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  1. Wtb hm delta betta male

    Hey all, I've been looking for a nice mustard gas or similar half moon delta male. I recently lost my betta that was in my office tank. I'm not going to breed; he would just be on display in my office in a 6 gal tank with shrimp and one dim cray. I was going to import from Thailand but don't have time to figure out the transhipping thing.
  2. HI

    Welcome to the group. It is an amazing bunch of people.
  3. Hi from South Australia

    Welcome to the group, Mandy!
  4. Web Series watchers?

    Go Soothing! Sounds like we'll be cheering for both you and Nadia this Fall
  5. OT genetics question

    They are looking into nutrition affecting greying.
  6. Another TSS Milestone!

    There are other shrimp sites? Oh Soothing, I must respectfully disagree! Shrimp Spot is the ONLY shrimp forum!
  7. OT genetics question

    I know there are some genetics experts here and I'm hoping you can provide me some insight. With all the time recently spent in the hospital, this question came up. Redheads are known to both take anesthesia differently than other people and to have more bruising and bleeding with surgery. No problem there. However, I have recently encountered redheads whose hair lost its red in their 40s turning brown. Now I can see if it was lost in childhood, but if not until later in life, is that a genetic redhead lacking the nutrients to demonstrate the phenotype therefore still linked to these symptoms that should be known by doctors? I know, strange question, but any info would be appreciated.
  8. Hello!

    Welcome to the group!
  9. Hello from Blistering SoCal

    Welcome to the group!
  10. Hello, from the Shenadoah valley of Va.

    Welcome to the group, Charlotte. You'll find great folks here and a ton of info.
  11. Hello from New York!

    Out here in the winter we go to work in the dark and leave in the dark. It gets long; but the summer days are as long as the winter nights. We get out of bed after the sunrise and head to bed when it is still light as well. But we don't have many cloudy days in the year. We have some, but it is "Big Sky Country" for a reason.
  12. No Planaria

    The setup is about 220 gallons with 8 20longs with shrimp, 1 with filtration, 1 with heaters, and a refugium. I believe Gill dosed what the package recommends but dosed twice instead of three times as the hospital visit interrupted treatment. Also, I'm not certain what his water changes looked like (same reason) but the tanks are overstocked with plants and moss which should have handled any ammonia, but maybe not. My TTs look like they may have a bacteria infection. But at this point unfortunately, higher priorities prevail. With no family in the area and living 45 minutes from town, work, doctor appointments, healing, and harvesting the garden are edging out tanks.
  13. You're killin' me here, Mini! We used to hit the dairy store at the university for the best ice cream and chocolate milk. Ok, we're going to have to make a trip next summer!
  14. No Planaria

    We just used it in our setup and my tigers are dying; neos are fine
  15. Hello from New York!

    I live in Montana now, but growing up was on Cayuga every summer. We didn't fish then, but now I would love to go back and do some Aquatic Entomology there. That is a beautiful area and I one of the few places I think about moving to.