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    Golden/Snow Bees, Black Pinto, PRL, Red Tiger, RBT, TangTai, Blue Bolt, Red Steel, PFR/Fire Red Neos and now Nanacy 😊

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  1. jessaweeshrimp

    Swees Bees

    I got 3 from Isabella Hart for 100$ shipped a while back.
  2. jessaweeshrimp

    pinto x tangerine tigers

    I heard Steels and Fancy Tigers possibly
  3. jessaweeshrimp

    OEBT x BB TB Results

    I have some of those Fancy Tigers and Zebra Pintos coming out of some of Mayphlys shrimp. TB’s are awesome and I really like that each clutch is a surprise! I consider myself very lucky 🍀 that someone else did all of the legwork already 🙏
  4. jessaweeshrimp


    If you cross them successfully you will see a clearer bottom with a whitish back in my experience. Especially from Tang Tiger father and CRS mom. The lower half you should see some of the black tiger markings
  5. jessaweeshrimp


    Sell to your fellow shrimp keepers 👍
  6. jessaweeshrimp


    I am getting ahrimp that don’t look like any of the parents. Blue Bolts and Light Red Bolts/Steels, some are almost all white. The Parents are Red Nanacy and Black Pintos
  7. jessaweeshrimp

    keeping CRS sucsessfully

    I had the same problem with my PRL CRS a while back. I belive its a water parameter/quality issue. The minerals get used up after a couple of weeks and there is no fresh supply and their white fades. The pH should be on the acidic side as well just like most Caradina lower is better. A pH of 6.8 should be about as high as you want. The babies always pop out fresh and white but without regular mineral replenishment they too will fade over time. You should do 10-20 % water changes every 2-3 weeks for a couple of months and see how they respond...and lower your pH a little.
  8. jessaweeshrimp

    Black in my red king kong

    It may be considered an Extreme RKK
  9. jessaweeshrimp

    Cross Breeding Question

    If you start with a known type that doesn’t throw or breeds true like a PRL female and the breed it with another known stable line like a male Red Tiger let is say. You have two stable lines chosen and just need to make sure that there are no other males that can sire her Once that has happened offspring can then be bred back to the mom and give you TaiTiBees. If your lucky you will end up with Fancy Red Tigers 👍
  10. jessaweeshrimp

    Swees Bees

    So I have a 5 gallon Fluval Spec V with an air driven sponge filter too and I ordered 3 Red Nanacy. I had one that was a female but she died from a failed molt leaving me with 2 males A month or more later I won an auction of 10 Black Pintos. They were a mix of Zebra, Spotted Head and Belly and I think being that the 2 males were the original inhabitants that they were dominant and mated with my newer female Pintos. Long story short, the new girls gave birth to Red Nanacy, Zebras, Spotted and Bellies of course and Blue Bolts and Snow Whites as well. I know the Pintos are of German decent but the out ome has convinced me that the Asian Nanacy is simply put, their version of a fancy Pinto.
  11. jessaweeshrimp

    keeping CRS sucsessfully

    I’m a little surprised theirs were living in that high of a TDS? Maybe half of it was waste in tje water column. Salty Shrimp GH+ is a good mineralizer and I would be shooting for @140 +/-20 and GH between 4-6. Adding SS will jelp tourahrimp thrive and molt better too
  12. jessaweeshrimp

    Fresh water shrimp suggestions please

    Sulawesi Cardinals but they are hard to keep
  13. jessaweeshrimp

    help me make sense of this persons breeding success

    Full of 💩
  14. jessaweeshrimp

    Crystal Red Question

    Tap water and Caradina don’t usually go together well. The numbers look okay on the tap but what exactly is in the 100 TDS 🤔 More plants may help lower your Nitrates 👍
  15. jessaweeshrimp

    YKK colony for sale

    They sold, thanks everybody.