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    55gal with bloody marys. some yellow neos. some CRS. And 2 oversized Amanos.

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  1. Crackhead Johny

    Reliable pH Meter

    I have had terrible luck with yellow meters. So you are telling me the neutral test water has a PH of 17.. right.. I asked my father "the garbage dragon" if he had any PH meters laying around and he gave me this. Not sure how good it is. The cable connects with a real BNC connector so I'm guessing at one point it was quality. I think I will need to replace the screen.
  2. Crackhead Johny

    CLEAR water prob ???

    You mean clear to the point it looks weird and fake? big HOBs. as many/big as you can and regular cartridge/filter cleaning. Also clean the glass. with minimal stocking you can make your water look weird.
  3. Heater in 15 just went crockpot. 4 red gecko loaches and a pile of black rams are toast. a few blues went with them. 1 lone blue male survived.
  4. Crackhead Johny

    Cory breeding?

    My sterbs breed, my green lasers breed, my equis breed (the guy at the LFS says they have not been bred in the US but I'm sure that is BS as they seem happy to breed). The problem is the duplicarious. They do not seem to care about breeding and are in the same 55 as the rest. The internet says they are hard to breed. It is looking like the internet is right. Even with a 55 full of hormones from other breeding corys they are indifferent. Due to low (like 1 per brood on the ones who do breed) survival rates I'm setting up a 20 long as a breeder. I'm currently nuking it with copper after derping and putting in plants from a tank with snails. I'm wondering if I will have to use water from the 55 to get all the hormones? Once I have it ready maybe take a gallon from the 55 and put it in the refrigerator to cool it before adding? Oh, pea puffers. I have one full of eggs that fails to care about the other puffer in the tank. I think the 3rd got murdered (it is a puffer thing, you wouldn't understand). Maybe grow 5 more out in another tank?
  5. Crackhead Johny

    Beautiful yellow coloration on oebt

  6. Crackhead Johny

    White Caridina questions

    Looking at the chart my CRS may make white bee next gen Is this a natural thing or am I hoping for mutation?
  7. Crackhead Johny

    Suaserrtang for sale?

    My local guy refused to price his clump that was as big as my head.
  8. Crackhead Johny

    Bucephalandra question

    They will not grow notably.. just like in your tank. Seriously, I think my skeleton king is on leaf ~20 after 3 years.
  9. Crackhead Johny

    What should I call my Shrimp

    I would be interested if you can stabilize the top one. The bottom one I would say the breed is : Cullis Maximus.
  10. Crackhead Johny

    List of fish compatible with shrimp

    Yeah. I had never seen one like either of those. The local guy deals in exotics. I'm breeding cory Sterbs( boring), green lasers, and eques (blue corys! he says I'm the world first.. yeah right..) due to him... damn duplicarious refuse to breed. That oto is his private collection. though I hope he gets more this month. His last batch of those, I could not bribe him out of (I offered 60$ each), because the internet apparently bought them from him. He has a silver arrowana that is actually rainbow (coated in orange and blue) that he refuses to sell (I offered 200$ which is chump change for US legal Asian arrowana colors). I think last time he had more in they were ~30$ each? I might be totally wrong as last time I tried to buy was his personal shipment that was not for sale. OK, I worry about sharing my "guy" but here he is https://www.facebook.com/TamedWaters/ Apparently there is a problem with that link. end bit+MN should find him via google. I have checked CITES to make sure I'm not buying illegal and he is above board. We had a discussion about L-134s. A discussion I brought here. The issue on an ethics level is if you are dealing with far end exotics you are beyond what anyone knows about or would suggest to CITES. UPDATE: the red fin Otos in the 2nd pic all got sold. I'm still sad the photo didn't show their red fins. Oh yeah. I forgot to mention with the exotic Otos you are in the 20-30$ range. Kind of like fancy shrimp. I think the red fins were ~15$?
  11. Crackhead Johny

    Malaysian trumpet snails?

    I had a few but the ramshorns and pond snails out competed them, so now i do not have any. As that tank is getting set for L134 breeding snails are now undesirable (as they proved during discus breeding by eating all the eggs). So I am renting some clown loaches to be friends with the snails.
  12. Crackhead Johny

    Fish ID please

    That is a Molly. It also may not play nice with your shrimp. Nice looking corys.
  13. Crackhead Johny

    List of fish compatible with shrimp

    Even with Otos remember you do have options. The ones on the right do look different in the store (not like a normal oto). The one on the left is nuts.
  14. Crackhead Johny

    Mineral Balls vs Rock

    I have been running fishtanx.com tourmaline balls for a few years and have noticed 0 benefits or detriments. They are just nice to look at and grey. I'm not familiar with the rocks but worry that they also, are hoodoo.
  15. Crackhead Johny

    Whats your favorite

    I missed out on 5 wangs for 15$ 2 years ago and still regret it.