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  1. I have seen these colors pop up in my mixed tank. It doesn't appear to be a tiger from my experience-I think it's low grade CRS, perhaps Tibee-either way, will diversify your gene pool. I use the term mischling, it covers all the bases-this will possibly mean not PRL, any other colors besides red coming out in offspring? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Fuzzy, do you have a source of RO water? I purchase mine at the LFS for 25 cents/gal - I added TDS up after initial cycle which I ran 35-40 days... Now, I just top off with RO & remineral - I have found smaller tanks more difficult for me to stabilize - but in 10 mo give or take, I have quadrupled my shrimp noS.
  3. I could be wrong but this shrimp looks like a berried female to me.
  4. I would leave it out, personally - I recently cycled my ADA for 5 weeks. I used regular tap water & switched to RO before adding my shrimp & adjusting TDS & minerals. Added wood & moss before my crystals.
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