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    Soothing Shrimp

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    ...so here are some pictures! These F2 shrimplets are only a couple days old (marsilea crenata leaf and hair grass strand as references in second picture) and are the result of: TT x BB => F1 F1 x BB => F2 The BB group they came from had some mosura in it, so clearly not "pure" BB. I expected maybe some blue or a lot of orange, but certainly not white and red. I'm guessing I'm dealing with some kind of low-grade CRS mischling business or the beginnings of a pinto line. Hope they survive! I've also got some F1 x F1 =>F2 on the way, they should be hatching this week.
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    RedRuby/Wines out of PRL colony?

    What you have aren't PRL then, they were mixed with Taiwan Bees at some point.
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    Hi All! Just wanted to let you know I have a youtube channel dedicated to Shrimp! Here is a link to one of my videos!
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    Nice! Give them a few weeks to color up and you should see what they will actually look like.
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    another dead shrimp Help!

    Awesome news, hopefully the trend continues!
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    another dead shrimp Help!

    I'm proud to report I have not lost any more shrimp since receiving excellent advice from you fellas and my tds is almost up to par. AND my berried mama gave birth! Thanks fellas.
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    Soothing Shrimp

    soothing sold it all
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    7.5G Bee Tank

    Water line from the top of the sponge is about 2in. I've personally seen them hide inside the sponge very deep thus I came to this conclusion. I've inspected entry points from cracks and havent been able to find any yet, will double check again...
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    7.5G Bee Tank

    -Momma berried up again. Lost some color in the molt. -Tank cycled in less than 2 weeks. Test kit all 0 except for ammonia 0.25ppm -Threw in some babies to test out the new tank. -Still working on that air pump and will see if its really necessary tbh. -Also, I do not rec 30ppi HMF. I'm going to try out a 45 ppi in the tank and see if there is any difference. The problem with the 30 is my babies kept swimming across and ended up on the other side of the divider. Some also got stuck inside and died.
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    Little Shrimp Rack

    Congrats on your new found love for these amazing little creatures. Looks like a nice little home you have set up for them and are on the right track. I would advise you save the Fluval Stratum for tiger shrimps or neos once it exhausts it buffering capabilities. I am one of those that had to find out the hard way when trying to breed caridinas in that substrate. I never could get babies to survive past 3 weeks for some odd reason despite ideal parameters. The substrate had no problem maintaining a steady 5.8 pH with my remineralized RO water and the tanks were not only cycled but matured. Nitrates were under control even though babies were fed powder foods and Bacter AE. I had two tanks setup with this substrate, one with BKK/RKK and the other was housing galaxy pintos. Neither tank would produce babies that ever made it to adulthood. A fellow hobbyists did a comparison of fluval stratum, ADA Amazonia and SL-Aqua one of the FB groups I'm in (some of you may have even seen it). He dedicated a total of 6 tanks for the experiment where one tank would get the substrate spread on the floor and the other one housed stockings full of the substrate (same volume in each tank). He did this for each of the following brands I mentioned. Results were similar to what I experienced... babies would die off around the 2-3 week mark in Fluval Stratum and the other tanks with ADA/SL-Aqua produced as expected and colonies grew. Now I'm not so sure how much of this experiment was "controlled" but it was enough to make me think about it, especially aftert having felt like a failure at getting caridinas to breed. I had read about other people having trouble getting CRS to breed in this substrate too while I was raising mine. I saw them happily grazing and getting berried, so I just assumed they had something else going on with their parameters. Nope. Just a poor substrate for caridina shrimp which I confirmed after tank #2 showed the same results. RIP little babies.
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    Little Shrimp Rack

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    Little Shrimp Rack

    Shrimping takes a lot of trail and error. There is no exact one way of keeping. I think you can still use the stratum for some tiger and crs. Seems like you are on the right track. Best of Luck!!
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    Blue bolt success!

    Have had a couple of deaths lately and thought I was doing something wrong and was starting to get discouraged and then I came home and found this little guy tonight!!!
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    Tropica Aquarium Soil

    I installed the substrate on August 25, 2018 and I have been keeping taiwan bees in there.
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    another dead shrimp Help!

    Hi wyzazz thank you! Great plan. I remineralized some water last night and let it sit overnight after Maurice mentioned my nitrates may be too high.. I'll do exactly as you described. 👍
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    another dead shrimp Help!

    Unless the ph dropped drastically from day 1 to today, I doubt thats the problem. I have PRLs in ph 5.8 and they are fine. Consistency is key. If your gh is 3.4 that is extremely low and probably the reason. I use sl aqua blue wizard as well and I try to aim for 150 tds with 5 gh. https://gyazo.com/180c3fc369195c379f33b3404fd88d1e Found this picture on the site and works really well. You also want to wait and test tds yourself. The only problem I can see is gh or sudden ph/temp/water swings. Did you do a huge water change? Any chemicals around your tank? Any temp swings?
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    I am new to this group

    Robi is a good man. bought some PRL's from him a couple months ago and will be buying more from him in the future.
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    I've never heard anything good about them, all sorts of folks getting dead/sick livestock, etc... ...buy from hobbyists and reputable sellers and you will be much happier in the long run!
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    Lots of bad reviews. They've been known to sell sick shrimps
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    I wouldn't buy anything from Aquatic Arts. Just my opinion though, YMMV.
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    Post Your Shrimp Pics

    My berried blue dream shrimp originallu from Shrimp Life. Sent from my SM-G930W8 using Tapatalk
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    Yeah, the Safari line as well as the line bred off of them the "Dancing Man". Her website gives you a peek into how she created these lines using Black Tigers and C. logemanni. http://www.shrimp-art.com/
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    Nicest looking moss for shrimp tank?

    Here is a photo of the mini pellia in my tank. 22 gal Mr. Aqua - I keep it pretty plain with only the mini pellia some cholla wood, amber cones - using a corner HMF, a tower block filter on the other side and also a Eheim 2213. I like lots of filtration. Love this tank - easy maintenance. I asked Han if he could put some of the mini pellia on his stainless steel shrimp cave - 5 piece - Did not know how well it would grow. Well - as you can see, I actually need to trim it back some - it has grown so well.
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    30G Breeder

    PRL tend to be a beast of it's own. Hard to qualify as a grade. Unlike normal crystals that are broken down into S-SSS, and patterns like Hino, Mosura crown, no entry, etc... The PRL are more focused on color/coverage quality. So you could technically have a S (better white) > SSS (crappy white) What breeders tend to do is break them up into entry levels (lowest quality) - competition grade (top quality) and everything in between seems to be at the discretion of the breeders.