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  1. 1. PlantDude 2. Shrimple Minded 3. Hersheyb 4. mbenjamin16
  2. 1.Poopians 2. Adrand 3. DemonUnleashed 4. Pokeshrimp 5. jem_xxiii 6. kikojaharo 7. mjb1959 8. 240ric 9. NWroostin 10. Jaykidding 11. Amanda Panda 12. Lyana 13. Wygglz 14. NeMox69x 15. Vshrimp 16. Shrimple Minded 17. mbenjamin16
  3. I would buy one of these from you for the right price
  4. Yes mine have the blue body. Most of them have a purple tinting to them also.
  5. i will have carbon rili's available soon. i have 4 berried mommas at the moment.
  6. there are some US sellers on facebook if you join the betta selling forums.
  7. i havent seen anything say vermonters cant have them or NY lol. I live in VT during winter and NY in summer.
  8. I've got rid of a bunch of snails to my sister for her turtle and I started with just leopard spotted ramshorns and now have red and might have a few pinks.
  9. Guess i should get a betta to feed snails to lol. but set it up in a different tank.
  10. Hey count me in as a lady shrimpkeeper I have been keeping shrimp for almost a year. i started with a few cherrys when i owed guppies and than did my research and in january i dove into keeping mischlings. I now have Mischlings, Yellow neos, carbon rilis, green jade culls, Tibees, mk breed red wine, CRS culls and i have Pintos, ruby red, BB on the way(hoping monday they will be here lol) My 4yr old sister loves coming over and asks questions about my shrimp tank and likes seeing the berried mommas and asks about their food. Its cute lol. and i had my 14yr old brother looking at different shrimp online with me one night and thought they were pretty cool looking. hoping to have 2 future shrimpers lol.
  11. yea im not sure lol. I feed once daily and have alot of leaf litter.
  12. im not sure lol. i dont over feed so im not sure why they are over populating.
  13. HI, Does anybody in NY have any spixi snails for sale? Or does anybody have any rabbit snails for sale? I need a snail that isnt to expensive that will help control my ramshorn and pond snail population. Thank You,
  14. thank you green team. I will be seeing in another month what shrimp my 2-3 mishlings, 1 tibee, 1 CRS cull give me and maybe i will get a few TBs from them my pintos/BB/ruby red are coming from blue crown aquatics.
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