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  1. Looking for 15-20 bloody mary or painted fire red neos. Prefer tank bred to import. Please let me know if you have some to sell. Thanks.
  2. I'm also looking for 10-15 bloody mary shrimp. Please PM me with prices and shipping. Thanks!
  3. Can you tell me what the overall dimensions of this rack are? Thanks.
  4. Hi - I'm looking for about 8-10 blue dreams, and around 15-20 painted red or high grade fire red shrimp. Would be ideal if both were sold by same person to save shipping to Tennessee. Please contact me if you've got some for sale. Thanks!
  5. I've got both frogbit and dwarf water lettuce mixed in with the red root floaters.
  6. Mixed floaters for sale - frogbit, dwarf water lettuce and red root floaters. Minimal to no algae but plants may contain common snails. My shrimp love to cruise around the floating roots. Plants are grown in a relatively high light, low tech (no CO2) tank. $10 for a sandwich bag full, $7 shipping. Several portions available. Please contact me if interested for PayPal info. Thanks.
  7. I'll take an emerald blue. Thanks! Let me know how to pay.
  8. Which variety has the most color of those you have left? Thanks.
  9. Please PM me if you have any to sell or can recommend a reputable breeder. Thanks!
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