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dazalea's Feedback

  1. wyzazz left Positive feedback   

    Awesome doing business with you again, wonderful looking Blue Dreams!

    dazalea was The Seller

  2. chappy6107 left Positive feedback   

    Best quality blue dreams on the market. Awesome person to deal with. I will continue to do business with dazalea.

    dazalea was The Seller

  3. wyzazz left Positive feedback   

    Beautiful Yellow Neo's, everyone arrived alive and active!

    dazalea was The Seller

  4. digitaldookiez left Positive feedback   

    Great variety of plants. Quickly rectified issues and good communication/customer service. Would buy again!

    dazalea was The Seller

  5. DreaminginBlue left Positive feedback   

    The shrimp are absolutely beautiful and very healthy. A pleasure do do business with! :)

    dazalea was The Seller

  6. jayelblock left Positive feedback   

    Great variety of food and botanical items for a great price. Perfect transaction.

    dazalea was The Seller

  7. neogeo20041 left Positive feedback   

    Always a pleasure to deal with.

    dazalea was The Seller

  8. afeather left Positive feedback   

    Amazing seller!!! I bought x25 yellow neos from her that are absolutely thriving. I haven't even had them 3 weeks and I have babies! Very safe packaging and fast shipping. Everything was affordable too as I am newer to the hobby. I just ordered x5 Buce plants and a glass feeding dish too! Very happy as a customer.

    dazalea was The Seller

  9. Zorya left Positive feedback for a topic   

    Bought some fissidens Miroshaki and it was packages well and survived the shipping delay in amazing condition. I will definitely be buying from dazalea again in the future. Quick response and very friendly.

    dazalea was The Seller

  10. plamski left Positive feedback for a topic   

    For sale Pinto shrimps Blue Bolt, Shadow Panda, Royal Tigers,PRL,PBL
    Danielle, Thanks a lot for your order. It is always pleasure dealing with you . Enjoy red pintos. Top rated buyer and seller. If somebody is looking for mulberry leaves Daniyelle is the right person!

    dazalea was Trading

  11. AztecFish left Positive feedback   

    Nice person, answered my questions and had no problems adding on to my first order. Will buy again from soon.

    dazalea was The Seller

  12. NotKelly left Positive feedback   

    Great shipping packaging and the moss was even better than the pictures! Even with being in a dark box for a couple days

    dazalea was The Seller

  13. Ron.b4 left Positive feedback for a topic   

    All is well, they arrived in great shape and are settling in just fine. I put them in a well established 20L with lots of moss and drift wood. I'm very happy with the purchase

    dazalea was The Seller

  14. addicted2shrimp left Positive feedback   

    Like always, great shrimp and great plants!! Thanks again Dani for a great order!

    dazalea was The Seller

  15. loverland left Positive feedback   

    Another great order from Dazalea. I've now purchased two groups from her, and both orders arrived with zero casualties. Her stock is high quality. Highly recommended.

    dazalea was The Seller

  16. glenn49 left Positive feedback   

    Awesome moss on spider wood very happy, and fast shipping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    dazalea was The Seller

  17. Shrimporama left Positive feedback   

    Thank you for my beautiful TT's and collection of buce's and moss. All arrived safely packaged with great care.

    dazalea was The Seller

  18. redshrimper left Positive feedback   

    Awesome Mischlings! and Amazing Shrimper indeed! Seller is Very helpful if you want to talk about shrimp! I would definietly buy again.

    dazalea was The Seller

  19. Critter Doc left Positive feedback   

    Awesome mulberry leaves - my shrimp always swarm these before they've even started to soften. Thanks, Dani!

    dazalea was The Seller

  20. Rhenerie left Positive feedback   

    Excellent transaction. Dazalea was very easy to communicate with and full of information. Shrimp arrived packed well. I couldn't expect more.

    dazalea was The Seller

  21. Undershrimp left Positive feedback   

    Shrimp arrived well packed and very active. Even threw in a buce! Good seller, would buy from again!

    dazalea was The Seller

  22. trilei2 left Positive feedback   

    Very healthy and active shrimp, no losses. Fast shipping and a pleasure to do business with.

    dazalea was The Seller

  23. Critter Doc left Positive feedback   

    Nice healthy looking bits of Fissidens and weeping moss. Thanks, Dani!

    dazalea was The Seller

  24. skalia left Positive feedback   

    Beautiful variety of buce! Super happy with purcbase :)

    dazalea was The Seller

  25. newportjon left Positive feedback   

    I ordered 3 cholla logs with mini Christmas moss attached and Organic Mulberry leaves. The moss on the cholla arrived and my first impression was that is was extremely healthy! Very vibrant green, no algae or snails. They look great and I am very happy with the purchase! The Organic Mulberry leaves look great as well. Very large leaves and fresh looking. I just added the leaves to the tanks today and, the moment they hit the bottom, shrimp were on them grazing. A+ experience!

    dazalea was The Seller