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    55gal with bloody marys. some yellow neos. some CRS. And 2 oversized Amanos.

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  1. No idea. Cull tanks are a great place to test. Right now I'm seeing what mangosteen leaves do (live tank, not cull). They are like thick leather so I suspect they will last a while. Dead avocado plant leaves were well loved.
  2. Crackhead Johny

    Cat nip leaves

    My avocado plant died and dried out. One day I wondered if the shrimp would like the dried leaves. They did.
  3. Crackhead Johny

    Cherry Shrimp with Ghosts?

    All the Ghost shrimp I have known were jerks. In my 5 gal space bowl experiment 10 Ghosts became 3 very quickly, then 2 then 1. So now I use yellow Neos and they work great now that the ghost problem is gone. This youtube footage shows Ghosts being jerks. I expect your cherrys would become Ghost chow pretty quick. I have had ammanos eat neos. For a mixed tank I'd stick with neos and cards (maybe something else would work and the experts here will list it)
  4. Crackhead Johny

    More missing shrimp

    Bettas think cherry shrimp are tasty. Amannos think cherry shrimp are tasty. I'm going to guess that something "tasty" related happened to them.
  5. Crackhead Johny

    Let me show you my algae

    Tell you what, PM me your address and I will try sending you some to see if it lives. Keep in mind that it is not clean. There is some xmas/java/something else that looks like java, in there as well as some subwassertang. I'll try to clean it up but you may end up growing some other things too. UPDATE: OK setback. leaving the fissidens in a glass container in the living room for months to starve out the hair algae may have done bad things to the fissidens, So I have dumped it in as small tank to see if it comes back. And during an aggressive water add, I knocked some of the algae loose and you can see the discoloration on the drift wood where it's single connection was leaching something out of it. While in the pic it looks like a coating each round part connects to the wood at a single point.
  6. Crackhead Johny

    My Shrimp and Bumblebee Goby tank

    Interesting on the bumblebee gobies. I was always told they like brackish. I know in my teen years I had some other sort of goby ~4" long. Didn't seem to do anything at all but the feeder guppies kept vanishing. Then I looked into the tank once at night and found they are very active at night. I like their lazy attitude. I ran a male and female betta 60gal for a while until an infection nuked it. 2 big HOBs to keep it clean.
  7. Crackhead Johny

    Let me show you my algae

    Is it fissidens fontanus by chance and are you looking to sell any of it? That it is but I'm not interested in selling I'm afraid (no idea how putting live things in the mail works). I'm also trying to cure it of hair algae. I have no idea what the algae over those logs is, it was VERY slow growing for 3 years. It seems to have denser areas in it that are not quite stems. Snails crawl on it but do not seem to eat it. The snails get scraped and thrown in the puffer tank.
  8. Crackhead Johny

    Let me show you my algae

    After 5-7 years trying to grow it it just blew up during the last year. First there was one Don King tuft and I was worried the snails would eat it. then after 2 years there were 2. it seemed to grow ~1/2" per year. This year it exploded and I have it everywhere. Not sure if good? the second pic shows how they start as tufts. It has now spread to my ecocomplete. I may get the furry plant tank without killing any more dwarf hair grass, So as I'm loving this stuff. .. .. Have I made a bad life choice? Yes. I know I have to move my Buce to another tank. I also know I have to figure out what to do with my quart of fissidens now that the algae seems to own all the drift in the tank it was planned for.
  9. Crackhead Johny

    Anyone giving away free or cheap shimp

    You should list your city/state in case there are people here with a pile of culls.
  10. Crackhead Johny

    Cherax pulcher? available in the US?

    "Aquatic Arts has some of the highest-quality pictures of any aquarium livestock store,". Please do not do this internet thing. You calculate your photo quality vs your customer's band width just like everyone else. A 1 billion MP pic is not in anyone's best interest. You meet industry standard. You sling lies like this, people also assume you are slinging the same lies when it comes to aquatic stock. You are better than that. Now as one of your customers. You should not be advertising things that are not in stock. Throw them in a "waiting/up coming/quest" (For example: we are on the quest to find albino checkerboard hoplos) category or something. The internet is made out of lies, that doesn't mean you have to stoop to that level. I once placed an order with DVDexpress (IIRC that is/was their name) and then waited 9 months for my DVDs, they then replaced their DB and killed my order. While you are famous for bad behavior, you also, in my experience, deliver a quality product... even if it is funny. By funny I mean when you lambchop nuked my 55. I ordered like 15 and you sent me a bazillion. I still stand by the fact they are the best lambchops I have seen live or in pictures, internally lit solid orange chrome, every one of them. I think I still have a credit with you for the bamboo shrimp that cashed out in transit. Those of us who have been around more than 10 years know you have had your ups and downs. The downs gave you a bad rep. I love the fact your bot/spider let you know about this thread and you decided to participate (Hi bot! make sure someone gets an email about this reply!). Well done. We all hope to have more interaction with you. We have lots of great vendors here and I'd love to see you join them. Tips/tricks and general customer interaction is huge. You have the capability of becoming an amazing resource.
  11. Crackhead Johny

    Cherax pulcher? available in the US?

    Local guy now has pulchers but their colors are not close to as nice as the famous internet pic (in OP). They are just kind of blue (as a child [3-4?] I saw nicer in a local MN lake. That thing looked like it was carved out of solid turquoise [with lots of black veins]. if I knew then...) . So pass. (apparently he knows the guy who took the internet famous pulcher pic. I guess the guy is some ex rocker from Germany)
  12. Crackhead Johny

    Mini pellia not growing

    Mine grew* insanely quickly. *brown. I will not try again until I'm feeding CO2.
  13. Crackhead Johny

    My Shrimp and Bumblebee Goby tank

    Not what I was expecting. I was thinking the 20l with 4"-6" of water, sand, and piles of half flowerpots with lazy gobies laying on them. I'm amazed at how well your plants are doing in brackish water.
  14. Crackhead Johny

    keeping CRS sucsessfully

    All of my CRS vanished 2 weeks ago. No corpses, just gone ~6 of them (amazing white with very little red). I never got them to breed. I suspect 7.0 PH (running ada. not sure why it is not taking the PH down) was the problem. Oddly my yellow neos blew up at the same time. Every day there are more and more shrimps berried. I'm worried that by the end of the year this little 5 gal will be a solid lump of shrimp. As it is a small tank I suspect the temp spike nuked my cards (it got warm here).
  15. Crackhead Johny

    help me make sense of this persons breeding success

    she started with 4 shrimp. green jades, blue dreams, cherries, yellows and oranges = 5 They were breeding pure > Ummm... Asexual reproduction? with gold fish. > I usually recommend Mekong/wels/blue channel cats or Goliath tigerfish for my shrimp breeding tanks/kiddie pools. is there some magic way to get shrimp to reproduce that quickly that I haven't caught on to yet... well as the tank next to me is currently exploding with yellows I recommend removing the power filter and replacing it with cheap foam.. apparently my old filter ate all the babies even with super dense prefilter. I think she is telling stories or not paying real close attention to her tank.