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  1. hellcat- what kind of shrimp are you using in your project? I'll update as mine comes along more
  2. I've been culling a lot, just have been keeping the darkest shrimp I have for the most part
  3. So for over a year now I've kept wilds, fire reds and rilis together and this huge female came out She's huge compared to the others (over 2 in) So far a few of her babies have grown up looking close to her. I'm getting all sorts of colors popping up now so I'm going to start a tank to separate the ones I want but I still don't really have a goal in mind. If I could get more looking like her I'd be happy
  4. Olive Another shade of olive a pond snail that won't stop growing... Rabbit snail red lip sorry this thread was supposed to be about nerites only I just have this snail-obsession-problem.
  5. hmmm I'll take some pictures of mine later for you. As I said in previous posts they do lay the most eggs but the egg laying slows down after a while. Not really sure why. Oh, I also have red lips. They do a lot of cleaning on the driftwood and on filters, pumps, etc
  6. bumblees for glass olives for plants
  7. my baby shrimp celebrating has turned into sadness
  8. Ah shoot I have found a few in my tank. Today. I squished them...was only about 4 on my anubias. Where the heck did they come from? I haven't added anything in ages.
  9. All I have is the macro lens on my phone and it is way too crappy to take pics of the babies
  10. My aquarium is full of baby malaya!!! It took forever for me to get the shrimp-thing right but I think I'm finally getting it Cute little moving grains of rice are worth all the effort.
  11. I use fluval stratum and laterite mixed. I've never read anyone using these together so it was kind of an experiment. Luckily, it works awesome
  12. how small are hydra? I don't know if I have them. I hope not. I have plenty of other creepy crawlies. but the non-harmful ones.
  13. Benibachi Gold is their favorite Snowflake probably second
  14. blue leg posos come from the same lakes as cardinals...they can get pretty blue . but its hard to tell in the picture http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3882/14367453375_90a5e5be83.jpg
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