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    Aura Pinto

    Sorry I've been out of the loop here for awhile. Here's some recent pics from this project🐯
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    Post Your Shrimp Pics

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    Post Your Shrimp Pics

    From my crazy blue colony
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    I just added a new category in your profile (and it shows to the left of your posts) that has your real name if you wish to include it.
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    Welcome back everyone!

    Hey everyone!
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    Post Your Shrimp Pics

    This tank is looking promising
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    I’ve been keeping shrimp for 3 or so years. With the FB cracking down on live animal sales, thought I’d head on over here to get to know the place. This was a top suggestion for joining and keeping up with the shrimp hobby.
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    I just joined ththe shrimp spot! I'm also in the middle of a move. Things are going smoothly enough but I still have a couple of tanks and my entire air system to move. These steels are currently in a breeder box waiting for their tank to finally get to the new place. Wish me luck!
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    Might scape this buce later... idk
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    Incomplete molt?

    Update: he's all good and is managing to deal with it himself.
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    K and S Ornamental

    Post Your Shrimp Pics

    Super Tiger Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Brew City Shrimp

    New to the forum

    Hi Everyone, My name is Nick Andersen and I am coming over from the FB groups. I've been in the hobby for a couple of years now and currently have 6 tanks. Current tank list Wine hino no entry and Mosura with the occasional Red Bolt tank Mixed German pinto tank Extreme BB tank(Used to be mixed grade BB, shadow pandas and shadow mosura) Red and Black Galaxies 20G Mixed/cull tank Awaiting stock this week of my ERKK tank We also have a couple fish tanks with live-bearers. Feel free to check out my Instagram where I keep a lot of my pics - Brew City Shrimp Instagram
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    Do you have more pics of the colony? What kH are they in?
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    I still have some Red Bolts and Red Tibees
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    justme's shrimp story

    Update after a long time! Because I moved to a new place, i'm down to just 1 shrimp tank. A 30L nano tank, like you can see in the pictures below. This tank is now standing in my living room and therefore i scaped this one a little bit. I moved my leftover shrimps and plants into this tank. The shrimp species that i keep are Blue bolt, tibee, and cb with taiwan bee genetics. Approximately 30+ shrimps are now in the tank. After some setbacks, I can say that things are looking good now. Got a lot of baby shrimplets and currently 4 berried females. So i'm gonna try to write more on this journal. Because i have some plans for this tank. Future plans I'm going to turn this tank into a more high tech planting tank. So future plans includes: --> getting a strong light that is capable to grow a variety of plants --> switching to a external canister filter --> setting up a co2 system So got a lot of new stuff coming up.
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    Post Your Shrimp Pics

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    New to the forum but not the hobby

    Shhhhh, you aren't supposed to reveal your diabolical plans publicly!
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    Hello, im here for the auctions since Facebook shutdown my favorite auction group.
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    Working on Auctions

    Please bear with me a couple days as I get all this stuff figured out. the "Marketplace & Auctions" section isn't working yet but I am trying. Thanks!
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    SHRIMP LIFE My youtube channel!

    Great job with the vids. Any idea what the next vid is going to be about?
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    New to the forum

    Hey Nick! Good to see you moved over here as well. Thanks again for the moss trade earlier this year.
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    New to the forum

    Welcome to the forum. Lots of great info in the archives
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    Hello everyone. Just here to enjoy discussions with like minded individuals on raising and breeding shrimp.
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    The Journals of ThegardenofEder

    The green house has a few ponds running and already stocked with plants and shrimp. I'm going to move a few of the barrels around and get in two more ibc totes.
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    Welcome! ShrimpSpot will come alive again! Woot!
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    Shrimp aren't breeding

    A month isn't that much time for the shrinps to get settled. As long as they aren't dying off you shouldn't be worried, they'll probably start getting busy around summer time. As for the berried shrimp you bought dropping her eggs, the stress of being shipped can cause that to happen. Just give the tank some time to nature and your shrimp will start breeding.
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    Yes, please keep all shrimp and plants inside the vehicle until you come to a complete stop. Emergency exits are located in the rear. Enjoy the ride!
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    So is this what were doing now that facebook sucks? The revival of forums!
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    WTB mixed neocaridina

    if you interested there a facebook group that has an auction reddit group and someone posted a skittles mix. reds, blues, green jades, yellow, and orange 20 plus 3 the bids at 38 right now . Ends 5/13 at 11pm!!( tomorrow). LMk ill post link
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    Berried group of Safari Fancy Red Tiger (Shrimp Art by Monika Pohler) 3 females (1 berried), 2 males. Award winning line. $750 shipped Priority w/DOA replacement guarantee
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    Foam tank divider question

    I made a divider for my 10 gallon tank using a 2" square 40ppi foam with glass above it. The foam allows water flow between the sides and the glass prevents escapes.
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    Paul lim

    2 pieces cholla wood

    Package Arrived ? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hawaiian Opae

    Super Tigers

    Tom Quinn 🔴Item(s): 10+1 Super Tigers from pictured colony homebred. 🔴Closing Time: 5/02/2019 8:00 pm PST 🔴Gender and Size: Mix juvies random scoop 🔴Water Parameters: TDS 140-160, PH 7.0-7.2 Temp 70-72 🔴Starting Bid: $35 🔴Minimum Bid Increment: $1.00 🔴Shipping: $15.00 USPS Priority-USA only no Alaska or Hawaii. Insulated box in breather bags/with moss. 🔴DOA Policy: +1 is to cover DOA. DOA will only be valid if you send clear picture of the dead shrimp inside the bag next to my shipping label within 1 hour of their arrival. Package should be received on first delivery attempt. Shipping will not be refunded. Shrimp past 1, will be refunded. Not responsible for delay or damage by USPS. 🔴Payment: PayPal (If there is a bid during the final 5 minutes of the auction, the bidding time is extended for an additional 5 minutes from the time of the last bid.) 20190428_223333_59206394355847.mp4
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    Hello would also love to get some of your Red Tibees sent pm and thanks again
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    DETAquarium Shrimp for Sale!

    Can you please list with pictures what you still have available?
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    Would love to purchase more of your pintos thankyou
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    2 pieces cholla wood

    payment sent.
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    Mixed shrimp package

    I have a couple of packages available from my mixed tank colony. You will receive 10+ mixed patterns and types. All will be unsexed juvies. Some of the different types include steel, prl, pbl, pinto, aura hybrids (red/blue), fancy tigers, and other various tibee and taitibee. Price $55.00 My parameters are PH-5.5 TDS- 130 GH- 4-5 My Gallery http://www.shrimpspo...ys-shrimp-pics/ The link only works on a desktop computer. It won't work on Tapatalk. Shipping is $15.00 USPS Priority Mail (DOA guarantee will only be valid if you send me a clear picture of the dead shrimp inside the bag next to my shipping label within an hour of their arrival. Feel free to message me with any questions.  Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    ID - what is it?

    Weird indeed. Looks like some sort of bug/mite?
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    New to the forum

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    New to the forum

    Welcome @Brew City Shrimp! Good to see you here!
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    Indeed! Welcome to the Spot!
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    Hi, Welcome! It's good to see the FaceBook friends here.
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    Starting off Fresh

    Welcome!! There's been a few fellow FB friends trickling in. Good to see you guys coming here.
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    New to the forum but not the hobby

    I also just joined, excited to start blogging!
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    Got first and second in the professional and first in nano at the Aquarium Beautiful Contest at the Florida State fair.
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    How many snails is too many?!?

    I would say too many snails is when the snails start to bully the shrimp away from the food and it would be good to start culling the snail population as they will go nuts after a certain point especially if you have a planted tank.
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    Shrimp Life

    How many snails is too many?!?

    I'd move them because they start to lay eggs all over the place and its harder to control once you have alot of adult snails breeding
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