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  1. vinniemabuna

    Heat killed my bloody marys

    Hi, my last post , this is of the Bloody mary shrimp the day after I got them ALIVE ! I got them from 2 different breeders so hoping for the best thanks..
  2. vinniemabuna

    Heat killed my bloody marys

    Hi all, my 2 packages arrived today all alive ! The hold for pickup was great about 12 alive and the other one with the PO saying cant do Hold for pickup was great also , this package came at 2 PM instead of 6 PM and it was overcast today and about 92 degrees so the weather helped a lot and he did wall insulation with the 1/2 inch styro so that helped . Im a happy shrimper!
  3. vinniemabuna

    Heat killed my bloody marys

    Hi, so I have 2 sellers Im buying bloody marys from, the first had no problem doing Hold for pickup,at the PO, the second one was told Hold for pickup was not an option when he went to ship the box. So some PO don't give that option ? The only plus is the next few days are cooler than last week we ll see whar happens ..
  4. vinniemabuna

    Heat killed my bloody marys

    Hi, yes it was in a 2 inch styrofoam box so well insulated , bad day..
  5. vinniemabuna

    Heat killed my bloody marys

    Hi, I had Bloody mary shrimp shipped priority, it came in only 2 days so great , the problem was it was on a post office truck until 6 PM, I was checking all PM for it so I got it inside and all dead. The water was HOT so being on the PO truck all day did them in. Do you think next time that Hold for pickup at the PO would work, I have done it in the past with good results but its 100 ++ here with humidity here in Tucson AZ, tks..
  6. vinniemabuna

    Moss wanted

    Hi, I wanted to buy some moss, please tell me what you have and shipping cost, tks….
  7. Quote


    Hi, can you send me a photo of your bloody mary shrimp are these raised by you no imports ? tks

    1. TheGardenofEder


      All the shrimp I sell are homebred


  8. vinniemabuna

    LF: Fire Red/PFR

    Hi, I have fire red red and some PFR the females I could send you if I have shipping bags … Here are some photos tell me if your interested and well talk more thanks.
  9. vinniemabuna

    cloudy water

    Hi, I had a similar problem not too long ago, I have a lot of Nice red cherry shrimp and multi color grass guppies in the tank. I was over feeding the tank and it was cloudy, I didn't feed anyone for 3 days and cut down on my feeding -the amount when I started to feed again, now I only feed 1 time a day smaller amount. I also added the plant narrow leaf anacharis , it grows like crazy and uptakes stuff in the water which also helps with the cloudiness thanks...
  10. vinniemabuna

    Multi grass guppies

    Hi, here are my multi grass guppies about 3.5 months old , they just had fry and I'm getting another great line from an aqua-bid seller so Ill have good genes in the future , beautiful and still young ! ill be selling some in the future tell me if your interested, thanks.
  11. vinniemabuna


    Hi photos of the PFR shrimp thanks..
  12. vinniemabuna

    Shrimp Pimp Daily Feeder

    Hi Jamison, I tried your food today, I have a small 6 gallon with too much moss and algae ! The first time I checked I didn't see much movement on the Shrimp Pimp food, but an hour later WOW my fire red shrimp were all over it I think it was gone with a lot of RCS all around it.. Thank so much, are you going to make other supplemental foods in the future ? My shrimp have just gotten PIMPED !
  13. Hi guys , Im going from a 6 gallon Fluval edge and Im buying a 9 gallon Eheime aqua-style tank . I have RED cherry shrimp mix adults -shrimplets nice red color, CRS some 1 F having babys soon, and TT shrimp small ones.. and moss, and hair algae ! I have seigui stones Im selling with the F edge and sand blk and F stratum topper. How should I transfer the shrimp ? Can I put some new substrate on the botom and 1/2 inch of old subtrate over it ? The Ehime filter is small and will have biological -mechnical, and litte room for for my old filter media thanks..
  14. vinniemabuna

    Which PRL Lineage??

    Hi, please look up Plamski seller on here he usually has the Benichii PRL great seller !
  15. vinniemabuna

    Shrimp for sale

    Hi all, I just received some tangerine tigers from Allison, great shipping , communication, and the TT are super and very active , buy with confidence !