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  1. Also got some shadow pandas 10 for $135 shipped
  2. All shrimp are homebred and packages ship out today. 10 Tangerine Tigers $55 shipped 10 Super Tigers $90 shipped 10 Stardust $75 shipped 10 Green Tiger culls $85 shipped 10 Black Tibees $55 shipped 10 Tangtai $60 shipped 10 Red Tibee/Taitibee $80 shipped 10 Black Tiger Orange Eye $225 shipped 10 Fancy Red Tigers Safari/Dm line $500 shipped
  3. I got over 70 different varieties feel free to shoot me a pm.
  4. 10 Fancy Red tigers high grade strait out of my competition tank $450 shipped these are safari and dancing men gene.
  5. About to fill up all my old neo tanks with new soil and cycle trying out some new products.
  6. I have super tiger babys growing up right now will be ready in 2 weeks or so. They are $10 each and I keep them in 6.4 ph 5 gh 0 kh 150 tds but many of my customers keep them in neo tanks.
  7. The green house has a few ponds running and already stocked with plants and shrimp. I'm going to move a few of the barrels around and get in two more ibc totes.
  8. Buy 10 shrimp get two free. Shipping is $15 or free with orders over $100 get free shipping. Yellow King Kong $3 each Tangerine Tigers $5 each Star Dust $6 each Super Tigers $10 each Michilings $4 each Tangtai $5 each Red Tangtai $7 each Mixed Black tibee $5 each Red Tibee F7 $10 each Red Wine One Stripe pinto culls $12 each Fancy Red Tiger culls $10 each Fancy Red Tigers high grade $40 each
  9. Finally using the green house for neos and adding more closed loop air systems to the rest of the racks inside.
  10. 7 awards and my son did an amazing scape with some tips from mr farmer him self.
  11. If you have any questions or need any help feel free to shoot me a message. If your looking for some content to look at I have a journal of my shrimps has loads of pics.
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