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    Actually yes! Almost all of my previous F2s died off (I think a couple made it to adulthood) but they were very tangtai-looking so nothing too special there. Since then, I've had several batches and many of them are surviving. Most are juvies at this point. I've gotten some shrimplets I'm pretty excited about. Most (60-70%) are tangtai, a couple are some weird low-grade CBS-looking things, some YKK-looking shrimp with more white specks/striping, 5 BKKs (!) and one weird blue steel or king-kong like shrimp that I only see once every couple weeks so I have no idea if it's still alive. I have another 3-4 pregnant females so more shrimplets to come. In order: CBS-thing YKK-thing BKKs Blue steel thing??
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