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  1. Hi! Where in Canada are you? I was looking into Thunderbolt Cherax and found this site. Curious if you still have some. I am in BC.  Thanks!

  2. Hey just wondering if you still had any bucephalandra for sale still. If possible I'm looking for five of the Bucephalandra sp. Arrogant Blue. My email is Burmaster.stephen@gmail.com. 

    Thanks stephen

    1. jumpsmasher


      Hi Stephen, 


      I am out at the moment but should be getting more soon.  Are you in Canada?

  3. Most on the information on the papua crayfish are in german unfortunately and that is where most of the breeders are as they are amongst to first to get their hands on the rarer ones. This is a good summary https://www.garnelio.de/mehr/garnelioblog/cherax-aquarienkrebse-haltung-im-aquarium crustahunter is also a good site to check out. There is more content available if you stick with the German version of the site This article is for the monticola but many of the same things can be said for the other papua crays as well http://crustahunter.com/keeping-and-breeding-cherax-cf-monticola/?lang=en Recent testing by Chris Lukhaup found that Blue Moon and Hoa Creek are both cherax pulcher and even with the wild caught hoa creek's you get a range of colour from "dirty" blue-green to the vibrant pink they are famous for. Boesemani is generally used now for the red / green chilli (aka red brick / green brick) For tank size; the ideal size would be something with an larger footprint something like a 40gal breeder (36x18") or 48x18" it is possible to keep a community of them if you have a large enough tank with plenty of hiding spots; i had around 20+ in a 110gal; there will be some jockeying for territory at first but eventually they will establish a peaking order with an "alpha" male They love digging their own tunnel / cave so i generally recommend a decent layer of gravel or fine sand (3-4") so they can dig their own hiding spots. When carrying eggs i find my females usually bury herself deep inside her cave and rarely come out. food wise their diet should be more vegetable based than meat or protein based. My loves the Shrimp King peas and leaves loops as well as a steady supply of Indian almond leaves. The older the males get, the greater chance they might lose a claw while molting; they get some big that it is very hard for them to get it out of the old exoskeleton successfully
  4. NADAL German Black Pinto Shimps Mixed patterns (multistripes, 1-2 spots) - $30 ea. / 5+: $25 Spotted Head (3+ spots) - $50 ea. NADAL German Red Pinto Shimps Mixed patterns (multistripes, 1-2 spots) - $35 ea. / 5+: $30 Spotted Head (3+ spots) - $50 ea. NADAL Super CBS (low / mid grade) $18 ea. / 10 for $150 NADAL Blue Bee Shrimps (Paracaridina sp. Blue Bee) $10 ea. / 10 for $90 NADAL Black Skunk Mischlings (high grade) $60 ea. / 5+: $50 ea. (few) - These hybrids or michlings come from Nadal's own Skunk breeding project!
  5. Some photos of the new arrivals : ) NADAL B/C Grade Crystal Red Shrimps (high pH) $4.50 ea. / 10 for $40 (sold out) (the blue shrimps above at the Blue Velvet neocaridina's) NADAL Wild Crystal Black Shrimps $10 ea. / 10 for $85 (few left) NADAL Super CRS (low / mid grade) $16 ea. / 10 for $140 NADAL Yellow King Kong $18 ea. / 10 for $150 NADAL Red Tiger Shrimp (Normal Grade) $ 12 ea. / 10 for $ 100 NADAL Orange Eye Blue Tiger Shrimps $18 ea. / 10 for $160 NADAL Royal Blue Tiger $ 33 ea. / 5+: $ 30 ea.
  6. Pricelist updated with a couple items for shipping / transport UNIHEAT 40 Hour Heat Packs SKA Round Bottom Fish Bags
  7. actually already posted some photos of them from a previous shipment on the first page: But i will post new photos shortly, just receiving the last shipment of the week that just arrived tonight. I have Thanks! From to get go, the plan to serve a very specific clientele; basically shrimp enthusiasts with similar interest in rare and harder to find shrimps. Part of it is the collector in me and part of it due to the limited number of tanks, we have to particular about which shrimps to stock - i guess I tend to "curate" my stock list more that larger dealers with whatever i find interesting or might be of interest to my customers rather than stocking "mainstream" species like neo's and regular CRSs. I also helps to work with many, many different suppliers and not be tied to any specific one. I am also a bit of a purist; my philosophy is that if you want german pinto's you get them from germany, if you want JPRL, you get them from Japan, etc; Those and the wild type shrimps always go fast! There were two things i was specifically looking for the past couple years; C grade CRS and wild type CBS - was able to scratch both off my list this year and not only that, i got them into the hands of several hobbyists so perhaps so in time they will be more readily available! Pricelist updated once again with tonight's shipment (last one of the week) - Orange Pumpkin Shrimps - Amano Shrimps - Galaxy Rasboras
  8. Hi Shrimple minded, yes i just in the process of taking some photos of all the new arrivals tonight; once i download them and process them on my computer i will post them here. The blue bees are still a bit stressed but from past shipments of them, I can tell you the one that that stand out compared to wild caught ones are how much more pronounced the white stripes are on them
  9. i find they are great algae eaters in general, maybe second only to amano shrimps, although short nose / red nose shrimps might challenge them for that distinction as well.
  10. i discovered something neat about them too! They are great at eating Black Beard Algae but only if you have lots of them
  11. Another day, another shipment! Pricelist updated with new shrimps from Michael Nadal (Germany)! NADAL German Black Pinto, mixed patterns (multistripes, 1-2 spots) - $30 ea. / 5+: $25 NADAL Black Skunk Pinto Mischlings (high grade) - $60 ea. / 5+: $50 ea. (few) NADAL Super CBS (low / mid grade) - $18 ea. / 10 for $150 NADAL Blue Bee Shrimps (Paracaridina) - $10 ea. / 10 for $90
  12. I stock them regularly, running a bit low atm but i usually get in hundreds at a time; but i am in Canada, so can't ship to you : (
  13. Dry Goods list updated - will upload some photos once photobucket is working for us. We are now fully restocked on Benibachi products and ADA Aqua Soil Amazonia! We also got in our first batch of shrimp supplies from overseas; the rest should be trickling in over the next couple weeks. BENIBACHI: All Benibachi products now back in stock! NEW Sparks staple food for all types of shrimps ADA: Aqua Soil Amazonia 9L - fully restocked Koke Stone Cube Garden 30-C (W30×D30×H30cm / 5mm) Cube Garden 45-P (W45×D27×H30cm / 5mm) Garden Matt 30x30cm / 5mm ADA Aqua Screen Normal 60-P, Black (61×37cm) MISC: UP AQUA Water Buffering Barrel, 1L UP AQUA Water Buffering Barrel, 6L UP AQUA MF Large Breeding Tube, 3-hole
  14. Pricelist updated with lots of livestock this week as well as some dry goods. Photobucket is not co-operating with us today but will try uploading photos later Arrived: Blue Velvet Shrimp, normal grade (light blue) - $ 4 ea. / 10 for $ 35 (few) Blue Velvet Shrimp, high grade (med-dark blue) - $ 5 ea. / 10 for $ 45 Tangerine Tiger shrimp - $ 7 ea Batik Nerite Snails - $ 3 ea. / 6 for $ 15 / 20 for $ 40 Sun Horned Nerite Snails - $ 3 ea. / 6 for $ 15 / 20 for $ 40 Assorted Horned Nerite Snails (Zebra/Solid/Olive) - $ 3 ea. / 6 for $ 15 / 20 for $ 40 Otocinclus - $ 2.99 ea. / 6+: $ 2.79 / 20+: $ 2.49 Arriving 10/26 NADAL Black Pinto Shrimps NADAL Blue Bee Shrimps (Paracaridina) NADAL Super CBS Arriving 10/26 Orange Pumpkin shrimps Amano Shrimps Emerald Rasboras Galaxy Rasboras Will update our lists as the stock arrives click here for the livestock list
  15. This is the first i heard of this - do you have a source or more details? Can't see what type of liability there would be with shrimp food though... and if there is some sort of liability issue, I would imagine it would affect other imported shrimp food as well. I will check with my GlasGarten rep and report and what he says
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