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ibebian's Feedback

  1. Shrimp Life left Positive feedback   

    Thanks Ibebian! Hope you enjoy the Buce and Moss!

    ibebian was Trading

  2. JDT360 left Positive feedback for a topic   

    6" tall flame moss on 1.5" SS mesh
    Awesome seller! Couldn't be happier with the transaction and communication. Thanks!

    ibebian was The Seller

  3. Shrimp Life left Positive feedback   

    Great Buyer & hobbyist to deal with. Thanks so much and I hope you enjoy your plants!!!

    ibebian was Trading

  4. Shrimp Life left Positive feedback   

    THANKS SO MUCH for being a great hobbyist to deal with !

    ibebian was Trading

  5. Shrimp Life left Positive feedback   

    Great Buyer, Enjoy your Shrimp & Moss!

    ibebian was Trading

  6. Shrimp Life left Positive feedback   

    SUPER BUYER! Thanks for trying my MULBERRY LEAVES!

    ibebian was Trading

  7. mayphly left Positive feedback   

    Hey Chris, It was nice meeting you. I hope your new shrimp breed well for you. Thanks again!

    ibebian was Trading

  8. Fishprinceofca left Positive feedback   

    Great guy to meet, and work with! Welcome to the hobby! Enjoy the shrimp! =)

    ibebian was Trading

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