfect size for shipping & acclimation) SHRIMP SOLD Blue Bolt Mosura 6 for $50 SOLD Red Pinto Mixed Patterns 6 for $40 Red Bolt 8 for $40 SOLD Red Wine Mosura/Hino mix 8 for $50 Black & Red Pinto Culls (lacking proper pattern/ missing stripe etc) 10 for $40 Orange Neocaridina 10 for $35 Moss Package 4 TYPES! NL, Spiky, Christmas, Anchor. 2x2" flat each type/loose $22. (For moss only orders, shipping is $4) SHIPPING $12 USPS Priority Mail
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    Cool. I think they're supposed to hatch today 🤞
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    Try this super-quick and delicious garlic shrimp recipe. Lots of olive oil and garlic add great flavor, especially when served with fresh sliced bread. Cook the shrimp quickly in a hot skillet, but don't overcook! Overcooked shrimp can get rubbery, so the total cooking time for this dish is about 4 minutes tops. What you need for this Shrimp Recipe 2 lbs SHRIMP ½ cup OLIVE OIL ½ cup GARLIC …or as much as you like (finely chopped) 1 tsp RED PEPPER FLAKES 2 tsp PAPRIKA SALT and PEPPER to taste 3-5 Tbsp LEMON JUICE ½ cup PARSLEY (chopped) sliced BREAD. How to make Garlic Shrimp Peel and devein the shrimp (save the shells and heads to make a stock!) Heat olive oil in a skillet on medium high heat. If you need a decent non-stick skillet, here’s a current sale price on Amazon (https://amzn.to/2XNCi0x) When oil is hot, add red pepper flakes. Red pepper flakes add a nice heat, but substitute fresh peppers, or even a little cayenne if you like. Add garlic and saute for 1 minute. Use as much garlic as you like. I prefer lots of garlic. I literally used an entire bulb. It seems like a lot, but the oil and garlic taste great with thick slices of fresh bread. Add the shrimp, and continue sauteing on medium high heat. The shrimp only take about 3 minutes to cook. Don’t overcook the shrimp; they will become rubbery if cooked overly long. Add paprika, and salt and pepper to taste. Saute shrimp until JUST cooked, when shrimp begin to color and curl, then remove the skillet from the heat. Add lemon juice and fresh chopped parsley. Mix well and serve in a bowl with thick slices of fresh bread. Watch a Step by step video on how to prepare Garlic Shrimp; https://dausel.co/hEHfTW
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    July packages

    The high grade fancy black tigers look awesome.
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    andrew koremblum


    Looking for ideas on good plants for shrimp tank.
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    July packages

    Pictures of the high grade fancy black tigers
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    July packages

    Beautiful, healthy shrimp, thank you!
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    No real need in a shrimp tank, but if you need it for a period of time you could always add a bag of purigen hanging in the output of the sponge filter. Or you could look at utilizing Quanvee Sponge Filters.
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    Do you have pictures of your red wines
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    My OEBT parameters are GH6, KH2, TDS200 and ph7.4. I would think they would do just fine in your parameters. I will have to see how many I have available, but I should be able to do 6 for $75 shipped.
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    Sulawesi Shrimps

    just found 5 baby white orchid shrimplets in my aquarium. already pretty big. super excited here are some photos Sent from my SM-G930W8 using Tapatalk
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    There is always an advantage when your buying from a Reputable Hobby Breeder. A hobby breeder will sell you young shrimp (travel and acclimate better), and know the history of the shrimp. They would monitor their shrimp and know they are healthy/disease free by a certain point and work on culling their line to keep the shrimp color and quality good. When your getting imports, Neos especially often have or are recently exposed to diseases since they are bred in an environment where disease is prevalent. That being said there are also incidents where people have good experiences and are able to establish a colony of shrimp from imports that show no signs of disease. An advantage to imports is that we are able to obtain new color variants. Blue Dreams are pretty much pretty common so you should have no problem finding either Imports or Homebred. While Neos like Black Rose or Green Jades are harder to find homebred. In regards to Caridina, Homebred is great when you can find them..there seems to be less problems with import caridina then import neos. I still always prefer to get homebred but all shrimp were imported at some point and it's thanks to the diligence of hobby breeders that we have a great assortment of homebred shrimp available in North America.
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    check out Alita Industries 15 LPM I have it, very quiet. I run about 10 tanks with sponge filters on it. I also have an Alita 40 LPM, it's much louder.
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    OK they were 3 days later than I expected but... I think they are all CRS. The ones I was able to find anyway 😂
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    DETAquarium Shrimp for Sale!

    Later to the party... but If you still have Red/Orange Bolts, and BB pics please? Wine Red and red head Pintos as well. And if you have some PRL, I am interested? Say a dozen or maybe more?
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    @Shrimp Life nailed it, you have two big problems here (and a third that will bite you later): - tank not cycled. Shrimp will continue to die until it is cycled. Have you tried jumpstarting it with commercially available bacteria? Dr. Tim's comes to mind. - tap with buffering soil. Your soil will constantly be fighting to pull the pH down but your tap likely has some kH to it. The tap will eventually win (infinite supply vs finite soil) and your water will creep up to tap parameters. - gH and kH are not right for neos This setup will cause you a lot of headaches but since this is what you have, here's what I would do (besides tearing up the tank or converting it to caridina parameters): Transfer the shrimp to Primed tap (assuming your tap has parameters they can live in, which I don't think it does without supplements) for a couple weeks while you jumpstart the cycle. When ammonia and nitrites are consistently 0, add them back in. During that time, you saturate your tank with baking soda to burn out the substrate's buffering ability so that it stops fighting your tap. Your gH is too low and your kH is being pulled to 0 by the substrate so I don't know what your tap looks like. Sounds like it's too soft for these shrimp, you'll probably need to get some SaltyShrimp GH/KH+ and supplement your tap water or you'll get molt-related deaths. Good luck! I'd recommend some reading/research on gH, kH, pH, buffering, and cycling. Welcome to the hobby, it can be a rough ride
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    Canister filter setup

    Hello guys! Im starting a new larger tank and this will be a first time for using and setting up a canister filter. Does anyone know how to make it Shrimp safe??? From what Ive been seeing it seems like a giant tube for intake and outtake with nothing on the end stopping the shrimps from going up . Also any canisters that come with all parts like full tubing that will reach ect?? What do you guys use in your canisters and where can you get it cheapest!? Looking for the most deals AS POSSSIBBE. Thanks!!
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    Shrimp Life


    Here are the Red Mosuras/Hinos and Blue Mosuras these are all about 1-1.2cm, unsexed. The Blue Mosuras Blue color can improve dramatically with age!
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    Amano Shrimp Larva

    Finally found the optimal salinity for rearing F3 Amano Shrimp Larvae. They’re at 1/2 gallon brackish water at 24 ppt. Not using any foam filter. Don’t have 24 hrs light on.
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    Hi Congratulations on your upcoming shrimplets. The grading on CRS has to do with Opacity of white and red and also to do with the pattern. The white on these is translucent thus the grade of S. There are other factors too as I am certain a more experienced shrimper can add. Look in the archives here, there was a diagram describing grading of shrimp. If you are on Pinterest browse “dwarf shrimp” and you will find it
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    Canister filter setup

    I like to use a large sponge as a pre-filter on my canisters. That or on my 150 that uses a Fluval FX5 Canister, I have a corner HMF as a pre-filter.
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    Fathersday Sales!

    Got in my Stardust, Tangtai and Red Taitibees and everything looks awesome. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    Canister filter setup

    I prefer stainless steel prefilters and had one for my eheim canister ages ago. I think I had bought it from H4N aquatics or something. Usually if you find a vendor you just give them the diameter of the intake and they make one for you. I have a bunch for my AQ30's and canisters.
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    Hi @HumanArtRebel1020 You can integrate sponge filter with your canister. This is what I have in my setup. Depending on the inlet/outlet size of your canister, buy appropriate flexible tubing and sponge filter. I believe that the hard tubing on the sponge filter will go into a 1/2" I.D. flexible tubing. I hope that this will help.
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    Sulawesi Shrimps

    one more video 2 week update Sent from my SM-G930W8 using Tapatalk
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    AquaticShrimpNoob's Journal

    Hi Everyone, It's been at most 2 months now since I gave an update. There were few changes in the shrimp tank and few addition. One major change was that I upgraded my filtration system. I have been having problems with my filtration system before. I have to engineer my filtration system this time to run my pump and chiller efficiently and get sufficient filtration and flow in my tank. It was a success. At the same time, I was able to make it so that I save so much space. I removed my Riccia Fluitans. To be honest, my shrimps like this plant. But I had to remove it. It is a fast growing plant. You have to trim it every month at most. It is a messy process. It is a good plant. I just want to decrease my time cleaning my tank during maintenance. I removed my large cholla wood with monte carlo growing on it. It has been great. But the cholla wood is visibly thinning out. It is obviously deteriorating. I replaced it with driftwood instead. I got lucky that I found porous driftwood at one of my LFS. It looks like it used to be home for termites. I placed some of my Anubias Nana and my Anubias Coffeefolia. I hope that they start to attach to the wood by the end of the month. I rearranged my hanging plants so that front half of my tank is visible to me and the back half looks perfect space for baby to adult shrimps and snails. The front part has growing Monte Carlo and Marsilea Crenata. It's not good looking yet but I know it will be soon. I may have to sell some portions of Distichphyllum Maibarae. I have two sets that are growing pretty well. At first, I thought that they will grow slow like Hookeriaceae Moss. Well, they are not fast growing like Riccia Fluitans. But they are definitely faster than Hookeriaceae Moss. I will also be getting Pagoda snails this week. Since I have sufficient water flow and oxygen/air injection, I think that they will thrive in my tank. I will give an update in the next month or so. Good News!!! It seems like I have enough Caridina Rubropunctata and Caridina Babaulti sp. Zebra Stripped to sell. But I will hold on this since we are in summer peak. I will sell some starting the beginning of fall season. Thanks, AquaticShrimpNoob
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    They are beautiful shrimp too, very hardy!
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    So you're getting pretty much pure water (devoid of minerals) from your tap. The same thing many of us aim for by using an RO System. From here, you will want to add minerals back to your water to support aquatic life as aotf mentioned above. I use Salty Shrimp gH+ (for Caridina Parameters) and Salty Shrimp gH/kH+ (for Neo Parameters) to remineralize my RO water and make it suitable for shrimp. With Caridina Parameters, you need something to keep the pH stable, so active/buffering substrate is used. For Neo Parameters the kH keeps the pH stable, so you use an inert substrate.
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    Thanks brock luv the shrimp you sent over!!
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    Tiger shrimp (red/black crystal shrimp)

    Tiger shrimp and CRS/CBS are not the same and are generally kept in different parameters. Tigers would most likely be in neo parameters depending on where you get them, while CRS/CBS would be caridina parameters. Take a look at this:https://www.discobee.com/blogs/news/17030569-dwarf-shrimp-water-parameters I also recommend you do some reading on water parameters and buffering since it sounds like that's new to you and you want to have a handle on that before buying any livestock. Specifically, look into gH, kH, and pH. I don't have any links handy but it's covered plenty of places (including on this forum) with a bit of googling. To answer your direct question: - for neo parameters https://flipaquatics.com/products/shrimp-mineral-gh-kh?variant=43063556100 - for caridina parameters https://flipaquatics.com/products/bee-shrimp-mineral-gh?variant=43063611268 You actually do want to mess with water chemistry, like by adding specific minerals to promote shell growth or to keep the water in specific pH ranges, for example.
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    DETAquarium Shrimp for Sale!

    Can you please list with pictures what you still have available?
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    Feed Snowflake, Mulberry Leaves and with that many shrimp there should not be leftovers. Sell shrimp to minimize your colony number. Do more frequent small water changes, they are hardy and should do well. If you don't feed enough they will start eating other shrimp and attacking molting shrimp. I find that the attacking of molting shrimp occurs when there is a high population of shrimp and not enough space or food
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    Rules of Thumb When Selling Shrimps

    Packing is important, your boxes need to be well insulated to keep the temp fluctuations to a minimum. I also like to line mine with polystyrene foam to insulate and provide some crush resistance. Breather bags, an appropriate amount of water, purigen and something for the shrimp to hang on to during transit. Shipping is usually done via USPS Priority Mail. They will give you 7x7x6 boxes for free, you simply need to tape them together and add your label. Speaking of labels, you can print labels directly from Paypal, or use USPS Click N Ship. As for pricing, charge what you think is fair for the shrimp and shipping. You're a hobbyist so your pricing is going to be far less than what you'll see at a retail shop, but quality will likely be much higher. Communication is important! - Clearly communicate with your customers and let them know when you're shipping, what your DOA Policy is, what their tracking number is, what type of shrimp are being shipped. Let me know if you want a test subject when you're ready to ship, I'm more than willing to help with packaging (you've received shrimp from me before so you know how I package) or willing to be your first shipment. This way I can provide constructive feedback if needed.
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    40 Gallon breeder tank divided

    Just finished cycling my new 40 gallon breeder. DIY partitions cut from plexi glass. HMF back wall is common to all 4 partitions. Hope this will be the new home to some healthy and happy shrimps.
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    King Kong

    Hi Hello - I am new to the forum. I have never kept shrimps before ( have kept tropical fish in various types for many years ) but I am about to , I have all the gear ready to go but am moving house in a few weeks so waiting until then to get stuck in. Now moving on to the title question / s ..... do King Kong shrimp breed true? Does black X black always = black - same for red X red and yellow X yellow. Also mixing the colours - I've read somewhere that black is dominant to red but the red can be carried in split form , where does the yellow form stand in this is it recessive to both black and red ? I have noticed there are various patterns in KK ( extreme - with the tip of the tail white against a solid main colour ) but also some with bands on them, are these actual recognised patterns or are they just better / worse grades ? If they are recognised patterns - do the patterns breed true also ? Which shrimp are required to breed KK's without using a KK as a parent? Thanks M
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    King Kong

    I'd ask the seller if they breed true, otherwise they will throw off random colors and patterns. I've heard of BKK throwing out all kind of colors and patterns though.
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    Blue tibees

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    If you're looking for the widest range of colors without hybridization I'd suggest Taiwan Bee's. That covers Blue Bolts, Pinto's, BKK, RKK, Wine Red, Shadow Panda's, etc...
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    Aquatic arts is known to have people complain about sick shrimp and doas. The best place to start is with healthy shrimp - try to find a hobby breeder if you can. Mixing your neo shrimp may give you mostly brown babies which in the hobby is referred to as "wild type" you could possibly get a solid colored shrimp here or there but usually it just ends up with alot of more undesirable looking shrimp.
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    Wine Red versus Red Panda

    Panda is the Wine Red with bands. Wine Red is the generic name of Red Kingkong. Red KK = Wine Red, which includes Ruby Red ( full red coverage), Stripes ( One or Two narrow stripes on back), Panda ( Bands). Hino/No Entry, Mosura.
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    Cycling tank with Matrix

    I only use Matrix. If your tank handles 4ppm in 24 hours, it already has more than enough filtration power for ammonia (AOB). Do listen to Poopian as nitrite is another story, it can take longer as the bacteria for nitrite (NOB) doesn't start to grow until AOB start to convert ammonia to nitrite. Ammonia (NH3/NH4) is consumed by AOB and nitrite (NO2) is produced. Nitrite is consumed by NOB and nitrate (NO3) is produced. So, your tank should have enough AOB colony, but you need to test nitrite to ensure it has enough NOB to form a compete (half) nitrogen cycle needed for aquatic life. Matrix is just filter media, it doesn't do anything to ammonia or nitrite, but the bacteria colony grown on it does.
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    Soothing Shrimp

    Cycling tank with Matrix

    LOL One guy used to pee on his filters to get them started.
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    Why raise Mischlings?

    I mainly use it to get more TBs. It's a cheaper way for people to get into TBs that may not be able to otherwise. I have found that TBs produced by my mischlings are very hardy and healthy.
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    Why raise Mischlings?

    Mischlings actually strength tb shrimp. I have seen it first hand female mischlings that product tb have better survival than tbxtb. Year and a half ago when I started breeding tb my tbxtb cross had low survival but mischlings were 2x to 3x better. Also it is a cheaper way to get tb. You can cross true mischling with true mischling and get some tb out of it
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