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    Hello Cwhittwell I have dealt with both of these sellers and have been extremely satisfied with them ,great shipping and packing and gorgeous healthy homebred shrimp free of disease ,you can see count on both you will happy with any type you purchase and I live in central Florida and shippments have always arrived on time and all shrimp alive,good luck
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    I'm also in florida I have crystal blacks $3 each, orange neos $3 each, fire rods $3 each, ,green jades $6 each, snow balls $4 each, and green emeralds $10 each. All homebrew right here in florida.
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    I have homebred Green Jades if your interested, I ship.
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    Looks like the seller on ebay is selling import Caridinal Sulawesi. Doesn't mention anything about HOMEBRED or even his tank parameters. No colony or tank photos either. Actually looks like he is using stock photos. This is about as high risk order as you can go with these type of shrimp. If they arrive alive, you may have some die off, and then you might also run the risk of bacterial infection etc and you'll be exposing your healthy homebred sulawesi to this if they share the same tank. His feedback is not really for shrimp, but for aquarium products which is very different. Something I've learned is when you find a good seller, give him repeat business. I wouldn't bother to try a different seller if you have a good source already, this is the 3rd seller you tried right? You said the last one was good did he run out?. Sometimes its better to wait then try a different seller, or work with what you have then waste money or risk dying and sick shrimp. 99% of shrimp sellers are businesses FIRST, not hobbyists first. This is their full time job, and they hustle to make $$. Keep that in mind, all the importers are businesses FIRST. Maybe ask people here in this forum where they got healthy nice Sulawesi or what we recommend, instead of trying these random sellers. It will likely save you time and money by asking other knowledgeable hobbyists. For me, if its not available or homebred/healthy... I'm not buying it until I find it. If it means I wait, then I will. Otherwise there's a good chance I'm wasting time and money. Let us know how it goes!
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    Yup. That's it exactly. Shrimp have a very tiny bioload. So we can ship the hardier species priority mail with 2-3 day shipping. I'd never try that with fish... That being said, if they're pricier shrimp, I personally always ask if the seller has overnight shipping, and I'm willing to pay extra for it. But Neos are pretty tough little guys... I think the oxygen exchange would be more beneficial for shipping fish... But I still like the poly bags even for those because I just like double bagging. The post office can get pretty cranky if they get a wet, soggy box... And technically you're supposed to double bag all liquids being shipped according to their regulations. Also, I pack all my livestock with cellulose insulation. If the bag is covered with it, wouldn't that effect the oxygen exchange ability of the bag as well? I suppose you could line the outside of the styrofoam liner with a large poly bag to contain leakage. But then the bag might bounce around inside the open space of the box... You'd have to have something to hold the bag stationary... And then you'd loose the benefits of the insulation... I think a perfect shipping method is also governed by the amount the average customer is willing to pay for shipping. So most of us just do the best we can to accommodate everyone that ensures the livestock has a high likelihood of a live arrival. Breather bags aren't a bad way to ship at all. They have some benefits, but they have drawbacks as well. It's just not a perfect world... Sigh...
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    I vote with the old fashioned poly bags too! The one thing I don't like about the breather bags is that you can't double bag them. The manufacturer says not to. I like to double bag. If one bag bursts, there's another bag to catch the water and possibly protect the livestock. Plus it contains the mess so the postal workers don't have to worry about what was in that dripping, soggy box... I buy bags from reputable sellers, but everything is cheaply made nowadays. And as you don't have to worry so much about a possible mess, you can feel better about shipping livestock with more water in the bag. We can pack things as best and responsibly as we can, but once the box is out of our hands, fate can intercede... So until the manufacturer tells us that it's okay to double bag breather bags, I'll stick with the old fashioned poly ones... Oh, and I once had an order that was lost by the post office and delivered after a week and a half. The shrimp were alive and healthy. I couldn't believe it! They were Neos, not anything delicate. But darn Neos can be tough!!! 😂
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    Shrimp Life

    SUPER SALE Homebred Shrimp

    ONLY 1 of each package available, my colonies are too large and I need to thin these ones out. Mixed sexes, ratio is not guaranteed. All of the following Caridina are being sold at adult size - SOLD! BLUE BOLTS (low grade. White with some light blue on head) 10 for $40 or 20 for $75SOLD SOLDSOLD SOLD! RED BOLTS (lower grade, Light Peach or very light pink) 20 for $75 SOLD SOLD SOLD! SOLD RED BOLT MOSURA/FLOWERHEAD, or Red Markings on head. Body is a light peach or white color and head has red marking. Coming out of my Red Bolt tank 10 for $40 SOLDSOLDSOLD SOLD! RED TAIWAN BEES (mix of Mosura, Flowerhead, Panda, RKK 1 or 2 stripe, Red Bolt) 20 for $80 SOLD SOLD SOLD! Caridina are all PH 6/ GH 4/ KH 0 / TDS 120-140 Orange Neocaridina (these are juveniles) 20 for $45 (Pic is of adults, juvies are not as dark , will improve with age) SHIPPING is $15 no matter how many packages you buy. USPS Priority Mail.
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    If you look under Marketplace and scroll down look for Shrimp Life’s post about Homebred Green Jades for sale. It includes prices and several pictures of the shrimp. I purchased them and even though they’re young and small (which is better for acclimating and adjusting to a new tank) they still had pretty vibrant colors.
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    Inert Substrate with Caridina

    In short, No. Active Substrate not only lowers pH but it keeps it stable at a particular pH and prevents swings. If you have rapid pH swings you will kill your shrimp.
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    What’s the price on the shrimp? And the shipping? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    How much is shipping? I’m Located in Miami. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Aura Blue Tiger Parameters?

    I actually bought my OERBTs from them. They provided a TON of extras and so far I have not lost a single one. I actually noticed a berried female a few days ago, so I’ll definitely look into them again. It looks like they just put up an auction for some.
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    Shrimp Life

    Aura Blue Tiger Parameters?

    Most tigers with the exception of Tangerine tigers are known to like harder water then Taiwan bees but Softer then Neos. I would ask the breeder you plan on buying from , and buy all your stock from that 1 seller. HTN inverts on Aquabid has some nice ones.
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    Shrimp Life

    Places to Buy Cardinal Sulawesi Shrimp

    Here is a hobby breed, ARK. Not sure if hes willing to ship now that its Sept, you can PM him on Aquabid and give him a try. I'd say the sellers you mentioned above all appear to be importers. https://www.aquabid.com/cgi-bin/auction/closed.cgi?view_closed_item&fwinverts1565920904
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    Use your tank water. Fill the breather bag (no air) knot it 2x. Make sure The bag is soft and not super tight (prone to bursting when its tight like a water balloon) 7x7x6 is always big enough for stryo + shrimp bag wrapped in newspaper. Don't ship later in the week, could get stuck on Sunday. Try shipping Sat, Mondays and Tuesdays via Priority Mail.
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    Red cherry shrimp shipping questions

    Everyone seems to prefer the 7x7x6 box. When using a breather bag get all the air out. Some use rubber bands others knot. Some double bag others don't. Always use your tank water Just make sure the bag doesn't leak.
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    Sudden Death

    My lfs has RO water available, I haven't checked elsewhere. If I do 10% changes for my 2 - 20's and 1 - 10, that's only 5 gallon so I don't think it's worthwhile to have my own RO unit.
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    Sudden Death

    That’s true, but my thinking is that RCS have been in the hobby for so long that they’ve become genetically stronger than other types so they can handle a wider range of parameters and stress. The blue dreams ricksza got may be very high quality ones that are very blue and produce very blue babies, but as a result would be genetically weaker so they wouldn’t be able to handle stress or changes as easily. It can be a pretty fine line between parameters being okay for one type of shrimp and lethal to another. His RCS may be surviving, but if there’s something wrong with the tap water they may be surviving more than thriving, if that makes sense. It’s sort of like how different racial groups are prone to developing certain diseases, or how some individuals are more susceptible to getting sick than others . Although two different people may be exposed to the same disease, one person may become sick and the other may be fine, and a lot of that has to do with genetics and lifestyle. It sounds like ricksza is doing everything right and seems knowledgeable about shrimp keeping, so I’d think it’s got to be the water because that’s the only thing he can’t control.
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    Sudden Death

    It sounds like you’re doing everything right, but if I had to guess I would think it’d be the tap water as treatment of tap water is the only thing that’s pretty much out of your control and it can be difficult to determine how they’re treating the water weekly or monthly. I’d definitely agree with your idea of using RO water and remineralizer since that will give you complete control of what’s going into your water. When I was in Washington, I had no success with shrimp keeping initially until I watched videos on YouTube and realized that tap water can be a bit of a risk. I found out that the tap water there was very chlorinated, which was most likely the cause of my lack of success. The more you can control in your tank, the better chances you’ll have of success. It can be a pain to get RO water if you’re not using your own RO unit, but it’s definitely worth it. I have to go to Walmart or Kroger for my water unfortunately since I live in an apartment complex and don’t have access to a hose faucet to hook an RO unit to, but all my shrimp are doing very well. Hope that helps!
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    Sudden Death

    Apologies on your loss... Both sides share the same water, so water params are absolutely the same on both side. If the cause was water quality related it should have been a problem on the red side as well yes?
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    Sudden Death

    The only thing I can think of is that your local water treatment may have either allowed certain chemicals or metals into the tap water that you used recently or they may have added increased doses of chemicals to treat your tap water recently. I’ve heard that tap water isn’t always consistent and that the amount of chemicals, hardness, etc. can vary. I’m not too familiar with the process of water treatment, but when I was helping my girlfriend set up her tank we used her tap water to fill it up and there were no problems initially. Then, I changed about 20% of the water about a week later to show her how to do it and replaced it with tap water and the Amano shrimp and a nerite snail ended up dying within the next day. It sounds like you treat your water to dechlorinate it, but that’s the only thing I can think of since it sounds like you’ve been doing everything pretty consistently for quite a while. In my experience, having massive die off of shrimp in a short period of time usually means something changed suddenly that shocked the shrimp. RCS are probably genetically stronger than blue dreams, for the most part, so maybe they were able to handle whatever sudden change occurred. No new plants or shrimp that were added recently?
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    Sudden Death

    Are you using tap water or remineralizing your water? Also, do you typically do 25% water changes and add the Flourish or is that something new you are trying? If you can think of anything new that you might’ve done or added to the tank that might help to narrow down the possibilities. Sorry to hear about your losses 😣
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    Sudden Death

    Have you noticed anything on the dead shrimp bodies? Such as sores on their outer shells or maybe some “fungus” on their underbelly? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    @Shrimp Life I had never really thought about looking for details such as that, so I’m glad that I’ve been updating on this to hear feedback. The shrimp made it this morning and the packaging was actually very good and 15/20 came in alive. They look really nice and young, but we’ll see how it goes now that they’re in the tank. The 2nd seller did say he still has a lot so I will probably stick with them if I ever want to buy anymore. The priority shipping thing was my main concern with going with that seller, but it didn’t seem to affect the shrimp he sent (at least for this order). Most of the sellers/vendors I’ve been dealing with up till now have been pretty good at worst, so this was definitely a learning experience for me. I’ve been out of the hobby for over a year, and it looks like the shrimp hobby’s expanded pretty significantly in that time (for good and bad). Also, I was super into the aquarium hobby from a very young age and I grew up pretty much being the only person I knew that was into the aquarium hobby, which taught me to research and experiment on my own and learn by trial and error. I never had anyone to really ask about my aquarium questions except for the fish stores, so I’m very fortunate and grateful to have found a community of people as crazy about this hobby as I am. I just have to remember to use it more often 😅 Thanks for the feedback and advice!
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    Hi all, I'm pretty frustrated and upset ATM, so I hope you can bear with me. I ordered cardinal sulawesi shrimp from someone on aquabid who has good reviews. It came with overnight shipping, so I was pretty optimistic. When I opened the package I could smell death and sure enough when I checked the bag with the shrimp they were all dead, the water was cloudy, and they REEKED, which I thought was unusual especially with overnight shipping. Until I found a heat pack at the bottom (I'm in Ohio with the temperature ranging around mid 70s - high 80s), which I thought was very strange. The package was small, insulated with a styrofoam box, and contained the heat pack, so I figured the temperatures rose really fast and killed the shrimp. However, I've pretty much only raised neos and caridina up until now. I wouldn't say I'm an expert, but I feel like I know the fundamentals of shrimp keeping. I also know that it's better to have a slightly lower temperature than a higher temperature when shipping any livestock because heat increases the metabolism of the animals, which leads to more waste and ammonia buildup in the water, which would impact the health of the animals even if they survive the shipping. So I'm very confused about why the heat pack was included. I asked the seller, along with a VERY long email, why the heat pack was included and they pretty much brushed me off and said "DOAs are unfortunate, but happen occasionally". So I ask you guys, do cardinal sulawesis ship better with heat packs due to a higher temperature requirement or is this guy full of it?
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    So an update for anyone interested in good and not so good places to look for Cardinal Sulawesi shrimp: I found a seller on eBay who had a good rating (97%) on almost 200 reviews. Ironically, his screen name is Aquariumprofessionalcare0, and he offered Fedex overnight shipping (I really like Fedex the most as they seem to be the most reliable imo), but required a signature for delivery. Because of his good reviews I bought what was left of his stock (20 shrimp) and promptly emailed him asking if a signature was required if I could have it held for pickup if sent during the week, or if a Saturday deliver was possible. All he replied was, “I’m not sure if Saturday delivery is possible. I’ll check.” Didn’t hear back from him the rest of the week, but under the order it said “ETA Wednesday, 9/11” so I figured he was just planning to ship it Tuesday for Wednesday delivery and mark it hold for pickup. Yesterday (Saturday, 9/8) I received a message at around 6:30 pm my time saying “I shipped your shrimp out yesterday so make sure you’re home to sign for delivery”. I panicked because I stepped out for a couple hours earlier to go grocery shopping and find supplies for one of my tanks that sprung a leak. Long story short, I messaged the seller telling me to please keep me updated since this was not only an expensive order, but an order containing very fragile shrimp. Found out that instead of being delivered on Saturday, the expected delivery is tomorrow (Monday, 9/10) and I most likely won’t be home for delivery because I have class. I tried to call Fedex to change to hold for pickup, but they said due to the seller’s restrictions, only he can change delivery instructions. I messaged him last night and this morning asking if he got a hold of them, and no response. I said ironically earlier because he obviously doesn’t care about me as a customer or the animals he’s selling, and he’s definitely not professional in handling an obviously concerned customer. Still haven’t got the shrimp yet, but his interaction with me so far has left a bad taste in my mouth. I think I’ll have to ask sellers questions before ordering to get an idea of how they ship and do business. Unfortunately, I see a lot of sellers that won’t reply to you unless you purchase one of their products. It’s sad that the shrimp hobby has grown so much that there’s people who value business and money over the hobby. Hopefully the shrimp made it, but I think communication is key especially when shipping fragile and expensive animals such as these.
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    Agree! not being able to double bag concerns me. I had to go to poly after one too many of the breather bags were bursting or leaking, costing me money in reshipment and and I was using them properly, not filling them too tightly etc. I will never go back to breather bags for shrimp.
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    Happy they arrived well!! congrats
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    JSak - They look beautiful! I'm excited for you! I live vicariously through you at the moment... I hope to get some later in the fall.... 😊
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    I can definitely understand that. With animals, especially sensitive species such as these, I know there is no one true correct answer and/or one true wrong answer (in vet med we learn how things are “supposed” to be when diagnosing diseases but there’s always rare, or uncommon individuals that don’t follow the rules). I mainly wanted to hear opinions on specific things that the first seller may have done that was questionable (for me it was the small box and small volume of water, which I thought may cause more risk of temperature fluctuations and rapid temperature rise/falls) or anything the second seller did that is good practice (larger volume of water, plants, and the arguably the Poly bags), or vice versa, if I have success breeding and want to sell in the future. Yup I’m excited now that I have live Cardinals! It sounds like finding them for sale and shipping is the most stressful and difficult part of keeping these guys. I wish I ordered more so I don’t have to go through the shipping again...but learning about Kordon breather bags vs. Poly bags is useful information that I’ll definitely look into! Thanks for sharing!
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    DOAS can and do happen, even with experienced sellers. Alot of the times its even nothing the seller did wrong. If your first seller was reputable, and shipping Sulawesi many times, he is going to pack the way he feels is safe. No seller/shipper wants to have to have a customer with DOAS (buyer disappointed), and we don't want to have to go to the trouble or replacement, refund etc. Its entirely possible that your box was exposed to heat somewhere in transit. It IS summer, right. There is a possibility you are that unlucky person.. sometimes if a shrimp dies in transit, it pollutes the bag and others will die too. Could be that simple thing of a stressed shrimp dying and polluting water, and have nothing to do with HEAT or his packing at all... The way you described your second shipment is not how I would ship shrimp... especially shipping sensitive ones like Sulawesi. But good news is NOW you have some nice shrimp and I think if you have the right setup, caridinals are very easy to keep and breed. I've seen plenty of people succeed with them, who are not advanced hobbyist at all. So have fun!!! PS you mentioned Kordon vs Poly Bag. I only use Poly Bags.As you know I shipped you green jades that were delayed by usps and 5 days later they arrived in good shape. So the whole kordon bag thing, isn't important at all, and its almost a fear that sellers have to make that transition to Poly bags, but really its more dependable then kordon IMO (in the past severe leaking, burst, etc)
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    If the buyer followed doa protocol then yes he should get a refund or replacement. If not, unfortunately the seller can act at his discretion. Most experienced sellers know how and when to use a heatpack.
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    Laborday Sales!

    Black tiger oe
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    Aura Blue Tiger Parameters?

    They're like tangerine tigers or a colour morph of it and can survive and thrive in a while range of water parametrrs. The best is to ask the breeder yoyre ordering and try to match approx. Their parameters Sent from my SM-G973F using Tapatalk
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    Glad to hear you've got some alive caridinal and they're doing well. You've written quite a bit I'll have to reread once my kids are asleep. But some thoughts. What was the temp in your and the shippers area during the shipping times? It could be warm enough that a heat pack wasnt required. Just some random theories based on what I know about these shrimps. But I could be wrong. Interesting thing about shrimps is if you post a question you'll probably get 10 different responses and they all work for them Side note , tons of berried sulawesi shrimps for me. Sent from my SM-G973F using Tapatalk
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    Also forgot to mention that the previous shipment was delivered to my door (indoors) vs this last shipment being delivered to the parcel locker (outdoors), with both sitting for roughly the same amount of time until I finished with classes.
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    So just an update. I ordered cardinal shrimp from 2 sellers to see differences in shipping methods, health of the shrimp, and just in case one of them comes in all DOA again I have a possible backup (I could’t find any other sites that have these shrimp available for sale). The first package came today, and I was hesitant with them, but now am pretty conflicted. I ordered from BreedInUSA, but the only shipping option they had available was USPS Priority, which would take at least 2 days. I was hesitant, so I emailed and asked them. I didn’t get a response for a few days, so I decided to just get a few to see how it goes so I know if this is a reliable breeder. The shipment took 2 days and USPS delivered the package in our outdoor parcel locker, even though they wrote “deliver to front door” for me -.- They were probably sitting in the parcel locker for 2 hours (I’m in vet school and had a lab today so there was absolutely no way I could leave early to get them). The package was the small, flat rate USPS square box, and when I opened it there was insulated styrofoam with reflective material on the inside (not as insulated as the first shipment), but no heat pack at all. The shrimp were well-packaged and from all the packages I’ve received in my shrimp keeping, it looked like a pretty standard shipping setup. The bag the shrimp were in was a normal plastic bag (not a Kordon breather bag), completely full of java moss, but all the shrimp (I ordered 7 and he sent 1 extra) not came in alive, but were ACTIVELY swimming around the bag. I have them drip acclimating and they seem more than fine. So comparing this shipment to the last shipment I had priority shipping (2 days) vs overnight shipping, a standard shipping setup with styrofoam cut-outs and reflective material on the inside vs a well-insulated styrofoam box inside the shipping box (the ones they use to ship medical samples), no heat pack vs. a heat pack generating tons of heat since they were in a smaller box, and a regular plastic bag (with way more water) vs a Kordon breather bag. You’d think that the shrimp would’ve had no chance with this shipment method, but when I emailed the seller back, he said his shrimp are hardy and he adds new shrimp every year to strengthen the gene pool (very good practice btw). I’m curious on all your thoughts about this. It sounds like the breeder has done this for a while and is knowledgeable, but based off what I’ve been hearing Cardinals need very strict shipping conditions. I’m honestly tempted to buy some more just to see if they’ll all arrive alive again (and they also look beautiful). I attached a picture of the shrimp acclimating.
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    JSak, definitely keep me posted. If the next shipment is successful, I'll keep that seller in mind...
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    @rwong2k those look amazing! Congrats! Do you keep them in the same aquarium?
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    @TheGlassBox I would definitely hold for pickup every time if my life wasn’t signed over the the veterinary school right now 😭 but I am taking a class on exotic pets, which includes a whole fish section at the end of the semester so I’m excited to learn the medicine and physiology behind aquarium fish, and if I’m lucky, maybe a little on inverts. Definitely good to inform everyone because you never know who might end up reading this post and find this information helpful. Will do! If they come in alive and healthy I’ll let you know who I got them from when you decide to take the leap 😆
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    Those are gorgeous!!! 😊
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    Wish you the best of luck on your hunt. On the note found some berried caridinal and yellow cheek babies in my aquariums Sent from my SM-G973F using Tapatalk
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    Oh yeah, I get that the hold for pick up option doesn't work for everyone. It does for me, as I work out of my house and the post office is right down the street LOL. Plus I have a 750 foot driveway, so it's less of a pain to run to run to the post office than it is to run up and down the driveway to the box every 20 minutes or so! (Not that I couldn't use the exercise...) 20 years ago when I worked at another job with less flexibility, it wouldn't have been an option at all. I just like to put it out there as it's good to know about. 😊 It could also be that the seller is simply new, and on the learning curve. Another reason I posted the chart. 😊 Keep us posted on the Cardinals! They've been on my bucket list forever! I swear, this will be the year LOL!
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    This conversation has been very educational as Cardinals are on my bucket list. Was hoping to get some this year, so thank you for posting! Now I'll know to ask how they're shipped... I'd heard they didn't ship well... The 72 hour heat packs have the most gentle warming action, the shorter length warmers can heat up substantially more... I never ship anything with them even if it's going overnight... And I always use more water and a cardboard barrier between the bag and the heat pack. Anyone new to shipping might find the attached graph helpful. Also, there's an option in most areas of "Hold for Pickup." The post office will hold your package at the post office for you to pickup. That way it won't go on the delivery truck, where it may be very hot or very cold for several hours. It will be held at the post office at room temperature. I always ask for this option when I have livestock shipped to me, as I'm near the end of the delivery route. I'd rather make the trip to the post office and reduce the chance of disappointment... But I understand that it's not practical for everyone. Heat packs always add an additional element of risk, but in the winter they can be a necessary evil. Glad I'm not shipping these guys on a routine basis!
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    @Shrimp Life I now understand that he was not just making things up or trying to cover a mistake, but what got me irritated was that he blew me off when I sent a long and detailed email and asked why the heat pack was necessary (I didn't say that he shouldn't have put a heat pack, just wanted an explanation). It was mainly a miscommunication thing. I was upset because the shrimp were all dead and appeared to be dead for a while with overnight shipping and he didn't give me a straight answer when I was trying to hold back my frustration in the first email. The box was pretty small. In comparison, I got a box of just mini rabbit snails from another seller and the box for them was bigger than the box that contained the shrimp and some regular rabbit snails. The shrimp, snails and heat pack were wrapped well in parchment paper, and he later told me he put the snails in between the heat pack and shrimp to prevent overheating. The amount of water was less than any I've ever received for shrimp and snails (excluding MTS), which is why I thought they died from overheating. I instantly smelled something decaying when I opened the package. Unfortunately, I'm in vet school so I'm pretty much in class from 8- 3 or 4 Monday-Friday, which makes deliveries such as these difficult. However, I've recently (within the past 2 weeks) received OERBTs, Blue Bolts, Purple Nanacys, and I even received Cardinal Sulawesis and Stardusts a year ago from a different seller, all with little to no DOAs (never had to contact a seller to resend shrimp). That being said, my apartment is located in a larger building with 4 other units, so my apartment is indoors in a sense, so I tell sellers to try to write "deliver to front door" because USPS usually delivers packages to a parcel locker that's outside. They usually don't listen so most of my shrimp were in that parcel locker and I had no issues. However, this time I got really lucky and they actually delivered the Sulawesis to my front door. They were left in front of my door for approximately 3-4 hours, but they were indoors where they didn't have any sun or outside heat exposure. It took a little while (he said he's traveling now), but he did give me partial refund and told me he won't ship the shrimp until he researches and finds the problem, so I can appreciate that. I did not write a review or reveal the seller until I heard his side of the story, which I'm glad I did because he ended up making things right. The rabbit snails all made it and are alive and doing well in their tank. Thank you for your input! I'm always interested to hear from other keepers about their experience and/or knowledge.
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    That's true. I rarely get overnight shipping, but I guess there's always a lot of factors that go into what could've gone wrong. Hoping it'll be resolved somehow. Ouch...that's some determination and dedication to keep trying with them though, and it seems like it worked out for you! The tank looks awesome! It'll look amazing when it's full with shrimp covering the rocks. Good luck and have a good evening yourself!
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    That's great to hear. I can feel your frustration through the first post. The flip side is it could have been on the mail truck for a long time and the bag could have over heated. That's another way of looking at it. And you're familar once theres one dead shrimp thr water goes bad and could have a spiral effect on the rest of them. Either way, anyone I've talked to who tried to ship them wouldn't do it again. Its quite risky and a sensitive shrimp esp to temp. It's happened to me I ordered 1000 there was a delay in the airport and they opened the bags. All 1000 dead. I almost cried. For me I only sell to local people who pick up. But that's just me. Wish you more success next shipment, either way it sucks when the buyer doesnt reply.promotly cause we spend quite a bit of money on shrimps in general and would love a quick and prompt response when it goes bad. Have a great evening On the other hand I love breeding these guys and just set up a 50g rock scape for sulawesi. Heres a photo Sent from my SM-G973F using Tapatalk
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    Weekend sale

    Interested in the red tangtai. Looking for at least 20. Pics?
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    A couple pictures I snapped this morning, that was the first time I've seen the blue speckled shrimplet. Hoping for something blue-steel-ish!
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    New to shrimp!

    Hello! I’m really surprised no one has replied to you. Welcome to shrimping! For your first question: what substrate is best for shrimp? Mostly anything! There is one snag I ran into with PH-buffering substrate that some have that didn’t mix well with my remineralizer powder. (Remineralizer raised PH; substrate did its thing and buffered it down) which caused a PH swing everytime I changed the water which stressed them out and I experienced a lot of deaths which left me puzzled. (This community helped me with that answer) So just be careful about “active buffering” substrate vs remineralizer powder and you’re fine. I’ve been told that blue shrimp are brighter on dark substrate as well, but my blue velvet colony would beg to differ. I keep them in a white sand bottom tank and they’re the truest of blues I’ve ever seen! (I will attach a pic) I’m not sure about liquid mineralizer; at least I’ve never come across that. I use Salty Shrimp KH/GH+ for Neocaridina which is about $30 USD a bottle and lasts a very long time and I find it to work perfect! I still add a drop or two of Seachem Prime just in case after mixing the RODI water. I drop an air stone in there and it’s shrimp-ready pretty quick. Ive dove headfirst into the hobby and love it! I only have neo’s for now but 6 tanks is plenty for me. Lol If you have any other questions, ask away! Others should chime in as well. It’s all a learning experience. YouTube helped me a lot. There are many great shrimp keeping channels out there.
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