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  1. Learning the recommendations on the SS GH+ Manufacturer are way outdated and we have come a long way, GH 6 is too high for high end stuff like new lines of pintos while CRS may do good in 6GH other fancy shrimp or Imported shrimp won't do good at all and you run the risk of having molting issues, I would match your parameters to the breeder's parameters, I keep most of my shrimp at GH 4 except for my Tibees, I keep those at GH 5.
  2. It seems odd not even few babies are surviving, have you checked you Nitrates? I have also heard that Bacter AE causes issues if fed to much, I use Magic Powder 3-4 times a week and a few others once in a while.
  3. Check with Ryan Palitsch he has a Colony of them Going if not check with Jose Guerrero.
  4. HMF don't need to be cleaned until the tank or soil break down, Nice setup BTW.
  5. Or yo can just something similar to what I did, On the back of the HMF sponge you can place the heater since the water will be shared but fully divided from the sponge.
  6. This light is very nice and for $40 shipped is a real deal, I would jump on it but have no shrimp to trade.
  7. Nice walk thru, I also want to see how it progresses as the tank matures.
  8. In my mix tank I'm Getting Fancy Tigers and some all red that I assume could be Red auratai , Extreme red and Black TBs, Pintos, TBs and some other odds, This tank has only had Auratai X TBs and 1 Mischling female.
  9. I agree with Plamski, Introducing advanced lines may revert back or even throw a full arrange of different types of TIbees, IF you stick to your Originals breeders they will eventually start throwing Red bolts that's assuming you know exactly where the red Bolts and tangtais come from and what genes are involved.
  10. I've seen similar methods being done over seas with plastic cubes inside but the only difference is that people overseas use Undergravel filters with them, The other thing you should not over look is that by doing the tub method you lose a lot of the surface area where the Soil grows biofilm that the shrimp love to eat.
  11. Never Heard of anyone losing shrimp to Bacter AE, SHAMEDIC was using way way too much for a 40 gallon and using that amount every other day can for sure kill shrimp due to bad water quality, I feed different powders but always use a very tiny amount, Some powders are high in protein and can cause bad water quality if not properly fed.
  12. Yeah the other thing I've Notice that Rhizomes grow faster than Clumps.
  13. Will the CO2 make a big difference? not so big in my opinion unless you dose heavy ferts as well and Blasting CO2, Mine do well in my low tech growing a few new leaves every months and shooting babies once in a while.
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