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    Red Cherry shrimp, ordered some CBS, and BlueBolt/BKK mischlings that I'm pretty excited about. Just cycling the tanks and will be off to making babies... Lol

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  1. I would be interested in some fancy Tigers
  2. OK, thank you all. I am using it as I've spoke to several reliable breeders who have used it in the past. TDS is 42 ph 6.4 I put a live sponge filter and bioball from another tank so it jump starts the cycle.I will add some aged tap water to up the GH kh. Any thoughts or input on what I should do next is welcome and appreciated.
  3. Can I use distilled water for my shrimp tank? If not could i use it to start cycling with and convert to r.o water down the road? In my 10g I'm using Controsoil, with Distilled water, and sponge filter. I haven't purchased minerals yet. What should be the next step to assure a healthy setup for my shrimp to breed and thrive? I've purchased some shrimp from very reputable people, just waiting for the cycle to complete. Thanks greatly in advance.
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