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  1. TheGardenofEder

    Black Friday Sales

    Also 10 ss+ prl $100 shipped
  2. TheGardenofEder

    Black Friday Sales

    Adding tangerine tigers I got 1st place with this line at ae 2018 10 for $55 shipped
  3. TheGardenofEder

    Black Friday Sales

    All caridina are 150 TDs 5 Gh 0 kh 6-6.4 ph
  4. TheGardenofEder

    Black Friday Sales

    Red steels sold
  5. TheGardenofEder

    The Journals of ThegardenofEder

    Random photos
  6. TheGardenofEder

    Black Friday Sales

    150 TDs 5 gh 0 kh 6.4 ph
  7. TheGardenofEder

    Black Friday Sales

    Ykk sold out
  8. TheGardenofEder

    Black Friday Sales

    Going to start our black Friday sales early to beat the holiday shipping. Shrimp are all homebred and come with doa policy. Sorry no neo packages this year were moving all neos into the green house. Will combine packages for an even better deal. 20 Opae Ula $45 shipped 10 Yellow King Kongs $38 shipped 10 Star Dust $70 shipped 10 TGOE Prl S grade $45 shipped 10 Mixed Black Tibee $40 shipped 10 Mixed Red Tibee $60 shipped 10 Tangtai $40 shipped 10 Black Tibee F6 $55 shipped 10 Red Taitibee $70 shipped 10 Red Tibee(Safari/Dm genes) $65 shipped 10 Bkk Mix $70 shipped 10 Shadow Panda $100 shipped 10 Red Steel $100 shipped Will add a few more shrimp to the list as they grow till sale ends day after black Friday.
  9. TheGardenofEder

    Soothing Shrimp

    Soothing is making puppets these days and going back to school. Most people these days are on Facebook page usa freshwater plants and shrimp
  10. TheGardenofEder

    Packages up for grabs

    Yes all of these are still available
  11. TheGardenofEder

    The Journals of ThegardenofEder

    3rd place black tiger orange eye cat 7 and First place tangerine tigers in cat 8 also got some more red tigers and some new orange eye.
  12. TheGardenofEder

    Aquatic Experience Sale!

    I keep them in caridina but I have customers that keep them in neo parameters no issue
  13. TheGardenofEder

    Aquatic Experience Sale!

    Ykk sold
  14. TheGardenofEder

    Aquatic Experience Sale!

    Cardinal package sold
  15. TheGardenofEder

    Aquatic Experience Sale!

    Aquatic Experience Pre Sale! Anyone who will be at ae and wants some shrimp I can deliver with out shipping fee. For any other orders $10 shipping or spend 100 and get free shipping(except cardinals). 20 Opae Ula $40 10 Red Cherry $20 10 Bloody Marry $60 12 Tangerine Tigers $40 10 Yellow King Kongs $30 10 Star Dust $65 10 TGOE Prl S grade $40 10 Mixed Black Tibee $35 10 Tangtai F5(galaxy and steep genes)$50 10 Black Tibee F5 $60 10 OERG $100 10 Red Tibee $60 10 Bkk Shadow mix $80 10 Red Steels low grade $150 Also in the comments on the post I will do a couple WYSIWYG cup deals. 10 Sulawessi Cardinals $200 shipped overnight mixed white and blue spot. Petrified wood $3 per pound pick up ae only