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  1. this is a test buy it now auction...
  2. test fixed price
  3. I think this is working now...please bid and test it out.
  4. Gross but pretty neat that you found it!
  5. I thought cuttlebone raised both GH and KH. Isnt cuttlebone calcium carbonate?
  6. Never left, just got busy with kids so hard to be as active
  7. glad you like that feature
  8. I was successfully able to place a bid and "buy". The check out function seemed to be working fine as well. It took me to the PayPal site

  9. Please bear with me a couple days as I get all this stuff figured out. the "Marketplace & Auctions" section isn't working yet but I am trying. Thanks!
  10. I just added a new category in your profile (and it shows to the left of your posts) that has your real name if you wish to include it.
  11. Sounds like moving the gravel around must have caused a change in water parameters, probably ammonia. Did your tank end up stabilize?
  12. Hello, thanks for joining!
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