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    I can't thank you @JSak enough for long explanation. It's so good to know there are people like you to support in this hobby. I'm waiting to build a cement pond for shrimps and divide it to three parts from the money I earned from selling shrimps. Two parts for blue and black and other part for crystal shrimps. It might take another month to start that. I'm not from USA. I live in Sri Lanka. Shrimp hobby just started here and spreading fast. Still it is very hard to find them in shops. So hobbiests have had to look for other hobbiests like us who sell shrimp at the same time. Species other than cherry shrimps are rare and crystals are only available from a couple hobbiests at very higher prices regarding to cherry shrimp. Here a cherry shrimp is 50-150 rupees. Online sellers like me them at the lowest price, 50. Most of my buyers were shop owners who wanted to breed them first and they also bought for Rs.50 each. Blue and black neo cardinas are Rs.250 - 500 each, but hard to find. Black crystal is Rs.650. Red crystal is Rs.1000(5.50$). Red crystal pinto is Rs.600. And they're available only from literally a couple of hobbiests and people may not look for them much either because of higher prices comparing to other fishes.
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    All homebred Shipping is $10 or free on orders over $100. Red Cherry $2 each Orange Sakura $4 each Yellow Neo $3 each Snow Ball $3 each Green Jade $5 each Blue Dream $5 each Emeralds $8 each Tangerine Tigers $4 each Super Tigers $5 each Star Dust $8 each Golden Bees $3 each Prl $5 each Michilings $4 each Ghost Bees $4 each Super Crystal Reds mixed patterns $8 each Mixed Bkk $7 each Red Panda $12 each Shadow Pandas $15 each Yellow King Kongs $4 each OE YKK $12 each Tibee $4 each Tangtai $3 each Auratai $10 each Blue Steels $12 each Low Grade Fancy Red Tigers $10 each Medium Grade Fancy Red Tigers $30 each High Grade Fancy Red Tigers $45 each Black Calceo $15 each Blue Dragons Blood $60 each 10 Sulawessi Cardinals shipped overnight $230 south states only.
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    Green jades can have the golden backline but emeralds dont really seem to have them. Emeralds are more painted with the thicker shells and because of it some of them will turn blue or black in color.
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    Blue Ridge


    I got mine from seller Davidii on Aquabid and have been very happy with them.
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    New Shrimp Setup: am I on the right track?

    Thanks yeah, I’ll try to be a bit more patient. A week does seem pretty quick. Patience isn’t always must front suit, but I’m trying to take my time with this one. My lfs is pretty good and knowledgeable. He gets in a ton of specialized fish and inverts. He even has about a half dozen or more different kinds of shrimp. But, it’s still a store, so of course things can’t be as good of quality as a dedicated hobbyist. Of course living in Wi in January might limit my options for getting things shipped to me for awhile?
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    WTB Cherries per dollar

    Grant is a good guy and should be able to hook you up with just about anything you need as far as shrimp go!
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    WTB Cherries per dollar

    I got neo culls $1 each
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    I don't believe crossbreeding cherries and red rilis would dull their colors since cherries were originally derived from rilis (or possibly the other way around). Some babies may end up being more clear/less red than others with every batch of babies, which is normal and just due to genetics. Once your colony gets fairly large I'd recommend removing the less-colorful adults from the colony. By doing this you'll leave only the most red shrimp to breed with each other, which should result in the genetics being passed down to the babies so they should have more red color as well. If you keep doing this, over time the percent of deep red babies should increase to the point where the majority, or even all of the babies will have a nice red coloration. This can be difficult with neocaridina however because the males are typically less colorful than the females, so it's important to make sure to be aware of which are the males when removing, or culling, your shrimp. A common mistake that happens when breeding shrimp is that people will remove the less-colorful shrimp to improve the color and genetics, but in doing so they remove the naturally less-colorful males so no breeding would take place. I'm currently in the process of letting my shrimp breed to get larger colonies, and once the colony's large enough I'll try to remove the shrimp with undesireable traits (less color, more of a certain color or pattern, etc.) so that only the shrimp with the desired traits are left to breed. It's a long process, but if you take the time to do it your customers will be very satisfied because not only will they have very nice-colored shrimp, but they will produce babies that are mostly or all the same color as the adults they bought. With the shrimp hobby growing so rapidly now, it may be easy to find nice-looking adult shrimp, but when you breed them you may find that the babies look nothing like the adults, which can be disappointing for those who want to breed them. I've tested several common sites that sell shrimp and now I pretty much buy only from 3 specific sites that have been shown to have high quality shrimp that not only look good, but produce babies that either look as good as the adults, or in some cases, even better than the adults I initially bought. That said, I definitely prefer buying from hobbyist breeders though as, in general, they tend to care for their shrimp more since the hobby is more important to them than making money, so I definitely support more USA shrimp breeders! Hope this helps!
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    Shrimp Life

    Shrimp has something on her?

    Muscular Necrosis, remove the shrimp and all others that look like this. Keep up with water changes and good water quality.
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    Just moved thinking about blue bolts

    I would say that you won't be able to successfully keep blue bolts or any Taiwan bee shrimp in tap water. GH8 is pretty high for starters. Normal range is 4-6 and they would likely have trouble molting. Also GH, KH, and TDS are only general parameters and they are made up of many elements. The shrimp need proper amounts of minerals and other compounds that may or may not be present in your water. In my opinion, the only good way to keep them is RO and remineralizer formulated for shrimp. To illustrate my point, you can probably mix table salt, baking soda and Epsom salt to get water with GH4, KH1, TDS 120 but it wouldn't be suitable for shrimp because it doesn't contain much of anything beneficial to them.
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    Hi @Shrimpland! They will most likely cross breed and I'd expect that the offspring will be more like the wild type with the duller brown and clear colors. The 2 most popular genuses, or types, of shrimps in the hobby are Neocaridina and Caridina. Cherry shrimp, blue dreams, rilis, etc. are neocaridina, while shrimp like crystal shrimp, blue bolts, and tiger shrimp are caridina. Neocaridina will cross breed regardless of the color if put together, as will caridina, but neocaridina cannot cross breed with caridina shrimps. If you are interested in maintaining the colors of the shrimp in the baby shrimps I'd recommend separating them into different tanks or putting up dividers in your tank to keep them from breeding with each other. If your main interest is just keeping shrimps and seeing all the colors together in one tank I say keep it the way it is. There's no negative effects to the shrimp if they cross breed, the main thing is that over time the population will most likely consist of the wild type shrimp. Hope that helps!
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    New candy canes for xmas

    This big momma that it seems like I was waiting forevaaaaa to hatch out her babies gave me xmas babies!
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    What is the difference between Fire Red and Bloody Mary? I'm too new to this to see what it is!
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    It's a girl! That's called a saddle. It's her ovaries, basically. When they're fertilized she'll move them down to her swimmerets and become "berried". Congrats on your first female!
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    Fiona Hodges

    Hi Fi! I just wanted to chime in about being careful not to post your full real name on the internet Congrats on the berried shrimp!
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    New and needing advice!

    Update - all going well, I have berried females and parameters remain spot on. Thanks for all the advice guys!
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    New and needing advice!

    Well what a couple of weeks it has been! I had the tank all planted, cycled and set up. Struggled to find RCS locally so was advised of a breeder who would ship them to me with an arrive alive guarantee, highly recommended etc etc. So being the cautious type, I just ordered 10, to arrive on a specific day when I knew I would be home. I was very apprehensive at ordering to be delivered through the mail but it seemed the best option. Lo and behold, a whole drama ensued. My step son called in a panic, saying his tank had been smashed (accident, long story) and his whole stock were in buckets, filter down for hours so no idea if it was useable. So at 9.30pm that night we drained the shrimp tank, dismantled it and rushed it over to him. Thankfully all the fish survived. BUT the shrimp were due the very next day. And all I had was an old 5 gallon fry tank available. I stuffed the small HOB filter with media from another tank, used decor from the long lost shrimp tank, dosed with Seachem Stability and Prime and had a sleepless night. The shrimp arrived on time, wonderfully packaged with a huge ball of java moss included, only 9 but all alive. Drip acclimated them and transferred them to the 5 gal. AND they disappeared for 2 days! Now, almost a week later I have nine happy little guys and gals, to my utter amazement! Four have already moulted, that I can see. I believe I have three males and six females. The tank has thrown up a whole load of detritus worms (not planaria) and copepods and I have also added one nerite, mainly to make me feel more comfortable about the BB. Parameters have stayed SO stable I have been testing twice a day as I don't believe the results. Same test kit with other tanks produces predicted results so I know it's reliable. Now the larger tank has gone, I'm thinking I'd like to transfer these guys to a smaller tank than that, primarily to have room for another tank to scape and perhaps try a different colour neo. But larger than the 5 gal, it's going ok but I can't have the plants I want and I understand 5 is the minimum anyway. Phew, pass me a beer!
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