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  1. This shrimp is not light colored because of "color enhancer" its like this because its stressed and or/sick. You can see the cloudy body as an indicator of this. (Especially if all parameters are correct) Black substrate would enhance the blue color, not degrade it.
  2. Your dark substrate choice would make them look darker blue (not lighter) If they have lightened up since you got them, could be stress. That one isn't a high grade Blue dream, even before it got light (common variability in blue dreams) There is a slight milky discoloration in this shrimp, could be muscular necrosis or bacterial infection. Sick shrimp often get pale. Buy your shrimp from a trusted hobbyist, not a importer (higher chance of sick shrimp and die off), not a random hobbyist (quality varies), to avoid this type of issue.
  3. RARE! HOMEBRED GREEN JADE NEOCARIDINA Med-High Grades (mix of both) (extremely limited amount so please act fast if you want some) These shrimp are around 1-1.2cm, unsexed, perfect size for easy acclimation and shipping. They already have great color and will continue to improve with age. Pictures show the natural variation in the juvies/pee wee sized shrimp, again the color will improve with age. They come from High Grade Parents (which are also pictured) 5 for $40/ 10 for $75 Shipping is $12 via USPS Priority Mail Please PM me to order, any questions etc.
  4. To sex them, will need clear photos showing the side view of the shrimp No heater is needed for Neocaridina, careful with using active substrate for Neos.
  5. Hi there!! How did you cycle the tank in.a week? Sounds like your tank is not heavily planted considering all you mentioned id the Anubias plant ..so the guppy is likely stessing the shrimp causing them to hide. What are the parameters of your tank? Do you have a picture to share of your setup.
  6. Yup Nerites do lay eggs everywhere, its very hard to remove and unsightly. And if they die, its like an ammonia bomb. They are less hardy then snails like ramshorn or trumpet. I have those snails in all my tanks.
  7. Like Wyazz said, snails are a good option along with your seeded filter. You'll need to test your params along the way, and to make sure its cycled.
  8. 1 left (mixed taiwan bee males)
  9. I have A BUNCH of males in my Red/White Taiwan Bee tank, so this is a MEGA MALE SALE!!!! All shrimp are homebred by me. 10 males for $35 (will consist of the following patterns, mosura..red bolt..Panda , variety shown in picture) 10 Red Bolts (MIXED MALE AND FEMALES) $40 Shipping $10 USPS Priority Mail
  10. Today only! $12 INCLUDING SHIPPING!! 2 BAGS OF FLOATERS! (1 SALVINIA AURICULATA + 1 FROGBIT) Bags shown are 4x6" USPS FIRST CLASS 2 bags $12 (includes shipping) 4 bags $20 (includes shipping) PM YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS... I WILL SEND AN INVOICE
  11. HOMEBRED YELLOW NEOS + MULBERRY LEAVES (10pcs) + SNOWFLAKE FOOD! (10G)+ NL MOSS (starter portion) Bright Yellow, healthy shrimp, Look amazing on black substrate...mix of sizes and sexes. 10 for $40 20 for $75 30 for $110 Shipping is $10 USPS Priority Mail
  12. Your nitrates at 20, you should do a water change. I would not change your parameters, your fine there for Neos. Plus it would just stress out already stressed shrimp.
  13. For Neocaridina, There is a big difference in terms of health, quality and mortality between import shrimp(bred overseas) or those bred by hobbyists locally. I wasted so much time and money on import shrimp when I started out years ago. One of the common issues aside from diseases (and rarely discussed) is DIE OFF which is them dying 1 by 1. (they don't acclimate well, stress etc) Ofcourse, parameters are major factor too, so if your parameters are what they should be, then I would look at source next. Try homebred next time, see if that makes a difference
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