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  1. Hunter

    keeping CRS sucsessfully

    Thank you for reply Will do that, I did last night about 15% WC Water test is tonight..
  2. Hunter

    keeping CRS sucsessfully

    New generation looks OK, 3-4mm in size whatever I can see... Adults, (only 2) losing a white coloration Thank you
  3. Hunter

    keeping CRS sucsessfully

    Hello, small update and question. After I start doing WC with buffered GH+ my CRS start feeling much better. On the 2nd month I list one more shrimp, so in total I have 8 adult shrimps now, and 40+ (maybe more baby's all over) Quick question, when CRS looses white coloration, what is causing that, anybody know? Not all are loosing white color...
  4. Hunter

    keeping CRS sucsessfully

    Thank you All for input! Very important information, thanks again. So colony of 12 CRS SS and S+ are doing very well. Out of 12 I may have 5 females and they all berried, today on the spinach leaf I saw 3 probably 2mm in size baby shrimps. I will keep an eye and see how they behave. From May till now I probably did only 2 WC, about 30%. RO water with GH+ raised TDS to 120 pH 7.2, and I calibrate the temperature 73F Feeding when available spinach and cucumber. From processed foods I use Color by Borneo Wild, AZOO MAX Breed and Meticulous snowflake grain. Today I finally received my gH tester by Sera (3 weeks wait time) 3dGH. I know it's a little low, but I'm just waiting to see how baby shrimps are doing and on next WC I will add more GH+
  5. Hunter

    keeping CRS sucsessfully

    Also I can't find anywhere SL-Aqua Blue Wizard On Amazon I found: Salty Shrimp Bee Shrimp GH+ (ordered)
  6. Hunter

    keeping CRS sucsessfully

    Thanks for reply all. Using API GH&kH test, here is my results: kH - 3 gH - i'm not even sure In instructions it is stated: 3. Holding the bottle vertically, add GH Test Solution, one drop at a time. Be sure to count the number of drops being added. 4. Cap the test tube and invert several times after each drop. 5. The test is completed when the water in the test tube, after having been shaken, turns from orange <- I don't see orange, on the 4's drop it get's very light green (test expired 08/15) to green. If you have difficulty discerning the color after the first drop of test solution is added, remove the cap from the test tube and, while holding it over a white background, look down through the tube. So far I have one dead shrimp, I'm sure I will have more ... 😞
  7. Hello All Just received 10 CRS from friend in California. All look healthy and very active. Currently they all under drip acclimation, oh also I kept bag with shirimps floating in their tank for 40 min, to balance temperature. Now friend told me that his tank is TDS 210 ph 6.8 Temp 76-78 All good in my tank except TDS it's only 80 (I checked water in the bag it's 340) Tank is cycled, water we have here is well., so after filtration I get TDS 46 In the tank it's 80 after staying in the 10gallon with 1/2" Amazonia substrate, small pile of lava rocks, and 7" Malayan drift wood How do I make sure that tomorrow morning they are not all dead? From TDS deference
  8. Hunter

    New 8Gallon setup

    Thank you All for reply. Yes, Light is strong ... I have issues growing plants in this tank, so I lowered light to 2" above surface, and added 1bbs CO2 STS Aquarium Led Light Bar - from Amazon But even when light was 10" above the tank, you don't see them much What plants do you have floating in your tank?
  9. Hunter

    New 8Gallon setup

    Hello All, I setup 8 gallon cube with undergravel filtration, works very well. Last layer in Substrate/filter I have FLUVAL shrimp substrate. Hardscape: few Dragon stones Plants: Monte Carlo, Pearl Weed, AR one stem and 2 others can't remember the name. Tank was cycled with established media from another tank, no ammonia all looks good. My tap is from well, so after entire house filtration system I get TDS 56, around 7.1pH But in the tank I have it TDS 150 rock and substrate maybe leaching some ... I do 10% wc every 3 days, till all this stabilise. In this setup I have 9 CRS Grade S and S+ (BTW my favorite coloration) All shrimps are doing great, but they all hide... So basicaly when I have light above the tank, there is no shrimp to see. I see them all out before light comes up and specially after. I have seen one shrimp carrying eggs... and 2 days ago I saw only one 2mm in size baby shrimp. (they have 20-30 eggs right?) So does anybody had this issue when shrimps are hiding? Thank you. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  10. Hunter

    WIFI Temperature Monitor with Email Alerts

    Very nice! I like the IDEA and execution !
  11. Hunter

    Sulawesi Dream (Cardinal and Poso Snails)

    Very nice Setup! What do you feed them? I am just trying to get an idea of variety that people use. I use SL-Aqua - Snowflake Food Thank you.
  12. Hunter

    Sulawesi Mineral 7.5

    Thanks! Dave
  13. Hunter

    Sulawesi Mineral 7.5

    Thanks for reply All. I also forgot to mention, tap water in NYC is very soft, and it has very low TDS. TDS - 35 pH - 7 (but it drifts to 6.8 after 24 hrs) I bring the pH by having crashed coral, and lase rock. So yesterday I did WC, with new Sulawesi Mineral 7.5, bring the Temp. to 79F Today I will test the water paramenters, and will see ... So maybe in month or two I will be ready to add some more shrimps. Where do you guys go to buy shrimps from? My source is no loger keeps them Thanks again
  14. Hunter

    Sulawesi Mineral 7.5

    Hello Everybody, New here, but I’ve been around fish / shrimp keeping. Decided to try keeping Cardinal shrimp in 10G, but so far I’m not happy with results. Out of 10 shrimps, I have 3 left, and they are very passive, but most important not dying (6 month in), so something is not that bad Did some readings, fellow fish keeper from other forum suggested to use Sulawesi Mineral 7.5. My question is what is the best way to acclimate my cardinals and orange poso to this buffer? Current setup: 10G tank Substrate 1” crashed coral Middle of the tank I have a pile of red lava rocks and on the top of that pile 7-8 leaf Anubias Next to the bubbling 3” sponge filter I have big chunk of lase rock. Temp – 79F pH – 7.6 gH and kH measured useg API test kit, and I think it’s expired (what test kit are you using) Weekly 5-10% WC, RO aged in bucket full of crashed coral Thanks.