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  1. Mike16T

    My Blue Dreams Tank

    Thank you..
  2. Mike16T

    My Blue Dreams Tank

    Just want to share... It's about 6-7 months old...
  3. FS: Pogostemon helferi red AKA downoi red $18 per crown (Rooted) Big crowns on the picture are actual plants for sale Grown in high tech environment Local pick up in Kent, WA or can ship it for additional $8 (US only) Please PM me if you're interested. Thanks...
  4. Mike16T

    Berried Blue Dreams =)

    https://youtu.be/Dn5rElH3YdE Just want to share my berried blue dreams munching food and touching her eggs. =)
  5. Mike16T

    Safe Aquarium Plant Ferts

    If your tank is not plant heavy, I suggest you dose half of the recommended dosage... In terms of algae, that can come from a number of reason. Any ferts if you over dose your tank, it can result to algae bloom with or without doing proper maintenance...
  6. Mike16T

    Safe Aquarium Plant Ferts

    Awesome stuff... http://nilocg.com/ThriveS/
  7. Mike16T

    Micmol Aqua Air 20W

    Is the one that you have for Marine or Planted tank?
  8. Mike16T


    I have a shrimp tank with controsoil. I have Cardinas in the tank. It doesn't leech any ammonia at and it is good for plants and 100% safe for shrimps.
  9. Mike16T

    Unusual Shrimp

    Saw this posted from Facebook. Wonder what kind of strain of shrimp is this.. Looks so cool and sinister! I want it!!
  10. Mike16T

    Finally shrimps that wont ever die

    Why is this not in your website.. o_O
  11. Mike16T

    Finally shrimps that wont ever die

    Those are dope!!
  12. Mike16T

    What do you all think?

    Count me in man.. I'll take a medium and I hope it's not the baggy shirts..
  13. Mike16T

    What do you all think?

    I like the design on this shirt and the placement of the logos and words. Good job! It doesn't look cheesy.. It looks really good in black shirt. Please don't choose any neon colors or cheesy colors for the t-shirt if you really are going to sell this..
  14. Mike16T

    New Logo

    Site looks nice. Only thing I don't like is that the price and availability is not listed on the live stock list. It'll be easier for customer to determine if the shrimp is available if the price and availability are posted on the list.
  15. I have the same issue, but mine is staghorn algae.. =( It's freakin hard to get rid off!