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  1. Shrimp Life

    More missing shrimp

    What you and AOTF posted about difficulty with import petstore shrimp mirrors the discussion I have in my youtube video about "WHY SHRIMP DIE" ... which I posted a link to yesterday... (I personally would be more inclined to think the very sudden disappearance of 3 shrimp has more to do with the betta or the shrimp hiding from the betta" then anything else. Bettas are predators to shrimp!
  2. Shrimp Life

    More missing shrimp

    Since they are ALL gone at the same time, I'd take a second look at the betta.
  3. Shrimp Life


    Thank you for the compliment. I have never personally seen planaria take down adult shrimp, I have not had planaria for ages. So I cannot conclusively say that yes they will. I'd assume if so that the adult shrimp would have to already be weak or sick for planaria to overtake it.
  4. Shrimp Life


  5. Shrimp Life

    Hydra and Planaria

    No Planaria is an excellent product. Which can also be used to treat/dip new plants that you buy. I actually use half the recommended dose for hydra and planaria, and it has always worked. Cutting back on feeding also (in regards to planaria)
  6. Shrimp Life

    Best F i l t e r s?

    I'd say sponge filters (dual) are what alot of people like to use, coupled with an airpump, you can find them on Ebay
  7. Shrimp Life

    Looking For Help Identifying What I'm Doing Wrong

    It might be easier if you post your questions and pics here on the forum, get multiple people's opinions plus it can help and teach others as well too
  8. Shrimp Life

    keeping CRS sucsessfully

    Really important to prep your tank with the right parameters well before they arrive. There is already some shipping stress, and the drastically diff parameters can kill the shrimp. No One likes dead shrimpies Its good that you came here to figure things out - I myself use Salty shrimp gh+ to reach my desired gh/kh/ph/tds.
  9. Shrimp Life

    Magic Powder or Bacter AE

    Magic Powder all the way.
  10. Shrimp Life


  11. Shrimp Life

    Sulawesi cardina dennerli babies!

    Nice footage of your shrimp!
  12. Shrimp Life

    My blue bolt shrimp

    Hey Ray, nice shrimp (Its Daniyelle)
  13. Shrimp Life

    Mini pellia not growing

    Its extremely slow growing, for me in my low tech tank
  14. Shrimp Life

    what to do when substrate is exhausted?

    Well you have a few options here. You can convert it to a Neocaridina or Fish tank when it stops buffering... you can start a new separate tank and then transfer your shrimp over to the other/new setup. I find that it would be very hard to move substrate thats that old without causing some water quality issues that will affect the shrimp... Maybe someone who has DONE it with success can recommend it.
  15. Shrimp Life

    Lots and lots of Christmas Moss!