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  1. Have them cut the shrimp in half to prove they are dead.
  2. Found tracking number in paypal, thanks.
  3. Looking for 15-20 yellow neos. Home bred only, no imports. Golden back are preferred. Thanks, Jim .
  4. Looking for 10-20 red ramshorn snails. Thanks, Jim
  5. I hate to say this, but i bought 10 Neon Yellow neos at the Green Water Aquarist swap meet on March 20. I looked over, no green plague, so I went for it. Arrived home half hour later 1 already dead. I have 3 left now. The regular yellow neos I have in the same tank are fine. I learned my lesson and will just buy from trusted sources.
  6. Do you still have the glass from the broken tank? You can probably make a top from that.
  7. I seen a swarm of shrimp eating something under a leaf. I have no idea what it is.
  8. I have those exact heaters but 50 watts. I have to set them at 82 to have the aquarium 72. Once i got them to 72 they hold the temp accurately.
  9. I save my waste water in a 55 gallon drum and use it for my African cichlid tanks.
  10. I was looking at these tanks. High clarity glass and free shipping. http://www.truaqua.com/high-clarity-glass-aquarium-hca-12gt.html
  11. Looking to buy Rabbit snail for my Sulawesi tank. Let me know what have and how much.
  12. I have not decided yet. I am currently looking at yellow spotted and or king snails.
  13. I am setting up a tank for Sulawesi shrimp and rabbit snails. I will be SS 8.5 and the temp will be 83 f . What plants and moss is everyone using that will survive these water parameters?
  14. Petcos dollar per gallon sale starts today, and ends Jan 23. Time to pick up some 20l and tens.
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