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  1. you'll just have to remind us to watch!!!
  2. fine, I guess ill watch your crap show ? what genre is it?
  3. so it worked wonders on the algae and bacteria. I'll have to inject the substrate though. BUT I lost a snail and a shrimp, even with a 30% change.
  4. just talked to Chaz about hydrogen peroxide for my blue green cyanobacteria. I'll report back on how it works. Just worried that a 3 gal might suffer worse.
  5. awesome! lotus are way to big for a tank, unless its like 200G.
  6. talk to Chaz of Elevate shrimp. I hear he has a great product to handle hair algae.
  7. have any of you ordered anything from the wetspot in Portland? I did last year, three pair of wild betta. I asks for pairs and they said that they would try. I got 1 male out of the lot. after alot of back and forth they gave me a store credit that was worth less than one fish ($12). And they said they would make it right with me when they got more in. a year later they email me to say they have more in at $25 A FISH. I said no way Jose. just been going back and forth again. They offered their last four to me for %10 off. I just moved and cant afford that but I would take one male ( they attached pics of the last four) and then I foolishly sexed the fish for them. they declined my offer, revoked the 10%, and told me they would only sell them as pairs. Then asked me to sex them AGAIN. I know they have a business to run, but at the same time I am now royally pissed and bad mouthing them. Is that good for business? anyone know what I should do?
  8. Ianhamm

    wild betta

    check out the fb group wild betta world, tons of cool people there and tons of collectors and breeders who can talk real world betta topics.
  9. Ianhamm

    wild betta

    never kept them! Ashlea Rawlings keeps the most beautiful hendras. But I have only kept mouth brooders. Maybe ill keep an eye out for some F2s. Great looking fish!
  10. Ianhamm

    wild betta

    I try and keep reverse trios for both brooders to keep the males safe from being oversexed as the females will keep them from eating. You should join groups on fb and check out all the keepers. And fyi, wetspot has some nice wild betta at the moment but don't trust them to sex them. I ordered 4 pair and got one male ?
  11. so back to BKK mischlings ha ha, I just had my first berries. Out of necessity I had combined my caridina tanks for my move and she could have been bred by BKK mischling , CRS, or possibly a lone tang tiger. What should I be prepared for? Probably no shadow pandas right? ? day 4 and the berries are brownish. great post by the way!
  12. Ianhamm

    wild betta

    sp. Api api is now assumed to be extinct in the wild. Albimarginata, brownorum, persephone, and livida are all in trouble from what my friends over there say. Almost all are being pressured by palm oil. I hear the easiest to breed is siamorientalis and splendens both of which are gorgeous and wide spread so as bogo says below, if you are worried about wild collection, they are the safest. Splendens is reportedly wild in the us now!
  13. Ianhamm

    wild betta

    like I said though, I normally agree with you. I think the situation is far more volatile in SE Asi though, most experts are predicting orangutan extinction within the decade and its the same habitat as betta. I try not to support wildlife exploitation and I see what you are talking about with south American dealer quite a bit especially with ancistrus species and cichlids from Africa. not trying to start anything, just show where I stand on this.
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