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    Same thing happens when using any treatment. Ammonia spikes kill shrimp if you don't do a WC not the actual products.
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    http://www.richmondgov.com/dpu/WaterQualityReports.aspx 2015 report shows that Richmond uses Chloramine.
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    Westworld Aquascape Part II

    Hi guys, We started a tank 3 months ago titled 'Westworld' (check it out here). Took a while for the tank to settle down and really grow out. We just made an updated video on what it looks like today. Check it out. We've added some cherrys and fish too. Thanks and best regards,
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    Hi all, In celebration of our one year anniversary, we are giving away 2 free random bucephalandra (plant portions, 5-10+ leaves) with every order! We also have a new video out showing off a nice low tech setup in a 20 gallon (UNS 60U). Check it out here. Hurry, offer good until supplies last. Best,
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    And it will be decomposed by itself. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    FS - Orange Eyed Black Tiger

    I am almost out and have a couple orders to ship, but once I catch them I will be able to get a more accurate count of the ones left. I think I have enough for another 12, but I'd rather be sure before committing to sell. I will let you know soon.
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