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  1. SOTG402 left Positive feedback   

    Great packaging, materials A+ thanks

    Tannin Aquatics was The Seller

  2. Vpier left Positive feedback   

    Awesome products and the shrimps love the botanical's.

    Tannin Aquatics was The Seller

  3. Mr. F left Positive feedback for a topic   

    Some of our favorite aquatic botanicals for use with shrimp!
    Shipped quick and came with extras (and a personal note). Amazing quality goods and the price is right. Great customer service and knowledge of his stock. Really happy with this seller and i think my shrimp like him, too! Will be back for more botanicals. Thanks Scott!

    Tannin Aquatics was The Seller

  4. Vpier left Positive feedback   

    Great products and very happy to have you as a sponsor.

    Tannin Aquatics was The Seller

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