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  1. I did report it this morning to admin..
  2. If it originally came as blue, and lost its color, They could be stressed. Caridina with blue (blue bolt, shadow panda) can change color intensity depending on things like temp, stress, breeding etc. You can put some good quality blue bolts in with them to improve and refine the line.
  3. Still available! Get some rare moss for your shrimp tanks I can send it loose if preferred (not attached to cholla)
  4. MOSS ON CHOLLA! 3" Cholla logs with Moss attached (with fishing line) All mosses are grown in low tech shrimp tanks (no co2 or ferts) All of these mosses are considered rare! Cameroon $14 Notocyphus Lutescens $14 Anchor $10 or all 3 (1 of each kind) for $30 Shipping is $5 USPS.
  5. Welcome to the hobby Neocaridina are the entry level shrimp that are quite hardy especially when you start with healthy quality stock and the right setup/parameters. You won't need a heater, but you will need to know your parameters, I presume your tank setup will be geared towards Neocaridina (popular beginner shrimp) You can keep various colors together but when breeding, they will produce pale or muddled/brown color babies. The way to avoid this with Neocaridina is to keep only 1 color instead of mixing. Shrimp can accept or tolerate parameters outside of their ideal, but they won't thrive or reproduce AS well as when you give them the prime target of parameters and setup. Shrimp do enjoy flow but not so much that they have to struggle against it,and yes you will need a prefilter as babies will get sucked into the filter. Months of cycling is not needed for Neocaridina. Just make sure its fully cycled. In a 45 gallon I'd suggest a minimum of 20 shrimp, but it depends on your goals or personal preference. 10 shrimp will be hard to see in a 45 gallon so you'll have to wait awhile before the colony grows. For tank setup I suggest watching a setup video for Neocaridina Shrimp on youtube. Start with testing your water and work from there. A few important tips- establish the ideal parameters, and cycle the tank, buy healthy quality shrimp (no import neos) do NOT use shrimp soil if your setting up for neocaridina(soil is meant for caridina/soft water environment)use inert substrate, have patience
  6. Looking at a few of your closeup pics, It looks to be lacking pigment
  7. Buy quality homebred stock and cull them regularly to improve and maintain appearance. Don't mix different color neos together, will result in diluted color and more often wild type coloration (brown mottled)
  8. I would not recommend any other shrimp other then Neos in your water params, its on the high end even for tangerine tiger.
  9. haha that video I made wasn't so great, but It is a thing that people may notice once their colony gets large You must be doing a great job with your shrimp!
  10. Yes this is common for tanks with large colonies and/or lots of males. 10 gallon is not very big and can't possibly provide enough room or hiding space for female to get away from males. I talk about male to female ratio in a youtube video. Your really don't need many males in your tank to keep the population going, so I would suggest remove most of the males and sell or give them away. It will likely continue to happen. Just keep your males population lower if you can.
  11. Listing updated, Selling smaller quantities of Blue Bolts and Red Bolt mosura/flowerhead/hino if anyone is interested.
  12. Hand sorted is more likely to be delayed. If you package properly and double bag there will be no issue going through regular mail. I've shipped 1000's of shrimp without any special handling or warnings on the box. Never any issue.
  13. ONLY 1 of each package available, my colonies are too large and I need to thin these ones out. Mixed sexes, ratio is not guaranteed. All of the following Caridina are being sold at adult size - SOLD! BLUE BOLTS (low grade. White with some light blue on head) 10 for $40 or 20 for $75SOLD SOLDSOLD SOLD! RED BOLTS (lower grade, Light Peach or very light pink) 20 for $75 SOLD SOLD SOLD! SOLD RED BOLT MOSURA/FLOWERHEAD, or Red Markings on head. Body is a light peach or white color and head has red marking. Coming out of my Red Bolt tank 10 for $40 SOLDSOLDSOLD SOLD! RED TAIWAN BEES (mix of Mosura, Flowerhead, Panda, RKK 1 or 2 stripe, Red Bolt) 20 for $80 SOLD SOLD SOLD! Caridina are all PH 6/ GH 4/ KH 0 / TDS 120-140 Orange Neocaridina (these are juveniles) 20 for $45 (Pic is of adults, juvies are not as dark , will improve with age) SHIPPING is $15 no matter how many packages you buy. USPS Priority Mail.
  14. I'd give him more time to reply, its the weekend and if he has no active auctions he may not really be checking his email as often. I personally don't know who else to recommend, he has a good reputation and homebred shrimp. Maybe a hobby breeder can chime in on this thread if they have some to sell you.
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