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    ShrimpFarm Project

    Here we go with new movie, this time Crossbreeds:
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    opps here's the new video with the bg audio fixed Sent from my SM-G930W8 using Tapatalk
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    Cycling new tank

    Not true. Nitrogen converting bacteria reside all over the substrate, sponges, moss, rocks, etc. ADA recommends frequent water changes during the cycling process. Sometimes a water change can actually kick start the cycle again, if ammonia levels are too high.
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    Masapi shrimp... Change color?

    I'm not familiar with that particular species of caridina, but I have found that when my Taiwan bees are stressed in any way that they will usually show darker colors for a few days. If you want them to stay darker, I would try a darker substrate in your tanks if you aren't already using one.
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    Lost the whole tank...

    It's a 20 long. Buce, some starts of flame moss and frogbit. Mopani, cinnamon bark and cholla wood. Wasn't overstocked, just around 50 shrimp. On another note, it looks like almost every female in my PFR tanks is berried! Should get swingin' in there soon. @wyzazz I'll be hitting you up for some more CRS when the parameters are back where they should be (if you trust me with them).
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    Hey shrimp lovers. I've been pretty successful keeping sulawesi shrimps. First time was in 2007 and I made two videos on youtube about keeping and breeding them. Check it out when you get a chance and let me know your thoughts on them. I have three colonies of them going and setting up one more tank shortly. Have a great day and
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    Happy Tuesday! My sulawesi red orchid ~ Caridina glaubrechti ~ Colourful little guys
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    Hallo from Italia

    Welcome to the forrum
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    Hallo from Italia

    Hello and welcome!
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    Help ID if diseased shrimp?

    Oh no!! That's what I was afraid of. Maybe it from high temperature that may have caused bacterial bloom... Thanks for your reply and for the link. I will probably separate it. Sent from my XT1053 using Tapatalk
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    Crackhead Johny

    Cherry Shrimp with Ghosts?

    All the Ghost shrimp I have known were jerks. In my 5 gal space bowl experiment 10 Ghosts became 3 very quickly, then 2 then 1. So now I use yellow Neos and they work great now that the ghost problem is gone. This youtube footage shows Ghosts being jerks. I expect your cherrys would become Ghost chow pretty quick. I have had ammanos eat neos. For a mixed tank I'd stick with neos and cards (maybe something else would work and the experts here will list it)
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    You may have different tap water parameters than us, if your water naturally has nitrates and other fertilizers that is blessing for plants, as you don't have to add anything to your tanks. Everyone has their own style which helps them succeed in my cases to keep most of my plants and invertebrates added components are required as my water comes out at a TDS of 40, very low gh, very low kh and no fertilizers which is a guarantee death sentence for most of the plants I kept and invertebrates I keep. Granted however my water is perfect for breeding tropical fish which is pretty swell for me.
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    Best F i l t e r s?

    How big is the tank? How much do you want to spend is the question. It can be as little as $20 or so for a sponge filter and air pump or a Hamburg Mattenfilter, to upwards of $200 dollars for a canister filter. Then we can get into sumps both above the tank and under it. There is no easy answer to that without knowing more about the tank and the stock. How big is the tank? Is it planted? What plants do you have? Type of substrate? How deep is the substrate? ( Aprox? The substrate plays an important role in the overall the nitrification process ) What type of fish do you have? How many? Filtration is important and getting it right is not always easy.
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    Shrimp Life

    More missing shrimp

    Since they are ALL gone at the same time, I'd take a second look at the betta.
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    pm me your phone number
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    Oh yeah I know - wasn't planning on taking it off that tank but was just curious for future knowledge w/ a future tank.
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    Shrimp Life

    Best F i l t e r s?

    I'd say sponge filters (dual) are what alot of people like to use, coupled with an airpump, you can find them on Ebay
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    Best F i l t e r s?

    U gunna get alot of dif answers. I like the Eheim 2213, sun sun, and sponge filter with a canister combo. Theres also HMF which I havent actually got to use yet..
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    Shrimp Food - Pros and Cons

    bacter AE is known for consuming high amounts of oxygen in the water during the activation process (dry to wet) and add to that the warmer water temps (thus less oxygen in the water) you basically drown your shrimp (for lack of a better description)
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    Yup. If you want to keep them orange, I vote cull.... Or separate them.
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    Some questions on sulawesi shrimp

    I've used gravel substrate (the small pebbles from a landscaping store), a type of holely rock and with a UG filter and crushed coral in the canister filter. It was a7.5 gallon cube. Used salty shrimp 7.5 and RO water at first. Got tired of doing that and used tap for water changes (monthly). There were about 4 orange rabbit snails in there. My cardinals did great until I moved then the colony crashed. The rabbit snails were placed in a junk tank (20 gallon long) with some gravel and hob filter. Another 4 snails were added and 2 years later when I broke it down and moved the snails I found about 40. The picture is the new tank with the snails
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    Some questions on sulawesi shrimp

    Hey all, so I think I'm finally ready to set up my first sulawesi specific tank for shrimp and rabbit snails. Looking for reccomendations for everybody's favorite substrate,remineral supplements, hardscape items (wood or rocks, and if rocks what type) and where to buy some nice shrimp, not really set on any specific pattern as I find them all so nice looking. I already have 4 large golden rabbit snails I've had for around a year and a half that I want to have in the tank as well as I've yet to have them actually breed at all that I've noticed, they just eat until they can't move, nap, and start over 😂
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    Hydra and Planaria

    no planaria -> make sure tank is oxygenated -> 50% w/c -> dose again 2x 50%w/c -> tank not good for snails 6+m, havent confirmed that theory
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    Thats a really nice tree man!
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