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  1. Hi, I have a tank with Bloody mary shrimp and TT shrimp and PRL … I have shrimplets of the BMS with more coming .. The PRL have died of from my original 14 and I have 4 large PRL 3 males and 1 female.. The tangerine tigers are mixed sex, I think 1 female TT had these shrimplet it looks from a PRL crs the babies are weird looking less than 1/4 inch they are black with clear stripes inbetween. I wanted to know if anyone mixed TT with PRL and what your babies looked like ? thank you Happy turkey all !
  2. vinniemabuna

    Need advise I have detrise worms and white bugs

    Hi , thank you for the great advise on the worms and bugs in my tank, Ill just feed less and wait it out and maybe siphon more once I get in the mail, thanks again..
  3. Hi, my 9 gallon ehime tank have been running 6 + months now. I have bloody mary and TT shrimp and a few CRS in it, my BM shrimp just started to have shrimplets my TT are berried also. My problem is a have detrise worms andwhite small bugs a lot also in my tank. About 6 months ago I had planaria -I emptied the tank and bombed them with dog dewormer that killed the planaria, should I bomb my tank again , Im getting a good water change siphon and I only feed 3 times a week should I stop feeding for a week or 2 ? thanks
  4. vinniemabuna

    Low PH will my BM shrimp shrimplets be OK?

    Thanks for the info , I have 3-4 berried BM shrimp in 3-4 weeks Ill know if ant survive here is one of the Berried Females tks
  5. Well I shouldn't of used Brightwell substrate on my mixed 9 gallon Eheime tank, I have bloody mary and TT shrimp and a few CRS . My Bloody mary shrimp are going to have shrimplets in a about a month, my PH is 6 .2-6.4 , I know this is low for the BM, do you think the babies will survive ? thanks....
  6. vinniemabuna

    Best way to raise PH in my mixed tank

    Hi again, yes its about 6.2 the PH , I want to try to raise it slowly would how much baking soda in my water change water would raise it slowly ? My tank is a 9 gallon with a lot of Brightwell substate . thanks..
  7. vinniemabuna

    Cholla wood from E-bay

    Hi thanks for the info guys, I think Ill just hose it down and let it sink about a week in a separate container , thanks again..
  8. Hi, I just had my water checked by PetSmart well it free ! All looks OK but my PH is about 6.2 , I have neos bloody mary and card a few CRS and tangerine tiger shrimp . I have Brightwell substate and alder cones and almond leaves + moss ect in my tank a 9 gallon Eheime thanks ..
  9. vinniemabuna

    Cholla wood from E-bay

    Hi, I have a bloody mary and TT shrimp tank with a good amount of moss that with my dragon stones is covering my substate almost completely... I want thinking of buying a Y cholla wood from e-bay they are in New Mexico and I guess gather it from there. they only wash it , what do I have to do before I put it in my tank , is soaking it for a week enough to make sure there is no nasties on it ? tks
  10. vinniemabuna

    Bloody mary shrimp cull or not

    Hi, I bought 2 different groups of bloody mary shrimp , its a month or so now and a few have a separation in their shell and some are lighter in color than my RED ones . I dontbknow if their male or female should I cull them will the shrimplets have the same problems as the parents ? tks.
  11. vinniemabuna

    Nerite snails

    Hi, can someone tell me if you keep nerite snails in your shrimp tanks? I read that they are docile with plants -fish shrimp is this true, how large do they get? tks
  12. vinniemabuna

    WTB Shrimp food alder cones

    Hi, Im looking for shrimp food maybe 2 types one being bee pollen, and alder cones please tell me what you have and shipping prices tks
  13. vinniemabuna

    Heat killed my bloody marys

    Hi, my last post , this is of the Bloody mary shrimp the day after I got them ALIVE ! I got them from 2 different breeders so hoping for the best thanks..
  14. vinniemabuna

    Heat killed my bloody marys

    Hi all, my 2 packages arrived today all alive ! The hold for pickup was great about 12 alive and the other one with the PO saying cant do Hold for pickup was great also , this package came at 2 PM instead of 6 PM and it was overcast today and about 92 degrees so the weather helped a lot and he did wall insulation with the 1/2 inch styro so that helped . Im a happy shrimper!
  15. vinniemabuna

    Heat killed my bloody marys

    Hi, so I have 2 sellers Im buying bloody marys from, the first had no problem doing Hold for pickup,at the PO, the second one was told Hold for pickup was not an option when he went to ship the box. So some PO don't give that option ? The only plus is the next few days are cooler than last week we ll see whar happens ..