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    Looking like a real tiger 😁
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    Soothing Shrimp

    FREE Stuff for Shrimpers!

    OKay, I think I'm done listing for now. I may have some other things, but I'll know when I get these cleared out.
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    Shrimp Pimp Daily Feeder

    I'd like to put in my vote of confidence for the Shrimp Pimp food. I've been making my own shrimp food for a few years now and have put my own food up against many other commercial foods with mine consistently coming out on top. Jamison sent me some Shrimp Pimp Food for me to compare side-by-side with my own and my shrimp clearly preferred his food. I was happily surprised with the result and look forward to putting it into my rotation of foods. In short, you won't be disappointed with The Shrimp Pimp Daily Nutrition. It is truly a quality shrimp food!
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    Shrimp Pimp Daily Feeder

    Hi Jamison, I tried your food today, I have a small 6 gallon with too much moss and algae ! The first time I checked I didn't see much movement on the Shrimp Pimp food, but an hour later WOW my fire red shrimp were all over it I think it was gone with a lot of RCS all around it.. Thank so much, are you going to make other supplemental foods in the future ? My shrimp have just gotten PIMPED !
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