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    substrate granular size difference

    Last time I used powder it turned into one solid chunk of soil. You have to change powder more often. If you want to use powder, put the powder into little pots, clear plastic, and try the powder out.
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    So you're getting pretty much pure water (devoid of minerals) from your tap. The same thing many of us aim for by using an RO System. From here, you will want to add minerals back to your water to support aquatic life as aotf mentioned above. I use Salty Shrimp gH+ (for Caridina Parameters) and Salty Shrimp gH/kH+ (for Neo Parameters) to remineralize my RO water and make it suitable for shrimp. With Caridina Parameters, you need something to keep the pH stable, so active/buffering substrate is used. For Neo Parameters the kH keeps the pH stable, so you use an inert substrate.
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    Tiger shrimp (red/black crystal shrimp)

    Tiger shrimp and CRS/CBS are not the same and are generally kept in different parameters. Tigers would most likely be in neo parameters depending on where you get them, while CRS/CBS would be caridina parameters. Take a look at this:https://www.discobee.com/blogs/news/17030569-dwarf-shrimp-water-parameters I also recommend you do some reading on water parameters and buffering since it sounds like that's new to you and you want to have a handle on that before buying any livestock. Specifically, look into gH, kH, and pH. I don't have any links handy but it's covered plenty of places (including on this forum) with a bit of googling. To answer your direct question: - for neo parameters https://flipaquatics.com/products/shrimp-mineral-gh-kh?variant=43063556100 - for caridina parameters https://flipaquatics.com/products/bee-shrimp-mineral-gh?variant=43063611268 You actually do want to mess with water chemistry, like by adding specific minerals to promote shell growth or to keep the water in specific pH ranges, for example.
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    Feed Snowflake, Mulberry Leaves and with that many shrimp there should not be leftovers. Sell shrimp to minimize your colony number. Do more frequent small water changes, they are hardy and should do well. If you don't feed enough they will start eating other shrimp and attacking molting shrimp. I find that the attacking of molting shrimp occurs when there is a high population of shrimp and not enough space or food
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    Rules of Thumb When Selling Shrimps

    Packing is important, your boxes need to be well insulated to keep the temp fluctuations to a minimum. I also like to line mine with polystyrene foam to insulate and provide some crush resistance. Breather bags, an appropriate amount of water, purigen and something for the shrimp to hang on to during transit. Shipping is usually done via USPS Priority Mail. They will give you 7x7x6 boxes for free, you simply need to tape them together and add your label. Speaking of labels, you can print labels directly from Paypal, or use USPS Click N Ship. As for pricing, charge what you think is fair for the shrimp and shipping. You're a hobbyist so your pricing is going to be far less than what you'll see at a retail shop, but quality will likely be much higher. Communication is important! - Clearly communicate with your customers and let them know when you're shipping, what your DOA Policy is, what their tracking number is, what type of shrimp are being shipped. Let me know if you want a test subject when you're ready to ship, I'm more than willing to help with packaging (you've received shrimp from me before so you know how I package) or willing to be your first shipment. This way I can provide constructive feedback if needed.
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    Cycling tank with Matrix

    I only use Matrix. If your tank handles 4ppm in 24 hours, it already has more than enough filtration power for ammonia (AOB). Do listen to Poopian as nitrite is another story, it can take longer as the bacteria for nitrite (NOB) doesn't start to grow until AOB start to convert ammonia to nitrite. Ammonia (NH3/NH4) is consumed by AOB and nitrite (NO2) is produced. Nitrite is consumed by NOB and nitrate (NO3) is produced. So, your tank should have enough AOB colony, but you need to test nitrite to ensure it has enough NOB to form a compete (half) nitrogen cycle needed for aquatic life. Matrix is just filter media, it doesn't do anything to ammonia or nitrite, but the bacteria colony grown on it does.
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    Soothing Shrimp

    Cycling tank with Matrix

    LOL One guy used to pee on his filters to get them started.
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