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    Substrate Recommendations

    pH will depend mostly on the depth. Ada goes to 5.5 I've heard. Sl is around 6.4. I use sl aqua and it buffers below 6 for me. ADA is more geared towards plant and the cycle can take from 1m with a seeded filter to 2-3. Sl and controsoil barely leech any ammonia. Go with sl
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    Substrate Recommendations

    caridina shrimps
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    Substrate Recommendations

    I’m going to be setting up a new tank for Crystal Red Shrimp. What buffering substrate do you recommend? What pH does it buffer at? I have been looking at ADA Amazonia or SL Aqua.
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    Doing water changes on a rack?

    I would leave the top shelf empty to add a reservoir with float valve (from r/o unit) and gravity feed the water into the tanks via a manifold coming off an outlet at the bottom of storage tank. For 12 tanks, a 35 gallon horizontal storage tank would be perfect. A member here uses a 40 gallon breeder tank as their storage. Those reinforced storage totes (usually black w/ yellow tops) found at home improvement stores could work too. Short of that, submersible pumps are the only other way I know of.
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    Shrimp Life

    Post Your Shrimp Pics

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    OEBT x BB TB Results

    Hey All! I have been doing a project now for about 2-3 months breeding OEBT with TBs. I was lucky enough to have berried OEBT in no time once introducing a handful to my TB colony. I am not 100% sure if my OEBT berried from a BB male, but the majority of my males currently are BB. Has anyone had the opportunity to breed these two together, if so, what type of offspring did you see, any pictures would be great? I just found another OEBT female yesterday berried!! I just noticed within the last two days a few odd colored extremely tiny shrimplets running around, keep in mind I have Shadow Pandas, Pandas, BB, and OEBT in the tank, the few shrimplets I saw were clear reddish/orangish coloration. As well all know as they mature coloration can change from day to day, but I am very interested in everyone's opinion and results. A little off topic I just noticed a Wine Red/Ruby Red shrimplet in the tank also, love TBs and their various results when breeding! Thanks all for taking the time to read. DETAquarium
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    Quietest air pump

    All, I purchased the alita 15 for my new shrimp rack, and while it is getting the job done its just too loud for the room its in. Don't have a designated shrimp room yet so the rack is just in the family room. I also purchased it with the intention of running more tanks on the rack, but have decided to only do 7. (A 20 long, 2 17g, 4 10 gallons. What is the quietest pump i can get that will run all 7 tanks? My fiance is out of town so hoping to have the sound issue solved asap! Will just put the alita 15 in storage for now, im sure ill use it in the future! Thanks shrimpers.
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    The Tank of Death

    Bad bacteria. Want baby guppies to cycle ? It looks like its cycling here on out. You can always buy the beneficial bacteria in a a bottle as well although im not so sure how well it works with no experience using it.
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    A little gem that popped up in a black pinto order at work. Its metallic purple with a zebra pattern.
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    Glass shrimp

    Hi Orla, Molting is actually a sign of good health. It just means that your shrimp are growing quickly and thus, need to shed their exoskeleton more often to accommodate their growth so I wouldn't be too worried about it
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    Male or female?

    i'd guess male. but hard to tell still so small.
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    Quietest air pump

    My hygger is 3 feet from my head when i sleep. The bubbles bursting from the filters are much louder than the pump. Im running 6 jet lifters and 4 dual sponge filters currently and still bleeding off some air. I also have a fusion 500 running next to it while i wait for more threaded air valves to come in and it is louder than the hygger. Not by much but for how much less air its moving its kinda sad. Sent from my Moto G (5) Plus using Tapatalk Attached a pic for refrence sorry for the mess its busy season in my line of work.
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    Substrate Recommendations

    Thanks so much for the info. Definitely will get the SL Aqua. What kind of shrimp do you have with a pH of 5.8 to 6.0?
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    Giving up with oebt

    You don't want one like that. 😱 He's dead. I've got a waiting list I can put you on if you'd like.
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    Giving up with oebt

    Where did you pick these up last time ? Gorg, Looking for some for myself . Wyzazz
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    Sera Super Peat pellets?

    Hello. Been some time since I followed up. I just want to say- the super peat & driftwood in my tank has worked amazingly well. PH stays low and stable. And i just use sand as a substrate. CRS are breeding like crazy.
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    7.5G Bee Tank

    Looks good! You don't have to spend that much money if you don't mind sponge/matten filters and 10gal tanks! I've got maybe $600 into my entire setup. The soil won't go bad as long as you keep it dry, I'd place the existing bag in a zip-lock to keep it away from accidental moisture and then you can utilize the rest of it when you need to.
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    found this Good place to start? Anything else you'd add?
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    Vinn's Shrimp Journal

    Tempura, my favorite high grade fancy tiger finally came out of hiding. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    Finally, terrestrial plants went in for acclimation. Purchased some bromeliads, moss, tillandsia, pilea depressa, African violet, and purple wandering Jew plant together with a humidity and temperature digital meter. Trying to keep temperature high enough (in my cool basement) while not upping the humidity too much. It will take several weeks for full acclimation. Hopefully I did my research well enough and the plants will thrive in this environment. Over time the background should be covered with moss and vines. It will take a while though. Can’t wait! A
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    OEBT x BB TB Results

    Just wanted to add a few more pictures of my F1 Taitibees as I have a few F2 generations coming!
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    OEBT x BB TB Results

    Way to young to tell, but BKK shrimplet with orange eyes ?!?!?!?!? Poor quality image but had to get the shot. This was a shrimplet from the same batch as the Taitibee above, Male Tibee x TB.
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    OEBT x BB TB Results

    Honestly I can begin to see Zebra pattern as early as F2-F3 of TaiTibees. I have had several hobbyists, and breeders achieve this. Either way, it is all part of the fun in keeping and breeding shrimp.
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    OEBT x BB TB Results

    Not the best picture but I took it with my iPhone this weekend. Tiny Shrimplet: