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  1. @vorteil Currently just fire reds. If they do well I plan on doing others. When I was in phoenix I did about half a dozen different neo variants outside.
  2. You are welcome! Grab a photo if another one shows up but it is likely a detritus worm or something
  3. I think I recall seeing wave makers designed for this. They are used mainly in reef tanks but I think they have outlets on them so you can plug something less intense in.
  4. The biggest problem keeping them outside is dragonfly nymphs. I have keep them in phoenix during the summer with water temps in the 90s and in new mexico when we get ice on the surface during the winter. As long as you keep out the insects you should be ok. These were in tanks that were 150+ gallons so the changes in temp were slow. If you are doing something like a 40gal glass tank I would make sure it doesnt get direct sun because it may cause the temp to swing too much.
  5. Worms arent uncommon to find in shrimp tanks were there are no fish to eat them. They shouldnt cause any problems though. I usually see them hanging out in the substrate but they come up when I feed sometimes.
  6. this is a test buy it now auction...
  7. test fixed price
  8. I think this is working now...please bid and test it out.
  9. Gross but pretty neat that you found it!
  10. I thought cuttlebone raised both GH and KH. Isnt cuttlebone calcium carbonate?
  11. Never left, just got busy with kids so hard to be as active
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