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  1. fastest why to cycle your tank. go get someone's established tank canister filter undergravel will make the ada soil last longer I through my crs cbs the next day. I wouldn't try Taiwan bee's or any sensitive shrimp. For babies to survive you will need green algae on the glass. That way you know there is algae on the rocks/soil for them. Gets lots of plants.
  2. A full tank shot would be helpful. But I can see from first pic, your glass it to clean. Shrimp need algae to feed on. When my tanks have algae growing on the glass, then I know baby shrimp have enough food to feed on.
  3. Last time I used powder it turned into one solid chunk of soil. You have to change powder more often. If you want to use powder, put the powder into little pots, clear plastic, and try the powder out.
  4. easiest way to cycle a new tank? buy someone establish canister filter, yes give his the new one, take his old one... That's what I do on my tanks, I swap canisters. wait for green algae to grow on the sides of the glass, then your baby shrimp should survive. put a lot of moss, like java in. you can make your tank look pretty later. a lot of moss... all I measure is tds 150, for CRS, taiwan, red tigers. buy local shrimp to start. I use ADA Amazonia, and undergravel filter
  5. can you post the difference between Red Fancy Tiger Unsexed Juvi A $25 / S $40 / SS $60 can I see what a OE RKK eXtreme $80 looks like?
  6. I have CRS CBS, I want to expand my gene pool. I had them for 4 years?
  7. any one have any pure bred Benibachi CRS and/or CBS shrimp for sale? pm me plz, thx
  8. I thought you NEVER mix snow white/golden. You lose pure white purity.
  9. 41/35 shrimp, that's a lot. How big is your tank? I am guessing, you need more plants/moss. Just pack it in. Moss provides food and soaks up excess nutrients. And dried leaves, almond. Put a bag of charcoal wouldn't hurt either. And don't feed so much.
  10. I don't see any thing for them to eat, not more food but need some moss and leaves. And green algae on the sides of the glass. My shrimp seems to do better with more plants. I would only put in moss and dried almond leaves, take every thing else out. only clean the front glass. looks to clean.
  11. you still have to cross the border and declare them at fish and wildlife office. I had to do that with discus fish. took about an hour. what a waste of an hour...
  12. you have to go to Aquarium Zen. 64th and Roosevelt? Not that many shrimp, I traded those for supplies... He is a ADA supplier, he got soil and tanks. Mostly planted tank stuff. He's got a lot of plants. Go look at his webpage. The cleanest shop I ever been in. Not many shrimp stores around... just poor grade crs. When I have bought shrimp around Seattle, it's mostly craigslist. Never seen Taiwan bee's for sale. for eats? Wally's in Des Moines, all you can eat lunch fish and chips. The Feast in Renton, lunch buffet, all you can eat sushi, salmon, best to eat the sushi when it comes out. I don't go to highend places...
  13. Mini Fissiden and Mini Pellia. But you have to grow them out, and these are slow growers.
  14. I was thinking of the same idea... These for 2 for 55? on ebay, from Korea... is the only place I can find selling them. Can anyone get the BL-3 for a good price? I have a empty 100 gal tank I wanted to put like 15-20 in. Make a pvc pipe drip system over the top. I have a over top filter I am not using that would work. But the opening on the top of my acrylic tank is only six inches wide... But then, I have a screw together acclimation box I can assemble inside I am thinking about doing. It's 10x8x8.
  15. I bought feeding dishes/petri dishes and suck up the left overs after a few hours...
  16. turok


    Some people are going very low grade to try to get rid of the whites and create a all red crs.
  17. turok


    Buy the PRL from the asian guy on craigslist from sammamish. Might as well start out with good stock. They look pretty good. Very hardy. If you want to see them, I traded some to Aquarium Zen, but those were my culls...
  18. it is just that in the demo video, there were lots of bubbles that you can see...
  19. well, the solution in the bottle is going down... has to be going somewhere?
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