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  1. I don't think that's cloudy because of illness. I have had some of my clearer orange sakura's die of bacterial infections and there's a pronounced difference. This picture of a shrimp has "cloudiness" in the same spot as mine: Or this Blue Velvet A newer pic of my shrimp, from today, is attached. And THIS is the example of muscular necrosis from the Shrimp Disease examples I know in terms of some people on this site I"m a newb, but I've been keeping my orange sakura neos for over three years now, I've had illness strike and I've seen what sick shrimp look like, both from bacterial infections and muscular necrosis. I also know stress is what could cause shrimp to lose color, which is why I asked if the change in parameters might be enough to cause that stress. Yes, I know, buy from a "trusted" hobbyist, don't buy import, Golden Shrimp Buying Rules. What's done is done. I took a chance with the hobbyist I bought from and got burned, It Happened. I'm not asking for tips on how to buy shrimp, I'm asking for advice on whether the change in water parameters could cause this sort of color loss if nothing else has changed within the set up. That's All.
  2. That is extremely interesting! They have molted at least once in my tank since I got them (obviously this one did because she berried in my tank) and the molt had color to them. I also have Orange Neos and their molts generally don't have much color to them, but these molts from the Blue Dream Neos had a 'tint' to them. I wonder if that was extra pigmentation and now they're showing more "true" colors...
  3. I've read about that with Neos, but always that a darker substrate = darker colored Neos. I keep mine on black sand, and they were kept on a dark substrate before I got them and were darker, not diamond levels but much more intense. They're eating well and other than putting in a casuina cone and IAL I haven't been messing with the tank. I give them ShrimpFit+ once a week.
  4. So my Blue Dreams have gotten very pale since I got them. Currently my parameters are good - 0/0 with barely visible nitrates. KH 5 and GH around 7 with a TDS of 188 They're on black sand, with black window cling on the rear glass. When I first got them they were in slightly less hard water, Kh 3-4 Gh 6 and TDS was around 165-170. Could the higher KH/GH/TDS be enough to stress them to a lower color intensity? Comparison pictures below. She was even darker when I first got her though, I just can't find a picture of this one shrimp right now.
  5. Just was wondering what brands everyone uses for testing parameters. I use API tests bc that's what I've had, but I know I've heard that other brands might be more accurate possibly. Whats your take?
  6. One of my golden backed orange sakura girls has golden stardust! Or at least I hope its golden stardust, maybe some of those relfective spots migrating down from that gold stripe, and not a sign of something bad haha... But she looks nice. Sorry for the dirty focus, but by the time I realized my macro lens was dirty ans cleaned it she'd run away...
  7. So I have gotten replacement shrimp for ones tjat had died in trnasport, and one of them has a white digestive tract. Wasnt sure if it was because of the stress of zhipment but I havent seen this before. another shrimp I culled immediately as it showed a pretty clear milky abdomen like in muscular necrosis and Ive never had luck treating that. This though, I cant tell what it is. Any ideas?
  8. Hello! What kind of crayfish is she? How big is the tank? Crayfish are usually nocturnal, so that might be why you don't see her out during the day. Does she have a lot of places to hide in the tank? Giving her more hiding spots may help her feel more safe roaming around the tank.
  9. Seems like every one of my regular places to order plants is out of stock so I thought Id ask here. Does anyone have any stems of Ludwigia Repens Broadleaf or Red to sell? Please let me know if you do!!
  10. Quick question, are rili patterns dominant? I have a couple girls in my orange sakura tank that have clear sections, and Im wondering if I should be worried that the rili pattern will take over. I want to the sakuras fully colored, and if the pattern might take over Id rather set them up a tank for themself to keep my sakuras fully colored. Pics are of one of the girls who had curioud coloring that I love.
  11. Even if they do it all the time? They do this while swimming too, haha. I just wanted to be sure. If its normal, though, I can rest easy.
  12. Hey all, recent shrimp delivery resulted in partial disaster. One of the surviving shrimp has a tic that looks like a hiccup. Has anyone seen this before? Could it be neurological and caused by overheating? The shrimp swims, eats, etc normally otherwise. VIDEO0180~2.mp4
  13. There's definitely a mix of grades but the girls look brighter blue, I just can't get a decent pic of them yet haha I think that one is a male. They're not quite as deep (opaque?) in color as i expected but to be fair i was looking for more of a medium blue anyways. We'll see how they produce i guess, I'm prepared to cull with this tank if necessary to get a deeper color eventually.
  14. Hey all! Thanks for the suggestions, I just got my Dream Blue Shrimp in today, ordered from a home breeder. Attached a pic of one! Now a somewhat stupid question, please excuse it but its been a while since Ive ordered in shrimp for a new tank: is there an issue if they keep swimming around without settling down? Its been three hours now and they havent settled in yet. They keep taking laps around the tank, though one or two may sit for a bit before doing it again. I drip acclimated them for a while so I didnt think that would be an issue, but I just wasnt sure if this might be normal behavior.
  15. Hello! What's your all's opinion on ordering shrimp? I am looking to buy some Blue Dreams and there's a seller who has imported shrimp on quarantine right now that look really nice, but I know there's been discussion on whether buying homebred here in the states is better vs buying import. So, I thought I'd ask: What are your experiences buying Imported Shrimp vs Homebred? Maybe Neos specifically since that's what I'm buying? Is there an advantage to homebred? Or advantages to Imported?
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