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  1. Hi guys, We started a tank 3 months ago titled 'Westworld' (check it out here). Took a while for the tank to settle down and really grow out. We just made an updated video on what it looks like today. Check it out. We've added some cherrys and fish too. Thanks and best regards,
  2. Hi all, In celebration of our one year anniversary, we are giving away 2 free random bucephalandra (plant portions, 5-10+ leaves) with every order! We also have a new video out showing off a nice low tech setup in a 20 gallon (UNS 60U). Check it out here. Hurry, offer good until supplies last. Best,
  3. Hey guys, It's been a while. We have some big news coming up that shrimpspotters are going to love. But for now here's a blog post that we wrote about all the different types of algae and how to get rid of em! Enjoy! Best,
  4. Hey all, We just got done with some PAR meter testing on the setups we have that contain bucephalandra. So for all those of you who have always wanted to keep some of these beautiful plants along with your shrimp tanks but worried about lighting, have no fear! Check the link here for our findings.
  5. Yes! We have controsoil in stock. We are only out of normal grain size. But if you're used to ADA size granules, then Fine is what you want to go with.
  6. Buceplant.com is now offering prescaped hardscape packages! We have packages that use dragon stone, seiryu, and elephant skin stone. They are great for people who want to start a new tank but don't have an LFS with a great hardscape selection. We ship all of our hardscape packages in priority USPS so they get to you fast! Click the link here to check out the ones we have for sale now. Best, Team Buce Plant
  7. The Dragon stone is inert. Seiryu and Elephant Skin for the most part, are not.
  8. Hey guys, The pre-order for UNS tanks all went out this week! We are super excited to show you guys what we have in store next month (psst. beginner CO2 systems). For now, head on over to buceplant.com to check out the new hardscaping materials! These are super nice pieces. We have Elephant skin stone, Black Mountain Seiryu (darker than traditional seiryu with more white streaking), and Dragon Stone. We will also be launching WYSIWYG Spider Wood pieces later on this week. We have some really nice larger pieces for those of you who have a huge tank to scape. Like always, are super grateful for all the support thus far. Have a great weekend and happy shrimping!
  9. Hey all, It's been an awesome August for everyone here at Buce Plant. We have some really exciting stuff coming through the pipeline. As always, we have to thank everyone in the community for the support. We love our job and we love what we do. We're having a Labor Day Sale to celebrate the long weekend. Visit our site and enter discount code LABORDAYBUCE at checkout for 20% off your order of all plants! Don't forget we just got a bunch of new java ferns in. If you guys have any questions at all, please reach out to us! We are always on social media and usually reply pretty quick. Thanks and best regards, Matt
  10. https://buceplant.com/products/controsoil?variant=23339321601 We have controsoil available! Used by many shrimp breeders in Taiwan for its buffering capacity and keeping water parameters ideal for Taiwan bees/CRS. Works well for planted aquariums without the heavy initial ammonia leeching. PM us if you have any questions!
  11. Hey guys, Doing a tank giveaway! These tanks by Ultum Nature Systems are some of the nicest tanks we've worked with. They boast mitered edges which is a first in the North American market. They are also ultra clear utilizing low iron float glass with beveled edges. If you haven't seen them yet, check out the album they've shared on our Facebook or theirs Ultum Nature Systems. Join us on instagram or facebook to enter! We are giving away 3 tanks. A 2.1G Cube (20cm), a 7G Cube (30cm), and a 45P!!! (45x28x28cm). We love the added depth on their 45P's. Makes scaping that much easier! Head on over and check it out. Happy shrimping,
  12. Hey guys, If you haven't seen our new video on youtube or facebook yet, head over to Link Let us know what you think! best
  13. We are proud to bring you guys a couple of premium LED lighting systems. We've been testing the E6+ at our own place since early April with really great results. The product feels really solidly built. From the packaging to the unit itself, this thing oozes quality. Although its a small unit, this thing is perfect for a Mini M or even a wabi kusa setup. We are currently testing the Cookie and we only have a handful of units to play with but the reception of this product in Europe and Asia has been great. The modular design is great for people who want to add that extra puck for even more intense lighting. We've seen this light do really well in a bunch of shops in Hong Kong though, including many ADA distributors who choose the Cookie over the Aquasky. LINK
  14. The team is off in Germany visiting Interzoo 2016 looking for all the hottest gear for aquascaping and planted tanks. If you haven't been enjoying all the pictures on our Instagram, take a look. In the mean time, we are having a Memorial Day sale. Enjoy 25% off your entire order from now until Wednesday with this discount code: MemorialDayBuce. Did we mention that we restocked? We have a bunch of new species as well, so enjoy your day off and look forward to some buce in your next setup!
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