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  1. https://gyazo.com/fe76fa3a38325a9ce9a70392f77551aa https://gyazo.com/c7c14c5a5983b6504d8f629bc3de5877https://gyazo.com/3e9792cdba769b53bcb0682e8b950d39 https://gyazo.com/b4bf43255ca09c4d6c6486849a111dacAll of my shrimp are home bred. Parents come from carbon rili and black rose. Cull rate is about 1-2 every generation. They are solid dark blue. Ph 7.8-8.2 0/0/10 tds 220-250 gh 6-7 kh 4-5 temp 70-72. Very prolific breeders. They do like cooler water and tend to breed faster. Picture 3 is what is being shipped. Juvies .5-1 cm to adapt to a wider parameter range. $3 each minimum of 5 +1 for any doa and shipped in a medium flat rate for $15. PM me and i'll send you an invoice. DOA guarantee- clear picture of dead shrimp with timestamp 30 min after package is delivered. We can discuss a shipping date via PM. Also can discuss bulk order discounts. Local pickup is available in Southern California.
  2. My fire reds , blue dreams, and my PRLs are constantly breeding in 68-72 degree water. Only my yellows stopped breeding for the winter. Took about 1 month and 1 week for the PRLs to breed in a new tank.
  3. So my yellow neos have stopped breeding for a month now and I just don't get it. I have 4 neo tanks with exactly the same parameters, feeding schedule, temp, and water change schedules and my yellows just stopped breeding for no apparent reason. The breeder that I got my shrimp from also said his stopped breeding and his parameters are similar to mine. My blue neos , cherries, and oranges are being berried left and right but it just seems really odd my yellows are the only ones not breeding. Any experience this? Ph 7. 5 0/0/5 tds 220 temp 70-73
  4. Unless the ph dropped drastically from day 1 to today, I doubt thats the problem. I have PRLs in ph 5.8 and they are fine. Consistency is key. If your gh is 3.4 that is extremely low and probably the reason. I use sl aqua blue wizard as well and I try to aim for 150 tds with 5 gh. https://gyazo.com/180c3fc369195c379f33b3404fd88d1e Found this picture on the site and works really well. You also want to wait and test tds yourself. The only problem I can see is gh or sudden ph/temp/water swings. Did you do a huge water change? Any chemicals around your tank? Any temp swings?
  5. yes food will cause tds to rise. Are the tanks cycled? Usually you want to buy shrimp that match your parameters. I had the best results when the parameter were just a bit off.
  6. Looking for some mini pellia or flame moss attached to a steel mesh square or rock or moss ledge. Thanks
  7. Looking for some baby shrimp food and assortment of shrimp food. If you have a variety of sample packs I am interested!
  8. It's usually the other way around, since females are brighter and usually have more color a lot of sellers here only sell females. Very common with bloody marys and painted fire reds. Seeing this is a possibility, cant see why sending only males wouldnt be.
  9. oh ok, if i cross with my ykk will it spit out something cool ? xD
  10. Is this worth xbreeding? Or should I just leave my crystal blacks alone?
  11. Its just faulty genes because they are probably mischlings. My cbs are like that too and are doing fine. The next generation gets better, helps ALOT if you add new bloodline to the colony. Nothing to worry about! Found out it mainly happens to the bigger shrimp, but like I said once you add some fresh bloodline it def gets better. I just add some bkk or bkk mischlings from forums or local friends.
  12. 20% once a month for my crs/cbs. Keeping the TDS around 200. Usually after a month it goes around 250, I drip the water in takes about 4-5 hours. My neos get a 50% water change every 2 weeks, just cause there's a betta in there.
  13. Looking to buy some. Pm me please!
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