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  1. I prefer stainless steel prefilters and had one for my eheim canister ages ago. I think I had bought it from H4N aquatics or something. Usually if you find a vendor you just give them the diameter of the intake and they make one for you. I have a bunch for my AQ30's and canisters.
  2. I use API, but unfortunately all the tests dont come in one API Master Test kit which you may use the ammonia, nitrate, nitrite, pH test GH/KH you have to buy separately Copper you have to buy separately TDS pen could be useful as well If you're past the setup phase and just in the maintenance phase I would probably recommend GH, TDS at the minimum TBH since I know what my remineralizer shoots a 130 tds for 5 gh, I only use my TDS pen most of the time over anything else.
  3. I run 2 nano tanks in my apartment. Around 3 gallons each. I don’t want the trouble of hooking up a ro system because I’m moving in half a year so I looked for an alternative. https://www.amazon.com/ZeroWater-ZP-006-4-Pitcher-Water-Quality/dp/B009DAU1NE?ref_=bl_dp_s_web_2581417011 its like a Brita but gives 0 tds. idk if the replacement filters are cost efficient like the budget ro system but it does make my life easy and not as intrusive for my apartment nano tank life
  4. Looking to buy Regular Tigers for the most part. Could be interested in super tigers depending on price. Lemme know the params as well. Thanks
  5. Looking to buy PFR males, about 5 of them. If 5's too little to sell, msg me what else you got....always in the market to buy stuff.
  6. Yeah too cheap to shell out for a macro lens But hey returning to this hobby to find green neos is fun and exciting
  7. haha it's so cute Idk if it's only me but I can't see where you're located.
  8. 1.Anhnguyen310 2. James Aquatics 3. Poopians 4. thekonexperiment 5. TheGardenofEder 6. swivel 7. swissian 8. Adrand 9. StarryNight15 10. uscgjay 11. miwu 12. repsaJ 13. Serenityfate[/font][/color] 14. Steve R. 15. Shrimple Minded 16. infamouz23 17. r45t4m4n 18. Bananariot
  9. I like to buy things off amazon and since theres no ADA on there I'd definitely try it. Just wondering.... how low does it buffer pH? does it leech ammonia?
  10. Wow the feedback seems harsh....haha. Personally would love to see some variety in shrimp soil. Many other countries have a huge selection to choose from (i.e. netlea) and I for one would love to see an alternative. I don't mind ADA amazonia, but some batches make a whole room smell like catpiss thanks to ammonia leaching. I tend to stay away from ammonia leaching substrate. It's why I use africana/malaya. ADA is nice and all, but I wouldn't mind seeing alternatives. Heck some out there do a good job like azoo already. If it's quality I'll surely pay more. But like many have mentioned I guess how much more is also important. I was wondering if there is a selection of colors it comes in? I sometimes like brown to bring out darker color shrimp color more against the background. I appreciate your efforts in trying to bring in another alternative to amazonia, I'll be looking forward to more details! Keep up the good work!
  11. I hear the orange rilis are hard to keep alive a couple of months ago. I do like blue and carbon rilis. I think its just the extreme amount of breeding I did with Red Rilis that made me tired of them
  12. Nothing in your blood will do anything to your tank. However, stuff from your tank can get you sick. Clean the wound and just be careful of any infections in the coming days. Beware of mycobacterium marinum
  13. Csky USA has some I believe under pink bolt. They're 30 a pop
  14. Sounds good lol, was initally concered cause the post said 1.5 weeks. Good luck on the shrimp
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