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  1. I have fancy red tigers 10 for $200 shipped they are medium grade
  2. Sold probably wont have more till april
  3. Wysiwyg 10+ Fancy Red Tigers $300 shipped these are homebred medium to high grade the best I've let go yet. Will also take trades for shrimp I dont have.
  4. Shipped out the last package and I still have plenty left for another. PM me if you have any questions.
  5. I've been slacking lately on upgrades for the shrimp house but that's all about to change. 2 closed loop systems down 4 more to go. Then I'll jump on the ponds for the green house.
  6. 10 homebred cardinals for $200 shipped to Georgia or Florida Overnight. If you live in another state please send me a pm. Colony is almost 4 years old. Salty shrimp 8.5 200 TDs 80 temp.
  7. Some random photos didnt realize I havent made a post all year. Will be setting my green house up for my neos here next week or so will be sure to post lots or pictures of the progress on here.
  8. I have more ykk and star dust. Also till February 15th 10% of all sales will be donated to the American Heart Association!
  9. Some price drops Current Packages up for grabs. All shrimp are homebred and packages can be combined for a cheaper deal as well. Packages ship tomorrow! 10 Green Tigers culls $80 shipped 10 TGOE Prl S grade $50 shipped 10 TGOE Prl Ss+ $100 shipped 10 Blue Steel $200 shipped 10 Zebra ghost bees $150 shipped 10 Mixed Black Tibee $45 shipped 10 Tangtai $50 shipped 10 Black Tibee F5 $60 shipped 10 Auratai $80 F6 shipped 10 Red Tibee(Safari/Dm genes) $100 shipped 10 Red Taitibe(galaxy genes) $120 shipped 10 Fancy Red Tigers $180 shipped 10 Super Red Crystal's 2 stripe $100 shipped 10 Mixed TB $80 shipped
  10. Yes prl would be a great started caridina they are very hardy
  11. Ya its mixed they wont be extreme but they did come from my colony that won 2nd at the first ae.
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