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TheGardenofEder's Feedback

  1. Reivyn124 left Positive feedback   

    Absolutely beautiful PRLs, no DOAs and well packaged. I'm very pleased with my purchase and would definitely purchase shrimp from Grant again!

    TheGardenofEder was The Seller

  2. norton left Positive feedback   

    EXCELLENT communicator. Best shipper in the biz. Amazing shrimp!!

    TheGardenofEder was The Seller

  3. hcuellart left Positive feedback   

    This was my first transaction with Grant and as almost everyone might suspect this was flawless and received a mix of juveniles and semi adults. All of them very active and after drip acclimating every one of them is doing great in their own tank. Thanks TGOE!!!

    TheGardenofEder was The Seller

  4. Tpshrimper left Positive feedback   

    Shrimp from grant are always shipped extremely well and have a very high survival rate in my tanks. You cant beat the quality either. If you are looking for shrimp, look no further!

    TheGardenofEder was The Seller

  5. Critter Doc left Positive feedback   

    Well packaged. As always, received very active and healthy looking shrimp. Tiny guys as requested. Thanks, Grant!

    TheGardenofEder was The Seller

  6. madcrafted left Positive feedback   

    I purchased some red safaris. All arrived healthy and active. I even received extras. Although they are juveniles, they look promising as far as coloration and pattern goes. I'm very happy with my purchase and I wouldn't hesitate to buy from TGOE again.

    TheGardenofEder was The Seller

  7. AdvancedAquaculture left Positive feedback   

    Bought 12 Auratai shrimp. Got a great price and they all came alive. One of the juvies looks like a orange eye light blue zebra.

    TheGardenofEder was The Seller

  8. Tpshrimper left Positive feedback   

    Ordered tangerine tigers and the quality was unmatched. Extremely happy.

    TheGardenofEder was The Seller

  9. cthomaslee92 left Positive feedback   

    Excellent customer service! Well packaged and the shrimp arrived healthy and alive with no deaths. Thanks a lot Grant!

    TheGardenofEder was The Seller

  10. aquasoils left Positive feedback   

    Excellent packaging and fast shipping. Healthy and active shrimps.

    TheGardenofEder was The Seller

  11. Critter Doc left Positive feedback   

    Well packaged, healthy and active Tangtai. As always, I appreciate the extras. Thanks again, Grant!

    TheGardenofEder was The Seller

  12. Ku5a101 left Positive feedback   

    Timely arrival, expert packaging, healthy, and extras. Always a pleasure doing business with you, Grant!

    TheGardenofEder was The Seller

  13. Ku5a101 left Positive feedback   

    Shrimp arrived nice and healthy. Guaranteed repeat customer. Thanks Grant!

    TheGardenofEder was The Seller

  14. Ku5a101 left Positive feedback   

    No muss, all (good) business seller! Honest and accountable. Appreciate all the extras plus food, Grant! Can't wait to order from you once again!

    TheGardenofEder was The Seller

  15. Critter Doc left Positive feedback   

    The Opae'ula arrived on time and were well packaged as always. Very lively, even the tiny guys that probably got scooped up inadvertently - those things are hard to catch! Always a good experience, buying from Grant!

    TheGardenofEder was The Seller

  16. Tibee Inc left Positive feedback   

    Repeat customer here. Shipping was fast & shrimp in excellent health as always. TGOE has really helped me out when I needed it. Thank you!

    TheGardenofEder was The Seller

  17. JSak left Positive feedback   

    Bought 10 Stardust shrimp. Grant was very honest and sincere throughout the whole transaction, even going so far as to pay express shipping to get breather bags after he found out his had holes in them. The package was delayed an extra day (not seller's fault) and left out on the front porch for almost 2 hours in low 40 degree weather, and through all of that there was only 1 DOA. Very high quality shrimp for a very reasonable price with good communication and friendly customer service.

    TheGardenofEder was The Seller

  18. Critter Doc left Positive feedback   

    Nice healthy little YKKs - one DOA but the extra shrimp made up for it. Extremely well packaged, and I appreciate the food sample you sent. Excellent experience as always. Thanks, Grant!

    TheGardenofEder was The Seller

  19. JLui83 left Positive feedback   

    Bought some crystal red shrimp. They all arrived alive and also had extras too! Great communication. Thanks again!

    TheGardenofEder was The Seller

  20. j03yyung left Positive feedback   

    Awesome shrimps! Well packaged!

    TheGardenofEder was The Seller

  21. Critter Doc left Positive feedback   

    Ghost bees arrived in fine shape - appreciate the extras, too! As always, great experience. Thanks, Grant!

    TheGardenofEder was The Seller

  22. ibebian left Positive feedback   

    Great communication from Grant. BB and BKK arrived promptly and in very healthy shape!

    TheGardenofEder was The Seller

  23. cthomaslee92 left Positive feedback   

    Packaging: 5/5 Customer Service/Feedback: 5/5 After my tank was finished cycling, I considered buying from TGOE. I had a few concerns about the weather and he said weather was no problem. I was glad to hear that and placed my order. The shrimp came in 2 days and the packaging was very professional. Lastly, the shrimps, they are gorgeous, every single one looks healthy and there were also extras! Will definitely order some more in the near future. Keep up the good work!

    TheGardenofEder was The Seller

  24. bkkebi left Positive feedback   

    Great shrimps and very good person to work with. Will order more in the future.

    TheGardenofEder was The Seller

  25. Sparrow left Positive feedback   

    Just got my order of tangerine tigers and all arrived alive and beautiful! They were so well packed, not even our 18-degree cold weather bothered them! Very beautiful tigers! Thanks again Grant!

    TheGardenofEder was The Seller