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  1. The cabinet is done and it has been sitting in my dining room for months waiting for plumbing and electrical. I almost did it one day but the pvc glue I had was so old I couldn't open the bottles... I lost all my shrimp to some plague on new plants I received as trade, should've quarantined... lesson learned. Now I am moving to a new city and this will go in storage until I can find a house again. I will be building a smaller cabinet for a single 29 gallon tank once I move and will be rebuilding my shrimp collection...
  2. Over the weekend I picked up some 20 gallon long tanks from Petco and drilled them for overflows. I finished the box and started plumbing the tanks. I don't have any pictures as my phone is bricked and am waiting for a replacement from the manufacturer :/
  3. Sorry, just saw this. Best way is to PM me, then I get a notification on my phone... I don't have many left, but I might have 6 or so left. I just have to ship an order on Monday and then I will know the count and can get back to you.
  4. Thanks! No updates for now. I'm hoping to get some more done this weekend. I want to finish the box and build the 10 pullouts, but we'll see... This is the current setup I'm replacing.
  5. I'm making an Iwagumi tank and really need the smaller version, but I will keep your site in mind when I start working on the Dutch tank. I really like your Pogostemon Kimberley...
  6. MrShrimpo


    haha, I bet. You could do a series and sell prints... probably pay for school with everyone on here buying your work.
  7. MrShrimpo


    Please draw a shrimp with stippling! You draw, I buy
  8. $40 for 6 $80 for 12 Shipping included My PH is higher than yours, but they've done well in more acidic water too... just acclimate slowly per usual and they should be fine.
  9. I found an EC meter for arduino on ebay for like $75, with some math you can get a good reading of TDS for your project. Let me know if you get it and we can work together on the code, eh?
  10. Got some more work done today! Test fit the box to the frame and everything lines up and fits perfectly! Still need to knock down the sharp edges on everything and finish the box. But it is coming along and more parts for the electronics arrive in the mail everyday:) Added some more cherry trim on the doors, matches everything better and allowed me to remove some defects and worm holes in the walnut. Door Backside looks good too. Box fits good. I made a removable back piece for the center so I can get the tanks in and out as they won't fit through the front. I did that intentionally so the frame will hide the plumbing for the tank. I decided to make six walnut pullouts for the top two openings where I will have small drawer tanks for breeding (6"x6"x12"). They will also be plumbed into the whole system. The bottom space will have two pullouts for storage. Actually, it's upside down... That's the correct orientation. I might build the base for the box tomorrow morning so I can stand it up and make some more room in my shop. I have cabinets everywhere right now and little room to work :/
  11. I am almost out and have a couple orders to ship, but once I catch them I will be able to get a more accurate count of the ones left. I think I have enough for another 12, but I'd rather be sure before committing to sell. I will let you know soon.
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