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  1. Homebred Shrimp & Moss! All Shrimp are bred by me and are unsexed 0.8-1.2cm (perfect size for shipping & acclimation) SHRIMP Blue Bolt Mosura 6 for $50 Red Pinto Mixed Patterns 6 for $40 Red Bolt 8 for $40 Red Wine Mosura/Hino mix 8 for $50 Black & Red Pinto Culls (lacking proper pattern/ missing stripe etc) 10 for $40 Orange Neocaridina 10 for $35 Moss Package 4 TYPES! NL, Spiky, Christmas, Anchor. 2x2" flat each type/loose $22. (For moss only orders, shipping is $4) SHIPPING $12 USPS Priority Mail
  2. Finally sold out for a little while... will repost when I have more available.
  3. Homebred Neocaridina (limited availability) 8 Black Rose $50 10 Orange $35 Each order comes with 20g Snowflake food! Shrimp are .8-1.2 cm (mixed sexes, and usexed) $10 USPS Priority Mail
  4. While the fans do lower temps a few degrees your garage getting up to 88 degrees would be too hot for Caridina and Neos. If its possible to move your rack to a room that has better temperature control in the summer, that would be ideal.
  5. NOTOCYPHUS LUTESCENS $10 This moss is a really cool one! You will get a portion that is 3x3" flat/loose Grown in low tech shrimp tanks (No co2, no ferts) USPS First Class $5 For other mosses check out www.shrimplife.net
  6. UPDATED! Black Pintos, Red Bolts and Orange Neocaridina Available
  7. I have a limited amount of Homebred Shrimp on sale! Free Sample of "SNOWFLAKE" Food! (Natural Shrimp Food) UPDATED 5.24.2019 ORANGE NEOS 10 for $35 PH 7.2-7.6 BLACK PINTOS 8 for $40 (mixed patterns from spotted head, multistripe, belly, mosura etc) RED BOLTS 8 for $40 (these get really nicecolor as they age) Parameters Caridina PH 5.8-6.2, KH 0-1. GH 4, TDS 110-140 Shipping is USPS Priority Mail, $10. Live Arrival Guaranteed! (DOA POLICY- clear pics of shrimp in bag, beside my ship label, out of bag and sent to me within 30 min of arrival) All shrimp are .8-1.2 cm in size, perfect for shipping and acclimation. Please PM me if you have any questions, thanks!
  8. It could be a golden bee, that bred with a Taiwan Bee. Or it could be a Golden bee with bred with another golden bee (with mischlings genetics in there). Or it could be a Red Bolt which comes from Taiwan bees.
  9. I may start to make more freestyle videos. Many of my vids have concentrated topics, might do some more casual videos inbetween. I also want to do a shrimproom tour soon too
  10. Welcome! Check out the archives its a treasure trove of great info.
  11. Welcome! ShrimpSpot will come alive again! Woot!
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