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  1. What "moss" is this?

    So I got bit by the tank bug again and have started to cycle an ADA 45P tank. While going through the tank items I had outside I came across some moss that was growing along the ground near some mini fissidens and decided to gather them up and put them into my cycling tank to see how they grow. If anyone has any idea of what type of "moss" this is I would greatly appreciate it. I used the "" because I honestly don't know if it is or not. Hope the attached pictures work Sorry for the poor photo quality it's taken with my iPhone without any lens to help taking macro photos to really show the details. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Blue Bolt babies!!!!!

    Ill be moving them soon enough. Just wanted to have more time to look at the babies haha.
  3. Blue Bolt babies!!!!!

    Ya still inside breeder net. The visual size of the babies is like ---- I'd say so I'm going to guess the six I have are the ones that I have for now haha unless others are hiding somewhere that I can't spot lol. One piece of cholla wood and mini x-mas moss in the breeder net atm all adults moved into their tank so only babies in the net
  4. Blue Bolt babies!!!!!

    I think the second mama kicked her clutch since it was their firdt time being pregnant. Only have six babies at the moment one is almost all white two have nice blue on their head area one is a mosura bb one is still tiny so cant really say how its coloration is going to go and one has nice blue coloration
  5. Pure Red Lines - To Mix or Not to Mix

    I think most people mix PRL lines to enhance the traits they're looking for ie. nishiki has really nice darker red bodies and legs, xin and feather have brighter bodies and not much leg coloring, ....all of those are from my experiences and from what I can tell when I look at the PRL that I own with those lineage in them. I can't say much for Ellen Wang, Benibachi, Ebiten, Crimson, Hakata, Elegant Taiwan Lady or any others since I don't own them. I mix my PRL so that I can try and enhance overall leg coverage and try to get deeper red in the next generations but I have a bunch of lineages that I keep in one tank so it's hard to tell who is the father of the soon to be babies haha. But once I find out which babies have the traits I want it's culling time LOL I know of some people who keep one line of PRL only tanks and work on those PRL for the traits they want to bring out in them too. So all in all it's going to be a preference to what you desire and what goal you want from them hehe From what I've read if you buy the super high end PRL ($100+) the offspring of those PRL aren't worth that price tag because they weren't breed in the original farms tanks and are considered "made in the USA" PRL so technically they can't be called "(insert shrimp farm name) PRL" anymore but you can say they're offspring and breed in your tank though!
  6. Male vs Female

    Haha. Ill agree with ya randy. I really like how when the females get berried their colors get more vibrant
  7. Feedback

    Haha cool will do!
  8. Feedback

    Here ya go Soothing! =P just got them in yesterday haha. Thanks again Han for all the stuffz!!!! Edit...dunno why the camera pic is turned sideways -__-
  9. please dont sell

    LOL I just saw that double post haha
  10. Prefilters

    Can you also use bio-media in the pre-filter too or is it best to only run it with sponge/ filter floss?
  11. Prefilters

    I use Han's ss-prefilters on all my canisters. Never had a problem with cloudiness after a few days. Subtle Aquatics recommended Seachem Stability to me and my tank was crystal clear in less than 24hrs of cycling!
  12. OEBT Params?

    Good luck with them!
  13. Evo's Ebi's- PBL

    Yeah I saw haha. They have some same lineages (Benibachi/Black Impact) as the ones you have so I'm good for now hehe. I'd really like some Ebiten PBL and I like how the C-sky PBL
  14. OEBT Params?

    Planning on getting either Royal Blue or OEBT from Speedie408 or Tanman19az in a bit but what wondering how long I should acclimate them to my TB tank in order for them to get use to the TB parameters?
  15. Evo's Ebi's- PBL

    There are only five in my tank right now so it'll be a while before I start culling haha =P