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  1. Mineral Balls vs Rock

    I have been running fishtanx.com tourmaline balls for a few years and have noticed 0 benefits or detriments. They are just nice to look at and grey. I'm not familiar with the rocks but worry that they also, are hoodoo.
  2. Whats your favorite

    I missed out on 5 wangs for 15$ 2 years ago and still regret it.
  3. Algae?

    OK, so hair algae blew up my 7 gal shrimp tank. After a month on the Elevate Shrimp hair killer (last week was also loading Excel) the stuff doubled in size. So I finally pulled my 2 cholla fisidens logs and threw them in a 5 gal bucket of water. So now how to deal with that? That is a lot of $$$ in fisdens. "Rent" (buy then give back once done) a rhino pleco and leave it alone in an empty tank with the logs (I was told rhino will eat the algae but not the moss)? I'm currently renting a clown loach which I told the LFR I'd give back once it was 18"+ (I guessed this would take ~42 seconds with the amount of snails I have to cleanse). Peroxide dip the cholla and allow the fisidens will heal? There is a little bit of hair left in the tank in the expensive plant (turns red and fluffy with CO2)but I may be able to control it?
  4. In the last ~year i have tried every major brand and a few lesser brands and have lost ~4,000$ in fish. Most of that loss is in discus breeding pairs which stacks up cash fast. A heater dies, a discus whirls and is dead by dawn. Lost a whole betta breeding project. Marineland takes the title with 4 Discus breeding pairs and ~60 show stock betas in the breeding project. Topfin. Breeding pairs and a few misc med-large discus. Eheim. ~7 misc med-large discus. (this is now heating the sole discus tank so I expect more bodies on this brand) Finnex salt grade heaters: a few med-large discus and an expensive pleco. Aquaion: a few med discus. and a pile of jar bettas (powerhead + heater in a bath to warm the jars). Aquatop: misc med-large discus. Hydor: failed but killed nothing. etc.. The last of my discus are in a single 60 which I will run until they are all dead and then give up on discus. Heaters have gotten me out of discus. Heaters seem to last 3-6 months. Most just stop making heat but I have had a few go crockpot (last one took a betta and Florida flag fish tank close to 100 but they were cool with that). So basically if you cannot put your tanks in a room that is heated to the proper temp, my recommendation is to figure out how big a heater you need for your tank then divide than number by 3 and use 3 heaters of the 1/3 total power size. If one goes cold the other 2 should keep the temp non-fatal. If one goes crockpot the other 2 should stop heating and your tank dwellers will hopefully not cook. If you have expensive stock like shrimp/discus/salt you may want to look at APCs for your heaters and pumps/filters. The APCs will be $$$ as the watts on heaters add up quick. For brand so far Hydors have been failing the least.
  5. Cherax pulcher? available in the US?

    I don't speak Portuguese but this looked questionable. I know the last one is the pleco that is on CITES. On the other hand I see a nugget there and maybe a vampire along with the L-134? Sifting catfish forums is not a real help either. Again thanks for then info. My lazy quest for pulcher will continue. I now have 8 L 134s so hopefully they will breed in a year or two. If that happens I may talk to the local zebra breeder... may.
  6. What plant would work in my case!!

    I love your tank. I'm a fan of fissidens now that I figured out what i was doing wrong. I had it in a tank that was much warmer than it liked, so the stuff I though was dead hulked out when I semi-mothballed (no heat or food) the tank and left it in a 60 degree air conditioned room. I'd like to cover a large piece of drift wood in my Mary tank but worry it would overrun my weird mosses (or maybe they are strange algae?)
  7. My god that is a good looking fish.
  8. BUCEPHALANDRA Starter Portions & Mini Clumps!

    So how do buce work? I have bought 2 that looked like the one on your top pic and one skeleton king I was told I had to buy (after 2-3 years it is looking better) With the 2 I bought one seems fine on its drift wood and the other fell apart and is now all over the bottom of the 55. Should I buy stainless pins and then just stick it back? So far I really love them and want more but I'm afraid I'm doing them wrong. In a perfect world all my drift wood would be coated. The pic with your hand, which clump is that?
  9. Dead or Alive?

    I kill pella better than the terminator. On the upside my fisidens I thought was dead (in empty tank with fried heater) I just noticed had exploded. So it seems to love 60 degrees. I was just turning on the light when I woke up and thinking it was a dead tank. My god that is beautiful moss.
  10. Cherax pulcher? available in the US?

    Thanks for all the info. IIRC I read somewhere on "the internet" the reason there are so few of the crays around is local tribes associate them with fertility and so they do not want people pillaging them for money. I'm kind of surprised that Aquatic Arts says they have L134s as i though their export had been banned so they were going to go the way of the zebra plecos. Last ones someone linked me to on Aquabid were going for something like 125-150 each for young ones.
  11. My house over 130 shrimp tanks!

    My wife has said "F no!" to getting a shipping container. Insulating and fiberglassing the inside and outside after welding it closed/sealed. Then cut most out of the front side out and install a 4" acrylic side. Once that is done get a back hoe and a D saw and replace my basement wall on one side of my house with this new "aquarium". hmm, It might be cheaper to just build one out of rebar and concrete. Meh, it isn't like I can stock it with super reds in the US. I think at 11 tanks she is a little tired of aquariums. Though I still want to build the acrylic shrimp bar for my bar in my basement.
  12. Plans for Moving

    I'd cooler the stock. After that moving tank with substrate comes down to size of tank and amount of substrate. I have picked up a 55 with ~250lbs in it but I would never recommend someone with common sense do that. Sure the tank should support ~500 lbs of water plus that but it still seemed a little hinkey when I did it. A 10 gal on the other hand I'd feel OK moving it if it was filled to the top with substrate. If you are building you own acrylic tanks, some of those will stop a 30-06 but will scratch like no one's business with the wrong substrate nibbling on them. I would feel way better moving a glass tank with substrate in it than an acrylic in the same state.
  13. Finally shrimps that wont ever die

    You have created awesome.
  14. Heater?

    So maybe fire up that ancient green Ebo jager.. Hmm I just keep looking at it and not trusting it. I think it was made some where around when Columbus discovered the new world. The fish kills are not crockpot deaths generally. They are very warm water fish suddenly ending up cold and dead. Some time we luck out and find the discus freaking out and slamming into things (when this happens odds are your heater is dead). One tank has whirling disease which goes off when the temp drops. Always kills one discus at a time and they do not last til morning once they spin (we are running this tank at ~94 and loading it with antiparasitics so hopefully this is cured). Good to hear about the Aqueon Pros. I keep looking at their price and wondering. The Finex we are/were running were recommended above the Finex titanium heaters by reef folk so I figured they'd be good as reefers tend to run more expensive stock than any freshwater non-shrimpers (shrimpers just win the $/gal competition*.. though Discus may be in their league). So these controllers you speak of.. got a link? And again, thanks so much for the advice. *shrimpers, man.. last local shrimper meet I was at one guy was razzing another about his 50,000$ worth of Wang's in one tank and that he was not selling/giving/trading any of them. 50K of shrimp in a tank (there should be some sort of bulging eye emoji for this). well beyond the local guy with the L46s or any number of Picasso triggers in a salt (though I have only seen these solo, do they kill each other?).
  15. Heater?

    Finex heater just snuffed dinner plate discus. Half of a breeding pair. Heater was 2 weeks old. so ~500$ loss to Finex. Marineland heaters. last a few months if lucky. 2,500$ in dead fish plus the end of the "male fin on female betta" breeding program. 4 heaters failed ~6 months. Hydor. a few months and then MAX temp all the time, 0 kill as I was going to shrimp the tank but when heater went Berserk I went with fish that were happy at 86. Aquatop. 3 months to 500$ fish kill. 1 tank. discus breeding pair. Aquarion. 3 heaters dead in 3 months. 1,000+$ kill. In the last year I have lost thousands of dollars to bad heaters. It seems that all brands are bad. Anyone got any recommendations? My wife is currently on a rage about the death of Big Blue (Finex kill). Are there any good heaters any more? Oh.. and you may not like this part. Big Blue is in the fridge. I want to see what a couple hundred dollar fish tastes like, my wife insists she is going to taxidermy him. Should I eat him or let her turn him into something amazing?