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  1. Shrimp Life

    Bacter AE for Shrimplets

    My favorite commercial products to use for babies is SL Aqua Baby Food and CSF Baby Pro
  2. Shrimp Life

    Old TPT member, coming back to shrimp

  3. Shrimp Life

    1 DAY SALE Red Pintos and MOSS

  4. Shrimp Life

    1 DAY SALE Red Pintos and MOSS

    Hi All! Today only, $80 shipped (2 packages available) 10 Mixed Red Pintos, Homebred peewee-juvie sized (mixed patterns like spotted head, multistripe, zebra, belly etc) Plus 2x 1.25" Moss ledges, 30g. Snowflake food, NL Moss & Cameroon Moss Portions USPS Priority Mail
  5. Shrimp Life

    Ideal Parameters for Neos and Mystery Snails

    The internet range suggests too broad of parameters, really they can survive but ultimately they will thrive in higher ph, above 7
  6. Shrimp Life


    I keep them in both my neocaridina and caridina tanks, so it will do fine in either
  7. Hello! I have some moss for sale! All is grown by me, in low tech shrimp tanks (no co2, no ferts) so will do just great for everyone. Cameroon 1.5x1.5" tied to mesh or 2x2" flat, loose (your choice $10) 8 available Notocyphus Lutescens 2x2" flat, loose $12 10 available Mini Pellia 1.5x1.5" tied to mesh $8 5 available Pointed spear 3x3" tied to mesh $14 2 available Miroshaki (very rare) $30 ea(1x1.5"-1.75" rock) 2 available Mini Fissidens on 2" stump $50 ea 2 available USPS First Class or Priority Mail. Shipping is $6. Free shipping orders of $50 or more. Please pm your order and paypal email address and I will invoice you , thank you!
  8. Shrimp Life


    Hi Yes I do have some available! I will send you a PM
  9. Shrimp Life

    Possible pest Identification?

    Looks like damselfly nymph, yes it will eat shrimp!
  10. Shrimp Life

    SHRIMP LIFE My youtube channel!

  11. Shrimp Life

    SHRIMP LIFE My youtube channel!

  12. Shrimp Life

    SHRIMP LIFE My youtube channel!

  13. Shrimp Life

    winter breeding

    I have 1 window but I think its helping that I am leaving the lights on longer, mimicking the long daylight of spring and summer. Normally our sun rises at 8am and sets at 430pm in winter. I have the lights on from 8am-8pm . The barometric pressure today is 1016.2 in my town
  14. Shrimp Life

    winter breeding

    Its a very interesting topic. I normally experience only a slow down in breeding and not a complete stop. Last year only 1 tank out of 12 stopped breeding completely. The others still bred but just not at the same rate as they do in spring and summer, but its not a huge breeding decline. This winter we have much milder temps then last year. out of 12 tanks, everyone is breeding except for 1 tank. I keep my home at 70 degrees and lights are on for 12 hours a day. I think light cycle may play a part because I intentionally leave my lights on longer to try to mimic spring/summer daylight hours and I do notice a difference. There is nothing scientific to substantiate any of this but I am happy with my winter breeding, I have as many berried females right now as I do in spring (Neos and Caridina).