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  1. Shrimp Life

    SHRIMP LIFE My youtube channel!

    Thank you
  2. Shrimp Life

    SHRIMP LIFE My youtube channel!

    Hi All! Just wanted to let you know I have a youtube channel dedicated to Shrimp! Here is a link to one of my videos!
  3. You will get more black ones then red. Its a personal choice if you want to keep them together or seperate. I have never noticed any compromise in the black or red coloration when I had them together vs when they were seperated by color.
  4. Shrimp Life

    Low PH will my BM shrimp shrimplets be OK?

    Normally you will experience low baby survival when you put Neos in Caridina params...
  5. Shrimp Life

    10 for $45 shipped! BLUE DREAMS HOMEBRED + Pintos!

    1 package of blue dreams left! Ship tomorrow
  6. Shrimp Life

    Water changes???

    I personally have never found a reason to do a 25% water change per week. I prefer doing less like 20% being the most I would change at 1x. The amount of water change could vary depending on your personal preference, type of shrimp, additional tankmates (higher bioload) etc.
  7. Super Sale, Only 2 available for this deal. 10 for $45 (shipping included) Blue Dreams, homebred 1+ years, Lots of culling, produce very nice deep blues I ship peewee/juvies USPS Priority Mail this Saturday Only. Thanks! I also have Black pintos, various patterns (spotted head, belly, zebra, multistripe) 6 for $40. Plus shipping
  8. Shrimp Life

    Shipping shrimp in hot Florida weather

    Experienced shippers can ship in just about any weather. I'd just make sure your buying from someone with good feedback and a live arrival guarantee And looks like you did just that
  9. Shrimp Life


  10. Shrimp Life


    SOLD! 10 HOMEBRED BLUE BOLTS! $80 These are homebred, by me. They come from a mid-high grade BB tank, with some med grade Blue mosura as well They are peewee and juvie size, perfect to ship and acclimate well for you. Their color can improve dramatically with age, and into maturity. Shipping $10 USPS (this Saturday)
  11. Shrimp Life

    SALE TODAY ONLY 20 Red Pintos $150

  12. 20 Homebred Red Pintos! Flash Sale. 1 package available. Bred by me, I can ship tomorrow to USA customers, USPS. Shrimp are peewee-small juvie size. You will get all 20 shrimp in the video (taken today!) Including Zebra, Multipstripe, Belly, Spotted head etc. Shipping is $10 USPS Priority Mail.
  13. Shrimp Life


    Hello! I have some really nice moss grown in low tech shrimp tanks, available for sale! (All portions are exactly as shown, except the NL -read description) Fissidens SP Mini $18 1.5x1.5" Mesh SP610 $18 1" Lava Rock Fissidens Nobilis $15 on 1" Lava Rock Fissidens Miroshaki $22 1.5" Rock Notocyphus Lutescens $15 10 2" Strands or 1.5x1.5" Mesh Fresh tied Cameroon $15 1.5x1.5" Mesh Mini Pellia aka Coral $12 1.5x1.5" Mesh I can ship across USA & Canada. Please pm me to order, thank you! USA $4 first Class mail Canada PM me for a shipping quote
  14. Shrimp Life

    More missing shrimp

    What you and AOTF posted about difficulty with import petstore shrimp mirrors the discussion I have in my youtube video about "WHY SHRIMP DIE" ... which I posted a link to yesterday... (I personally would be more inclined to think the very sudden disappearance of 3 shrimp has more to do with the betta or the shrimp hiding from the betta" then anything else. Bettas are predators to shrimp!