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  1. dazalea

    Mini pellia not growing

    Its extremely slow growing, for me in my low tech tank
  2. dazalea

    what to do when substrate is exhausted?

    Well you have a few options here. You can convert it to a Neocaridina or Fish tank when it stops buffering... you can start a new separate tank and then transfer your shrimp over to the other/new setup. I find that it would be very hard to move substrate thats that old without causing some water quality issues that will affect the shrimp... Maybe someone who has DONE it with success can recommend it.
  3. dazalea


    The #1 most important factor for success in keeping shrimp-
  4. dazalea


    Thought I'd share one of my all time favorite shrimp tools I use!
  5. dazalea

    Zebra plecos and shrimp?

    sulawesi shrimp need high ph, and do well in a tank of their own with rabbit snails.
  6. dazalea


    If anyone is interested I also have- RKK No Entry 5 for $50 (will send a bonus rkk hino) RKK Panda 6 for $40 The shrimp are all Homebred, juvie size. TDS- 120-140/ PH 6-6.4 / GH 3 /KH 1
  7. dazalea


    BLUE DREAM RILI! Homebred very nice blue Neo shrimp, they have a medium blue body and some darker blue random markings. A few are just full medium blue, most have markings though.Adults shown. You will get Juvie sized shrimp color/pattern can/will get progressively better with age. 10+2 for $45 plus shipping 20+2 for $85 plus shipping Shipping is USPS Priority Mail, $12. I ship around cold weather.
  8. dazalea

    Hello from Upstate NY

  9. I have this issue right now with one of my black pinto tanks. If anyone needs some male black pintos (mixed black belly pintos etc) I can sell them for cheap. They are all young males, but nonetheless I have way too many.
  10. High Male ratio is very dangerous for female shrimp. The males will harrass and kill them and if you don't have a tank basically full of moss for hiding purposes, you can expect this outcome with a 10:1 ratio as you described. You have a few options, accept it and just hope for the best if breeding is not really your concern or remove many of the males so that there is better balance within the tank. I too had this issue in the past, they can really dwindle the existing female population quickly.
  11. dazalea

    Mulberry Dust

    Shrimp eat the mulberry leaves very quickly so it really doesn't have time to act as a surface for biofilm
  12. dazalea

    LOW cost shrimp tank

    PS- you will not need to buy your shrimp yet. You need time to cycle your tank before adding them.
  13. dazalea

    LOW cost shrimp tank

    Like Clownplanted said, you will get things way cheaper online, if you are able to order off ebay thats great. If not then for a bulb, what kind of fixture is it? Do not get the marimo ball, I can send you one for free Just PM me your details if you'd like a free marimo ball 2",Only thing - I am not shipping anything this week due to EXTREME cold weather. For the intake - Another solution is go to the dollar store, get some $1 pantyhose and put it on the intake. Maybe get a bag of sand/substrate with the extra money if you don't have to get a marimo ball or filter intake.
  14. Homebred Neos! YELLOWS & FIRE REDS I send juvie/young adult shrimp SOLD OUT Yellows/SOLD OUT 10 for $45 (4.50 ea.) These yellows have excellent color, and throw some with a backline. Painted Fire Red/Fire Reds 10 for $40 ($4 ea.) These Reds have a nice deep red color, they are a mix of painted fire red and fire reds Shipping is $12 -comes with insulation materials and when needed heat pack Order now to reserve, all orders will ship after Jan 1st (New Year) Thanks!