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  1. Shrimp Molting Issue?

    in hard water they can have a hard time getting the shell off and can die while trying. it's 10 and above they have trouble. a good molt happens in a split second,they just pop out. it's rare to see one happen.
  2. My house over 130 shrimp tanks!

    ...why not? .
  3. What is this

    racing stripe. normal for older/darker shrimp to have it.
  4. RCS eyes

  5. RCS eyes

    could be they're about to molt. as the old shell separates from the new their eyes can look like they have glaucoma.
  6. they will climb out of water if the surface is wet and there is something yummy to eat.
  7. went to petco to get two 10;s,but decided to get two 5.5's they only had. neither had a price tag. $13.99 each for the 5's. asked how much for 10's,$17.99. i swear i saved 5 bucks few months ago on each 10 on the dollar per gallon sale.
  8. Best place for shrimp shipping supplies?

    they weigh a little more then the priority box most people use to ship shrimp. if you wall it with styrofoam,it's good to ship.
  9. Best place for shrimp shipping supplies?

    i buy styrofoam from them. $1.15 a box,can't beat that for pre cut. insulation, - newspaper boxes - uline 7x7 light weight (ships first class) if not cold at the buyers address,i use a smaller box with a styrofoam coffee cup.
  10. Male RCS with Yellow in Abdomen?

    does he look like that?
  11. Wanted-Yellow Neos

    yes i'll pm you.
  12. Jalapenos?

    paprika? that's my closest to peppers. it was commercial. my shrimp didn't touch it.
  13. GH/PH Newb

    costs,maybe 3 bucks to build. cut a slit,put in airline tubing and supper glued it.
  14. GH/PH Newb

    i've heard people with over 8 ph have no problems. stable is key. someone else can recommend what minerals to use,but you want one with no kh...as you have enough. or buy distilled or ro water at the store. i make ro water and add salty shrimp mineral gh/kh+. also,when doing water changes,do it slowly. i made a drip container with a valve.
  15. GH/PH Newb

    ph and kh are fine. TDS,a little high,but okay. gh is too low. cherries don't do good in 6 or lower. your tap might be lower.