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  1. I have never tried using breeder boxes.
  2. With the ADA soil you are going to be fighting a losing battle until the soil starts to lose its buffering capabilities. The ADA is doing what it is supposed to be doing. All my tanks run between 5.8-6.0 and my shrimps breed like rabbits.
  3. Bigger tank means less upkeep and more stable water conditions. Bigger tanks are far more forgiving when it comes to mistakes or neglect. The down side is the initial setup can be or will be expensive. My favorite size is 180 gallons.
  4. Vpier

    15 Snowball

    Auction closed.
  5. Vpier

    Saluwesi bandits

    Super easy to keep and reproduces faster than neo's. The clutches are huge. So far about 1/3 of the babies have the amount of black that people see in the pictures that SteveR posted.
  6. Vpier

    Saluwesi bandits

    They dont breed true for me. I get some with lots of black, little bit of black and clear ones.
  7. Vpier

    Saluwesi bandits

    No heat, prefer cooler temps.
  8. Vpier

    Saluwesi bandits

    Ph around 6.8 and my TDS around 170
  9. Vpier

    Saluwesi bandits

    I obtained two batches from original breeder and are breeding like rabbits but they wont be for sale until late spring, was -31 degrees Sunday morning here in central MN.Cant sell or buy anything for a while.
  10. Vpier

    Gold Supporting Member Renewal

    It worked for me.
  11. Vpier

    Gold Supporting Member Renewal

    Its not there and still cant pay you through the invoice you sent via email from forum site. I will look in the morning and see if I can figure it out.
  12. Vpier

    Gold Supporting Member Renewal

    Please reissue.
  13. Vpier

    Gold Supporting Member Renewal

    I had the same issue tried the same thing as DetA. I thought I would have to wait until my membership expire.
  14. Vpier

    Oak leaves

    I would boil for 10-15min. How many leaves to put in really depends on the size of the leaves. Some oaks have more tannins than others, red oak for example have more tannins than white so that would be another factor to consider.
  15. I have heard the foam from China breaks down after a few years. 5cm / 2inches or thicker should be used. I only trust Poret. I only know of two places that sell it and they are in North America. http://www.swisstropicals.com/ http://www.angelsplus.com/index.htm
  16. 45ppi is the preferred choice but 30ppi is safe for babies and fish fry.
  17. Vpier

    Sulewasi Shrimp Tank

    If you asking about the remin, I get from this site http://www.pro-shrimp.co.uk/shrimp-king/686-shrimp-king-sulawesi-mineral-ghkh-200g-4001615061505.html
  18. Vpier

    Thank you, ShimpSpot-eers

    That is why I never became a member at TPT . There are many successful techniques when it comes to raising shrimps, pick/find one and stick to it. The most important thing is consistency.
  19. Vpier

    My Amanos are jerks. Should I remove them?

    No personal experience with amano's killing adult shrimps but I wouldnt be surprised.
  20. Vpier

    Wine Red Taiwan Bee Package!

    Auction Closed.
  21. Vpier

    My Amanos are jerks. Should I remove them?

    Amano's are apex predators of the shrimp world. They will eat babies.
  22. Best bang for the buck and is compact https://www.amazon.com/Portable-Reverse-Osmosis-Filtration-POQ-4B-50/dp/B00GJCE2X4/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1477272142&sr=8-4&keywords=purewaterclub
  23. Vpier

    (10) Red Bolt Taiwan Bee Package

    Auction Closed
  24. Vpier

    WTB caridina Culls

    I bought a large group from Dhu and Im very happy with them!