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    New and needing advice!

    I guess I shall soon find out! Tank is now cycled, so I'll be planting up over the next week. I think I'll then pop a few Danios or WCMMs in from another tank just to keep it ticking over before I buy the shrimp, they will be the babies but I'm sure they will keep the BB going. Also need to move the tank, I've decided I want it next to where I sit of an evening so I can get to know the shrimp a little better!
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    Inert Substrate with Caridina

    I can almost 100% assure you that it doesn't hold stable unless you've got kH in your water, or some sort of buffer holding it down there. The pH can change drastically in planted tanks from night to day due to CO2 release (and lack thereof) from the plants. Heck, put some of that remineralized water in a bucket without a lid on it and add an airstone. Check it when you drop it into the bucket, 2 days later, then 6 days later. I'd be willing to bet that the pH has changed.
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    Extreme Blue Bolt

    As James said, Intensity and Coverage is key. Don't be fooled though as many Blue Bolts' color enhances drastically when berried. This is my favorite "Extreme Blue Bolt".
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