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  1. Green jades can have the golden backline but emeralds dont really seem to have them. Emeralds are more painted with the thicker shells and because of it some of them will turn blue or black in color.
  2. I'm going to have to figure something else out with the green emeralds. Sorry everyone for the wait had a scare with my son having an allergic reaction. Havent had time for pics.
  3. I'll take some pics tomorrow but they are not very photogenic in my ponds. Every snowball looks the same maybe Google or searching the forums you'll be able to see what they look like.
  4. I only keep fire and painted in my colony so cherry and cull is the same grade to me
  5. All homebred Shipping is $10 or free on orders over $100. Red Cherry $2 each Orange Sakura $4 each Yellow Neo $3 each Snow Ball $3 each Green Jade $5 each Blue Dream $5 each Emeralds $8 each Tangerine Tigers $4 each Super Tigers $5 each Star Dust $8 each Golden Bees $3 each Prl $5 each Michilings $4 each Ghost Bees $4 each Super Crystal Reds mixed patterns $8 each Mixed Bkk $7 each Red Panda $12 each Shadow Pandas $15 each Yellow King Kongs $4 each OE YKK $12 each Tibee $4 each Tangtai $3 each Auratai $10 each Blue Steels $12 each Low Grade Fancy Red Tigers $10 each Medium Grade Fancy Red Tigers $30 each High Grade Fancy Red Tigers $45 each Black Calceo $15 each Blue Dragons Blood $60 each 10 Sulawessi Cardinals shipped overnight $230 south states only.
  6. All orders over $50 get free shipping! Red Cherrys $2 each Orange Neos $3 each Green Jades $5 each Blue Dreams $5 each Green Emerald $7 each Snow Ball $2 each Golden Bee $2 each Ghost bee $3 each Pure Red Line a-s grade $4 each Super Tigers $4 each Aura Blue Tiger $10 each Yellow King Kong Rilli $12 each Green Tiger cull $3 each Black King Kong mix $6 each Shadow Panda $10 each Super Crystal Red $7 each mixed grade Black Tibee $3 each Red Tibee $5 each Blue Steel $15 each Mixed Taitibee $9 each rkk bkk phenotype Tangtai $3 each Fancy Black/Red Tiger medium grade $18 each Fancy Red Tiger High grade $35 each Orange Rabbit Snails $9 each
  7. Tgoeshrimp.com will have the pics and they show up great on black substrate
  8. Sold out of high grade fancy black tigers
  9. Crystal black shrimp sold out unless your ok will peewees
  10. Hard to get pics of the green emeralds from the ponds but they can be on the black and blue color side
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