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  1. I may start to make more freestyle videos. Many of my vids have concentrated topics, might do some more casual videos inbetween. I also want to do a shrimproom tour soon too
  2. Welcome! Check out the archives its a treasure trove of great info.
  3. Welcome! ShrimpSpot will come alive again! Woot!
  4. Homebred Caridina! Limited Sale! 8 Black Pintos (mixed patterns) $50 6 Red Mosura $40 10 Red Bolt $70 (FYI these can look similar to golden bees until they are adults when they show great color) + Free Food with every order 20G bag Snowflake! + Free NL Moss! Rare Moss! +1 Free Nano Moss Ledge! All Shrimp are young, unsexed 0.8 - 1.2cm (perfect size to ship and acclimate) Shipping is $10 via USPS Priority Mail. Live Arrival Guaranteed!
  5. Running this sale again as I have some more, Please PM me if interested. These are some beautiful hard to find mosses that are easy to grow, I grow in my shrimp tanks with NO co2, No ferts.
  6. Feed Snowflake, Mulberry Leaves and with that many shrimp there should not be leftovers. Sell shrimp to minimize your colony number. Do more frequent small water changes, they are hardy and should do well. If you don't feed enough they will start eating other shrimp and attacking molting shrimp. I find that the attacking of molting shrimp occurs when there is a high population of shrimp and not enough space or food
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